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Michael Singer: Free Yourself From Negative Thoughts (From October 4, 2017)

2021-10-27 | 🔗

The Best of Oprah's Super Soul | This Episode Was Originally Published on October 4th, 2017.His New York Times number one best-seller, “The Untethered Soul,” is one of the books that is always on Oprah’s nightstand. Author and spiritual teacher Michael Singer reveals practical methods for allowing feelings to pass through you without taking over your life. He says spiritual growth begins by learning to silence the negative thoughts in your mind. Oprah says Michael Singer will “help you find a greater sense of inner peace.”

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Unwrapped adventure. This holiday, give the gift of travel with the Delta gift card. The delta dot com, slash gift card to buy instantly delta. Keep climbing Oprah Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully. Present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper The round us starts right now described by the media as intensely private Michael sing. is known for two very different roles: he's the founder of a multi million dollar software company and he's a spiritual author. I was first introduced to Michael through his beautiful little book, called the on tethered.
Oh it's by my bed stand right now he writes about how he found inner peace and happiness and says any one of us Do it too? Well, let me just tell you how this came to be. Did I tell you this already how they came to me that I discovered your book. I had about six or seven girlfriends at my ranch in Maui. I have the blessing of having a lovely ranch space in Mali and for my birthday at the end of this wonderful three four days, someone handed me: Peggy, Fitzsimons left on the kitchen table the untutored soul, this lovely I thought. Okay and then I saw De Pox notes. Lighter note, read this book carefully and you will get more than a glimpse of eternity. I like that and the very idea the untutored cells hadn t. What is that the on tethered cell, so I started reading it first,
one is about awakening consciousness, which we ve talked a lot about on opera show and did a ten part series with Eckart totally on the web. Back in two thousand, eight What I realise is that there are many paths in to understand this way of consciousness, and you talk about in the very first chapter the voice in your head and you? Why did in such great terms, I started reading I didn't put the book down. Luckily I had you know enough time on their political. and I ve now shared it with. I can't tell you how many people and couldn't wait to be able to share it with everybody else signing. So what is it inside our head of something we listen to a regular basis. The problem is, we think it's us so, for example, you look at of OZ and assess the necessary trusting shape, but I really like the color that much remains my grandmother's laws
and all this, and we have somebody narrating in talking inside her head that is now that's not you yet rise. Does all your thoughts about the vice, and more and more as a watch that I realize it never shuts up that is Cox about everything and judges, everything it thinks about everything right right in the early seventies, Michael singer was a young economic students studying for his doctorate. Sitting with a friend one day? He noticed a lull in their conversation in that quiet little well moment. He became aware of the thoughts that were running through his head. He realized got voice that incessant voice, that expresses worries and doubts and anxieties was not really him, but he was the observer of the voice that inner dialogue was an expression of his psyche, not his soul, and that was the beginning of his awake.
And that was my path. I wanna be any my path. So what happened? Actually in that moment now that you can describe, I know a cartel. He has said that that is the aware, It is the voice, the wherein is of the thoughts or their awareness of the voice inside your head is where consciousness resides, and that is who we really are. So that's what you came to. Yes, that was the that was your open door to the path to understanding yourself as a spiritual being inside. Physical human body with a mind and isn't this the most important thing ever period, get that period period bar none is those that refer to the spiritual. Yes, to understand that you are a spiritual being, and the way to understand that you are a spiritual being is to know that you are not those exact Is that so far we can say what you are. We because that's a thought right right at this. You know you're, not the fort wygants, I'm watching
yes, you are there watching these thoughts and some people say to me, but which are those were me. None of them. Were you you're the wars? Ok, so I got this. I share this view of heard before when I was. In India. I got it really clearly. I mean I'm understood it through a car to have understood through trends of the limited. I really got it. I was in India. earlier this year and there was a he who was leading me in meditation and just the two of us- and he had me- he said close your eyes and now I'm going to name different objects and one was a red triangle and one was the moon and one was a you know why pick offensive whatever all these subjects- and he said hold onto the object in your mind and then, when I named the next subject, let it go. What realized in that conscious moment was that that's what's happening all the time
red triangles and picket fences and chairs and thought about everything are coming in and you can let those thoughts, I'm not good enough. I lost my job I believe he left me. I can't really my kids director fought their thoughts. They are not you you're, not you. So how do we began to separate ourselves from the thoughts? That's the question. Why that's that's the keep! What I love that you said is that really is the beginning spirit, that is to separate what you're not from what you are. If you don't do that, rather than a stay lost, the selfish mutual the one is watching is the gateway to spur dwelled. So if you continue to just get involved in the mind in thought, mine. This true spiritual path doesn't take place, so you asked his big, wonderful question: who are you? Who are you.
and the answer when I ask you that question is at this stage of my growth, who I am is the one who's in here who noticed was the fourth come up, who noticed the emotions come out of the heart and who see Whatever is in front of my senses? The seer I am the one who sees the one who see the one who sees ok and you also talk about the loose itself. What is that? whose itself, Example? We use in the book is that you can have a lucid dream in which some people know about that that, instead of your lost it during the sometimes you know, you're dreaming the Red One oh, I love it when you are aware that your dreams a year and then I've had them to the point where they can get out of his during those beautiful your eye. So you are then more, conscious and that dream, normally would be like yours, you're, awake and essential awake within the dream. Yes, that is what the loose itself and now Do that in your real life
that your mind is continuing. Life has following in front of you, but you are aware that your mind is moving that the world is unfolding, but your seat of consciousness is transcendence that centred at a deeper level. and all of it just goes right by and you dont the same relationship with it that you used to have it something you're watching not something you or something you're watching, not something, You are, and I would say- and you just think agreed with me- that for every lady, who is seeking, whose seeking this path of opening themselves up to being able to live in a deeper, more enriched life.
That understanding. That concept is the most important thing. That's it period. There are a few books over the years, spiritual books by spiritual teachers that have really been staples for opening the heart space. For me, which is how I define spirituality, and I would tell anybody who is looking for a more deepened enriched fulfilling life and looking to change your perception of who you are and looking for me calls to correctly. This is this is the gift of giving it to everybody, so thank you, I'm running out of people to give it to so now, just sharing it with the world, as I can call the on tethered soul. you say if you really want to grow real spiritual growth happens when there
Only one of you inside there's not a part that scared and another part, that's protecting the part that scared all parts or unified, because there's no part of you that you're not willing see that's, what being a whole person is, isn't Agnes, that's integra, true integrity, your integrated as being wow. That's it isn't that why We're all here to figure out how to do that, but it's easy. We make it hard, but is actually very, very easy. I love this too for everybody who's on the spiritual path, opening up your heart once you the commitment to free yourself of that scared person inside you, ll notice of theirs their decision point at which a growth takes place. You just noticed something starts to change. Spiritual growth is about the point at which you start to feel your energy changes. Yeah so basically is happening outside you talk to somebody enjoying the conversation, and almost
They say something that hit something inside of you saw spot and your mind your source to close your minds, the figure. Why did they say that, did I say something wrong and you go south? I also withdraw and you notice yourself starting to get involved in that reaction, and so at that moment you have to do. I'd dwellers solve this does need to be solved and we need to think about it or my willing to just relax and let it pass you're talking about chapter let go or fall right. Yes, because if we when something comes in to disturb you. If you don't let it pass right through you, you're, saying that it will the
energy of it will drag you down into it, and then you become you think you become that thing. So what are we supposed to do when problem show up the moment it starts with that should have chatter line, but my mine, my first reaction in size to relax and lean away from that to go to this himself. Just you use words, I just relax and lean away from my yes it through you end of leading into the sea to self. How can I lean away from the noise the mind is making by seat of self? I mean that awareness. That is my lines, because yes, so you gonna do two things: one story than a lenient twenty get involved in volume. Just like all of us do you have the right. You have the right to relax, in a way which would distort the GSM space and you will learn overtime that as the smartest thing you ever did. Why? Because you get room to pass through and it will pass rifle Did this come to you over time? You learned this over
I know I've read your story. You went to gurus, you saddle you meditated. You became almost of reclose and for most of us. That's not the path we want to take. We just good he's a good we. I want to be able to I'm an. I say we Speaking for myself, I was to be able to be connected to that seat of the selfish. That is ultimately, were God flows through the power of God flows through. How do we begin to make them? but for ourselves, though, because I did all of that invite all of that. Yes, I am so proud to come back and tell you know you don't need to do, then daddy, don't do it. All you have to do is get to the point on your everyday life. Every moment of life is a spiritual. Spirits You know that, yes, and so I will hear onto and the reason it becomes, a spiritual experience is because you realize you are causing the vast majority are all problems due to your meant reactions, so as
life unfolds on a daily basis. You have the right to choose. Not to do that, you can still go to work is to think you're. The kiss you just lean away from this. This mess that the mind is doing to ample by an over emphasise our exaggerate whatever is going on and then what do we do? lean into what that awareness of saying what will happen is when you let go the noisy mind. We will end up in a seat of quiet, which I know you have to talk about your receipt of quakers. That's what it is back. There is a scientist still stillness right. My experience is now you can look at reality and you will know what to do just the fact you have all static right means the quiet one whose clear will look a reality and it will be pretty obvious what it is for you to deal with. Yes,.
Ultimately, I think what we are all seeking, even when we don't know it when I would ask people on the show for years. What do you want? Everybody who say they want happiness, but aren't we all ultimately seeking freedom were seeking a state of absolute well being, and that of freedom means that one what it means it was beautiful when you say, as I know you know, it is the true freedom is freedom from yourself. Yes right, I just one like book We are giving a vacation go to why rice or sit in the corner over there and go into ecstasy yeah, which one you want. Warner. Ok, though, is the joy is
or sell. Yes, it's just that this mine has gotten cause, I'm going to go all the way to Hawaii and lots of people have done this. You get always highway. You saved your money, you get there and you taking your miserable south. Yes, that's why freedom is freedom from yourself now either medium for yourself got it. May I just say, get the book, and now you know what I'm talking about, but this chapter I love the bus. Let go now for the exploration of self is inextricably interwoven with unfolding one's life. The natural ups and downs of life can either generate personal growth or create perseveres, which of these dominates is completely dependent upon how we view change change which people are so opposed to, change can be viewed as either exciting or frightening, but, regardless of how we view, we must all face the fact that change is the very nature of life. Now, why are we so afraid of change or basic?
happens. Is we ve gone to the mind and said I am not ok. How does ever they need to be for me to be ok, and then we have our devoted ourselves to try and create that situation. It doesn't work, but we don't know that yet, and so we try to create situations that we think will make us be okay and when things start changing that don't match that model. Yet we get scared scare because it looks like he's not gonna work. Ok, I love would you say to and in the next programme he said People don't realize that fear is a thing. Yes, fear is a phase is just another object in the universe that you're capable of experiencing. He can do one of two things with fear. You can be neither pusher, way or let it go yeah right? You need a and be scared of it. Let it pass right through ok,
So what do you mean by let go now or fall right? Fear comes up out of your heart. That's a very natural things: human rights! You are watching you see if you have the right to relax, let it pass right through. If you don't do that, you're gonna, try and fix it in a train control situations outside you, don't ever feel the fear and it all starts to bother you that's what it means, your full and eventually illusion consciousness. You'll forget your whole purpose and you're just be scared. He is get scared. You say the alternative is to decide not to fight with life, but that does not just giving up and letting things take over. You don't do that in any way, shape or form right life is a natural unfolding of reality, you're supposed to harmonise and work with it. You don't give up and let it take over right, you're like thinking here on a horse and you're scared gap to be very good writer, ripe
does it mean that the horse, or if they want you, learn how to interface and interact with life in a wholesome participatory way? Shooting let you do that so letting go of fear is not letting go of life. Ok. The first thing you would tell me to do is what we ve been talking about is to recognise the voice inside your head. Yes, yeah stepped back, be allowed to be in the seat of self, and then the next thing. The next thing is when you're watching see whether what that voices saying is really helpful and ours, is it really give you good advice? or is it just a narrative voice talking inside your head and you will find it in every situation or in life? There is a higher way to deal with the situation. Of course, there are situations that are difficult to deal with, but there is still a higher way to deal with that situation, then being reactive, which is that we in the mines gonna die
So one of my favorite other chapters, it's a chapter, seventeen contemplating death, it's truly a great paradox and one of the best teachers and all of life turns out to be death. No personal situation could ever teach you as much as death has to teach you. While someone could tell you that you are not your body that shows you. I love that line you weren't, you were in the floor. You write met. Were you not ok, while someone tells you, someone could remind you of the insignificant of the things that you cling to death, takes them all away in a second. Well. How to take you to write this, take a load right, the relics, while people can teach you that men and women of all races are equal and that there is no difference between the rich and the poor death. certainly makes us all the same. Love that the question is. Are you gonna wait until that last moment to left let death be your teacher. My favorite line is where you say, let's say: you're living life without a thought of death. My angel death comes to you and says: come it's time to go, and you say, but no
you're supposed to get me a warning. So I can decide what I want to do with my last week, I'm so as to get one more week. Do you know what death will say to you, given your whole life, what will you do with your whole I've? How did you not be aware that your time is limiting and you're supposed to be using it for something meaningful yeah. That's will say my god. I gave you fifty two, we this past year alone. I love that and look at all the other weeks. I've given you. Why would you need one more? What did you do with all of those? If asked that? What are you going to say? How will you answer it? I was in paying attention. I didn't think it mattered. That's a pretty amazing thing to say about your life. Well done! Mr singer. Well done my other favorite chapter of my new favorite book, the antenna.
so is removing your inner thorn. We all have them right, as we do do. You still have some thorns. Of course you do. Ok, the spiritual journey is about constant transformation, so you were saying Imagine, can you just do this for audience that whole passage on imagining? You have a thorn in your arm that directly touches a nerve. Can you do that food in allergy using is, if you had a thorn that was touching directly to endure so much so that anything that touched it caused pain inside of you. So if you walk to school to walk through the woods and the leaf touch it, if you weren't able to walk if you're trying to interact with people and caused a disturbance and the key point of it is you have two choices, one You can either try to avoid everything in your life that touches. Therefore- or you can do this amazing alternative which is taken out all right. If you try to avoid it, you will be voting for it.
Tire life it will go on doing, residents were all doing, we're trot, we got our thorns in and we don't want anybody to touch them and if they touch of in the irritating our little thorn were upset cause. You shouldn't touch my thought, that's a whole and that's the game that we play is how do I build a life that avoids touching all this stuff that happened to me that I can handle when they happen? I couldn't handle it and now it's closed all these saw spots inside of me, though, and thorns so create a life train. Everybody around me right, so they don't ever I thought your turn. People even say that, don't you go there little being yeah yeah come on re alternative is to understand. You can remove their foreign,
inside of you the same as you can move it outside. If your movie, you will never have to think about again and you can start to enjoy your entire life, and that is spiritual and how that is virtuality. Now, how do you? How do you know what you're thorn is disturbance? Tells you just like pain happens. We need the thorn outside. Yes, disturbance happens, insight, cause it's never what is actually happening right, it's. What is happening is irritating thorn was, in their before that's dead? That's so those events will show you a get that that's really good. So, even when you see your husband leaves the drawers opened or that whatever open lessons it? It's not about. What's going on it's about the progress that was there, so ok, how do we then begin to remove the thorns? That's the spiritual journey it not yes, it is when something hits it, you will feel a disturbance pop up inside of you.
right, you have to choose right, then what do you do about that? Ok, so by something hitting it mean, meaning you're in a conversation urine. Office. Somebody says something: it hits a nerve. You think they have disrespecting they have stepped out of bounds. Nation said bad. Your boss did something your child, it that's the nerve, but what's the difference between that and they really, do something, but the difference. Is you always start with saying? Do I wanna be disturbed? Do I like being disturbed? I don't like me undisturbed, so I have a choice in events. Happened Side, I can deal with out of that without being disturbed. I can probably try and deal with it better without being disturbed. The service isn't helping you. The service is hurting you, God, and so you are way better off learning how to deal with the disturbance, and that is also how you remove the thorn. They are directly,
the fact that the situation outside stimulated this disturbance. Inside of you, means that you ve uncovered something stored inside of you than needs to come out. You say earlier on in the book that we in life are to use our problems as a way through to the spiritual path that those problems that really we should? I don't know whether the word is real, waste, but you should be excited about these problems, because these problems are an opportunity for you to look at what really is going on inside. That's a lot of work. Well, The result is all you do is I know you teach all the time you too little time. What do I do and I feel disturbance right, you relax, but
I got him. I just said I was disturbed. How can a lack of legal? Let's do something simple like like road rates, which I never understand. Why for the life of me, I can't understand why people get upset about somebody who cut in front of you or somebody who, What is that? That's about something else? It's going on right, but something inside of you that that stimulate your inner thorn natural form. she heard aside. Do I want to go out try to make sure nobody ever goes slow in front of me or devote your life to that origin? to say look, I would like to enjoy my drive to work, If somebody cut me off, but I can't because I just got extremely tween due to my past exe
so we should look at our disturbances and see what our disturbances are trying to tell us about our south North, like if your body started to hurt. You knows his shut up, you say war, one, what's wrong is trying to talk to me. That is your heart telling you something's wrong. Inside of me, you want to get it out, and so you just appreciate life is your teacher and then ultimately just we get it. Then how do you get you relax and it will work itself out. That is my experience. You re lad, you relax and don't touch it and relax behind it and it will come up and push its own way out is almost as, if Your heart doesn't want that inside and so just like the body pushes splinters out? Yes, it will try to push it out. Will you will love, because the more to push you pushed back now, all this personal growth thing its eyes real, but the freedom, you that's a lot of some days. I say Jesus. Don't teach me that new today, because
you're constantly every day with every experience, have the opportunity to take that quote spiritual path and by spiritual we mean opening up yourself to better understand yourself in every difficulty. Every challenge is there to help you do that it is the beauty. Is you do not have to work, every one of your wishes. You do not have to slip. Oh my gotta get so survey I'll. Never do that. You do not have to what will happen. Is you'll relax behind enough time. Two or your seat of awareness will now be centred more in your seat of consciousness. Instead of the issues keep pulling you out
You do that. You will start to feel something open up inside of you. I guarantee you it called spirit. Whatever you want, you will start to feel the strength of power behind you not in front of you with the forms are behind you, where you've been leaning back into, and it will support you and strengthen you and feed you and the rest of stuff will just fall away cuz. It looks so meaningless. Where is God in all of this, for you the end of that the source of that at the end source of that energy of the seat of self either the sort of the sea to self? You start to feel this beautiful love and joy, and just it literally like a vacuum, mistrust the pool you up into it- and I, like me, God is the source of that the source of spirit and, as you come closer into you get closer to God and it there's a joy they can open up,
that is so strong that nothing will ever pull you out. Your personal self will no longer pull you out. There's no struggle anymore right. There's just this strength, the spiritual strength you ve turned a corner. How did you get that by the more you are willing to knock it pulled into your personal self by removing the Thorn but letting the form be which is so interesting. You know, I remember you know back. I was being blasted in the media for various things. You know with what was happening with the channel or not happening, and what people thought should be happening, and I was in the most peaceful space. I was at my home with the trees? In the end, the guy and of an all this I just I will
inside and all of that did not matter. I thought isn't, isn't this interesting and then that when I did that thing you're talking about, I didn't know, that's what I was doing, but you just step back and you go inside and that's always there has always available to our connection to God. Yes, now you sit there and say how much better able Are you to deal with the situation that need to be dealt with from the place of Peace Yang? You are from that disturbance, because once you allow yourself to be in disturbance, then everybody? he's just a stir, a try everybody's doing this. What can we do and what should we do and how we react, and when you bring that peace to the table you spread everywhere. I know you know that you say that right and so all of us- and not just that you are better able, but everything around you is better able to deal the situation so to answer You may ask me throughout the interviews, is how do you deal with terrible situation, aren't they real? They are real.
Should deal with the first be ready to deal with them? from a space of peace and you'll find that you can deal with anything. and I know what the answer is gonna be, but I'm asking this question because so often people said to me oh easy for you to sail for from where you sit and easy to say. If you haven't lost your job or you are not facing when all disease are easy to say if you're not going through difficult times in your life? no. You went through some difficult times because when I finished reading this book, the first thing I did was Google to say: where did we get all the probation and how does he nobody knows and what comes up when you, Google, your name anybody whose watching I know that you are going to do. That is that you were involved it. You were indicted several years ago for fraudulent behaviour. Your company was basically asked the government came in and
used that the entire executive team of our company that love roles, airman irish Sea, I'll, see you at the time of fraud, so we're in the middle of being charged by the government of fraud. Were you innocent, yes, well, in the sense that there is somebody who had done things in the company for sure, right, abetting, kickbacks and so on, and he pointed the finger up and said they knew what I was doing. You no, of course, not of course, not linked up to as well. Of course, you can, of course, okay, so ok, being accused or indicted by the government for fraudulent behaviour could cause you to pull down? And I mean I've been on trials back and ninety ninety eight the whole. I was What is this all about? Were you able to
stay in that centred space of of spirit that you talk about during that whole time completely. You were from the moment that took place at the moment the moment the moment, I'm not that good she's came over me and I just rested back into it, and my attitude was my: God is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Let go some, sir. Anything is left of me. I think once as you
that was pretty noisy stuff right and- and there was a part of me right- that, of course, would never want to be in that situation and do anything right, but I let go of him. The whole personality, the home, Michael Sanger, right, yet let go of him. My does not a situation that he should be. Anybody is its gods, grace it's something I got. I felt a God was reaching down to poor. Whatever was left of my ego out any use this situation to do it, we defend ourselves, of course right, but I knew I didn't do anything and so the question: what are you willing to use the situation to complain and carry on how unfair it is? You want to use a situation to let life reach into the bottom of your heart and pull out whatever's left of yourself concept. Your ego, you're you're scared self and stand there and what it does give you Bertha gives you special birth. Well for six years I went on for six years,
there's got to be good? That is amazing cause. I was on trial for six weeks and I thought you were actually went to trial. We got drop the charging a drop, a fortress, but the investigation of Alois six years six year and you are telling me Michael singer that in six years you never said. Oh god, why me? Oh, this is a terrible terrible thing. Oh my god, what's gonna happen to me muskrat, there was the opposite. There was If I have one, I wish I had only if by one chance upturn in my life for liberation, gorgeous gave it to me How am I going to get rid of myself? How am I going to finally pull that thing out that big thorn right of me,
both of them. Yes out, nobody thinks and scared to death. This somebody would think I do something wrong or anything like that right. So I chose to do that, and so my my wasn't saying why me ma am I saying take it? Take it just take it. Please take it away. I don't want to carry this burden anymore, not the burden of the thing, the burden of me wine and so is a very spiritual thing. I wrote that book in the middle of that experience. You wrote this book in the middle of that experience. You of this book in the middle of all the crazy. Getting indicted live thing. Yes, nervous! Might that's the life. If you live that life, you can go very, very deepen. You can handle anything in handle anything.
all of it can help you gotta. God is used to go to guys around us. He used to go to God. All of it can help you gotta. If you use a proper, if that's what you want, but this is what so interesting about what you just said. I just love that, because you know my prayer for the past couple of years, even before I entered the opera show was a closer walk with. God was a consequence Orton Guide. Now I think, when I was praying that pay I thought that it was going to be walking through the lilies of the view that there would be less rose is going through the garden you now, because you think that that's what it's going to be, and sometimes it's not- you must die to be reborn love. The crisis saying that those are Christ, words sway, you must die to be reborn. Measure must be willing to. Let go of your personal self, of your psychological cell, of the complaining voice, your identity and all that you are a major.
Land law. In order to be who you are, you must be one leg of who you you you're, that's that's, what's meant by must try to be reborn and as you let them go and he will help pull it out right and so use, spiritually and and- and you will see that would help him more than any meditation anything you meditate so that you have the centre. So you can let go of life is doing. The real growth is letting. that's perfect, that was great, I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations podcast you can follow. Supersonic on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple, podcast, unsubscribe rate and review this pledge gas joy, next week for another super, so conversation. Thank you for listening.
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