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Marianne Williamson: The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships

2019-05-08 | 🔗

In a live appearance at UCLA’s Royce Hall, spiritual adviser, activist and New York Times best-selling author Marianne Williamson explains how, through relationships, we can transcend worldly concerns and achieve a greater sense of spiritual enlightenment. She shares what she believes is the most powerful thought you can have and why it will benefit all your relationships. Marianne also offers a powerful metaphor to explain how we’re all connected to each other and to the universe.

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I'm over Winfrey. Welcome to supersede conversations the pod, I believe, one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now. Marianne Williamson is one of the most? She is one of the most influential women of the modern spiritual world and the modern spiritual movement. She's had an enormous impact on me person. Long before I had a book club and a platform to actually talk about spirituality, I loved your book a return to love so much
That I went out, I bought one thousand copies of the book, Then I invited her to the show and everywhere I go ip address relatively Red Marion's book I said I have one right here, for you anyway today? Marianne is going to talk about the spiritual purpose of relations Marianne Williamson, you know I want to talk to you today about your relationships, are relationships to each other, but in the context of our relationship to the universe and to God himself, we
making a mistake if our spiritual conversation is relegated to me or to you, the spiritual conversation is by definition about us. The spiritual conversation is about we. So, let's begin by contact, realising the universe and seeing the universe like a house that is wired for electricity, and you and I are lamps and the lap could be tall. It could be short, it could be any color cabana shade the could be ended the power of the lamp has to do with the electricity that causes the light to shine through it. So, no matter what the lamp is, if it's not plugged in it, doesnt shed any light and the light does not come from the lamp. The light comes from the electricity. Now a course in miracles tells us
lighten is a shift in self perception in self identification from body identification to spirit identification. If I only think of myself as my body as my circumstances as what happens in my life, all about me all about mine, I'm identifying with the lamp, if identify with my I'm identifying with something much bigger than me, something which flows through me, something which extends through me and lights, up the entire universe, to the extent to which I think of myself ass, a lamp whose only purpose is to plug in so that light might shine through me. That is how I actualize and become the lab than I.
And be now the universe itself is intentional. So when we talk about my intention for this or my intention for that, that can actually be misused. If we think in terms of the intention holiday of the universe, something much bigger is going on when you have an egg and it needs a sperm, they come together and then all of a sudden, these miraculous occurrences begin to reveal themselves cells begin to appear out of this. Actual intelligence, which is the electricity of the universe. It is intentional. It is so intentional that not only do cells appear, but cells, actualize and then baby to collaborate with other shells and the next thing you know you start the negative sperm than other cells begin to appear and the next thing you know you have a brain and the next thing you know you have spleen, and you have eyeballs and you have skin and you have a heart and you have lungs this natural intelligence that is emerging and working through these cells and then the
Universe in its intention at Lahti turns the embryo into a baby, so the universe is intentional. Turning embryos into babies, universes intentional turning acorns into oak trees, the universe is intentional turning bud. Into blossoms, so this intention reality of the universe. The same intention analogy of the universe, an embryo doesn't have to say: I intend to become a baby, the acorn doesn't have to say I will become an oak tree rather the embryo and they acorn or used by the larger intention reality the universe whose intention they are that they become the highest creative. If a station possible for them, so just as the universe intends that the embryo becomes the baby and in terms of the acorn becomes an oak tree, intends that you become the highest possible creative manifestation for you in, life. The universe already intends it, and so, as we allow ourselves to be used for the larger intention of the universe, that
is how we find our highest self actual decision. Now, this universal imprint is in nature itself. Now, let's talk about how these cells? right, not only from the time they originally emerge in the embryonic form. Also, what happens after you're born in these? They sell us continue to operate. The lungs continue debris. The heart continues to be, first of all, the self actualises, the cell actualises as the best that can be that's. First, these self actual possession of the cell second of all collaboration, the cell collaborates with other cells. Third, they collaborate in order to be of service to the higher functioning of the organs and the organism of which they are part, three things actual zation collaboration and service. What happens, however, in the body when a cell says? No, I don't want to you say this: is that it?
between the cell in the body, the embryo, the acorn and you and me the airport doesn't get to say no, I dont want to you, and I can we say as you may, natural intelligence or don't, and so what happens in the are you gonna, sell, says I don't want to. I don't wanna, just pillar it with other cells, why can be part of a higher functioning of the spleen? I wanna go up and do my own thing and I'm looking at tells it think the same way, I do we're gonna build our own little kingdom over here. What are we call that, ladies and gentlemen, cancer is a malignancy in the body and it is a malignant c in the Spirit, and that is what is wrong with the human race we have been affected by spiritual malignancy and that spiritual malignancy is it's all about me that spirit malignancy is,
here to get what I want to do. What I want is not about like actualises, so that I can be my best so that I can collaborate with you and then we wonder why our relationships don't work, we're making it all about me, but tomorrow, one of their relationship with you so has posed work, but actual possession of collaboration and servers are the key to write relationship because they are the way God operates. Natural intelligence operates whatever word we are using by which we understand these things. Now the universe in its intention, allergy, like we were saying, the universe intends this natural intelligence of the cell to become all that it can be and then to collaborate with others and the cancer cell. The malignant self is the sell that somehow goes insane and it disconnects from its natural intelligence. That's what happens to us when we disconnect from an hour to intelligence
or like lamps that are not plugged in. That is why we meditate. That is why we pray. That is where we have spiritual practice to plug in. That is why we wake up in the morning, and we don't just say what do I want. You know sometimes of her people talk about intend to reality in terms of a business meeting. Think about this. If your relationship with a business meeting is that you are asked by some of what is your intention and you shape. My intention is that I sell five hundred units of this product. That's my intention, but let's talk about what that means. That means you're going into the business meeting. Your entire, is to sell five hundred products. That means you are actually subconsciously. Programming yourself to manipulate and exploit the person in front of you so that they will buy those products, that is the sickness of our society, that we have become transactional rather than relational
and that's. Why may God's will be Doin? May God's will be done, means may all loving thought for all living things. Past present and future now occur here. Knowing that, when love is president natural intelligence flows through that's what it means for the lamp to be plugged in in a moment of love, if you Tension in any situation is to give love more. This episode after short break today. Set the soda supported by better help. If there's something interfering with your happiness or preventing you from achieving your goals, better help online counselling can help better help offers licence professional councillors poor specialised in issues such as depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, anger of family conflicts, algae BT, Q matters, grief, self esteem and more connected. Professional councillor in a safe and private online environment and get her
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dot com slashed superstar. You know when you went over talks about her show. What is the intention that lives up to the highest? I actually heard her one say as soon as I get something wonderful. My first thought is: how can I give it away to everybody else now that state that there is so much bigger than the intangible? What we associate with someone who successful it's a cosmic intention, if it only your intention, as you then its low level vibration, and by the way that your low level vibration? Yes, you will collaborate with ourselves, but you will collaborate with other cells are sick as you are, so what we want to be open to the intention additive, the universe, the highest expression is dear God. Use me dear spirit. Use me dear love, use me now. The universe is already intentional. The universe intends that you become the highest manifestation possible for you in this lifetime, and so it has a tool by which this is
accomplished and it's called relationship. First of all, if I'm only thinking about me, I'm not in my right relationship with God, Spirit, natural intelligence, because my right relationship with national intelligence or love is that I be used to receive If that love and then extend outward so if I my relationship. You make your? U make spirit, your primary relationship, if your spirit is your primary relationship, in your relationship with other people will be correct. If your relationship Spirit is underlined, your relationship with other people would be underlined and if you're really with spirit is aligned. Use, may use me as an instrument of love. So then I don't go into a relationship with you trying to sell you somethin,
boy. You manipulate you or in any level, even the most subtle levels, try to get what I want it's of trinity these days. What are you looking for in a relationship? What is it that you want? What is it that you want, which is really saying? How can I get other people to serve my needs, as I defy, but that by definition, means that I see myself as separate from you, which, by definition, is a core belief that makes me not in relationship with you any time I define myself any time we see ourselves as separate from others. You are, by definition, not talking about the level of your reality and your ultimate reality is the level of which you are already one with other people. You don't have to create intimacy. You simply sink down into that place. Where how much more intimate could we be, then that we realise we are each other, because, on the level of the lamp
on the level of the level of the lamp on the level of the body you're over there and I'm over here, but his Einstein said time and space themselves or just illusions of consciousness, so on the level of the body you're over there and I'm overhear enlightenment shifts to spirit identification rather than the body, their which is there's no place. Where my spirit stops. My spirit doesn't stop at my flesh. Your spirit doesn't stop at your flesh, so there's really no place where you stop, and I start We're like sunbeams thinking where supper from other sunbeams we're like waves in the ocean. Thinking we separate than other waves. Nothing about this if either that I'm just one wave in the ocean and I'm surrounded by this huge ocean. How could I not be terrified of the ocean. How could I not be terrified of other waves? How could I not be terrified at other ways of going to compete? lately overwhelm me, but if I realize someone with a half an ocean
like this, I move it moves we're a powerful way, and I have no problem recognising my one is with the rest of the ocean, because therein lies my power, so relationships are actually relationships are actually assignments made by natural intelligence. Every cell is assigned. You go to the? U gotta, liver you go to the heart, you go to the spleen, you gotta, the lungs natural intelligence, assigns the cells and natural intelligence assigns us. You go into the art you go into. You go into science, you go into education, you go into this and same with you made her sit next to her. You you're gonna, sit next to her. You you're gonna sit next to him, so patient Europe's because the universe, the body is a perfect ecosystem. Nature knows exactly what its doing, but it's not like the body is in April.
The sum in the universe isn't, so we are all being assigned all the time now. Sometimes I hear people say, oh, where am I supposed to go, and I'm waiting for my purpose to reveal itself like you're gonna, get something Fedex in the mail but the truth of the matter. If we really want to know what they are said to somebody said only got, I know exactly where you're supposed to be, and I know exactly what you're supposed to do. This is amazing. You want me to tell you she said yeah we're supposed to be, and what am I supposed to do. I said you're supposed to be right here. I am you're supposed to be talking to How do I know? Because you are right here- and you are talking to me now- that This is. What are you gonna do with that? So every the course in miracles, as every relationship is an assignment made by this natural intelligence made by the Spirit to foster
the in pension analogy, other universe running through you, the intention of the universe being that both people are lifted to the highest level of creative possibility. That does not mean, will necessarily like each other. What that means is that in each other's presence and in combination with each other, we have the maximum opportunities for sole growth. Now, have you noticed? I've noticed, isn't easy to be enlightened when everybody's really, nice to you. Isn't it like that so easy to be enlightened? What everybody's doing exactly what you want them to do, but where's the growth in that right. The universe has worked like that, any time you think I'm doing so, I'm so spiritual, I'm so loving himself for forgiving. Have you noticed that about when the universe both You take that cuz that person gummy really right now that person is going to be really really challenging to you
How is it that when you have a rough emerald or a rough amethyst were rough ruby? How did they get smoothed down? They run up against each other and we have to say that were assigned to people with whom we have the maximum opportunity of soul. Growth actually means that relationships are laboratories of the Spirit. They are hospitals of the soul. They are the places where the wounds that we hold will be brought up, because that's it only way they can be healed. If you go to the doktor and you have a broken elbow, the doktor doesn't say: hey, let's look at that need now is a if a baby, a little child comes up to its mommy or daddy answers. I haven't I have a Bobo ever came on my hand, then mommy and daddy says here. Let me let me kiss it it'll be fine. Now, when a person shows you their wounds and we all
have them. We all her childhood. We all have triggers and those triggers and those wounds are too bad to the universe, no different than that little caught on the hand of the child Our salvation lies in being available, like Renault was saying being available for the healing of the other. But the eagle mind, which is the mind that resist relationship, because it resist love because it resist God. It is the delusion of the separate self. If I see your wound, remember your wound. As an adult doesn't manifest like a cut on the body, it manifests as a character defect, now that character de facto neuroses are not where we're bad, it's where were wounded, but only the enlightened master. Next, you knows that the other person just thinks badger of noxious God, you're rude badger, controlling cod, your needy. Now, that's why you're with that person,
but instead of sitting on a lot because your Bobo I got, I want nothing to do with. You- I resist a relationship because I have forgotten the purpose of the relationship is number for me to actual eyes for me to say about myself with God? Have me reject you, because you wounded is our wood spirit? May reject you, because your wounded is that what love does if my relight right relationship with the EU The first is to be love, then I'm to stand in the presence of your wound and to know that what's not, love is a powerful that doesn't mean I I I need to date, you it doesn't mean I need to marry you, it doesn't mean I'd, have sex with you. It doesn't mean I need to work with you, but it does mean that my spiritual calling in order for me to be in the right relationship with the universe, my right relationship with love
Our relationship with spirit. Am I right relationship with you is to stand here not in judgment or in blame, not to say what you are not giving me what I want, but rather to ask that I'd be an instrument of love, otherwise I'm not actualized, and if I'm not actual eyes, I cannot collaborate with you, this relationship whatever it is it not just for me to get what I want, but so that we might be collaborated in serving the flow of love through us for all living things, and then we serve something higher than ourselves. That's why our relationships, no work is because we're trying to use them for our purposes only, but that malignant thought is exactly what we are here as a species to evolve beyond and we must, because you manatee itself, is now at a crossroads. There will either be mass enlightenment or mass global destruction. Those are the only two choices you manatee has at this point, and that is why all of this is happening. All of these books are being written. All of these television shows all of the endeavour.
The ones who are understanding within us that our purpose here is to be used. Something higher than ourselves and to breed everyone. We meet with that Namaste consciousness. Where we know this is something wholly going on here. It is a encounter if I intend that it be so So the way we do it we wake up in the morning, and we ask this is how the lamp plug soon. We ask that intention B. Where would you let me go. We say to natural intelligence, to love to God, as we understand it. Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say and to whom this put you in right relationship with the intention anxiety of the universe with your prime? they function on the earth, and then we were asked to see that in every single relationship in kind even the most casual ones either of God is in everyone or God is in no one? You know I'd terrorism that the highest power position the
hi power thought is not. I am unique. The highest power I thought is I'm just like everybody else does wounded. Is everybody I'm just as hard as everybody else? I'm just as Hungary is love for everybody else, because that gives you empathy that gives you compassion and then relationships aren't even something you have to strive for relationship is something the it is, simply, the primal state of being cells are in relationship with each other and then we heel and then all of the wounds that we have you know in western psychotherapy. Western psychotherapy should psychotherapeutic tradition and mentality is all about. How can we, how can we analyze our wounds and learn
or about our wounds and own more about our wounds. Yes, we have to look at them, but you know I heard an oncologist talking the other day and he was saying that what happens in cancer is that the body get confused and it begins protecting the tumor we start coddling our neuroses. We start talking about our wounds more than talking about the fact that at any given moment, I might be wounded, but I can choose not to act from my wound. And when I love it, when I'm having an awful thought, I can say is I surrender this thought, because I know that I'm not actual eyes, if I'm not at the, if having a critical thought if I'm having a negative thought, if I'm having a blaming thought, if I'm having a victimizing thought, I might not be evolved enough to not have that thought, but I can be involved enough,
say, I am willing to see this differently. I'm willing to ask for a divine intercession from my thoughts system beyond my own to enter into this thought system and restore the celestial order within my thinking, so that I will bite. My tongue, I will not send a text, I will not send an email, I will not fight. I will not pick up the phone. I will not listen to the part of me that says no. He needs to hear this any needs to hear this from me. Now I can be aware or not and experienced enough to know. That probably will not get me when I want that is my ego mind by self hatred posing as myself. Love years ago I said to myself Marianne, you Don T worry about a devil, there's no devil out their stocking means. No. This planet from insult has completely all in your mind, and then I stopped- and I thought all in my mind- that's the worst place it could possibly be,
so I don't believe it some gonna out. There is ultimately there is no out there, but what there is in all of us, the tendency to perceive without love, and if we Perceiving without love, we will not ultimately be happy. We will not ultimately be successful in the sense of what success means in an enlightened sense, and we will definitely not be in relations. So we can know that those voices are there, because we are wounded because wires got crossed. We all hygiene, We all have have had the experiences in life of betray of unkindness, and sometimes those situation to right in front of us right now. Particularly in relation to happen, particularly an intimate relationship, but you know when couples ask me how we make our role,
since you're, better off, and I say to myself I'll, settle woman when your husband left us for the house this morning. Did you pray for his happiness? Did you when you're, when you whoever your partner, is your lover? Is your trial? Did you pray for their happiness this morning? Kind of forgot to do that that's what that plugging in of the lamp is, and in any given moment we can practice it just like with yoga or any other physical exercise, your trip in your external muscles with spiritual practice. We train our attitude no muscles, and just I put the over you get you discipline your muscles so that you can rest in that place. We spiritual place. We discipline our thoughts. Yes, we all have those thoughts. Yes, we all have those selfish thoughts. Yes, we all have those negative thought etc, but we can take a stand. We can take a stand for love. We can take a stand for the universe. We can take a stand for enlightenment. We can take a stand for God, which is ultimately we can take a stand for our own self. That is self care
that is self love. Self love is knowing that myself is more than myself at the little ask itself with a big as and when we asked. May I be actualized today that doesn't mean I want fall off there are two wagon every once in a while. There's not a word with the wrong. Nothing wrong with the word: try when it comes to our spirituality. We try Saunders. We got it wrong. Some as we say things we wish we had. Instead, we do things we wish we hadn't done, but we can a tone and we can make amends and we can start over and we can be even better and we can now today I was weak, but today I can be strong and everybody than a me. If that I mean, if I love you, I'm gonna continue to meet people like you and we're I'm good. I'm even gonna get better and where I get it wrong with you, I'm gonna meet you again down the road and I might have been weakened this relationship last them, but under the strong now, while his wig
How to be strong and we're going to be giving it when I was bound in fear. My love is going to free me because I know better than anyone else, but no less than anyone else and an instrument of God, I'm an lamp. I am a through which this light is meant to shine, and when we realise that that all of the children about special and none of the children of God or special the course terrible says the people who have achieved it the most in the world, have achieved a fraction of what all of us are capable of, they have that is potential in all of us when I think of the Oprah's of the world. That's what I think of that has actual eyes that which is potential in all of us and that's why we're grateful to them? They are displaying that which is possible for all of us.
Not just because of her relationship to you, her relationship to me. It's because opera and people like that are clearly in relation to put the ages their relationship with the universe, their relationship with something bigger they are in honour of their end. There's any service go our descendants nice, and that is my God. I'm overwintering when you ve been listening to supersede conversations. Can you can follow super soul on Instagram, twitter and Facebook? If you haven't yet good apple pie can subscribe rate and review this plugins join me next week for another super soul. Conversation. Thank you for listening.
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