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Larry Dossey: The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

2019-01-23 | 🔗

Physician and New York Times best-selling author Larry Dossey discusses the power of prayer, what to pray for and how to pray to get the best results. Larry, who is deeply rooted in the scientific world, explains how he became an influential advocate for the roles of the mind, consciousness and spirituality in healthcare. Larry also talks about his books “Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine” and “The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things.” Before Larry’s books were published, only three U.S. medical schools had courses devoted to exploring the role of religious practice and prayer in medicine. Today, nearly 80 medical schools have instituted such courses, many of which use Larry’s works as textbooks.

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I'm over Winfrey, welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper the round us start right now. I'm really happy today, as I get to introduce to you Larry Darcy, who is one of the most respected in his field. He wrote the book the healing words with John. I also read- I don't know almost fifteen years ago, first time and what so exciting about that is that when you first wrote that book, you had all these predictions about what would happen, I think in the back of the book you talked about predictions about
would happen in the world to come, and I would say almost all of them have come true in opera. Looking back at those predictions, I think I was a pretty good it yeah because, as you say, almost all of those have proved to be true. When I made those predictions, I thought that I was probably going out on a limb to the extent that I wouldn't see those come through. True in my life in your lifetime, but the pace of change since that book came out which put prayer forward yeah as something really powerful, and the healing response, yeah healing words, the power prayer and the practice of medicine, change the way the medical profession and I think the whirl looked at prayer, I'm happy to say that that true, yes, when you wrote this book
healing words. Did you realize that you could obviously come under attack? Did you feel that you were being a pioneer actually did come under attack agenda? I wasn't sure if I could withstand the critic some or not- but I knew that what I had to say was right and I had something that believers in prayer and spirituality have not head throughout. History is that past little forward letter word called data, and I knew for the four time that it would be possible to use the word prayer and science in the same sentence and hopefully get away with it and as it turned out that prove to be true, it came as a shock to most of them. Colleagues to discover that there were actually what we called double blind, randomize controlled experiments. Looking at the efficacy, prayer in getting well. It came. Talk to me when I first discovered that information- and I
that we were at a point in history where one in order to be honest, with one surface, a physician had to take a stand, and I decided to come forward with that. It wasn't clear to me that I could survive Brett professionally doing that by a fright will you afraid? Yes, I wanted you pray a lot. Then, and now I still do up, but it turned out the force of the data. The force of the information spoke for itself and, to my great surprise, researchers begin to come out of the closet, doing these additional studies, which continue to show that prayer does have a healing effect when you put it to the test and spittle in the laboratory. You know when you- and I are less talk- did ninety ninety four, where there was only one major large human study and prayer, but since then Oprah we have an explosion. We ve had an explosion of these kinds of
that is so that, if you fight out he's always prove the good science using through good die and compelling exotic science that prayer works? Yes, we ve got about twenty one of those studies now, so we ve gone from one to twenty one studies over half of them show statistical, significant, showing that prayer works, its driven the sceptics nuts, because their dedicated, basically to the proposition that we know what advanced that consciousness can operate outside the brain and the body. It's ok to talk about mind body influence is but too talk about your thoughts, your love, your compassion, operating at a distance through inner prayer is just over the top, for so many critics and steely us but the data won't go away, it's their its firm and its abundant. Well, with our fifty good signs experience proving that prayer results, insignia
its current changes in a variety of living beings would seem to reason, by now the scientific community would have difficulty. You know. Approving proving otherwise or they have a great deal of difficulty, but there are some people were so wedded to the physical misty, yeah conception of consciousness. Only what I can see the exact that I think, no matter how compelling the data, because for some people there still gonna, stick to their guns and say that there must be something wrong with the studies, but the medical schools have come around and I think that that's the place to look for indication of where this is headed If the medical schools take this on, then it's not going away. That speaks volumes for the legitimacy of this whole thing about prayer. Oh we're talking to Doktor Larry Darcy, the man who brought us the data on the on the power of prayer fifteen years ago when he wrote healing words the power prayer in the back,
this of medicine? Can you give a specific example? Further, our audience listening, who perhaps hasn't red? I'm sure there are a lot of you listening move, not read healing words If any of what we're saying today resonates with you, I would advise that you get that book. That should be one of the standards in your own personal library, I think think, can you There is a specific example where you definitively proved the prayer works. One of my favorite examples has to do with infertility. This study took place in a fertility. Clinic in South Korea and women who really had difficulty getting pregnant. They were undergoing. In vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer, attempt to have a baby to they were enrolled in one of these studies in which people were recruited to pray for half of them, but not for the other half. This is what we call a triple blind study, which may ranges
strangers. Yes, the people doing the praying were in Canada and Australia and the United States, and when they looked at the data, the outcomes, the women who received the prayer from these remote prayer groups had twice they successful fertility rate as the women who were not assign prayer from these distant individuals. We talk about the odd get a chance in these studies. There was only one chance in one thousand that you get explained this by by saying well, this just happened to according to chances with just a flute. This is one of the most careful and compelling studies. That's been done, but not just an infertility. We ve seen these studies now done impatient with advanced AIDS, with heart attack in several other illnesses, and how does it exactly work very? How does exactly Is it like Frere create its own voice. Gratian and that
aberration or energy changes change has its own frequency level and then changes the vibration of whatever your praying for will. The short answer is no one knows: ok, that's a hypothesis! I think that we just order say out front that this is still very such a mystery. I don't feel uncomfortable saying that we don't know how it works, because in the history of medicine, after know that something does work be before we have a clue about how it does you'd make a long list of those from aspirin, ran on sale in an hour, and so that that's where we stand with prayer now there are lots of hypotheses that are being advanced by world class scholars about how it may work. My favorite comes out of quantum physics it has to do if something called entanglement, and what you have in this theory is the idea
even though individuals can be far apart, they can still behave as if they're a single entity present, you change one, the other one changes instantly into the same degree We draw analogies from what happened in the subatomic domain here and if it happens with a distant electrons or other particles, the thinking is that this may have a corollary where humans or for apart it, gives us something a metaphor to hangar had own about how these distant changes may occur. When one person has a compassionate, loving thought and the other person at a distance changes in correlation with that person's healing intention, thought or prayer and doesn't matter how far apart they are, I'm telling you that it doesn't matter- and this has been proved extensively, The one thing that we draw from these experiments is that prayer works as well.
From the other side of the earth, as it does at the bedside. There's even evidence now that it may work in retrospect that you can pray later and affect the outcome of a person's physical condition. Even though you suppose that that is already happened yet well. How do you council, your patients, who are suffering from an illness and praying. Or wellness and with seeming lino success. Well, I admit affronted these studies, your statistical and there's no guarantee, in any case that when you for some one, you roll of adequately going to see an improvement as a result of the prayer, but if you love all of the people to gather all the cases and look at statistically, you can show that sure enough. For the majority of people, there is an effect I think we ought to so. Are you better off with more people, praying for you.
Have every statistically found that the more people to pray for you, the better off you are, doesn't work that way. It doesn't work that way. You're, not you don't get ten times effect from ten people praying as opposed to want. You do not know you down. If I had to select one quality which overrides the number of people praying or even how long they pray it would be the intensity and the genuineness in the authenticity of love that the brain person, over and over. We see that again and he healing words exactly and I think we have intimated on the amount, it's the quality of the wine and genuineness and sincere yeah. You know in real life we say we pray for our loved ones. Where I guess that means we pray unconditionally. We will
before them. No matter what why, because we care for them- and if you talk to healers opera they'll, tell you this they'll say it's not the word you use or how long you pray you ve just got to feel it in your heart and over and over again on this issue in depth and sincerity and love and compassion rise to the top yeah there's something about it: the quality of prayer. That I have found for myself, Larry that there's a praying where you are praying in fear, and I know many of you listening. You ve prayed the prayer. You prayed, you're, you're, praying you praying! You bring your praying, but while you an you afraid already that the prayer isn't gonna be answered you, Fraid already the energy of the prayer is coming from a fearful place. I have found that when you can surrender yourself in prayer You know surrender while making the request, but surrender to a will
greater than your own that there is a greater sense of alignment in peace, even in the prayer- yes, yes, yes, and it has more zip and more possess the power and you can feel that you give me Jimmy Jimmy. I need anything they please, please, please! I just really dont want gimme prayers, but I'm gonna tell you Restoring rotting about this, the role of prerogative, that I needed I had to put this to use an eye on it, a practice of internal medicine, and so I invented my pray ritual were. I would go into my office earlier every morning and pray for the patients opposition to make rounds in the hospital and who would be coming to my office that day and never There were many years. Did I ever pray for anything specific like may them, heart attack go away, or I want this cancer to be healed. I simply adopted day That will be done approach and I think this captured
these surrender aspect- and you just mention where you appeal to a higher wisdom then your own as it as an introvert unreal strutted is introvert? I have real trouble telling the world what to do. I I'd rather rely on a higher wisdom rang and I pray for people right. May the best outcome prevail in this situation, may thy will be done, and I felt really comfortable about mine is direct. My footsteps. Yes, yes, I love it, you have spread of thy will be Duns pretty good too. The test of time- yes, don't go anywhere more to come after this short break is episode is supported by hallmark cards. We say: I love you too. The people we care about all the time so much so that sometimes it can start to feel a little bit like a habit. If you're
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And genuine, is it no? I think it certainly isn't the reason I made an issue of this about toxic prayer or negative pre right was a gal survey and ninety ninety three, which ask Americans how they pray and in the survey five percent of Americans, said that they pray occasionally for harm for other people. While, if you do the numbers, that's over ten twelve million people out there praying to harm other people, and the question better beat. Is that stuff work? Yes, you can't tested in people because its illegal to do a study that looks to harm people write it so that can't be done, but what had researchers have done is to in the laboratory explore whether or not people can have negative intentions than in thoughts toward things like bacteria
I answer. Even animals isn't that water experiment where they had froze the water and looked at the water and played rock music different forms of music placed it in than its related. But what the most of these does look it is whether or not you can increase the rate of bacterial growth in test tubes or harm them. You can reverse you're healthy thoughts and try to harm the back door. Ensuring that people can work at either way. There are many of these studies on the books showing that people can influence living systems and positive. Of away or a negative way. I think that these studies demonstrate that we should take this idea of negative thoughts and intentions quite sure Really, you know more about your victory would only harm yourself doing that. I would think that you, the that that that that's living in the space when you talk about them, but that the space of Unforgivingness, yes being
forgiving would only harm you, because the other person's going on with their lives, and you don't have any power over them. I think you had them along the hidden in many show monocultures, breeze, modern cultures. There is a principle that you better be careful if you pray for harm for other people, yes, through curses, hexes, her scales or something like tat because of what's been called a boomerang effect right. This can come back and harm you and leave the other person unscathed and so in full cultures. This is accepted that this does rebound to the bird occasionally if they try to harm other people. I wanted to go to the predictions the beginning of the show I was talking. But how, when you first wrote healing words: what is fifteen years? Yes, fifteen years ago, healing word the power of prayer and the practice of medicine, which really prove
prayer works and changed the way, not only a lot of people in the world, but, as you just explained to us, medical schools handle the issue. Prayers, another. Ninety medical schools that support the fact the prayer works. Yes, ok, I'm just gonna go down a list of some the predictions you said, a new picture of human consciousness will emerge, no longer. Will it be considered an exclusive byproduct of the brain destined to die with a body the recognition that there is some aspects The human psyche that is genuinely non local will lead to a transparent vision of our ideas. Of who we are. We will see that this non local aspect of ourselves can not die.
Non. Local is infinite in space and time and thus omnipresent an immortal by implications. For me, this is the richest application of the whole deal. I'm offer praying for people to get better, and indeed they do statistically speaking, but this is more than just another tool in our black bag. Is doctors in the idea that we have some quality of consciousness that his non local is? The word I love, but that's just a fancy word for infinite. We have some capacity to reach out through space and time to make a difference in the world. So these studies of firm, the idea of the Show- and I point like an arrow- to the possibility of survival of bodily death. I think this is the most significant outcome of this whole area of investigation. You know our culture has been, I think, severely damaged by this is
that it's all over with the death of the brain and body total annihilation. That's the assumption modern biology, these studies, the healing studies, point to something different You also say that the sole like quality of human beings will no longer be just in Aceh religions, to be accepted only through blind faith. It will be considered a legitimate creation of rational empirical science. This is so exciting What we have here is a bridge between science and theology, which four generations you know have fought each other bitterly over turf battles and and so, but this the offers and opportune. If not for a total blending. I don't think we ought to try to homogenized science and spirituality, but at least a coming together, a shaking of hands. A new dialogue, and it helps us harmonise two parts of who we are
the spiritually oriented aspect of ourselves and the rational, logical part of who we are, we can be whole our whole as a result, I think of honouring these studies. And finally, you say This understanding may lead to a transformation in the way we pray. No longer. Will we pray incessantly four things such as our health, but our prayers will be. Dominantly prayers of gratitude and Thanksgiving a response on realising that the world at heart is glorious benevolent and friendlier than we recently supposed
this. This passage always reminds me of a statement of Einstein that the most important question of scientists can ask is: is the universe friendly and I think by farming immortality and an eternal aspect of who we are? These studies help us given the yes answered. The iron stove frame of question is the universe friendly affirming immortality? Well, that's just changes everything if you believe that the world is therefore to be compassionate and to support you in your journey, or you believe that its everything's working against you max the difference between succeeding in not isn't it. Well, I think so. You know when I first began to explore those prayer experiments. I never thought it would lead in the direction of looking at the universe in a new way. Ah, but it does b You were traditional medicine for the most part, yes,
and I bought into this idea that you know the major players in medicine were drugs and surgical procedures and It came as a shock to me to discover what I eventually began to consider the best kept secret and medical research. Exactly said on the first book at the best kept secrets in medical science, air heels have who knew I didn't. Dump me this was a welcome secret in my medical. How did you just sit over it share with our I listen I'll. You discovered that for yourself someone sent me a copy of aid and outrageous, a study in which a cardiologist attempted to study prayer.
A coronary cure unit. The same way, you study the effects of a new medication. You have a bunch of people with a common disease. In this case heart attack you give half of them something and not the other half which is the control grouping. Then you just compare how they do well in this particular study. It wasn't a drug that was being tested. This radical cardiologist, Doktor Randolph Bird decided to use prayer as the intervention randomized double blind study. Doctors, nurses impatient didn't know who was getting this. And he wasn't and then he just simply looked at the outcomes and prayed for group, not knowing they were being prayed for, did better on many clinical criteria than the people in the control group. I was
And I knew and everything else was equal exactly exactly, and this would just like a dagger in my heart I looked at the study and I said Larry it. This study is correct. Then the world just changed for you, you're not bring for your patience, and at that time I wasn't praying for my patience but a bright for them on a bed. I didn't think it was worth anything and I had patient. Where were you with religion? Before then, did you pray at all or without charges a perfunctory thing
went through. I was rebelling. Ok, I grew up in the battle of the Bible Bell to end up in fundamentalist, great chance. The annex Central Texas Hand, but I threw away all of that when I went to medical school and at the time I came across this research, I was certainly not disposed to prayer. Believe me, but I knew at a heartbeat that at that study was correct in prayer really did something therapeutic people in the coroner curious. I better reconsider my boycott of prayer, and I did I spent three years looking at all the research that has ever been done in the world and was totally shocked to find it so above And in that time I began to incorporate prayer and a morning prayer ritual religiously every morning, because I knew that I had to in order to do justice,
do they have more nine, where ritual saying a specific prayer like our father? No, it's almost comical. I I couldn't go back to those already. Said. I grew up with a heart, so I invented my own. You know the years out again Lage, demonic, rattles. You know a great Roddy. I have one of the world's greatest supplies of incense, so I would go into my office lock the door. The inside that's right and have you don't want ain't heiresses come in, I know, and I will show you getting your rattles actually yes burning. My incense and ritual is legally praying for the best outcome. From my patience, I do that until I left my practice winter omega, so this deeply affected The other way. I would you feel better or whacked. I feel terrific, because
I knew that I was taking a more holistic, incomplete approach, the therapy than by just using biologically and physical mystically oriented. Approaches. That was it right. I had written other lobbies, I have a son and I want the wondered sprain form we goes in room. Will, yes, actually, yes and then I wrote the book and I began to get letters from doctors all over the country telling me that their experiences matched mine in terms of their willingness to honour this information they get a part of their their daily practice. Now, knowing that date, I exist, proving the data at prayer. Has the power to heal, as you documented in healing words over fifteen years ago, isn't it sort of isn't it like malpractice not to practice it? Then we know that was well. Predictions are made a ninety nine three in the book, that
If the data continues to be a strong and more vonder and yet prayer becomes the standard practice in a given community and a doctor, doesn't lace recommended to his patient that doctor could conceivably be considered guilty of malpractice? I I can't had my tongue tongue, my cheek when I made that prediction and I have to concede and confess that it has not proved to be true right and perhaps it shouldn't, because I think that the main thing doctors ought to do is to use this info Nation at an educational sense, and to inform patients of the power of prayer, and then let the patient make up their minds about whether or not they want to incorporate this into their help started Larry Darcy. Here, let me ask them as what is those doctors at your speaking out,
what, if they are, where you were rebelling or just don't believe. I haven't the evidence what if they are there and their patient and there also their patients there if they say, pray, pray to what pray to whom. Well, I, like many other more in that rebellious stage of essentially denial. Yet at this information is out there, you don't think that's where patients need to take charge and if their and under the care of a physician who they think is not a team to their spiritual need. They need to shop it in I've. Advise patients of these four year set doesn't mean the doktor has to be of the same religion as you were. Absolutely not. Yes, no cars prayer works in every religion.
That's one of the great things about the study. They point like an arrow to religious tolerance and openness. These studies show that no particular religion is corner of the market on this prayer stuff, and I'm happy about that. That's one of the great contributions that these studies have made, I think, to human welfare, this affirmation of tolerance and openness between faiths. So this idea of praying every day when you then started to not just believe the study researches study, but prove that the studies. There were correct that been led you to and understood ending that there was healed,
power in ordinary things, o absolutely. But actually I began to be fascinated by the healing pair of simple things. Quite early in my life, I had an emergency appendectomy for her. It was a terrible experience. I never met the surgeon ahead of time. He just didn't think it was necessary in meat. The address these Ya'Ll. Just ahead of time, when I woke up, I was in pain I was alone I felt vacillated, anxious hurting like crazy, and I had no idea what was found surgery. Nobody bothered to even tell me and something simple happened. A nurse came. And she merely hill my hand, and she said: don't worry, Larry everything's going to be just fine and was like the switch turned in my body and brain. The paint immediately went away so did the anxiety and fear- and I knew and a heart beat, that
something happened to me that I did not understand, I admit a healer at that time. Healing was not even my vocabulary What nor, in the end, the psychic consciousness of the country yeah, that's that's exactly right, yeah, but that experience with that little simple act just touch handholding was seared into my brain in my memory, and it stayed with me ever since, and I sort of developing that she had some special powers or that the power came in the act and in the actual act itself than I did it. I think, probably both. I think this woman was a healer. I dont know if she knew she was a healer or not, but that's what healers do me. This is a guy's Eliza nurses are drawn into this field because they are so that's not what they call themselves. Healers, the columns of nurses and yet and over I got fired up and carried away with. A pair of nurses are married. Me one
that way. There must have been some eleven years ago what I love, what you say, in the extraordinary a healing power of ordinary things and you're right. It's about now, all the ordinary things like optimism and forgetting in tears and dirt and bugs in the end. You say when you write about optimism, it will not be weakened. Conferences or seminars are web based courses or books that would teach people will teach people how to be optimistic. Rather it will be what we do as a nation to create the conditions in which optimism can flower. I feel so strongly about this. I do too. I think that one of the failings of the integrated complimentary alternative healthcare movement, has been that we have not been attuned to the social conditions that mode either realise our health, and I think
that we, as a nation or in the process, hopefully as we enter this election cycle of paying more attention to that, we ve got to do, or than breach the virtues of acupuncture and homeopathy and died and exercise, because if people are bird by not having adequate nutrition, even a roof over their head, and so I think its hypocritical for us as professionals to talk about these other things that doing what we can to help people get their basic needs met and less not kid ourselves. That's a huge issue in America. Currently in your basic needs, Matt Steel, exactly those primary basic needs that have to do with whether or not somebody goes to bed hungry at night, for example, or whether they are able to finish high school. Unless we pay attention to these things, these add ons just aren't going to hear that much weight for those.
How was your healing power and dirt dirt back the matter? He if you look at the children who are exposed to on hygiene conditions growing up these kids turn out to have a more robust immune system later in life. Then children, whose mothers throughout their upbringing, tragic Ethan Squeaky claimed one. There were seven, they have a lower incidence of childhood asthma if they are raised and dirty environment. They have lower at lower instances
infectious disease out of an address it well, I know everybody thinks this data do not say this, however, there's something now that has brought this to the four. It's called the hygiene hypothesis. In a nutshell, it says that during air formative years children eat exposure to the bacteria, viruses and fungi that are in dirt common dirt. It challenges the immune system to develop, Annie bodies that will protect you, the rest of your life. If you look at Kyoto arranged on farms, for example, they do
much better in terms of immune function later in life and kids were raised and hygienic environment, and so the recommendations now from authorities who look at this field is that parents consider exposing their kids purposefully to dirty experience is playing and sandboxes, for example, which assorted gone out of style right, you're, not making mug pies. Ah, my favorite is just simply gardening and garden soil. You have all the microbes that one needs to boost the immune system in his very important ways. So we're not talking about the not taking showers or anything like that. We're talking about deliberate exposure to the outdoors in air in ways that are increasingly out of style in particularly in urban environment yeah. That's why you mentioned bugs. Because people are sort of talk about what you say in the book about bugs with it. Will people associate bugs with you now everything
to do with being out there in nature and trying to remove yourself from that instead of connecting to it well, the most dramatic example of the reappearance of bugs, by which I mean just creepy crawleys in general, is the use of leeches and maggots and modern surgery. Their situations now we're doctors are deliberately applying maggots to infected wounds, to clean them up and, in cases of doubt, alterations in cases where wounds will not he'll, because the isn't ices in the world where there is no antibiotics, exactly third world countries really are embracing. This return of maggots in leeches in medical and surgical situations. So are you saying that a good thing like this? powerful thing. Let me tell you something: if you and I was reading- is something our unifying burglar, good thing. Yes, but you're good,
declaring that is well out there. For me, I gotta tell you well that's why that these you know this is this. Is an outrageous idea, be the first to admit, but that's one of the criteria for selecting a topic for these chapters and had to be outrageous. It had to show, queue up, and certainly the use of maggots, as is being done now, and hospitals are crossing state shakes people up because we're repelled about an idea. It's been read into us. It would only thing to do, and now we don't, but you should say: maggots are being used in hospitals oppressing. So absolutely I'll. Give you an example: everybody's heard about the resistant Matheson resistance there. I thought that's what you said and our hospitals you have seen them these, make it absolutely checking their situations where nothing else will work is well, they maggots will not eat healthy tissue, they will do breed dead and dying tissue and Anna Wound, where nothing else.
Work their patients in this, these United States Europe and to do they know that their maggots- oh yes, they do these usually or people who have flunked therapy from almost everything else there. At the end of the line, I'll tell you if you are facing either amputation of your foot from a diabetic also are the recommendations that we apply. Some maggots and let them clean up the wound and let it he'll. Naturally, I think most people choose the maggots therapy rather than have their foot amputated. These are real life examples I think most people, even though their report by the US would make that choice in favour of this outrageous therapy. Won't you know you you talking about the power of ordinary things in simple things in our all of us who have experienced hearing a beautiful song, sometimes cannot
and see the words that song the melody in harmony come together in such a way that make you feel healed. There's a chapter on music and I present cases in their then are almost unthinkable. They border on the miraculous, for example, of patients, have been deeply com those in urological intensive care units from injuries and up
they respond not at all to verbal stimuli and so and in many of these cases are about a dozen now own record. Christmas comes around carers, come into the current d, a neurological intensive care unit, and they sing they songs and the person wakes up. There's something about the power of the Christmas Carol, in particular to stir memories at a really pleasant awe and their practically miraculous. These patients will start trying to extirpate themselves taking out there breathing deep. In many cases they start yanking anthem, of these and they wake up, and in one case I talk about in the book. The guy wakes Africa Coma joins in singing heart, the Herald Angel Sailing Gas, the nurses start weeping. They ve never seen anything like this. Before and what is it? Is it because of what the music represents or the actual
You know again, vibrational tonal thing of of the songs. What is it the going idea is that in even in comma, the auditory Sant never goes totally away, so the song gets through to deep parts of the brain and rigorous memories, most of us about memories. Is it not about Jesus? It's about memory, it's about where we really don't know, but I think it has to do with exceedingly pleasant members that we build up in stores, children, growing, ok and those get triggered, and that stimulus does something to awaken the person. This is so profound I Oprah than ever given standing instructions to my wife, the rump, if I've ever an auto accident, carried off to the new logical attention. Gurion. You now get me the best neurosurgeon Campbell get those characters in there and have every hidden. There. Tell me this: what
kills you other than that nurse, oh! Well, I I get a greatest might my greatest sense of healing from doing my work and knowing that I'm on the path, the right path and what I'm doing my work and standing up for wording is right in spite of criticism in what people think that's the most healing thing. For me, it really is transforming a mile act, does not work well, and I do not do that and
I have developed a very sensitive awareness of when I depart from that patent. It doesn't happen as we get older Larry that we are more attuned. You know as we get older, I find that I have a different attitude towards this idea of happiness. Also, when I write about this in the book there couple ways of dealing with that one is to get out of sorts about the fact that you're unhappy in your suffering, which a sort of intensified the others to back off and take the position that Savage You didn't mindfulness meditation, were you just simply observe it? Thank you for bringing healing words to our listeners today. Pleasure, like you is book, is the the extraordinary healing power of ordinary things. Thank you, I'm over Winfrey and been listening to supersede conversations podcast. You can follow
super soul on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and reviews, this podcast joy next week for another super, so conversation. Thank you for listening.
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