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Comedian, producer and actor Kevin Hart discusses his comedic influences, his NAACP Image Award for “Entertainer of the Year” and how social media played a role in his success. Hart also talks about raising his children with his ex-wife, the support his mother gave him when he was first starting out and how he learned to forgive his father for being absent during much of Hart’s childhood.

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start in three hit films and to calm the entertainer of the year. At the inn, doubly cp image awards Kevin. It may do his home in LOS Angeles on a rare day. Ah I cite the many Germans. After all of Zaire. All stuff is custom. Chandelier lines ashamed of America for one too, can I look at this out here. This rate almost spicebush, like very nice, like that's all right, how deeply support kid friend kid for an ant captain from uniting all too that if there is met with that guy, now you are about five and how far we have that's good, perfect perfervid nutrients of Asia can stand out in staying up, and I can save and forget and readily that's great. So now that this has been your year, the stats are. You ve had three hit films to in the top ten formal movies in production. Right now
television show a huge following on social media, because as of the way you are raised. It feels like what do you cause? There's some people whose head would be blown up by now and we would see it rolling down the hill For me, you know what I believe: Harward pays off. You know when you say has been, has been my year in its it's my time you know, Hollywood has we're making everything seemed like overnight success, I'm about. Where does not come from all this kid? Who is he look here
ass, a star eighteen years in business and I'll turn out and put it up put in my time. You know I got. I got dues that there have been paid and paid again and pay one more time at a stage in my dreams and by doing that, eventually, the came true but ass. There has to be something I won't say special about you, because I believe we all have the same. Human abilities possibilities deliberate and do the same thing, but there has to be something that is different because their lots of people who try and there are lots of people who want it and there are lots of people who have that desire. What was the difference? Do you think, for you, two different me was paid attention to people did before me whether was right or wrong. Everybody successful lays blue. For now you laid a blueprint out in ignoring this from comedians to activists, entrepreneurs to self made.
It was you look a J C. Look you tell a pair, you look. It puff me you're, looking at people to start off with a small vision and that vision manifested in something beyond expectation. So what I did was from the people around me. Momentous Eddie, Murphy, Chris Rob prior were all on the wall and walls. So use around yourself ass, well, ass around myself would cause reminder of whose great past me I come any steps. Everyday look of Richard GO is great. I see any. He was great as Chris what he was great at its costs to remind what am I trying to achieve? I wanna be great, so that motivates me so what things separates miasma dry, my driver's other people success it so interesting because you get compared a lot to Eddie Murphy because not tint Eddie Murphy, Anybody you recently broke. It broke his record at the Nokia theatre in two thousand and eleven during his laugh at my pain, tour cabins, unforgettable performances at
lays Nokia Theatre were record breaking with over one. Wait: one million dollars and ticket sales, Kevin surpassed, Eddie Murphy record outcome would achieve in this day and age unclear what financial nobody beside the accomplishment and how many ticket you saw. How many people feel the chance you can't outdo with Eddie Murphy did I'm sitting so solid. I still believe that, as we know it you, I can't I can't do it well. First of all, let us start with the speeches in the OECD when you thank your mom Hoosier angel after a long battle with ovarian cancer. Kevin's mother Nancy passed away in two thousand seven in two thousand fourteen at the inn, ablaze cp image awards Kevin accepted his entertainer of the year when, in her honour, as I was getting there listening to you speak of enabling cp, giving your mom credit Your mom really has been your angel through all of this, and I'm wondering. Can you feel the spirit of her
accelerating vibrational. For you, it's amazing can feel that I'm not like. I guess, I'd use some over religious someone ledge, I know what the man in charge every Sunday. You know, I'm that constantly the surrounding myself with the Bible? You're, not like your cousin out Marvin wishing neglected Gaza now deliver a Jesus, but what I am I'm true to how I was raised. My mom beat got in my head and make sure I understood, and what I am is I'm treating my mom. That's how I was raised so
Will you say angel is so easy for me to smile, achieving everything, because I feel like you're. My mom is right in smaller with you on your shoulder in you threw you. It is the only way back. That's what I felt when you said that it's amazing filling out I'm covered for lack of a better word, literally at the light there's something or my back before I go to a stage where step, and I set my low periods myself as Mombi Angel, my corn, like you, always That's not what I thought that that's my programme. I thought that you know it's interesting to your mom. Had the vision to know the kind of son she had borne in Philadelphia, Kevin and his old brother Robert were raised by their single mother Nancy, their father struggle with an addiction to cocaine and spent
much of Kevin's childhood in and out of jail, your Mama's, an educator she's there, the universe, events of anger and understood that you weren't the kind of son who was gonna, do well in college and didn't try to pressure you to do that, but said I'm here to support you in this whole stand up thing. It's amazing is is a funny story. Asian my mom base that come out of high school at an ever plan. I don't know man, I just wasn't a student. I wasn't a student we didn't like school. I was a sea minus at best Beth, and I was when I travel. I'll. Do it I'll catch up with put my head, so the books as hard as possible at best in, but I was
good and I was gonna live life decisions? Wasn't a student. I wasn't so. My mom was a professor at the university of accurate. What did you responsible for free? I want to go into community college C C. P communication for those for two weeks to get me a pop quiz, unlike we can have a fail, and I got I was may matter- can be fatal, an old test, the community college, I'm not going to let them I'm a figure it out. I live. I got a job as a shoe, say: Lou salesman, city, sports, Philadelphia and asked I fell in love with us. I can be the best shoes salesman that oversaw shoot out the funny guy the job one day. Some I say yokel, I swear you the funniest person. I know you should try to Carmody man ass. I would love to know where to go around a corner has placed a laugh, housemaid average, and I you should go I'm ago we're all gonna go. Let's go
Thursday. Let's go Thursday, I go. I go. I wrote a low three minutes set fell in love with I want to competition. Why you're? So, as you say, I'm still she said and what sixty dollars they sent here. We had a seventh though they may not go great. I love the beggar lighter or me, and you got sixty two August. Sixty thousand women came back every week. I just kept range of injunctions. What isn't that the same place where somebody actually through a chicken? Let's get you in tatters Atlantic City, hidden face what Buffalo way with a buffalo way, awful away, metal joke? Because because it was his, thereby guy got so frustrated, he stood up set man, I'm serious, do away smoke mean a cheek sauce on it Both sides got all over the place. Wingfold there may have. A decision is made to pick up the wing lower back or do I say something so I decided to say something who, through a guy lad, did
big commander by must have got outstayed stores a bunch of war store a while before I got good. When did you know you were funny? I knew I was funny at their at that started. I m sure nights I want about six in a row. I quit my job. I say ass a sixty hours, time, six, ok, debate. As for four weeks and months about when, as everyone will succeed, I can I can go basically, I could pay my rent from this as an act of often it is I'm fine. I quit I quit this. What I want to do I tell Mamma Mamma is what I want to do. My mom said you know what Kevin. She said: I'm not a dream killers that were the matter dream killer, you're telling me this is what you want to do, I'm going to let you do it. She said you got a year. You got one year to prove to me that this what you want to do in that you can support yourself wow. This is a crazy story.
Like six months going by there, a point where you know: I'm not really making money, but I'm loving it. I love it say: I'm coming I'm making great relationships with comedians comedy clubs. I haven't paid my rent in like a month like mom, you know the rent where's the rent at. Are you reading your bible
but there were no mom, I'm late like amid the red money. Are you reading your bible MA? Am no when you read the Bible downwards, Holbein rather weak two weeks go by my they're gonna dig me. If you don't give me this right money, my mom Sears. Have you read the Bible? Yes, ok! Well, don't! Let's talk about where it matters that I want top of the scriptures any that I need the money, a Moscow bag addiction notice on my door, thereby the kick me I'm a man I gotta housing divisional. She said talk to me we reach about. As I can't talk to you, I go home cemented me. Open is viable, open, a bottom up six, where transformer she put on our checks. Oh my goodness, set armament checks from their six month, while the rest of the year there were all their open, my fellow the biggest jerk ever
Sat there. Now is the first time I try to remove from the man I read about two chapters: mustn't mom, I'm sorry. I thought I'd just about the Bible. That is a view of a story that she said ass. She read it because you need to stay for long. You join us. Look I gotta get it and Mamma. Will you have a moment with yourself? It was the first thing I said. If I can't miles money so then the new questions I have to get my money back the money she didn't four year so based I started a hustler puzzlin hustling out door shows, you know, get very doubtful allows surviving, but then I met this guy met this guy took me. That's what I'm gonna! Somehow I mean another guy. What you do to my manager year goes by gives me a deal. What abc my first deal was
think it was a hundred a hundred and twenty five thousand hours. While I said I'm rich, they haven't I'm twenty right birthing a delicate, my mama check for the money she gave me back plus like another five thousand dollars. So thank you, Mamma Be picked up, a move to allay don't go anywhere more to come after this short break together, or with apple books? Oprah is bringing you her next book Club Peck, he can. King Kong by James Mcbride. A story of connections, community and love in nineteen. Sixty nine New York City it's a social novel with a heart of gold and actors that well crack you up and make it cry download Deacon King Kong, at apple dot, co, slash obesity, you can, so explore millions of other books and audio books on the Apple bookshop. Already on your Iphone, an Ipad there. You'll find best sellers classics up and coming authors, and more
get started today and read with us, so you essentially came here ready to create what you describe as your own lane without a plan just literally picked up asylum uncommon. I knew I was still a comedian. I said lay, as were opportunities are, but I said, let me give the acting sign the power inside a shot. I got another deal, a b c got: money must have money up, nothing happened the deal I got another deal with CBS to create more money must have money up: nothing: you say mess up money up. That means you just you. Don't you don't know where goes its up in here? yeah and allay you know nothing about taxes, you're taking care of people in given out. This is the way the road of whatever it is only half. Anyway. I have no idea damn get? Is we'll get it I literally came over the opportunity
or a tv show wholly snaky. My show gets picked up after two years at LOS Angeles Kevin got his first big break with a b c porters show he created called the Big house. They take seven episodes Kevin attended, an event to promote that show when this happened or about the set foot on the platform to get announced, woman puts a hand much s, wake him yeah got him he's right with me. I'll tell him now, I'm sorry Kevin they're, not they're, not gonna, pick the Shoah last minute decision. So let me point about. Oh, my goodness me you back. You man. I got the appeal taken pitchers our approach me back. Why Mammalia says let s go back, I said no. I said I wonder I wanna go to all of US policy goes I want to go to. I want to go to show the hands. I wonder about the look me in the face: on the sailor, man effect is the business it happens. Shook it off like right.
She'll get all real. I know tomorrow, like you, I said you know what happened. Did you really shaken all I was I was. I was more angry than anything Tom Amanda, I'm going back to stand and focusing on road. I don't want to go on a more pilot additions and will do nothing. I'm a go back, a focus on it, a slave, their road for about six years. So how do you take raised by a single mom, drug attic, father and all the cast of characters for uncle, speak would suggest. How do you take all of that and make it funny is that was that challenge? It was literally me saying the Amis was worse than ever on bananas about what I think is funny. I'm going to stop doing what I think you think it's funny and I'm going to do when I think this is funny. I'm gonna paint a picture
and I want you guys to look at my vision because, ultimately you are storyteller. That's it! That's right! Here's my life at all, like this about myself, I am thinking about getting married. I just got divorce at his head, a key about assent on away here's. What market due to make me laugh well, his life at the divorce. Mama impairs the way said a moment, but has a theme here is not in my Monday. Yes, my dear dear drugs pairs laughed all. We don't do it became. But what must I do it? It's is come a handle. This amend Magellan, there's no there's no room era but when we hear you talk about your family, it's real, so you did your dad actually show up at the spelling bee high transitory remedy. My baby came here right now. The Albert saw you are to be the biggest our have apologised, so much
now now about my dear mother, has been allayed twice for a time. I beg Cavan, lousy job is bags. He say So are you got it? You don't know you, what you got back, I want to draw up, would you buy me a truck You haven't even got near the door at the door where we were contract. You are you're getting his who use these. He will not change you just soberness, ok. So let's talk about that once you have any level of six, even a hundred twenty five thousand dollars. I read what I, where I saw with so many people, that new me is that their needs were in direct proportion, what they thought I made. So how have you manage that? Are we now begin? Its may? Allow them
no man for a while, but I had to date yet none, ok, I've figured out our work and it takes a long time to figure out you get to decide what to do. If we live, do you feel successful right now? I don't be a fool say? I don't yes, I do, but there's more yeah, there's so much more and I can't sit across from you and not want what you like. It's is reachable Tyler. I can't talk. The Tyler
not think to myself. I can try, but is it about a number now? Is it about us? We're footage? What is it about it's? It's about. You have created a brain, a brain dead. Whether you are here are gone. Your brain lives. What you ve done on a humanitarian sat on a personal sir. When I worked level you have created something special, it's not just about you. Personal gain? It's about we're not gonna voice is what am I sure, my kids, they can do. You know what it really is about, and I speak about this a lot you one of those p like I'm one of those people Tyler something you want to fulfil the highest expression of yourselves as usual. Be that is that's amazing. You want to fathom ill what is the highest expression of yourself as a human being and you're about doing that until the day you take our last s, amazing, like then
literally describes it to a I mean at all. I just don't understand how we can all do something and be content. But being Medio guy. I kick as I can I come constantly growing again. I honestly care as a comedian, I want to be an conversations with these guys. When is all said and done nothing better than you. Don't think that I will be. I think, it's about being in a combination of my generation. What I did what I had seen as a comedian as an actor as a philanthropist, Lathrop philanthropists philanthropists back to relate the philanthropy philanthropy laptop. Is there so you have a very interactive relationship with your fans in a way that you couldn't have had years ago in a way that Eddie Murphy couldn't have mad. When Eddie Murphy was, you know, opening Madison Square Gardener, Nokia, theatre, you have that so What does that mean? Was social media is everything. For me, I mean
and in our generation in two days time you know being able to talk back and forfeiture fans goes a long way. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, vine, these these things are all tools that at all right said the actors before me, but you know the order actors, you didn't you wasn't that social media savvy really begin I didn't have to back. Then it was. I talk, show campaign and the net was it, but right now, with all its throughout the fan, They like to know and love the fact that, I shoulda I'm real, which is what you get yet. What is amazing about you? Is it that's executives in him say it feels like even here and when I've seen you onscreen,
It feels like what you see is what you get, and you know so many comedian Juno this there's a dark side to a lotta comedians. True Riah virtue, very urgent, but you'll have now I'm happy. You have become so happy, I'm so happy and are asking for Mamma and see I'm open book. I mean there's nothing that nothing. I don't know about me. I've shown him everything the boys now another relationship like a Sandman January. There is nothing that you don't know and your ex wife, or call now in two thousand and eleven Kevin and is now ex wife. Tory went through a very public divorce. After eight years of marriage and two children, Adra Heaven and sexual Hendricks, Kevin was very open about wise marriage fell apart Emma S, wife, a great man. You know at the end of that is the mother, my kids. Now our road, the fire ship, was a difficult and begin a gasp, thus
ass the mother, my kids, yet I have to say that even your cheating, not being faithful in marriage was a teacher to this was, of course because now am. I was shiver, mean I know what not to do, but I take. I take them relationship elements Series of John, and I mean ass, though, in a way to explain that I was twenty two when we first got married in. At that moment. Yes is fine, but then eventually the menu get yours. I got curious a straight. I did but I dont shy away from it at all. You call that out and asked them to any mistake, and I mean ok, but then you have children Hendricks in Heaven and use of how has it changed? Elevated? Who you are my kid everything my kids every thing like when I say that I mean in Heaven in Hendricks everything to me this all stops
if a bad needed to stop for my kids under how do you manage donkeys, you're gone and you're gone and you're gonna talk to my kids, You know you really want to know where I kill myself at my back and forth from give our goal for days and put it on my schedule. Our country, actually make a studio, Matula obligated to release me for three days some days ago. That's why I am I come back. I come back and with my kids catch up, how are you going to raise this issue of s alot of people this? How do you raise thoughtful kind, gracious, kids who have instilled within them the same kind of values, your mother and still within you when you're kids have this and this and travelling on private planes and the world of all of its this? For me, it is easy.
A? U kills you, kids are grounded in Jamaica. The killer is, grounded make them. Ok. When you have ever you have kids can be in this world. You kid can be taken knows been air variously or The kids can understand how and why you're able to do what you do. They can understand why I work how much time I put into my work and what do I get from that time? My kids, when I say we talk, I prepare my kids. Okay, look! What does that have to do work? Why? Because you want to provide first, what are you supposed to do? Work hard? You come home from school. What you doing come home and school homework, then what then
was always first work. One worked so hard, then we can play hard when you install that at a young age. My kid is right now. Did I love school level now? they come in this house, the first thing they do. They go upstairs that a study and they have to do their work- the rules of the heart has all ok cabinet. Now dating Model Amigo Parish. They lived together with and two children, Read where you said that you know I hate when people ask me when I'm getting married, I'm not do you think you will reset it doesn't matter, you know what it does it does man I mean there was definitely triple my shoulder when it comes to marriages because away my first one ended and getting out of it in just the whole process. You know
but there's there's a certain. Does magical magic comes a marriage when you find that person, you know it can be said, always guaranteed, but it can be. I will say that with my lady now I got some special You don't you don't find that often, if you are on the road a long of time, she's not like, where are you? What are you doing there now? many women come on. We can see you, but the active role does she took him being with MIKE you don't understand that will be a process for my ex wife eventually understand in warm up to her patient through all of it. Lily has time and to where we Rome it's what we roll now like it's it's it's good and I can say that it is definitely a thought. The marriage is definitely a thought. How did you get so comfortable with your height
I've always been constant really is generally, you know people who are not six feet tall, but you get not people. Men have a complex, that it instead you turned it into beyond confidence among cocky, I'm so confident, I'm confident who I am I'm competent person there. I am, I think, I'm sexy at tomorrow, all tat baby, I'm sexy too ugly tomes. They adjust our love me and you have actually, when your socks and real level taking sides more but we're goods that after plus, I just don't believe I don't believe in change. I don't believe in it doing things too, to manufacture my body to appeal to what I think people might like. This is that this is where I was given is my playing cards that we play poker. I gotta make this handwork. This is it for me, and this is what I'm going away.
So how do you? Madam bracing one like one year, one life, I'm gonna embrace muscle when you were younger. Did people make fun of you cause you your high debt it before they did you did it were they to acts of delegation? I still until his day, I'm being self deprecation anything that the person data they can say, disarm you of it by saying it myself, but taking the power. I did it and all it must stand up. So you can address anymore in movies, which you might think to say our say it in a line. So it's a dressed and then from their point one you forget about it is done. Take me Sears and take me
in my role seriously, take my talent seriously. If you give people the opportunity to look at you what a splendid I know they will and that's that's what that's what I love about the proudest Antunes alarm about the work and I'm doin. Now it's it's real! So is there anything off limits are on deal with politics, tat. I saw enemy to state a long time ago. I believe that movie, I think the government shut you down our message to give me now now in two thousand twelve Kevin became one of the few comedians to sell out Madison Square Garden. Twice I may work can describe that's that's that's what I wife. What did you think it that, when you know what you were able to express emotionally before you walked off the stage thinking audience
when you walked out there through the flames and the fire and saw saw that what did you think? What did you take in hi dad dad is. Could you take it in that that medicines without me crying it into the that's the first time? One stage- and I say while, but it was my mom, so I'm talking something my mom. Are you guys on understand? It's a dream. It was a moment. They call me and I tried to stay in it in in you. Don't put much sound and just get to the words those languages. That's what I've been. What I didn't shows me walking back after a cry, and this is the second is held to be by myself just for a second his debts than thirty thousand people either to shows two shows. Thirty thousand people, quiet, listen to me, tell jokes. You can't write that I know you're not gonna slow down. I understand that cause. You got it right. The way you got a right. The way will
there be an opportunity for you just to even when you're like flying on. The private plane or you sitting where you can just take it all in and have a sense of Creation or how far you ve come, can you do that? I have opportunity. Every day. My kids and I went around the house, and I said like that, we love you you're, the best dad ever dared. Thank you There may do so much fun day, dead, hey
Today, you think. Maybe we can play the game with the nerve guns or somethin yeah you invest in every cause. That's it that's my that's my this is amazing with what they get out of. What I do I'm happy am I mean that I have put my hand on a stack of violence. I'm happy think. Thank you. I'm so glad made this happen, I'm so vessels where I work of its more stack of bibles with no checks and about now
I will always open environment from now wants to myself, and I shake it for my father. I move ruined free and you ve been listening to supersede conversations with the planned cast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and reviewed this podcast join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening. I'm over went ray, and I am delighted to bring you the Oprah Winfrey show the I'd cast always allows people to understand the power they have to change their own lies. The podcast features handpicked moments from the four thousand five hundred sixty one episodes we taped over twenty five years. We are almost eight of gaps, never allow them.
To take you somewhere else. This is normal. You are normal within your frame of reference. You wanna be responsible, be responsible for living your life what's wrong with the world, and what can we do to change? It never thought. That why I hope that these classic Oprah shows we hope, continue to eliminate your path to all that you were meant to be so. God to the opera, show the podcast on pod CAS or wherever. You find your podcast and begin the journey to your best self.
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