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Marie Forleo, Gabrielle Bernstein and Mastin Kipp: 9 Ways to Become More Spiritual

2017-11-08 | 🔗

Three young, socially aware thought leaders from the next generation of soulful thinkers, Marie Forleo, Mastin Kipp and Gabrielle Bernstein, share their unique perspectives and open up about the life-changing events that began their spiritual journeys. They have developed self-made businesses, written reflective best-sellers and lectured to sold-out crowds about how to enrich your life. Each guest gives three simple ways to enlighten your life today.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast? I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us, starkness right now so they re high, come on in other. Welcome, welcome, welcome for having you welcome. Of course, your high ranking film supersede Sunday it's true. The glow, that surrounds Gabrielle, Bernstein, Maston, Kip and Marie Folio is very bright. Gabrielle burned The aim? Is a life coach speaker and best selling author, the New York Times whose calls or a role model for a new generation of spiritual seekers. She we,
tens of thousands of listeners on a weekly show on Hey House, radio and she's been? it should, in the Wall Street Journal people for and CNN Maston Kip. Is the FAO Europe, the daily love, a newsletter website and twitter With more than a half million followers, it's been call the fastest growth an inspirational site on the web mastodons goal to provide a full. For spiritual, mind to shear wisdom along the path we all have to take Marie, for is an author speaker, life coach and on Bonjour she's built a multi million dollar company from the ground up her sold out live events coaching programmes and weekly online show have empowered Thousands of young women around the world she's already won the attention of Russell Simmons, Tony Robins and billion,
a visionary, Sir Richard Branson. This is a forum. This is a platform for talking to the world's greatest thought. Leaders and spiritual teachers and wisdom gatherers, and I know you all are in your thirties and in my thirties I was still trying to figure it all out, so we would you believe that in your thirty's you have the spiritual perspective. I think I have the spiritual perspective I could possibly have now, but I think we're all works and progress and I think the incredible gifts that that the three of us have been given is that we started young. Looking at these ideas in trying to practice- and I know now- I first learn about meditation at seventeen and was starting to do yoga and it just open the floodgates to this incredible wisdom and, unlike why isn't this taught in school and I became so passionate about learning
all of that, and to be able to pass on the knowledge and experience that we have to even a younger generation. Important ok tell me the moment the spiritual door open for you. I was very young. I had spirit connecting to me. I felt very open and psychically aware as a child, which was Scary, in some cases, There was a yogi issues to bring me in, and out of our so I was brought up in that environment is to see my mom meditate coming out of the room, and when I was feeling very depressed at sixteen having an existential crisis like many sixteen year olds, have my mom taught me how to meditate The first few weeks of my meditation practice experienced a significant amount of shifts in my being annually. I started out those moments where energy was flooding through my extremities I felt really farewell and with a sense of peace. Racked with a lot. Sixteen sixteen wild eyed
back on it for many years? How do you know that in so doing you become an attic yeah yeah per ten years ten years in the wrong direction, only to come back, but I believe when those spiritual seeds are planted in children, how they know where to return, Gabrielle says she was a sensitive and intuitive child who grew up feeling different in school, she tried everything she could to fit in, but she says it never work again seeking refuge in food drugs, alcohol until she had bottom at age, twenty five October. Second to them in five Gabrielle says she prayed for help. Voice inside her said get your life together, get clean we'll have everything you desire she list. That voice who discovered what she now feels is or purpose to help us
his tune into their own voice. Don't you think, hitting bottom aged twenty five from addiction? Don't you think here? Having bottom gives you the best opportunity? the spring yourself forward. I wouldn't be sitting here with you right now. If I hadn't bottom at twenty five, there was the greatest catalysts for everything crack me open. It woke me. It brought me back to who I really am, and what did you do? It taught me nothing out there. Nothing out there will give What I know I can find it here, nothing out. There will make me happy and I can be a reflection of my internal condition. I can allow the outside world to reflect back. Me what I feel internally, but I don't need to get anything to feel that strengthened. So that is what I did you come to that on waste, Virgil Pathway, so where twenty five and very quickly, one of my friends and recovery, gave me a return to love, and you know it have
Somebody give you that bug very. I bought a thousand buying another guy and I wound up in Marion's lectures very quickly sort of listening to her, like a top forty hit and the day that I picked up. The book I walked in there is a huge display, of course, in miracles, on sale. I walked over in the book physically dragged me to the counter and energy behind the book dragged me to them will you have that psychic thing going with yourselves insurer catches? I was you know what we all have it. I just said bring it out. I know you, Sir, have said massed in that all attics we're talking about addiction a moment ago that, but that attics or just looking for God and all the wrong places So I believe so. I, when I was going to my own addiction with drugs and alcohol I was really wine to be happy. That's all I really wanted and there was so much guilt and shame around. What I had done is good.
From Kansas come in the California doing, drugs and alcohol, unlike like the life, they have been wasted on tat the stuff, but Is it really like? I believe everyone has a God size, whole inside of them, that we try to fill with shopping or with a relationship or food, sex or drugs? I never stuff, and it's really as Gabby so eloquently said not out there it's in here and it's an internal connection, that's what a spiritual practice. That's, what listening to you intuition, having a creative expression being of services all about that is how you sustainably fill up your guts, Otherwise, it's like a drop. Its disconnected from the ocean is whether in die. So this is why I love being able to have this kind of conversation, because you know in tradition Religion, I remember being raised where you know literally. I entire Sunday was spent in the church. I'd go to Sunday School and then we tried to be over by one o clock, and then we go back for three o clock afternoons
Airbus and then there be five o clock, Baptist Training Union and then Windsor United Squire Practice in prayer servers and so forth? and then I would watch my grandmother after all of these services go home and pray and worry there was a there is a contradiction. There is a contradiction there and not to The guy was interviewing. Fifty cent fit pity who said he either prey or worry. Don't do but yeah and sell the bigger question becomes. How do we take the spirituality that we, however, you define it living with an open, hard living with more loving kindness? How do you take that and use it in the everyday? How do you do that? I forgive as
but has possibly think forgiveness is the bedrock of a spiritual practice, and I really believe that we have we can tune in with forgiveness. I say we go to practise the effort every given moment and so through the practice of regret this, we were turned back to that central place which returned back to love. Do you think that your generation is word tuned to the inner voice? I think that we're more open to it younger and I think that's what I'm that's been one of the blessings of technology, because their sight Siena, like the daily love things that are hip and cool out there and their people are seeing tweets and Facebook messages and hearing about books earlier, and I think that I think that we are more open to it and I think that to really exciting to think about a new generation of spiritual seekers and spiritual practitioners. You know when I take you over class I've seen kids now and in classic eight nine years old, coming with their parents and learning how to meditate, and that's just so exciting to me what I love about. Kids, you come into the world already. Truly,
the breadth of the angels. You already know it Weiwei's, yet you just wide awake and the older you get you you forget, and the rest of the world helps you to forget so where any of you raised in traditional, formal, religious environment, Catholic yeah? It wasn't like any more tradition, yeah, it was hard core, but it was, you know, had my communion, I went to a Catholic University seat, hauling university and even worked for the church. While I was in certain whole university in studying in college, though I had that as a part of my upbringing, but I realized my mom was very spiritual and not so much religious sheet pray. I love that mean because you know what, when you ask people that question, do you know? Are you religious, you believe in God often you get the answer? Well, I'm really or spiritual than I am religious. What does that answer mean to you? What did those words? Eighty four
It means I try and bring a sense of deeper meaning and purpose and reverenced everything that I do not try and look for the voters, what you mean by spiritual. That is what I mean by spiritual, and it doesn't necessarily mean that I need to show up in church every week. For me, it's a much broader view, its and much more inclusive you view of of what it means to bring got into our lives and reverence into each mom. It's a super view, which is God, is in everything and rested either fully grew up with interest in my parents were bio. This, but they also want me to believe in something cigarette Presbyterian, so I was even in christian School for a while, so at school I was learning about the creation story at home, I'm learning about evolution and restore very confusing, and how did you balanced the two? I didn't think it grew up in Kansas, the only child of two scientists. Gabrielle Maston says he often felt awkward and alone growing up his family,
who frequently and he's with its weight in twenties. He believed she finally found happiness when he landed his dream job in the music industry, but to keep up but everyone else. He says he started party and hard and became addicted to cope an alcohol after two months on the job he says was fired it. The turning point for amassed, got sober and realise that beneath his addiction he yearned to field, but we all want love eager to connect with other. Like minded He started the daily love. I know it the daily love on your. I read it the said that love a blog, and I read where you said that Kim Kardashian actually change your life. Yes, you know, I think that It is amazing when we first started me a year to get thousand followers
I had my life completely fall apart in one week. The relationship has, in fact- the investors and my company pulled out because they lost money. Recession, my business partner, I broke up my lower back, went out, and I doubt my big only when we are in my roommate gave me three. They knows it and moving up so all in one week done just enough practice to know be. This is some type of divine storm better than I do this myself. I wanted. I handed one time you just go. We got ass. What am I not paying attention to big time? May we have huge wake up, call, ok and as it is as a joke makes conference, parents offered me to move into their poorhouse, which is eight feet by eight feet and I thought no one does that. I felt this calling into the they love. I had very small numbers by said I have to go in here as I moved in about a month after that Kim tweeted outer about a million people the time
guys to go out of their love, it's an amazing thing and then overnight we went from a thousand to ten thousand followers, and it was like this confirmation of God going I got you and I remember about a week before God shows up in tat just yet they s unusual spaces Lois. It was. It was entering time in my life because, a week before I swear to God alone- and I said you're gonna minus eight by room like why this eight, by making an infinite eight by h. Why? Why debate and the answer go back immediately? I still get chills. He said because this is the size of your faith. Just isn't gimme chills and include followed very quickly with, but it's enough trust me. And then a week later came to eat it, and I was like- oh my god, oh entrusted literally all night, one of those- oh my god moment guys
May I just say this: are you all not amazed with the with the work that you are doing in the world, and I use the word. I think I'm bored amazes over used, but truly amazed that people are just sometimes figuring it out that they have the ability to control what's happening to them, that you're thought to your reality, just sort of basic stuff. Are you not amazed? I think that people are waking up really fast. Now. So I think I'm amazed that actually so many people were not so wake first yes, that's what I'm saying you have those moments when they, when you recognize people waking up it's it's cool like it just and to look at it, except that this is a time when people are going to be in a sense army waking up or is it just? This is the question because Marianne said this to me years ago, Marian Whims and and eye in a lovely little store in Summer Lynn, California recently and it's a store called sacred today
and I was there and the gentleman who distorts said to me. You know, there's a spiritual revolution happening in Santa Barbara. I go is the actual revolution happening, or is it happening in the store and everybody's coming in the store? So you think that is happening. They used say this to Marianne Is there really a wide awakening, or is it just in in your circles
believe it's really happen. I what? What would indicate to you that it's really have the indication culture that we, that is, that that is shown to us every day on television on billboards in the media, but would indicate to you that I mean for one year programming the fact that its out there, the number of blocks, the number of people that are seeking, I feel, like you know, there's the kind of things are popping up and people are getting on board with wanting to learn with wanting to be the better version of themselves that they know they can be in wanting to make a difference beyond themselves, and so I I do believe it's happening. I also feel it is important for us to hold that belief to hold that bitch to help bringing into life, but I do think it's I do think it's happening reform. We also that is Tony Robins, Richard Brands and J C, and I have a child. You could be heard, raised by hard working parents Marie believe she was born to be an entrepreneur in your twenty
She worked on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and it was therefore places that or spiritual journey began the owner and start anywhere. She knew deep down. She was meant for something different. She lit up with the idea of becoming a light coach doing. She could make a difference in other people's lives, she's dead. It's more than, scratch what has become a multi million dollar company dedicated to helping young women discover what they were truly meant to do. Do you have a regular spiritual practice- I do I mean mine- is- is pretty world like simple, you know when I wake up in the morning my fiance Josh and I have a dog cool noise, a toy australian shepherd. It's like. We take These five demands, love thing or dog. These measures will have ass, ABC Nbc, be failure. We sit there and bad and we have our little cup of tea every morning and we talk and we can act before we go out into the world and for me it's just a reminder to bring love into everything. I'm doing and to remember what most important, but I think
that how we bring spirituality into our everyday is is being present. For me, that's been one of the most profound practices and habits to form. Because even just like being there with someone and not looking on your phone constantly and thinking before we send that email or what's the energy that we're bringing to a phone call, I mean, I think we ve lost, presents a great great extent when you see you you're in commerce people in their doing there. You know which that sends a message that whatever you're saying is not important to me, but whatever is here is worn out and then you are yes, don't you think we ve lost present verily addictive yeah severely, yes, and I think that that I got really easy way for us to get back in spirit in connection with people is to be present without when it's like we're having conversations like put down the phone if you're sending an email, don't beyond a phone at the same time, but that whole practice of presence, I feel as if such it's almost like a gateway
and to bigger purse at spirituality? Ok, Gabrielle has said that the best way to enact you're spiritual and to have it manifest in a real ways through forgiveness. What is your answer to that question? I think for me it's some making yourself wrong for thinking, fearful thoughts or negative thoughts. There is a trend that I see where people believe that they have a negative thought or they have a fearful thought that they're, not spiritual, for not doing something wrong or that they're, not in alignment, and I think that's total hogwash. I think that negative thoughts exist for a purpose. Fearful thoughts exists for a purpose. Joseph Campbell has a great quote. He says the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek and if you go into the cave of your fearful thoughts of your negative thoughts and understand why there there and shine a light on it. They can really you know, I always eliminate my fears by this thought.
It's from Marian Williamson returned to love, which I know your big students up anyway. Is the line that says fear is trusting in your own power. So any time I find myself afraid that's the first thing. I think. Ok, so now you're trusting in your own little powers. Why don't you go to the mighty powers that include all of guide all of the universal Energy, all the divine in then instantly eases that for me, the second you get out of your own way, the second you get out of your own way, ok, and for you It really is. How do I bring? I mean yes for me: it's passionately engaging in every moment, it's being present being pressed
and like being where I am like, I want to be there. You know whether I'm soften stuck in traffic. I found out of the bank, you know, there's a long line or whatever I'm doing I'm like you know what this is my time on. Planet earth and God gave me a gift of life like let me enjoy this. Let me be here with the people that I love. Yes, how do you she got w in people in service on sunset? She said when you're feeling helpless, help someone
in those moments when I'm feeling disconnected from gotta pick up the phone, and I ask somebody how it can help them really works. Everytime works every time she got for me. I really truly this point. Believers who got in everything and my practice now is to see God in people that really trigger me or in the haters or the negative behaviour. Really good. Yes, for me, it's every single moment, it's riding on the subway in looking at people and connecting with them in their eyes and even looking around everything in seeing the miracle. That is this life and every time, if I feel, like I'm church eyes that sometimes Let us think about the miracle. That is this yes, and that brings me to the ear supersonic firmby moment. Just thinking about that the miracle you know my favorite quotas,
is that why many they record so when I say my favorite immediate one and many is, is Joseph Campbell, the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are and when you think about that, the privilege to be who you are to have all of your suffering and to be The rise above lad to hit bottom in climb your way out of it and back up again and to love and, like even you know, I'll bring it back to Kumar Dogs once again to see that little fluffy being running around. It's like I see God in everything and in the smallest most mundane moments. That's usually what brings so you see all of humanity as a manifestation of x and expression of that which is the greater yes side. So for people who are looking for the experience of spirituality who want to feel more connected, who want to open the door that you have already opened for yourselves, I'm me give you a moment to think about your top three things
due to begin to open that door for yourselves top three. It's a lot more simple that we make it. The first step is to be willing. Once we become willing to no more when we have that moment of is this it there has to be a better way. Books fall off the shelf. This show just comes in your ether, you're sitting there watching it new thinking. Why? Because I've seen that for many, many twitter and Facebook, like I happened to be flipping tv channel. And this was on fire- guided because isn't every experience coming into your life based upon what you're calling your free well yeah, each and so the second you say- I'm willing to see things differently, unwilling to no more what you need will be given to you, but the next step is to pay attention to those opportunities and those teachers and those assignments, because we can be willing, but then just go right back to the phone. Right back to the drugs are right back to the lover, whatever unwilling to see things differently, pay attention to the assignments pay attention to this
Don't pretend like nothing happened when the book falls off the shelf and then the third step is to show up for the assigned, so you can pay attention to them, but you must show up. Sometimes when we wake up disperse reality- and you know this- you ve seen it everywhere kind of you know at the moment only drink. That's enough the moments when we go back to Those are the moment when we get those Those are the moments when we get to work does not moments when we drink, that's anathema when we go back to the addiction? Those at the moment when we get those words are showing up to help. You show up. Everything comes up, so it can be healed. Yeah must be healed, so this is willingness pay attention. The assignments that are coming Joe and show up for that and show for this really good, get all right, your answer So for me it's a reference, as always Joseph Campbell Campbell says that I love him. I love this man yeah recipes. Thank you. Joseph candle was a legendary american writer, pathologist and lecturer. His work
brought to millions of viewers in nineteen? Eighty eight and Bill Moyers Popular PBS Series, the power of myth. I watch the power of myth once a year every year on, like awkward, not could have changed, because I changed says that we are not looking for the meaning of life as much as looking for the experience of being alive and NEO Campbells COIN, a phrase that sums up his whole life's work of everything he ever study to follow your blessed its turn into this kind like trade tattoo, but yet understand this guy studied all the human. Tourism, mythologies and religions, and everything- and this is his advice to us. A low data network follow your bliss, so that means pay attention to those when you're lit up when time flies by when you're in that sort of that field of this joyful expression, which is generally in contribution in being of service and sometimes sentence of connection in your life,
and then to be able to take action in that direction and trust that, as you step, something will come to support you right. So it's really about. Instead of what can I get? How can I take? How can I manipulate the question is what can I give and when you look at what makes you what makes you come alive as in following your bless? You look at those patterns because if you look back there there and you stepped out into that, makes you happy what makes you come alive. What is your Blair's? Yes, you can talk to people where my most happy ask your friends asked her parents. I was happy in these conversations. Yes, I read it all network to have grateful there and we are as well in the end. What makes me happy as well and lecturing when I'm teaching
so I want to be more spiritual that I want to be more spiritual, wanna be more spiritual, so I would say the first place to start is gratitude because I feel like once you with a sense of gratitude for exactly what you have right now in your life, what every half right now in your life, it starts to change the framework, the lens through, which you see everything and I feel like it- changes s on the cellular level. That's when the books can start to fall off the shelves, so one were grateful. I'd say that step one for gratitude, so gratitude one number two is presence: can you be present to everything around it? environment. Can you bring that life energy that God energy to everyone and everything that you tat? What we? What you're talking about yeah he's going present? What does that mean? That means giving your full attention to whatever is happening in this?
using. The incredible sense is that we have of touch to actually feel things to see the vibrant colors when you're present, it's almost like the world exists in three d, like high death. Yes, everything comes clear and you feel different and then, for me, passion. I think, there's a lot of misconceptions about passion for people to find their passion and oftentimes. We think that that's outside of ourselves- and this is one of the biggest lessons I've ever learned- the secret ironically, to finding our passion is to bring passion to everything that we do. It's like a man, so that we can build through use through strengthening. So like even waking up in the morning, making your bad, you can either make your bad like ya. Gotta make this ban is no function. Somebody else be doing this for me. I don't want to do it. We go and wash your dishes and like this again for you can actually bring.
Passion and enthusiasm, a sense of gratitude in life to everything you do that's. What I think is is missing. People are looking for it outside of themselves. Rather than saying I have passion inside I'm gonna bring it to everything that I do. Yes only make my bet on the weakens. But when I do, I pretend I'm Martha Stewart ass. I yes, I range its many pillows is again. Is it? What would Martha? Do the agonies pillows? Yes, ok, you wrote a book calling herself a spirit junkie. What does that mean a spirit junkie. As someone who chooses to perceive the world with loving lenses, one who is- we committed to a spiritual path and really can into turning inward, whenever necessary can be a spirit, junkie and profit from it. You know in your efforts to try to express the spiritual word to other people can can can the both worked together
I think they have to work together. I think this idea that to be spiritual, unbroke needs to be sure. It's. I know a lot of people who are spiritual. They don't have a lot of money and yet reality as we live in a western world. We have money. What science is rampant got through. We got. There were not mystics in a monastery. Yet we are mistakes in the world, yes, and so, as a result we have to build a month. Has our give to our skill. I think that our question, because anyone who comes out as a teacher or someone who sharing wisdom should be questions should be scrutinised, should be tested their integrity should be evaluated, but that being said, their adding value to the world. I believe that we are compensated financially to the same thing that we add value to the world. There can be a beautiful to make money imbalance every being rewarded in kind, and I also think that we have such an incredible opportunity right now to bring spirit into business and work, and how beautiful is that I mean as adults
We spend most of our waking hours at work or doing our business, so how beautiful would be to take these spiritual principles and use them at every moment of the day, every email that we send if we decide to create a product or a program or to launch something that we're not just thinking of it from the financial bottom line, but we're making love the bottom line. You said the twentysomething seekers really are mostly women and you notice in the twentysomethings a yearning among them yearning for what this sense of urgency. Yes, and I think this is a time for teachers, and so I think that there is a psychic awareness in this next generation is seekers that they're here to teach, and so there really need to wake up fast. Much like we did. Because we must show up in a very high level, and so therefore, I think that there is is unconscious sense of urgency like I need. I need to do this, not just for me, but for something greater and they may not be able to put that into
words, but they are experiencing. Do you see that two anyway, a yearning a yearning for something for their lives to mean more for to matter too to find work. That's meaningful not just to get a paycheck, but they want to make a difference and usually anytime, you start seeking to make a difference, there's a heart connection and there is a connection to a greater purpose, which then opens the door to these types of conversations. And then it's like we're off to the racist. Then that's what gets excited mastering using men and women are looking for something different, It comes to spirituality or fulfilling the spirit. Now another obey their fundamentally infant. Anything different things are looking for the same thing. I think that women are prime. More open to personal growth and more open to talk as the others, love emotional discussions, and that's not usually a typical male conversation thereof of guys, you read the daily eleven and subscribe to what we do, that you know, and that's funny as all the girls who are they who are there, because women are wanting more wake, meant yeah right now, and I think that
I think the reason why there is a sense of urgency is because we really are in the middle of an egg cell list of maybe you can read the daily daily longer Asian literally every generation has its lessons. What lesson do you think your generation brings to the table? I think that there is a space for us all to learn and accept that, it's time to rise out But is in every time the time the rise of now more than ever, it's time to rise up and it's time to wake up. This is a time about we. This is a time about people coming together. Community and
wakening and people really are hearing that unconsciously. Why do you do the work that you do because you want people to know this awesome question two reasons, one that they belong there not alone. That to me, is the number one I felt so alone. Most of my life. I felt separated from everything that they're not alone and too there is a quote from the Gnostic Gospel Thomas that Jesus quarter, saying if you bring forth what does within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth, was within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. What you break, if you bring forth, was within you. What you bring forth will save you and it's inside of you, and my entire existence is geared towards helping people identify that run with that and live with that, because what we need are people living the demonstration of another way and if we can get that a critical mass doesn't matter
going on in politics are living with this demonstration of another way, yes, absolutely, and how you choose to use your life in services? What's gonna really matter? Absolutely absolutely you most want people to know. I want everyone to know. Everyone is entitled to miracles that everyone is that miracles occur. Naturally, as of course, Mercosur miracles occur naturally, and when they're not occurring something has gone wrong. We have the capacity to lose the way we have the capacity to earn the money. We have the capacity to live a far greater life than we perceive we do, but we have to make that decision. We have to exercise that free will and make that country choice to see them. How do you get miracles to show up what we have to begin to release all that's blocking the presence of those miracles, so we build up a wall against those miracles, and so we need to start
Take down that wall. One loving thought at a time. One superficial Sunday episode in the time one book at a time when prayer at a time when you go question time, whatever our practices is what takes down that wall and helps us remember I can and enough or agree with you more that win, win, win your heart is open and willing things just start to show up. Isn't it amazing one one book shows up than another book shows up in something else shows up.
Somebody says let's go to younger class and subsidies than what you need. Everything you need, you will be given, as the other thing is that it's ok, like that's the other message I think we all need to receive is that everything will be ok if you choose for it to be. If you choose to see things differently yeah. So this is interesting yeah, you all do basically the same thing. You write books, you do blogs you lecture, you talk to people about connecting to their own spirit and using manifesting dispute. Relatives in the world. Do you ever feel in competition now? I think that for our generation we believe in cooperation, we believe the middle,
opens metal and that were really in here for collaboration. We constantly talk to each other. We constantly are helping each other that, with that, we really believe that its through our sort of our unity there were strong, not no division. Competition is an old model, and each of us has such a unique flavour and a unique story, and so you know, I think that there is just there such abundance in this world and that's the place that I feel like everyone grows from you know. So many of my followers, like I have Gabby amassed in on my web, show and promote these guys. Their work is so important and we do that because really it's not about what I can get it's. What I can give- and I feel like as all of us, can rise up and bring more people? It's like there's more love in the world there's their actual things that were here to teach is is happening more that we cooperate, and I think that we can get that there's enough to go around I
I think that we all I gotta, say this. Obviously we have so much work to do. We have so much work to do and if we don't help each other and we see competition and separation without doing the work we have so much and we have to work together to do that. We have to support each other. We have to support each have to support each other. Absolute, What is the difference between religion and spirituality? For me, spirituality is a practice really of bringing reverence and heart and love to every moment of your day and might have initially of religion. Is it feels more structured? It feels like there's more rules. It feels like at times allotted judgment about who is doing it right and who is doing it wrong, and for me you know it's not a place that feels good in my body. Spirituality, for me feels very inclusive, very lovely.
And very accepting of all. For me, religion is a set of rules, but the find someone else's spiritual experience and spirituality is experiencing your own. That's good spirit.
Very simple. It's a measure of how loving you are period that really it's a measure of how open your heart is exactly two to two to receive all the bounty and beauty that God is this and that's what it is we. What does it do you Caprio? I think people find spirituality through religion, but I think spirituality is a artful craft. We can create our spiritual understanding of our own. We can have a god of our own understanding. We can find God through Qatar can find God through swimming through aerobics through forgiveness, but ever since I think that religion is something we are tightened, spirituality, something we learn and teach ourselves your definition of God. My definition of God is the ever present. Essence of love brought his love everything in the creative force, and you are most grateful for. I am most grateful for
a relationship of my beloved ungrateful, the my family, God and my my girlfriend be able to love me in times. I could not love myself. Having is hit me that I'm here, I'm just really grateful to be able to do this work at this time also really grateful my family and for my fiance spent greatest silent and my greatest teacher and am grateful. We have this time. I'm grateful for this platform, I'm grateful for your voices.
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