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Julia Roberts: Daring and Vulnerable, Part 2

2018-10-24 | 🔗

Oprah continues her conversation with Oscar-winning actress, mother and wife Julia Roberts, who shares the most daring thing she's ever done, the top quality she taught her children and when she feels the most vulnerable. Julia opens up about her private life, including the truth about her 16-year marriage and how tabloids affect her family. She talks about a negative Instagram experience and what she believes are the neurological effects of social media. Julia reveals the surprise her husband, cinematographer Danny Moder, orchestrated for her 50th birthday. Julia explains why she's living a dream starring in her new Amazon series, "Homecoming," based on the psychological thriller podcast of the same name, and starring in the movie "Ben Is Back," co-starring Oscar-nominated actor Lucas Hedges. Julia also opens up about her spiritual practice, the lesson that took her the longest to learn and what she's most grateful for. Part 2 of 2.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now. Welcome to part two of Conversation. You know, there's so much going on. I remember speaking at graduation for see and saying to the students there just pick a problem. You can look at A thing in the world that is not going well choose that To align yourself with give voice to speak up for
I know you ve been very vocal in supporting break bread, not families which works to in family separation for immigrants the family separating has got me jack. Absolutely I mean everyone know how I can't even get my mind around it. I cannot get my neither be either so. What was it that you saw or heard that made? You say I have got to do something. Well I mean it's one of those things I try not to get caught up with. Where do you start because that will be the end? Something for me. If I get so paralyzed by, I don't even know where to start. I don't even know who to talk to you first, I dont know any of that stuff it some, though it's just trying to and all the different places that I get to go all the different people that I get to meet its starting the conversation and seeing what other people think or are doing, or you know, champagne is lovely friend of mine and he's doing.
Some incredible things in the world, and this is one of them and then I was lucky enough to be in the presence of the amazing Apple Kennedy, and I heard you with the compound the summer is such did. You go there specifically for breaking bread for break bread, not family, but it came up in conversation because I think this is our responsibility of citizens of the world is to start these conversations everywhere we go. What do you think? What are you doing? What do you think? I should do so that there is this constant dialogue, and so you are bringing that which we get so overwhelmed every day with a new set of problems, a new set of global issues, a new just a new low every day,
There does come a point, I think, what we all argent violent and our despair, and it's about in over saturated you just overwhelmed by yeah it. That question Do you want me about it and so that power it it came up? We're carry Kennedy was working on this programme should have so many remarkable things, and this was one of the things that she asked me to do, and I M, and from that actually a girlfriend of mine into panda now serve with inspired by that campaign and started her own campaign, grassroots campaign that I am now going to participate in with her answer with great when you
if it is every little tiny bit does make a difference. Every little conversation that you have maybe those people from every family that we unite it in every family that reunited it's well, it's it's something we never thought we'd see in this country is something we never annulled, and I don't know how we can all. I can't even- and I won't even allow myself to think about what that would really feel like. If I was you know, I mean you know that when my kids go to school, I'm like watching the clock. Ok, I just gotta, get the three fifteen and undergoing I'll come back. You know so did really be truly truly torn apart from your family, I can't comprehended. I hope I never really have to, but on behalf of.
Mothers that are going through this. How on earth can we sit by it's unimaginable? What they're going through it's unimaginable, yeah and those children will never be the same, particularly the young ones will never be the same. They come back and they none of them will Could you could no longer trust working in the pension place? It will never be the same. Now. Everybody is broken from that and whatever repair can be done ever can be done to reunite the family is just the physically put the pieces back together. It still mean is devastating. Devastating okay, I never thought I'd see the day. Julia Roberts is on Instagram, you posted for the very first time in June. I saw that and thought yep. That's you and that shirt with a arrow going through that, you with the love short on
social media, you use just remained now. Julia mom and Julia work sometimes is now on social media. What made you decide to do that well kind of a few things. I think one of the things. Obviously you know my kid sort of about it. Why don't you do that? Let me call when you do that you now that conversation had gone on for a while and of course
and you know the news is all too said. The same thing is daughter, taught them into it. You well and also you know it is an element of the way people promote things in work, and I didn't want to. I thought if I was going to do something in that room, I didn't want it to be higher instagram and here the movie together. You know I didn't want to hold hands quite like that, so it was a matter of how can I do a little bit of both things like just sort of printed the eight and have fun and also say? Oh yeah, I worked my butt off last year in hearing the little element of that you know. So it's definitely a balancing act in its been Ricky to know what posts, because I am private, but I do. I am also friendly. I like to share, and it's been there has been for me a learning curve for certain that's been interesting, and I also think it was deeply illuminating for me, because one of the things that I knew going into it was. I dont have a lot of time to put into something like this, and I know someone like their Jessica, Parker,
Who is a friend and who I really admire and she had an incredible instagram and she had conversations with people. You know someone will write something and ask her a question and she will answer them. You know, and I am always how she's got yet fifty two hundred comment and she is ill which brings me to why are there only did you do you block comments? I block comment because my ok
I've looked on there and there's like one comment. Well, that makes no sense well, because I usually the only people that can comment. I guess are the people that I follow. So I follow, I think, like twelve or fifteen or twenty people, and those are the only comments that you would, I think, you're up to forty eight now I think I saw, but maybe no it's one of those things where I just didn't, want people to be expecting a conversation and be let down, because I know
I'm not going to have time for that. That's not really the point for me and you have a whole other life, hello people. I have a whole other life, but what's fascinating to me, is you have eighteen followers, just looked it up when people do comment on things, I had I'm just going to say it the way that it happened, because it was fascinating to me and I think it taught me a lot about being a young person in today's society. I posted a picture of my niece and I from one weekend morning she slept over and we got up and we're having tea and playing cards and having this beautiful morning and I posted this picture and it was great I felt great about it and my sweet little niece reposted it a couple of days later.
And two interesting things happened. First interesting thing was the amount of people who didn't know we were related which with funny just because I think we have a strong resemblance of one another and that it has been written about a lot and so that with eliminating any amount of people that feel. Was this with Emma Emma okay, the amount of people that felt absolutely required to talk about how terrible I looked in the pictures. Oh, I saw this picture. You ran glasses, you at home here at a card table people
Are commenting on how terrible you look that I'm not aging? Well that I look like a man. Why would I even post a picture like this? When I look that terrible people saying God I didn't even recognize her? This is what she looks like what on earth and then the fights that break out within the comments where someone says. Oh, my goodness, you should be nice. Why should I be nice? She looks terrible and people start fighting within the comments about what people are saying, but I was amazed at what that made me feel I'm a fifty year old woman, and I know who I am and still my feelings got hurt because I
So hurt that people can see the point of it, the sweetness of it, the absolute shining joy of that photo yeah. That was the Sunday. It was a Sunday morning photo
yeah. I mean it was like nine o'clock in the morning. We were having the best time and that it really came down to that. I'm not aging well, and I look like a man and and I'm to all these things, and I thought God what if I was fifteen that just yeah and it really made me, see all the things about hearts and clicks and likes and and you realize there is something neurological about this whole system because I just felt like, while, if I can get burned out over There- and I imagine imagine you know what that's what you wit word in Reemphasize- is ignored
what you were just saying about. If you have teenagers today, you don't know what it's like to be a teenager. I don't know what it's like. I said. I was so happy that it happened because I had this whole new glimpse into a way of living that I didn't get at all. I could have never have really. You know you really. You have to go through things to understand them and I feel like an echo, just a little paper cut of what can really go on social me of the cliffs of clicks and legs culture. Oh yeah,
Well, so it was, it was a fascinating little experience to have so the comments were all on images. Instagram not in Europe can result in a reason. Why level you play she wrote to me and she said anti. You can't believe how many people didn't know. You were my auntie she'd texted me and I will can I thought, he'd posted it and I was reading and it was really entertaining that little section of people like what who they didn't. Where have I been, and it was funny and then it got, then you read really not yeah, don't read the comments does she ever call you you for advice about the business or what does
We call on you what kind of giving you now add, but only of weight. We have a really great relationship Emma and I am so proud of her add just the person living in this world- she's, incredible, very smart, she's, wonderful, a giant heart and so work wise. It hasn't really ever been something that was part of our relationship. You know she supports my work. I support her work, but we don't ever really talk about it and I think now that she is really this grown up person. You know carving out what she wants to see as her you now acting tapestry. What she wants to do, what she wants to say as an actor. We have started talking about projects and things, and I shall mention you know she has it's incredible book club and inspired by the greatest book Club Oprah and thank you thank you, Miss Analytic reader and she really has invested her mind in a way that I have incredible respect for, and so I love when I get a chance to.
Read one of her book toy door. She renewing a project that was based on a book and what are you thinking about it, and so I started reading the book and then she texted me that I have time to talk and kind of this is happening with this project and its kind of feeling a little bit more like this than like that, and I'm just not sure, and we have you any dissever discuss doing something together. Have you discuss doing work together with other alone? It would be nice to me. We ve been in the same movie, but haven't done things together and it would be fun and I'm sure it will happen at some point. I think her acting interest, her story interests are different than mine in a way that is totally appropriate, but somewhere down the line and bound.
Her mother, we certainly look alike for sure that would be fun so now we're halfway into this administration's term in the White House and at the same time, Hollywood is still grappling with the Harvey Weinstein scandal. You know where it seems that who accusations about different executives seem to come out once a month. What kind of impact has this
in our culture had on you. If it all has it had an impact at all? Well, I think it's impossible not to be impacted, buy it just even just the reeling from it is impactful, but I will say this out of all the negative things. The great thing that always rises is the voice of people who have survived or prevailed or now have a place of comfort and inspiration. I mean I've said it before that when, when Donald Trump was elected, having been through as a family, the presidential debates and watching someone behave on television and speak on television in ways that we're so surprising and things and terms and phrases that your children say. What does that mean? And you find yourself having to somehow define these vial expressions was real learning moment in our household, and so when he was elected, and I was watching the news and it was a little after five and I I had woken up in the middle of night and seeing what we all saw coming, confirmed and Hazel came down and the tv was on and it said on the crawl at the bottom, Trump wins and she kind of gasped. Because of course, we all had this collective hope or belief that something else was going to happen and she was so taken aback. And I think that what I saw in that exact moment was the complete need for me as a parent, to find a way to make her feel that this wasn't happening to us that we could still participate in our voice and in our belief system. That's why we went to the first March in Washington what I wanted her to feel like she still had a voice in a place in the world that she could still believe in what she believed in. Even though someone else was now present- and I also told them that they were not allowed to go to school and speak in a way that was derogatory,
Bout him, because we are democracy and democratic path to support what is happening in their country, the best they can in the way that they can, and so I felt like we all kind of found, a way to feel empowered within a situation that left us all kind of wheeling and jeez. What what happens now and very powerful for me to have her in a way be my leader into this space of marching and participating in in being a citizen of this country, yelling and crime. Everything that has happened has really open up opportunities for people to. As I see it, be
more of themselves, standing in the gap for other people. You know breaking breaking bread, not families exists because of the opposite of that is happening now in equal in opposite reaction to what. What is going on so in twenty eighteen, you know women are still making eighty cents to every dollar a man makes, and this disparity has his Berkeley been even more noticeable? Of course, in Hollywood, in Oak Cliff ways, king she's playing the queen. Displaying the queen getting less than The guy who's playing. Her husband is that true yeah, that was true. There was a big story last year I think yeah. Well, certainly that's been. I fixed.
So I just read something: maybe by now it has been fixed because I just read something about a month ago. That said it had not been fixed yet that you still had not gotten parody. Well, someone needs to call Claire, so here's the thing you're fabulous everybody on the show is fabulous, but it's called the crown You wear it the crown and if they want to leave that that's incredible So when I heard that I just thought that is ridiculous, that show is fabulous, though, by the way is it she's amazing, it's a beautiful are your thoughts on the wage gap where it. What are you? Do you think we're getting closer to salary parity, or I mean that
a four story just stop being my true yeah. Well, that is surprising, especially that it's so recent I mean. I think that, what's incredible is that people are feeling empowered by their own voice and their own. I think people feel safer to speak their truth than ever before, because there's just so much muck and lies and stuff, and it's all kind of gotten so murky that you realize either we're all going to go blind or we have to say what we believe and we have to say. Everyone needs to know that over here in my life experience, this is happening and I don't think it's right and I don't think it's fair and when someone is able to find that voice in that courage, then they bring the like spirited support that they need to affect change to them, and I think that's something incredible. That is,
definitely going on Europe. Do you feel optimistic about where we're headed as a as a world? I mean you always seem so positive. Your smile lights up any room or any space, but do you do you feel optimistic? I do because for me, there's not another option. I just think that. Your raising young human enough time and more this episode after a short break today, episode is supported by better help online counseling. If you think you may be depressed or your feeling overwhelmed her anxious, better help offers online license counselors, who are trained to listen and help talk.
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Code, super soul, get started. Today, at better h e l, p, dot com, Slash super saw talk to therapist online and get help. If you really want thing change and get better for everyone, you have to believe that it will and you have to participate in that. Belief on a regular basis. Ok, you know you ve been to China was shot. You feel, like you have to energetically put it out there that it's all gonna be ok. Yes, what I think energetically you have to put out is the best of yourself. You know: do you view banish them?
Agnes with is much light as possible and all you all you need is just a little candle light too. You know open up the darkness, you walk in a dark room. You have a candle that candle that room is no longer dark anymore because of that one candle. So imagine all of our candles together, I think times where you have this kind of adversity and divisiveness is the time to look inside and bring out the light that is you energetically. Projecting that into the world in every way that you can that's. Why I thank you to play, and I see you doing that every day and everything that you do and it it appears to be. Effortless I was saying earlier and you look like I always know that things are not what they look like. That there is always a multiple There is sometimes of those layers better than we imagine Sometimes they are not so I try not to make judgments about other people's lives, but I would be surprised. Actually you would be one of those,
will we play this game the other day about you know who were the couples, believe are the real in our strong couples. You know where we aren't David's boat playing, a game of whose acquaintance I was you. You and Danny Motor ominous readable. So tired. And before for my died, I would said MIKE and Diane am sure. Sure those are the ones I said I would you know, I'd put real money on stand in the truth. With that, those you guys are the ones that'd be stunned if something else showed up, because the way Energetically vibrationally authentically you are presenting your life feels like the real thing and describe as a woman who balances at all? Do you feel that you do
you, like the characterisation, is having at all in the traditional sense, even possible in twenty eighty. Well, I think you know you have to define your term of what is or what is offer me may not be all for you are all for my neighbour or all, for you know the mom that I see at school. So I think you know people have to realise that it's all about the definition of what is the quality that you are looking for, of all the elements that make up your day or your life her. You know, I mean you know how you see some relationship, whether it be a husband and wife or a mother and her children, and I think well that that wouldn't be enough for me. I wouldn't I wouldn't know how to
A child picked me like that and will have a smile on my fate. That will I need it coming. I needed to God be a two way street all the time you know and sometime weathers, high mutual respect, mutual mutual. It has to be ass. I mean that those pleases and thank yous aren't just you know to be sweet when you're, you know grandma come over. That is that that's the fuel that gets dinner made. Sometimes when you cannot bade the kitchen, it's like, oh mom, can we please have written or tonight.
Yes, we can, let's see if we can put this together now. Are you still standing in the kitchen making every meal? Are you making every meal and doing the grocery shopping to make the meal? Yes, most of the time. That's the perfect scenario would be yes. Wow now, obviously, when I'm working, it's not that- and you know- and it's funny, because Hazel has become vegetarian, which I completely support. We all as a family support. We do not align with that ourselves, we're carnivores, she is a herbivore and but Danny was the one doing all the cooking. I was away in New York when this started happening and when I would say to Hazel or to him, so what is it that? How do you handle like Hazel, being a vegetarian at night, you're, cooking dinner? What do you do and he said well like last night, I made this and this for me and the boys, and then I made this for her. I said: wait you made her a second dinner. No, no just can't you just modify what you're cooking is now. I just want to make it really nice for her and especially the meal that I'm making for everyone else. It was like. Oh my gosh, you are making big
for me to fill the cat right at the outset, but it was really show the respect and really encourage her new endeavour and she's been amazing and let incredible gas they'd, but she doesn't have to get them get the left over mushrooms. Yet mushrooms for you yeah we had mushrooms, and so you can eat that yeah exactly while. So if you could give a young working mother any advice about this balancing act that you been able to master, what would it be. Because I know that that is a major major, major frustration and issue for so many people in the nation.
You seemingly do it so well will. First of all, you have a partner that willing to help you yet which is number one, but I guess it's also it's that illusion of mastery, because you know I can have a great Monday and really crappy to day. You know it's like it. It's it's. It's free flowing thing. It is not a static saying. Oh I got there. Oh I've mastered this mother ring thing, it doesn't exist and so everybody make sure that they understand that going into it. You know you have to be. You know, sweet to your husband every day. It's not just one great day of sweetness. Napkin laughed you alive time. So for me, it's just knowing that it freestyle and I think, wiping what some women we fall into this play, because I know I've done it or you feel like you. It's your responsibility to give everything giving giving give em in. You have taught us more about this than anybody Oprah about time for yourself and picking up for yourself and believing in yourself and so there's nothing wrong with saying.
Do your spouse or to your child or to your friend. Can I get a hand? Can you help me here? I need some. I need. I need somebody else in here. Helping me do this cuz. I can't do it by myself. I don't want to do it by myself be able to ask for help when you need it and even help from your children expecting Reciprocal respect from your children that you're giving to them that's what those pleases Thank you, Sir, about your saying it's not just when grandma comes over. I thought that was me. I love you and hugs and that you know all of it. It's also north thing, and we all need that. Of course, I want to start my day with four kisses. Every single day
That is my expectation. That is what how do you discipline? How, then do you discipline, because things aren't always perfect? How do you discipline and who is the disciplinary and you Danny both we take turns we discipline in different ways. He is come. I have more of like
and was it like what? What am I doing right now? But I, but you know the great thing for me in Myself- is that I can get mad. I can get disappointed. I can you know yell at my kids. They would tell you, but I also like to return to that conversation later once everything calm down that night, the next day whenever and you say what what could we have all done better for that, because I know I blew it, I got so mad, but I didn't know what else to do or if you realize you were just wrong and you were getting mad about something that you didn't know the full story about and sang. I am very sorry that I did not have all the facts before I came down.
Or whatever it is? You know it's just knowing that you don't have to pretend like, like you've got this oh yeah, I did all the right things that you can say. You know what I blew it, I'm your mom and I blew it because it's a constantly evolving process- and I have seen in your relationships with your children- real relationships with her children gales relationships, Thurtell I've seen when you give mutual respect, two kids that day Respond in kind cause they're, just little, people who haven't had as much life experience, but that that respect factor insisting upon it from both sides, the mutuality of it, I think, is really really key, and you guys a balance that so beautifully. How would you describe your personal style, Miss Julia? Do you have a go to off duty, uniform.
Is bizarre, Miss Harper Bizarre, it's nothing that you would see in Harper's bazaar, I'm sure you know for summer. It's just a lot of cut offs right, just t shirts and cut offs, and you know some days, I'm almost certain. I look adorable and there are many days where it's just you know the summer HOT Mass express Where you're, you know just you're off duty you get to so it's cut off for you. It's cut off yeah a lot of summer comes yeah. I. Hollywood's always placed this premium on being the youngest and precious thing out there, and it looks like you are in spite of the Instagram posts are you are aging effortlessly, it does. It just looks like you're smiled,
brighter and you're. Just beginning your fifties, I have to say I love my fifties and I remember my told me, you fifties are all that you were meant to be it. Everything that you ve been meaning to do and been meaning to be. Have you found it to be true? I mean I would say that fifty are off to a good start
Did it have an impact of that number? Pull you up. Did you think I didn't have any impact at all. You know I just I think it's so much about feeling loved and my friends and family. You know, especially around birthdays, I'm one of these people. I love birthdays. I love birthdays of others and I love my birthday and Danny had thrown me this incredible forty, nine birthday party and it was just the most magical, best wonderful Fun party. I could have ever imagined and the next day we were talking about it and we still had friends there, and I said you know the one terrible thing that you've done here is you've basically thrown me. My fifty TH birthday party on my forty nine birthday and we just laughed and he goes well. What should we do for your fifty and I said how about this? We have five days away with zero contact with the outside world and that and that's what we did and it was so beautiful and wonderful. And of course we talk to the kids because it was just the two of us and there was a point that I thought gosh. This is kind of weird not being all together the five of us for my birthday, the five of you and I was kind of like I didn't think this may be all the way through and on my birthday, the day of my birthday with this beautiful morning in this place that we've been and the dad said back up, we're getting in the car we're driving somewhere. So we got in the car we drove from where we were and we were just driving driving having this great time and we got to a major city and it's a place we've been before I was like. Oh, this is a great town. We'll do some shopping we'll eat some good food. This is going to be great and the kids all had soccer games and they've been texting us other parents have been texting. The scores of games and stuff like that. So I knew when all their games were over, that they would call us and we talk to them on my birthday and we went into this shop that we've been to a number of times before it's surfing shop, of course, and we go in and we're looking at surfboards and we're looking at stuff- and I say to Danny I'm just going to go, use the low back here and I go in the back of the store and I go in the bathroom and I come out and Danny standing there holding the surf or he goes. What do you think of this one? And I said that's a big board, I mean what is that for and he moves it and all three kids are standing behind it. Oh my gosh- and I I mean I could first to thinking about it. I was
They had tricked me so completely. There was no soccer game. There was no even these friends of ours that were texting me scores of games. Everybody was in oh, my goodness. It was so incredible and beautiful and that's what getting older is about it's not about turning fifty it's about. Turning even more into the person that you have made clear to the people that you love, who you are that's beautiful, that was turning fifty for me. It was pretty spectacular. What's the first thing you do every morning and the last thing you do before bed hi Danny is daddy at first and last final question: is there a piece of advice you cherish? You hold close to your heart, the best advice you listen to and it paid off. I don't know the first thing that comes into my mind, and you say that isn't really advice. It's just a feeling that I'm glad that I had the opportunity to feel and then I'm glad that I leaned into it. When I had it, which is my life as a friend and as a co worker with MIKE Nichols, he was always so unwaveringly. Encouraging and- and there was just something to allowing myself to be lifted up by that- that not to think I've convinced him that I'm very good at my job or I've convinced him that I know a lot about this thing that it was realizing. This is a good good man and he loves me and is encouraging me because he sees.
Things that are true about me that there's no trick, there's no pretence, and it was so valuable to me. But I really accepted that when you have an asia- or rather I don't know. We haven't seen each other for too long. That's good. Have you any like interviews, glass pack up yeah yeah interview becomes catch up. Thank you, Harpers was our ok. I had a couple of soldiers so questioned. You enter them as quickly as you want. So it's ok, so yeah, the beautiful you know if I were, if I were doing this interview, the interview into that story about the the surf, the children behind didn't turn.
Just a note to you editors, that's that's it. What has been the most?
difficult choice. You've had to make to fulfill your destiny, I think to say out loud to people that I wanted to be an actor. I was really I felt embarrassed. I felt that it was saying more about what I thought about myself and I really did. I found that really hard. Also coming from a family of actors, I felt like it seems, like you know, the easy choice. What's the lesson that chick the longest to learn the lesson that took you the longest to learn that you kept repeating and it kept showing up where different something, but was the same lesson that that I think we as people or as women or me, just as my who I am in this world, that I had to make myself less for someone else to feel more of whatever. That thing was that's why I say when I was making home coming for me to come home and say to my husband, I had a great day. That's a huge statement of the man. He is that I feel completely at ease. Doing that. Do you have a spiritual practice? I do it sort of it ebbs and flows, and sometimes it takes on slightly different forms, but I do and it's quiet and it's my little my little way of having a some sanctuary inside of me that I can go to organize my thoughts. The solution to any conflict is you know, it's usually just really trying to see the other person side or see the other person. What they're going through that's making them do or say or be something that's creating conflict with who you're trying to be.
Because it's that you now that expression, they're going to reason people fight to be right or to find peace, you know, I think, and any conflict you need to know right off the bat. What your intention is in conflict. Is it because you want to prove that you are right or you want to create peace or some sense of harmony in this relationship? That was a big big big lesson. For me, I learned the when I did, but it changed my life, the decision to want peace and not always be right. That was major for for me.
Has your life turned out better than you expected? Absolutely? Oh, my god, or as you expected, oh beyond wildest dreams, dreams, never thought to be dream. Yes, and you are most grateful for what gosh every single day that comes my way, I'm grateful for it. I love what you said earlier about MIKE living in the dream every day and recognizing it. That's the real gratitude, yeah living in the dream and realizing it really is the dream, while you're in it Edmond. He knows.
Debbie knows he knows the dream. He knows a dream, I miss you and I love you so much. We gotta do something about this, so that we don't get caught up on a pod gassed. Ok, have you for hackers, bizarre that I have been here. They re different every year. That's why we're both crying about Malone like you're so wonderful to do this. Thank you and I love you so much. I can't wait to see you wanted to do it. Alright, honey, we'll catch up, okay, alright, sweetie bye. Thank you. Bye, I'm over Winfree and you've been listening to super soul conversations the podcast you can follow super soul on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple podcast and subscribe rate and review. This podcast join me next week for another super soul. Conversation. Thank you for listening.
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