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Melinda Gates: The Moment of Lift

2019-04-29 | 🔗

Philanthropist and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda Gates discusses her new book, “The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World.” Believing that all lives have equal value, Melinda and her husband, Bill Gates, have donated more than $50 billion to improving equity, health and education in the United States and around the world. Through her work at the foundation over the last 15 years, Melinda has seen firsthand that empowering women and girls can bring transformational improvements in the health and prosperity of families, communities and societies. “How can we summon a moment of lift for human beings?” Melinda asks. “And especially for women because when you lift up women, you lift up humanity.”

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now,. Thank you for being here glad to be here. Thank you for being here. You know I wanted you to be here after I read your book moment have lived because I had so many are, has personally reading. It want to talk to you. That but here's we'll deal anytime. You say your name, people a meeting. we think money.
monies flowing out of your ears everywhere, and I think, oh, my god you're problems are not like anybody else. problems because you can pay for your problems go away and in this new book the moment of lift great title by the way you right, on page one forty, how great wealth can very confusing it can inflate and Dort, your sense of self, especially Do you believe that money measures merit so I just was curious as to how you get to be you sitting, the greatest wealth on earth and not confused by my these measures and merit- or I think it probably comes from the fact that I grew up in very middle class family in Dallas Texas, and we were working very hard. My parents were, and thus a siblings me, my three siblings.
to have enough money to send the four of US kids to college, we knew my dad's engineer, salary wasn't gonna pay for all of it and so we had, they had a property, real estate business and we were cleaning ovens and cleaning out people's message when they left over and running the finances. I kept the books and, I think, growing up in that sort of middle class family with dream of going to college remember how important it is to get a great education. Like my parents were determined, I would get a good education, but it set my values that mean that an my parents sent me to an all girls Catholic High School. I kind of wanted to go to for an all girls school that was more academic, but that that social justice rounding I got in high school. It just help me really rest with my values early and then I would say lastly having three children. You can certainly have to be thinking? What are my teaching, my children, that I want them to live out in the world and
I living my life that way by what I say- and I do, and so it always always always goes back to your values, and so I, just I don't see myself is any different than Anybody else I'm this young girl who grew up in middle class, family in Dallas, Texas. I know but your multi multi multi might- and this is what s interesting to me- that you find out in the moment of list is that you haven't even married, yet you were working Microsoft and bill. was your boss. Ultimately was your boss, who was intermediate boss, but he is ultimately boss. You guys engaged and you're walking along the beach, and you ask are talking about what to do with this great wealth and we both because we came from families who believed in giving back. My parents gave a lot of community service to the church. Bells family was very involved in philanthropy in Seattle, and we both
I just knew so we'd never been to Africa before in the fall of nineteen. Ninety three we were gonna get married subsequently in January of ninety four. We both when our first trip to Africa and we well, because we were gonna. Do you know which we did a beautiful soft vari with other couples? We saw the animals the planes, we loved it, but it really was something about the people they just touched us and we just I kept we kept saying you know, how can it be? How can it be that we can be in this nice vehicle or take a commercial flight home, and yet people don't have things we have the United States clean water, a road and. though we knew so we committed at the end of the trip. We had a beach walk, some time off the coast of Africa and we just the more we talk We knew we were going to give the resources, the vast majority, the resources away, and so we committed ourselves that at some point we would get going on doing so either when you have so much money, and there are so many problems in the world
really easy to get overwhelmed, especially in Africa. I mean it's You just go and just throw your hands up, because you don't even know where to begin, because you don't began or even how to focus. How did you all focus yeah and Africa, as you well know, is many many many different countries with many cultures inside every country. But as we started to and we started to gather experts around us. We started to think about ok, first, more, what's the role of philanthropy so all philanthropy b is this catalytic wedge? We are not government, we cannot scale things up, even with our billions of dollars? You can't scale things up so that But we knew we could take risks and try things and we knew the bill and I coming out of the tech sector, believed in the power of science and innovation to change the world, and so we very early hit on vaccines that they would be one of the very best investments that, if you got a vaccine,
A child's arm in Africa, it literally would save their life and when we started to learn about the vaccine system in that it was twenty to twenty five years from one a vaccine came out, the United States or Europe till it got to Africa so millions a kid you're gonna die literally millions were dying from needless things that we vaccinate our kids from, and so we started there with that simple idea, and once we felt like we, could get going in and start to make a difference there. We started to add on other pieces in global health over time, because we have this belief that all first ball that all lives alive, no matter where there lived in the world have equal value and if you can't start with great health, you don't you. get to go on and have an education reach her full protection. I love that is a fundamental vision mission statement of the bill in MILAN, its foundation? Is that all lives have equal value?
all life I think about it. There are so many staggering statistic to the moment of lift. I just wanted to share a few a hundred and thirty million girls around the world are still not in school. Forty million for isn't forty million. women a year, give birth without a system all of you in here have had babies. Imagine not having a soul there with you on bridge women do seven years more of unpaid work than men, for their lifetimes from two thousand to the two thousand and twelve there were more than fourteen Million child marriages per year- and we mean ten, eleven twelve urals getting married around the world, one of the things it was most eliminating for me about the moment of lifted when I came across a with a came away with his understanding of why it actually means to have family planning. Now what's a shows about family planning
contraceptives, but there's a moment when you were in line Judging women line up having four miles and miles and miles with their children for vaccines and it is also coming hoping to get her contraceptives and many times you arrive in the contraceptives of already run out. So first, whom I thought, oh, If you actually couldn't get them winded this dawn on you, this contraception was it yeah? Probably I've been out travelling I travel a lot for the foundation in South EAST Asia. All these different countries in africa- and I would often be out to talk to women about vaccines, women and men, but the difference of vaccines in the tub children's lives. But when I stayed long enough to have a real conversation in the village. Women's bringing up at me over and over about contraceptives, and I was surprising a new so much about them and be they were.
rage and the angry at me for good reason. They say that clinic that clinic right there, you can see it. I can get a child vaccine there, my trousers vaccine, I cannot get my contraceptives anymore, and so am I just can't. Behind all these places in the world, and then this line, and so was probably in about two thousand and nine two thousand and ten, it's really dawned on me release it got to figure this out. It turns out. There are two won T million women telling us they want access to contraceptives, the basic tools we use here in the United States. We don't deliver those to those women that that's that's a crying at one of the things that you say is that that really should be is that there is no country in the last fifty years that has emerged from poverty without spending access to contraceptives, because when women can space there births by it, three years? Each baby twice twice as well.
led to survive their first year let me guess you you, you related that too, when you left Microsoft said Dick husband bill. I'm not coming back I'm gonna stay at home. You were able to space or children was a choice that you just took for granted at the time and now recognising that women throughout the world don't have that choice? I was first, I was lucky to be able to get pregnant, but some women art, but this this ability to space the birth of each of our children, so that I could have time with each one and your I'm, I'm incredibly lucky look. I was born. the United States, I'm I'm a white caucasian woman with wealth re, but there are women all over the world who it is a life and death crisis. I would be out in villages and I'd, say I'd look
we'd be out. I'd have maybe sixty women around me. The men would be their first and go back to the field. I've learned let the men go back to the field eventually after we ve talked him and work and talking then, to the women and I'd save their sixty women so how many of you know somebody that's child in childbirth and like three, the hands would go up. How many of you know somebody or have lost a child in childbirth and all the hands would go up in women would say to me Don't you understand? I had this one woman in Egypt, safety hers, her name. She had five children and she had her youngest next to her beautiful children and she said to me: don't you understand? Don't you see you see my small Erin plot of land? It is not fair. for me to have another child with these other children, I can hardly feed these children, and so this is a matter of life and death, and I have to be honest when they were first started telling me this, I almost it it it
my heart for one thing, but one I kind of wanted to turn away from it. Go none and I'm I'm here to talk about vaccines. I'm gonna go home and think about vaccines or some other things. But then I thought no wait a minute if I for what reason in this situation, where, with bill, we're getting to help put things on the global health agenda to try and help partners in the world and governments move forward. I have to face What women are truly telling me, and I also had to go look at the data is life Your first telling me this. My husband data land, which has been a huge gift to her. But he said with a bullet contraceptives are stalked in well sure enough at the highest level. When you read the reports, contraceptives are stalked in because of HIV Aids, but condoms are stalked in, and women all over the developing world have told me? I cannot negotiate a condom even in my own marriage, because I'm either suggesting my husband has HIV Aids and has been unfaithful or I'm suggesting I might have
Tb, AIDS and I've been unfaithful, and so we, delivering the types of tools that women want and can use and sometimes need to use covertly from their husbands. The biggest thing women use in Africa is a shot, which is why, when I would bring up vaccines, are shot in a child's arm. They'd say what about my shot Depot Provera, which was the main contraceptive tool being used Roma, don't go anywhere more to come after this short break. today's episode is supported by american heritage. Chocolate. Have you ever? baked anything that required graded chocolate. It can be a little messy and time consuming Eric inherited Chocolate Mars. Wrigley brand has the answer. Finally, graded baking chocolate easy to use and easy to melt all I have to do, is measure and including your favorite recipes, Eric inherited chocolate, replace a semi sweet chocolate one to one in any recipe from we'd, savory dishes that work for breakfast lunch dinner and everything in between.
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a work really well together because he's very, very data oriented not to say that you are not, but you like to apply that data on the ground- correct, yes, do you like in the house, is in in homes out on the field working with them, literally with them? Saying please take my baby? Have you ever been tempted say alright I'll, take this one bringing home some more children would be. Tat, hardly saw tat. Yes, I'm in your heart, so broken when a woman asked you so when I have been in a situation, tell us the percentage of women as you did. I was in northern India is visiting I was visiting a local health clinic that we had partly funded in northern India and women. Young woman named Mina. She had too little boys should a newborn, baby boy. She had gone to the healthcare, delivered us the baby
safely- and I was home back in her village- to talk with her about that delivery and see how it when we talked at length about her her delivery. It went well, she was breastfeeding her baby boy. She clearly loved him. I was just there the western women, which I often in a pair cocky, pants and a white tee shirts, didn't know who I was was, whereas from just from the West and she was there to learn about what else could be done, and eventually I turned conversation to? I wanted to ask where contraceptives and what she knew. And when I asked her I started with, do you? Would you like to have another child, and we ve been have is gorgeous conversation and all the same. She cast her eyes down for the longest time and she wouldn't look at me and I thought ok I've either made a social full PA wishes understand or an eventual. After very a long pause. She looked up at me and she said.
I can't have any more children. She said I dont have any hope for these two children. I have no hope I can't hardly feed these kids. My only hope is, if you my two boys home with you and that conversation crushed me, it's What are you doing? What are you? What did you do? Melinda somebody says: take my two boys. So what did you actually then say, and I had to beg her for her forgiveness, and I just said I just can't you know I am sorry, but I I can't I have three children of my own at home. I know you love these boys. I can't- and it was
Are you talk to them that moment to say here? Let me give you some money or let me help you with another, that let me help you are you tempted? I think everybody is tempted to me. I wouldn't. I would love to give everyone a right. There are found ten thousand rupees right, but if I, if I only lift up, we have to lift up everybody. I have to let that individuals, but we so have to lift up millions of women mean a story that should have the courage to share with me is the story of hundreds of millions of women, and so these reason, says the bill, and I have we have to put them to the best used to lift up hundreds of millions of men, women and children, not just the one and so in those situations. I often we'll go back to the NGO, the non governmental organisation whose working there and I will make sure the family gets a bit more resources, but I cannot support them over their lifetime of what they need. I can hopefully give them enough that they can start
to lift their family up a little back because, yes, I've been in those situations. Where an I know, we all know the adage. You teach people to fish, you just don't get from fish, but sometimes when people are starving, they just need a fish ladys, something in their stages at ay and there so that day. So how do you protect yourself from abroad our being all of these kind of overwhelming problems on a grand scale. when you were meeting people in person and people wanting to hand you their children and Gave me save me, save me, save me, well think I've learned? I know I've learned over time that you have to spend I'm in quiet you just have to, and for me after I've had one of these trips, I always not sometimes ways spend at least twenty four hours in the day I've been are very near by where I can be alone, in literally decompress decompress and be out in nature, usually walk on a beach just be alone, because I write about this new book.
It's so important to laugh. Pain and to let my heart actually break to not resist them painters part me the ones, but I didn't hear that. No, but no, you have to let your heartbreak and you have to let it moves through you, and hopefully eventually metabolize? Why don't put it on somebody else or are my anger? I am outraged. Usually after these trips, I also go through these moments of outright anger, but then, by that I am. I come home. I need to come home and obviously tend to my family, but when I walk through the doors, the foundation, I have to think about what action is this calling me too what action do I want to take its on behalf of the world? When I walk through the door, I actually low in the book when you said let your heartbreak, because I recognise that I've been one of those people who wants to resist it. You push it away. You don't wanna have to I get all end because it like a lot of
will you for like, if I take it in that, I'm gonna have to do something, and what can I do when I'm already helping people over here, but I think this notion of let your heart break. Then make a decision about what you can do after the heartbreak is, is the way to carry the moment of life. Iran and I think in a certain way, it's the only way we will have to say it took me two years two years to find the courage to answer the call of women asking me for contraceptives years I had to wrestle. I mean after I heard a lot. I wrestled look at the data, but I had to wrestle with my conscience. I grew up Catholic. The catholic church tells you I shall not use contraceptive others get internet, part, yeah and- and you know, and I I am sick catholic, my family's Catholic, my parents, and so I had to
wrestle with my own faith. What I've been taught growing up in what I believe in what I use- and I have to say to myself now wait a minute. My kids are space three years apart. Obviously, I'm using contraceptives and Started to look at some data and say: ok, ninety percent plus ninety plus per cent of Catholic. U S women use contraceptives, and women all over. Asking me for this night. What I really let people die because of a religion I grew up in and so it is, it became. A wrestling with what do I actually believe of my Catholicism and what do I need to let go of and there Ok, how do I summoned the courage, because I did not want to stand onstage and say guess what I use contraceptives guess what you know: I've sector, whereas the knife It gives me, but you have to be vulnerable and do that to have the courage on behalf of other women.
So was at a turning point and I spent a lot of time in quiet during those two years and not very don't go to the foundation. Didn't work, didn't travelled and have kids, but a lot of time inquiry. In reading a lot of Europe leaders who you're, a big fan of Martinico mark me love more nipple ILO. Actually, you name the book after one of his poems moment of live. I did. I can explain that a few of the other, the person who helped me wrestle with Microsoft policies unless Father Richard Roar listening to many many many of his lectures Dunham insuperable. I know you haven't I've large scale and it helped me wrestle with that and then finally had to face my own sense of where do I have out in my life as a woman? What is that about? And then courage- and I finally came to this point of If I'm telling my kids to use their voice eventually in the world to use whatever talents they have. Am I
using my voice in the world, my using it on behalf of women and so Oh, I had a really look at that and say I am. I need to do this, and so in two thousand and twelve, I helped build again a global coalition to raise money. We raised I'd. I'd, never done this before raised calling you to meet raised two point: six. billion dollars on behalf of contraception. We put something: is it hard to raise money when your name is Melinda gates? Yes, because every rethink shoot. Why? Don't you just spend your own money? Well, there's bad! But again I can say: down the foundation very quickly. Two point: six billion dollars doesn't go as far as you'd think rights, even with our own resources. But I'll tell you hard to raise money on behalf of, is to go in and to a male government leader, which I do all the time about why women's issues are important in
So now we ve come around the globe but like when I would go shop at the U N ten years ago, if you showed up at the U N people weren't talking about girls, they're about women, some women, maternal mortality, they weren't around girls and we're timing, girls, education and they certainly we're talking about contraceptives for women and so you have to help help these global leaders understand how will help these nations without a poverty. So what gives you hope that this power dynamic between me? and women and or will change, particularly in developing countries throughout the world. What gives you hope that it will? It is changing so It has a long way to go. You have the kind of no country by country, But when I see. Male leaders, whether its traditional leader of a village, whether it's a local religious leader, whether its primary traditional or President Mccrone. Talking
about women and being willing to funded or being willing to me cultural change or to learn. I talked. Religious leader in a village actually in Senegal? And he said to me: you know when you walk we're here and listen to us over many many many years, which are local NGO been doing. But then you also list what we need and you bring in some knowledge. He said we, and grow, and that's that's how we change. And is the process bringing in the men to cause. I don't know how you can save the women without also talking to the mouth, because in so many community, he's villages, and you know TAT ships. The men are the ones who are in charge. You have to go through the men to Caen and then that how the women will make a difference in the entire community absolutely and that they have to be willing to invest resources and that they have to be well to change me. Let's be honest, it is still men still hold the keys,
to power even in the United States, and we so men boys- and there are many met- enlightened men and boys. I work with a lot of my love. I enjoy them. I love them. They have to be part of this conversation. They have to be willing to give up some power, but but if you talk to me about their children, men and women. Whenever I asked them in these villages. What are your hopes and dreams for you? They always answer about their children. When men start to understand that their children will be better off if their wife has less labor at home and more a little bit more resources and a little bit more voice. They'll be willing to start given that I have found that also true for convincing men, why girls need to be educated, that your daughter is going to come back and serve the family, help the family lived the family up every time.
educated girl, you really are educating someone. Who's gonna help the entire community. Absolutely what if you only ever change the line of one person or managed to change a single human destiny, just one than yours is a life where lived because to extend the hand to those you don't know and help them along their journey with spontaneous acts of kindness on notice and perhaps even unremarked is the most remarkable thing you can do. Sometimes it takes courage, sometimes something more than all the good you can do in this life begins with the belief that you can be to change your sick. Don't ever stop believing see how we are making a difference at pen medicine. That is another reason why your life is worth pen medicine, so on page
seventy three. You say the starting point for human improvement is empathy. Everything flows from at empathy allows for listen. I'm listening! to understanding you later talk this power of like connection Most important thing we can have as human beings with one another is not even equality, but a sense of connection to two to one another. So you believe that the Supreme Court goal for the world is not just equality but connection, and I agree with you. I think we're also disconnected that we're all just kind of chipping away at our humanity and it's the root cause of so many problems. How then do we each year in America, with our own set of issues and things going on in our own lives- are daily penis, create a moment, a lift for is two hundred and twenty million women who, have contraceptives for the
Britain, thirty girls who still have yet to go to school. You say we are the lift, but how can I be left, I'm just trying to get my bills pay. So, first of all your abstract, I believe in connection connection between human beings and that connection creates empathy, and we start understand and we learn and we grow through that. And so, if you hear this global problem- and it sounds- oh it's far way its huge. These big numbers you have to remember. We all have our hearts are intellects, our energy, our time and our resource, yeah and you can apply those in any amounts. You want tiny amounts, big amounts, but what I tell people is just get connected understood, and what the issues are read about them: connect with somebody else whose working on them decide you're gonna, volunteer time. Even your own community you'll see the difference that education,
makes in your own community for a girl and whether its even working in our community look are you a school systems? Pretty broken I'm out and you a school system, lots of you but out quite a bit too yes, but when you start to do that, working you put drops in the bucket of connecting with people and understanding the people's lives. You start to see how you have personal talents that you can country You know. The last conversation I had on air with with your husband was out the broken school system, and he was saying what eight years ago, on the upper, shall we still have public school system that was created for kids going to school to nineteen. Fifty four and you will have spent millions and millions of millions of dollars to try to change it. Would you say you're moving the needle or is it still a broken system? It is still a broken yet we will not. We will never give up on the. U S school system you feel when you ve put millions of millions and millions of dollars into a thing, and it doesn't still seem to work. You keep changing
you can change your, not your people. Listening more, you keep learning, you keep iterating. There are some things we have done that have helped in pockets, but not they haven't been scaled up yet, and so you keep learning it's like. It is a bit like running a business which is you have a plan strategy. My strategy is great teacher in front of every kid in the United States. You do that. You will really start to change the school system but you have to attack on course, when you don't get there and we are learning about we're learning even more locally about what it takes to build consensus and what the people in the school building think. We need, and once you said, Martin was raised. Ada Van, you start to grow and check Just system twice you mentioned, raising your children and wanting to be the kind of person that can live in exile, again exemplified life before them and your daughter is here often wonder, and I ask- is not because you're one of the richest people on the planet earth, but because
I also asked this: is my friends: were cool or just well off Oh, do you ways How do you raise kids, who are responsible and kind who grew up with a sense of grace and have their own ambition when they, Access to literally ev rethink how you do that. Well, I wouldn't, I would say its purpose all over time and again, I believe in putting lots of drops in the bucket- and I I wouldn't say I've gotten it right. My daughter Jen, my eldest he's here would tell you. I have I've made mistakes to, but I think you constantly go back to Europe. I'll use and training. Because when I was growing up my mother, would you know we were poor so when she said we could What did I know we couldn't afford it? You can never say we can't do that.
that's true. I wrestled with that with Jack. You can never say you can have that we can afford to put that down. I'm like, but I got that message for my parents because we couldn't afford yelling, but just because you can doesn't mean you should. Rights are just as I could buy my daughter, whatever yeah does. I should like she doesn't learn if I just buy it from her, my son and so on. Have always had an allowance growing up and then think bigger things that they wanted, that their allowance wouldn't pay for they put on their Christmas still might or birthday list, and they might get it off their wishlist from us or relative or they might get it, but they started to learn the responsibility of money, and they know that our hope in our dream, for them is to grow up and to find whatever it is. They have all kids have amazing potential and talent
I use that talent on behalf of the world and I think one of the things we have to be doing a good job to have enormous amounts of wealth and still have your kids grow up with their own ambition, because I've also two people say: well, what are you gonna? Do? You can get the kids to work? You know, but I think our kids see bill I worked very hard. We don't have to work anymore. I mean that we do. We work hard every single day, I will we take some vacation, so you know we take time off, but we work hard and I think the other thing our kid sees. They have the unfortunate to travel a lot, both really nice travel, but they have been in and out of the developing world. A lot too, and so they see I mean even from aged ten I started taking about they see how lucky they are lucky, not just to be in our family lucky to have grown gems agenda. Joking render right right.
Cuz. I think if your a girl born in the United States you're already one of the luckiest girls in the world, if you look at the rest of the way, yes, I have to ask you this, though, as Melinda gates do you still look Prices of things depends on what it is. My husband actually memorize the prices. If we go out to dinner and I'm taking a long time to order and I'm like I'm out of the chicken or the fishes Can I go ninety? Ninety five for the chicken- you know thirty, nine. Ninety five for the state not really cares how much respected but he'll memorize the prizes. So I sometimes just count on him and can you ever like a gale the other day we were someplace in, she went shopping and she brought me Pocket book, she does, it was right- it was regularly like one thousand five hundred and seventy five, and I got it for one thousand dollars for you, one thousand dollars I got I caught the guy five hundred certified I'll. Like I like what
are you negotiating and restore if you're Melinda Gates, she can negotiate? What my youngest daughter and I the most recent store we ve been and she's sixteen and she's bending her allowance. We were Nord stream the other day and we found because you know their lower prices and we found a lot of things about her and I bought a few things is pretty great. Good value. I don't care how much money you absolutely so you I'll make nears resolutions I hear. Instead, you choose a single word to bring your guidance for the year ahead, and some of your passwords were like gentle right to help you perfectionism another year. I heard that your word were as spacious. Ok, as a reminder to make room for things in your life and in time eighteen, you chose the word grace to signify that you're part of something bigger than yourself. So Do you have a twenty nineteen word? I do
I have safe falls very vulnerable to share this cause until last year I hadn't shared that I had a word or what it was. My word this, error that came to me and is shine and look at you. You know that it's not about me and that's why I was a little. But again I was kind of resistant when the word came kind of in November and usually come some time in November or December January, but its eye for me. What shine really means is that I believe every single person has a light inside of them every single person and if we can turn those lights on on behalf of wit, on behalf of people who don't have as much on behalf of minorities in our own country? We all turn lights on, and we stand up for what's right, we will break through all these barriers and guess what we will all show.
the world was fine, you call the book the moment of the left and, as I was saying earlier, explain the phrase with a question: what thus passed the tipping point when the force is pushing us up. overpower the forces pulling us down and will lifted from the earth and were able to like literally You say that we are the live. So if the person reading this- as I was saying earlier, how do I give When I'm just trying to keep myself on the ground, you look at moments for equality, for yourself in your own marriage, euro relationship, you look for equality in your community. You look and push for equality in your workplace and you also, if you're lucky enough to have some privilege which, if you're born United States, you ve already got privilege you open up your networks. Like I have to look at myself.
I am ice, sponsoring other women and people of color for jobs and my holding a job open to make sure we have diversity of Reza Maize, diversity of energy. Can it's you open your network. I have networks because of a bee just being white right, and so am I making sure other people of color have access to networks any we didn't. You get won't like their Melinda, pretty guide. When did you get? Where did you wake up till you're access? because your white probably probably in the last maybe five years it really has been watching their people and hearing what they're saying I listen? I listen really carefully to what individuals who knows a lot of white people. Dont know that the ILO. Oh yeah, I know, and they don't even under its just think, that this is the way it is eight. They think. When you talk about privilege, I just think what you talk about exactly, I think, but, as I have seen all the ways women have held back,
hell back, and I talk about my book ways. I was held back as a woman, yes, and I start to think about lifting up women. I go well wait a minute. We gotta do that, but it's a yes and we have to do that and at the same time lift up people of color then you're right. Thank you gave a book is a moment that I'm ruined free and you ve been listening to supersede conversations podcast, you can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet good apple, podcast, unsubscribe rate and review. This podcast join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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