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Michael B. Jordan: Exceeding His Dreams

2019-02-13 | 🔗

Award-winning actor and producer Michael B. Jordan discusses his skyrocketing career and why he says his life has already "exceeded his dreams.” Michael’s breakout performance came in 2013’s “Fruitvale Station,” directed by visionary Ryan Coogler. The duo teamed up again for the “Rocky” sequel, “Creed,” and then for the mega-blockbuster “Black Panther,” now nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. Michael says after playing superhero villain Erik Killmonger in “Black Panther,” he went to therapy. “As a man, I think we get a lot of slack for … what it is to be masculine,” he says. “I don’t really subscribe to that because I feel like everybody needs to unpack and talk, whether it’s [with] a therapist or a close friend or family member.” Michael is forging his own path by starting a production company called “Outlier Society Productions,” which guarantees inclusion in all of its casts and crews.

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I'm over Winfrey, welcome to supersede conversations the podcast Ivan is it one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper the round us starts right. Now well, did you see I wonder now, if the dream You dreamed about having this career has already exceeded the dream or you living the dream. Did it look like this exceeded the dream it acceded to do
thirty two unit has exceeded the dream belated birthday. Having thank you have a problem I had a dream of bigotry. Yes, I think overtime has always been small success. This more success, this more success and we set these goals and you guys been given me everything. I want and in an extreme rate, so it's ok, I gotta recalibrate. I gotta figure out what the next benchmarking, as was the nets set of goals and I wanna accomplished so at thirty two, it's been on already the dream in no dream, I oh yeah. I think that some interesting, because you say guides already exceeded any expectation that you had and when you are starting out, you just happy to get a role right, yes, yeah about it, we would, on as they are in the process of acting in Congo, not audition process or you know when you first start out, you kind of are at the mercy of which are cast it for you,
when you get in a position to be able to say no to things our own cousin, nothing with wood. Acting you become way more famous unpopular than you. Are mostly stable suffer so so people think you're richer than you actual for sure, particularly in the beginning. Rice battling to begin especially began come from Norte region as they see you and you know, on a commercial or your ad, and then you noticed Sunday newspaper and they think you're a millionaire good rail. I wouldn't allow this when I was going to say, and do you find that people asked for money in direct proportion how much they think you have what they meant, what they think. I have Yet when they think you- because I remember I was working in Baltimore Body- only need a five hundred- ok cool! Yes, who about it's cool there as soon as I was? U cargo, it was five thousand now people would just call me up. I need fifty thousand.
Yes, no is there, we ve been a thing. Is you know how you know the announcements and trades in everybody's announcing the things that we have gone on the equate? That's, who uphold different yeah financial situation, where you catching up now yeah you're catching up a bit more costly reinvesting into the dream in on. You haven't been really materialistic person, so I think family has always been the first order of business and now ass. I guess that kind of thing, Kara Dance like I used to living it, we're still living together to get really works for you, Mamma here somewhere yet indigo your mind. oh Mamma, I call your not remember. I saw your mom it a bit late December. Your mom gave me a rum cake that you do we, as you gave your uncle. I took their Rome cake hold steadily.
had that road gig for breakfast, I saw the videos, whereas we think he's been with him made her whole. You may ask rum king we ve ever had in our lives. Thank you. So much so obviously was a turning point. Yes for me, as a man as an actor, you have always been a part of ensemble cats cast never had a chance to very talented actors. There that can open up a movie or can't be the lead? home, and I really wanted to know what type of actor I was going to be. If I had the ability find the skills to to open up a foam and Fruitvale station was the first one. I had a chance to be the lead in the success that we had it at Sundance. Yeah critically did very well now you and Ryan Cobbler. Have this thing you know it's like an Sorkin has Daniels and corn brothers have Francis. when a new and Ryan have this, what is it symbiotic? Yeah things of brotherhood
It's a deal with the same age or from some other places, noise from Oakland from Norton Jersey and on its. What does it feel like to be in his care, like you know, he's he's there directing it feels like what, let us trust in obeying comfortable in being able to, he says, run Gregoire how much time I trust in numbers Emma go for you know it's not gonna hurt disrupted at brickwork. Ok cool is doing because I know you won't put me in a position at gag. That's gonna be, he's gonna, that's gonna, hurt me or damage means have away. We have understanding of what we're trying to build on what we're trying to. Do you know any movie that I want to do that now? We want to say something: we haven't you, meaning to it and really you know I have a message to come across rise, the guy for that he's not gonna, get into something that he doesn't fully have his heart into, so that when it started to take off, and did you say, This is good right here.
Then along comes creed and then create two did. What is what did you say don't be perfectly honest when, before we shot. One frame of progress station Rhine already, pitched his creed one well and was a do you wanna go see this movie about APOLLO creed. Mouselike hopeless. Do this before we start to funding for the station, so it was that type of trust that we hear from the beginning at great. So it was like. Ok, let's do it. That's also great big. As I know, a lot of actors when they're in the starting out, particularly there's this feeling like. Will this be my last film and what will be the next film and how will I build This, so you don't even have that already have that, though, because
Already, do you ve been a workplace, heated sliding even say. Yes, you know we want those things that was in the everyday stages that we'd in it was nothing was guaranteed. Nothing, that's how I always approach everything this nothing's guarantee, and I got a treat every situation that I mean like you could be my last just because the fear of the unknown lack of opportunity. So I think that's what kind of really got the gears turning towards production and ownership and being able to write and create so I could be able to control our own destiny a little bit more in on that not wait on the incoming phone calls. You ask your book global. Hey inner, but we shall bomber talks about the intense responsibility she felt as being a part of the first Africa Miracle family to occupy the White House. Now you not the first black movie star. No, no, but you are part.
of a very elite group and saw, I guess, I'm warning if there's a place where race and art intersect for you like. Do you choose things based upon something bigger than whatever whatever is going on in the moment? Yes, I think you know that's a complicated question but for me always found myself being the Trojan horse with the mass over as like, the guy who could infiltrate and in keep the door open in Owen. Cotton can open it up as much as I can. So there was a time right after Fruitvale Station, where I only want to go out for rolls that was written for a white mouse in a caucasian males. I don't want anything that in the breakdown, if it came up as African American, I didn't want to do it because I feel like there's a certain biased,
You know from writers that were writing from what they experience that what they say they re media. You know they. Never they hadn't you no contact with black and brown people, so they were right from their experiences, which came research. You wanted to say I can do it all. I can do whatever it yet. I want the rose that LEO's plan. That time you know bread recouping whenever they got a guy, you know rally in vain in mad those of people that kind. It's me you know in gave me advice very early and arm and cunning caused me to continue to do two things that I'm doing so Mama state was like. Ok, if I could do a role that was written for them. Inherently. Of course, new plant arose gonna make it that does need to be in a breakdown that its after American from Xxix Expediency and I'd read that there was also some consideration, because when your mother was on the set of wired. You were killed. Your mom had like a breakdown thinking. It was actually cry. She's, a crisis
you decided you we're not gonna, do rules where you killed anywhere, but you are definitely dead as Kill Munger in black. Can definitely did not move yes, yes, and is one of those things were, is something to dissociate. You know he wanted whose leg you know you. He wanted the audience to view him as somebody that survived and that was the hero, so they can get used to seeing you as the lead, as the hero characters are ok, that makes sense, I'm tired dying. I would love to make it Celeste, let's switch it up a little bit, so ya had a lot to do with that, and then they'll also come and give me that little piece of advice that I felt like we help me out in the future. So even though you die and buy it and it was worth it was worth it and he signed on to do the version hope like Panther. So will you be resurrected? I know nothing. You know nothing you're crazy as they everybody. It assumes me arena so close tat. He tells me everything he can things for me, like I literally have to like trick him in answering certain questions were
he doesn't he doesn't involve people secret, ok, picking people say, would you like to be revived? I would report who I think has spoken to any thought. It has everything. Ok, I heard a rumour there's been this buzz you're going to be the next Superman. Yet I wasn't those. I heard that I heard that I heard I heard I heard I heard a few, buzzing around. I think, just being those conversations, its flattering very humbling that they would you like to be super man, it's how you know why.
I have been a businessman also unlike understand, and both sides of the situation, and that is a huge upsides who up within this is being under the microscope of just being pick the parting compared to so many different versions of Superman. I would I would rather do something original really boy, but adds to be Superman's. It's cool in your skin I'll, be cab, Ebby, Calvin Alice in others. It is another version of super. That from earth. Twenty three M accountable Calvin Ellis is like an earth twenty three on other than that, but I just had a little more about what I'm like. I'm a guy act like I know I just do that. Little tiny, oh yeah! Does it there's another version Superman in another dimension? There is black already in the comic books that exist, and I think the comic book appears can accept that more than me being,
Clark, Kent from cans and that's a different, that's different that that's it. That's a very different there very different thing, so I read Somewhere- and I think this is really important for anybody that you had said it more important. What use day. Yes, we can. We use them as a strong call, the that you ve said that what you say no to is equally as important as what you say. Yes to, I think that's important for everybody and their life, but in particular in choosing rose right now. Guess you're, it's one of those things were you know you? Can you can do everything not only the oversight or young when everybody to see me. Twenty four, seven, three, sixty five. You know you know ye have the year. You know I wanna do things every day more, the needle in one way. I want to be very in our strategic about the most that I'm making that and that the other roles that up,
play because you're more lies forever? You don't want you to get in front of that camera. You know any and you and you shoot a phone. That's something that people can. You know go back to and I said, go over and over again. So if you want to do things that you're proud of- and you really have to get it again, She came out and black Panther with its one point: three billion dollar grows being around the world. Just changed everything you know. People said people wouldn't watch filmed in different parts of the world, and then you see people in all over the world who are lined up for that film. How are you feeling then forces they will get to the feeling win, win win people were lined up. Do you saw it was how he was unsafe redress and up there we're from I thought they were probably can't know, I'm at think. It was crazy to see like all the means and the videos, the home videos from the fans at home. Everybody, like you, know what they're their permanent marker
he'll longer beer. Yes, we are examining that I felt inspired. I followed. I was really a part of something special that was a lot bigger than me. You know it was lot bigger than the movie itself. If it was, it was given, it was given kids and generations a chance to dream again. You now dream not even again just to see yourself in a way that you never even imagine exactly. Yes, exactly so for me, the whole black Panther movement before you know it before the box office numbers another good stuff, witches anxiety, nervous, proud When will when will it in? When? Is it going to start when it went Windsor? When you were unsaid doing it, I mean I just saw your get those screen actor skill the other day as an ensemble ya. Look so You're gonna be like this the family. All oh yeah, yeah yeah,
when you are going to be closely allied momentum closer when your joy do. You know that this is gonna, be as big as it is. Do you feel sometimes something energetically like this is different than other stuff. We felt like we had all the pieces needed to do something special and if we do our job every day, and we didn't take it for granted that we could do something special, but there's no way that we could have assumed that it was going to do when it. When you think about tat now we could not not an hour. We were just making sure that we took care of the opportunity. You know that if we thought about, if this doesn't work, when would there be another one? If we don't do this right, we can't we can't messes up. I think that was kind of the thing that there really drove me personally, and I know some of the other actors is well kind of thought about a lot of what we came ass, the sun, so this first honey I found this now may for best picture this man. How does it feel different does the ad
to ignore ledge made from the academy. What does that mean? I think, of course, in our if you're an act, if your and our industry, you know, obviously being able to get nominated for an oscar- is on the list of things that you want in all. You would be amazing. The grab that I think with this movie, in particular with the case that we have an impact and it's made culturally? That is already one. You know it. I think it is. One factor is what it's doing to the industry's bars the way people think about films more before it is because the people of color in our own and in an arm it it it it one day. So now this like icing on the cake, you know now, it's everybody else's everybody else, putting the pressure on us of how it feels and were
really happy and excited that we ve come this far yeah no armed acknowledgement, of course, would be cool, but I think we were already one. Ok, so you're going out his sleep now and you know what you were in figure figuring out. Will you take an estate I don't know you obviously per Mamma. You want to go away. You thought about my you? Wanna go. I would just say that it would be pretty hard for you to date about now. Being you at this point, why do we always gotta give gotta. God is hall we guy we gotta get here. Otherwise people say I did not do much to remember. How do you find someone who can step into this ride with you at this particular time? That's a good question. I do. I don't know how I don't know what you need. A nice church girl, good sense.
I don't know what I mean honestly, you know it's it's our nor do we know. What do we mean you wouldn't want to my little or nothing. For me it is wholly. Hopefully your bill is open out when I'm ready for the. Yes, that's what happens, but here's the thing you're turning thirty two wait and I really wasn what I can say on that long educated, thereby once again, so I remember so well. Turning thirty two, because it's the year we launched the Oprah show that it went. National, ok and my life took off like a rocket and here's the thing. You know this, that when you're writing the rocket Life becomes like a blur that you literally don't even know where you're going. I remember so many days it I wouldn't
reed I ten Rachel. I came home because to read it before would like guinea so much yet when was it I work here. I just go: where do people tell me the garden so you're on that rocket right now, how do you keep things from blurring and keep from not going numb two things around you? Ok, how did because I can look back down my life and think there's so many things that happen only remember I was there. I can see a tape as it looks like me, people its own, you Bob moments newest, Sound is mostly people who say open. Remember me: yes, please them for the present. We also say that I think they when they say, what's my name as we always go, is part of the nice to meet you. I just go. That's you I'll get you no matter. Nobody, I haven't gotten, you have none. because nobody will call you up,
let's go, call me get called out about relic. Remember me behind it. I think that so rude by the way, a little unfair for its enough. If we act in like now, you suggest tat TAT s just the way just take that instead it what's my name, okay. So the question is: how do you in the midst of all this? Are you working on, and I I would say I wish I had done more work at the time on centering and taking it in cost, so much of it is a blur. So what are you doing now too, to manage that? For yourself, it's the meditation, it's the spur to kind of commotion and you have to be able to ground herself. Incinerators are better protected. Moving in these bases that are costly. Taking things from you, your energy, you know you know just as good as draining three guys. So when I am on the role- and this is something that
I need to work on and I need to do it more more often because things are getting a little bit more intense. For me, worry that gets blurred, because Europe ICE edge to set a perfectly you're going from one place to another. people are. You know pushy here answer this question you come in the bag or yearning know what hotel you may get up and ass. We look at the following walking through a more we. Let our we're doin here and in your on again so just finding moments to sending us off the ground is innovation. So does that mean you like actually have met if it has a lot of bags to? What I think is that there's a lot of data because you know said Mary, no legs cross notices, Burnham, but you are setting a scene and create an environment for for energy too. To come to your end, for you to kind of sending us also you are you not take a deep breath, you are holding thoughts of what you you want to happen. You are sending your energy out and
The universe to take here would ever needed in air. So when you physically walk into that, space is already done yet again that I'm still a baby and I'm still learning no, but I saw myself and her family and friends. You know that their believing that they protect me they're free up I've ever just grasp the prayer question. Are you prayer or arm or a meditative, both in goes hand in hand, yeah Behindhand, something it is prayer and meditation. It's it's both and do you think that you lived the life that you do Been prayed up, one thousand percent has not been enough. Why, when I think sometimes idea uncomfortable, I'm still learning how to take a lot of compliments, an appreciation of the things that I do, because I'm just a vote for a lot of things, and I realise that I gotta stay out my way and kind of stick to what I'm doing so when people say no,
Give me a lot of compliments and it's like cool, but I just I try not to really listen or just feed into it. That much because I know it's just big because it saw hard when you are on the rise in your surrounded by everybody, says yes to you and just wants to know: do you want sparkling or flat or water yeah yeah yeah, where everybody is just like. What can I get you? What can again with regard to stay centre? So I would say this my assess: and of you having watched, you is that you are a young man who we can see has been raised. Well, you been
Asia. So what is your mama going? Yes, I do so what? What is the number one lesson from your parents or the lessons that stock? I know its, not one thing, but what is the essence of it like how you were raised that allows you to be thirty two to stand inside yourself. The way you do grid question a thing: repairs are very different. Very mercilessly.
I think, for my dad. I kind of always got the life lesson of at a very young age, yet to find something you're serious about something you care about something you bet your passion about and take it seriously spine, somethin and take it seriously, put the time and effort S rugged. Alot of my work ethic, for whom I seen him go to work. You know work nights, you know what I'm going to school. He's like Now you the past to China liking wake up on the couch to see me off, or you know he sleep, but if I might get home he's goin out the word like I've seen him put the time in and I know what it takes: I know what goes into in being a man and and and and and being its impetus beer of household also seen so. I think that's what I'm gonna get my over my dead. That's a lesson that I take with me everything I do the work if, as the work ethic candid taken up, I've got the necessaries about in be serious about. You know in really really you know on your crap.
or you're, laying your business or whatever it is, and that's kind of where I got my workout. The from I think my mom is our heart. Is the the humanity my ability to feel I'm an empath? You know I'm saying so. I think the ability to feel people in in in interact with energies and in finesse, and just have a game. That is a lesson that I'm costly learning in China in I'll give better, but I think I get that from my mouth for sure is that you know Paul Anonymous. you know, I think it helps battle out with my acting. I think it helps a lot with me ass, a person you know just trying to be genuine to the universe made into people. You know we're all living here and just trying to yeah. I know it's going to come back to me. You know it away again. That's my religion is the third la motion. What you put out his coming back, exec alive. My way, my life. That way, what is the defining value system that you hold for? How you leave your life? That's we're gonna, get what you with you, you you're going to
it back, which would you put out and as broad and vague as as that is, I think, is very specific to a lot of things that you do throughout throughout your life. You know, I think, when it comes to business when it comes to personal, since when it comes to you so now what you put into yourself is what you're gonna get out you know. So do you work on giving yourself good stuff? What are you feed yourself, I'm virtually emotionally, I've always put myself last and that's what I'm workin on honestly failing a word about thinker must now, because I think I've gotten by on youth and pure energy dimples. Maybe global Europe also work in Korea for for who I think we need to start reinvest into myself more and taken time. For me, I've always known in Europe in your mind, is like when I get to this point asked our work and I myself only gets at that point, and it is always keep going because you don't want things to stop or you remember it's I'm where
You weren't didn't incoming from causing you are sitting at home. You know not knowing what to do so. I think I've been in this kind of a global gotta keep working. I can't stop. I can't up was: are you there what you like didn't? Did I just just your to do with Amazon? You just didn't. Do a Warner brothers, everybody's knocking on our door, not that a boy look of almost the back up. What are put down a certain things in place there? I saw it already. I've seen a couple years goes on my ok. I need this in place any down. Please I need this. You have like a physical vision board, or do you physically manner both have a vision for where you want it, both a daydream arm in arm or we I'm always daydream anymore. You gotta see at first ass. He stepped yeah, like alike scene, where I want to go and then reverse engineering the step out to give their and, of course, things going to change, and you know you have to adapt to a life and things that comments. You didn't see yourself in a one point: three billion dollar movie. I did it.
I saw myself in a super of Rome and have shown that impact. You do know idea always told me. I think I was it might have been like ran around two thousand and thirteen or so I say I want to be blocked. Vampire you know, that was only character that I knew that was like black man. I want I want to play. They planted like the one. That was what I saw. That's what I told myself now. Wasn't black Panther browsing Black River no say so, like things are going to change from how you see a boy and is in line with language really isn't it is lovely? Where did you go to get all that nesting? I wish I was. I was by myself isolated myself. I was kind of hospital,
at a time alone. I've figured Eric. You know his childhood growin up was pretty lonely in have a lot of people that he could talk to about. This place call will come under that, you know didn't exist, but he was told these stories kind of somewhere to another stories that I was told as a kid you know about Africa and how it was, but I haven't been there: my parents haven't been there and then at the time. So who knows this? is even exist or are you know? That's not would be in time he had. We. Both schools now would be in thought anywhere. So how do I know this place really exist software Eric? You know how to keep all of this. All this Mason into himself, and so he kind of planned and, of course, is an extreme. saturated version of the afternoon. The afghan diaspora from the african american perspective so be take that kind of pain and rage in an arm. And all those emotions that Erika represents from being blocked Brown here in Amerika? I was able to gonna put that into a character
on screen. So there's something I didn't take lightly and I can't I can't I don't. I don't have a problem it's not my leg where these know some people met. These are people this that I, did whatever I felt I needed to do or whatever that was right in the moment, every step of the way so was no real plan. I didn't have a. I don't have an escape planning, so like every day was, is going into this place. Many try to stay there as long as I could and then, when it was all over. I think I think is being in that kind of were that mine state that that day an apologetic. You know just she's real, lagging whatever all the kind of kept a quarter. like a gun alone, and although the press, it was customary for many villages, adjusting being around the people that care about me getting them oh that I shut out for a long time like I set out nobody, I love and affection. I wanted to be in this lonely place
as long as I could in order to kind of capture the essence of what are now Stevens was working longer worth saloon when we read the film You know like in my mind that ok go go back to where you left me about delay, be cool way. It was a little suffer me at first. The kind of like excess harvest delay him down and be done with it. How did it take your while? Its waited you know, I'm not already know exactly when I came out of it, but you know: what's therapy you know send us I talking to people's I'd unpacking a little bit and in in, what is so interesting. I find it so interesting because I think the body doesn't know the different are never having this conversation with a famous actor once about Anthony Hopkins. I was saying Anthony Hopkins. I feel for you, because you know all the stuff irritate and you do so well and he said I need you should not think about it, but as I've got an older, I do think about it because you say saying that he has just done a foam and he had said to the director he was
the one wide shot and one close up cuz. He had to have a heart attack cuz. He didn't want to put his body in that state too many times, because your body doesn't know the difference when you get yourself into that state, and so that's why. I think it's interesting for people to hear that, even though you're playing this character sometimes the essence of that the energy of that still remain. One thousand percent will remain in like you, I know so powerful you're mine will get your body pass, a threshold that it would have gave given up. One way before, like you're Blake like there were moments were physically. I probably should, continue, but my mind was like no we're. Almost to the finish line. You got to get a pass that you got to get past that line, but as soon as I got past, that line my body, so, okay, we can shut down now and then that would it would it was shut down after that. So I think I think I see there if you just talking to somebody was something there really help me a lot and as a man, I think you know we get a lot of slack forward of you know you're, not
Are we talking about? You know say, and I hope that in a way this began be unmasked lino. No, you know that doesn't always described it out, because I feel I think everybody needs to unpack and top in hot weather is United therapists or, as you know, a close friend. Nor is member somebody s room. You named your company outlier. Yes, why, after But what am I mean Torres mean? Or even if you notice a mentor, but I can we have a mocking glowworms like here is one of his thirty years is also to me in the wood he thought went into success rate and housing. Ours is the air, so it was almost a thousand ten thousand hours city boy he's they come off right, yet other studies and a better. But that's where you know I can get the name from because I don't want to be put in a box that they would be stay or type that want to go against the green. I want
I represent the people that felt like they were. Outsiders, like their outliers iconic when to create a society, doesn't mean you feel like you're outlier, or does it all our definite? Yes, yes, I want to create a society of like minded individuals, so your company incorporate it one of the first actually inclusion riders. used in the industry explained what an inclusion writer as to the audience and how that works on. Why you did it. Inclusion writer is pretty much a tool or historically you mean film. You know I people of color women become in the algae beauty. I q community are under represented in They don't really have a lot of opportunities. Are fine camera behind the camera, so you know in an in Hollywood people are used the hiring with people had people that you know, people that you work with before you happy that
you have a connection with you know it's a cycle in more, not that circle of those people that you that they that are often being looked again. They dont level Paypal, they look like they were like that. I don't want you hire the people, it look like you disproportionately. You know why I'm in ST in mail, you know that's, that's kind of the world that we live in so was friend can come up with their closure as the normal out was actually at ask, is that better and housing well, there's a does a title, for this is a tool. There's a policy that could be put place and how they all immediately. We have to do that we have to. We have to include that in. Outliers, you know nonnegotiable in all mobile phones, me means that foreigners are gonna. Have you know that that is a tool that holds people are more than ever a costly remind them of this that you're not going as they do not yet have a company when people say we couldn't find Five likely you costly Romano people are the pool of talent. That are under represented, like women, people of color people from the bids, which means you.
Their work harder every time, one thousand percent, so any partner that I work with one or others collaborating with Warner Brothers, we want a media sal right, their inclusion policy for all of one of media and that's a huge win. I feel like, and maybe there There's money- and you know anyone these big companies in these big corporations? Nobody wants to be the first to do anything, but when you have arguably the number one studio in the world say that word backing behind this vision. You know you'll see other studio, that's because you won't do anything you want. This is the moment because everybody's, like Michael says, and inclusion, yes, and including the Amazon for willingly in open arms. In welcoming you know our society and our inclusion around also and ideas on my arm up my tv, firstly because at amazon- and they accept that as well, so pretty cool
pretty clear about the trajectory of your life is, is astounding right now and you are playing a role next year. I think it's coming out of passengers mercy when you mean no, we remain alive is with dates and other film. Ok, I got today on its ok overnight, I don't know if you know that all so is just Morrissey of your heart. You have heard of the book if you hadn't, if one of those ports that as an american citizen, you have to read its based on the life of our defence attorney Brian Stevenson and it's a book
I think, as every human being should be particular view in American it because it lips everything. You thought you believed about the criminal justice system and criminals. Brian is dedicated his life to providing free legal representation to inmates who may have been wrongly convicted or denied affair prior. Ok, so you are playing him. I am certain. The Ladys early, nine Jamie foxes play is playing on the boy in May It was that I am not trying to write off trying to defend on a different home. Belarus, please legal co worker that gonna help our brains, vision, gonna come to fruition. So is this an incredible? Is it a different kind of challenge should play somebody who is a real live person and still very much alive? Yes, yeah that that the pressure put on myself the play this person that is so beloved yeah, that is
nobody's perfect, but man he s pretty close. Eighty close, so I think after meeting the guy and seen how he was and how everybody cannot? You know you know really looked up to Heaven and the impact that he made. I caught up with us little nervous about this one honesty getting it right. I don't want to do. I want to get it right honestly, so I spent a lot time with whom she I genetically identical down an album and the museum endlessly resumes incredible, and I encourage everybody. We haven't seen a museum where, where it's called the peace and Justice Memorial where they have all of these kings, still arise from the ceiling that has the name of every black person language. in that count in that cat in that particular allowed any other encouraging. You know that the merits of the county to claim their memorial to bring it out because we haven't had that we had a mega, hasn't had their closure that we haven't had that healing process done here yet enough relating in Brien's adios.
Behind that, as you know, we had here what you don't acknowledge actually and until we have we're acknowledging the dirty d, another reason I really want to get behind this this project and play him to be able to give them give the stores light in this decision. We we're looking for two that January twenty, eight, twenty. Ok, now here's the deal world domination. What does said really look like for you you? I always believe that every human being is looking for the same thing. It's one of the reasons why I always felt such a connection to my audience, even as my life progress, and you know I was wearing better shoes. My feet were still on the ground cause. I understood that every human being is looking to fulfil the truest highest expression of themselves as a human
being an you're, doing that if you're a doctor lawyer, if you're a fireman, if you're a clerk, you're looking to fulfil the truest highest version of yourself as a human being, what second look alike for you, the truest highest version, I'm still work and honour because, like their work, I was telling you I can put it myself last yeah. I want to start defining exactly who that person is and I think you know the goals have these have been costly change. For me, an evolving world domination is abroad. all that I want to have already know but really know recognize. You do recognize. This say this to your thirty two yourself, one that it isn't just it isn't the things that you are looking for, because if something terrible word to happen to you today, your life would already have had meaning and purpose. It's not like purpose is coming purposes already here you ve already defined purpose by the way you ve lived your life, so there's more
this, but you already have purpose dismal yeah thinking. Ok, yeah! Do you know what I guess it those who, as long as you don't world dominated by me, is, I guess, all the things that I want to have happened in all the future things I haven't even thought of yet you know I enjoy creating things and put in other people are like seeing the good and people like say at the entrance, and you like. How can I maximized at work did you go? How can I give you a being who wore a lane in order for you to go, be the best version of yourself I enjoy that selfishly. The highs art is gonna, be surrounding herself with people who not only share the vision, but can also execute division. Just yet right trial and error going through you going
I know what that's like listen. I wish you the bad guy. This way I feel like I'm Ober Winfrey. Been listening to supersede conversations the podcast you can follow two percent on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple podcast and subscribe rate and review this podcast joy meaning wait for another super, so conversation. Thank you for listening.
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