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Oprah and Tarana Burke - Part 2

2021-09-15 | 🔗

In part 2 of this powerful conversation, activist Tarana Burke tells Oprah about the spiritual awakening that led to her creating the #MeToo movement.

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Seven eleven is open. Twenty four seven three hundred sixty five days a year, because They believe in one upping. Ten can all of your favorites. Instead, or or delivered right to your door, coffee, snacks, more coffee, seven, eleven ticket to eleven. I'm Oprah Winfrey, welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time. taking time to be more fully present your job, to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now. Welcome. part. Two of our conversation tell to bow. I think you actually had a dark eight of the soul feels like it. It felt felt like spiritual fever dream like something: Mr Daul and MR
oh and miraculous was happening there actually brought. each of the moment where you realized that your life me, It would be a service for other people tell us about how we got to me too. So let me say: for the last, Oh yes, people ask me the story of me too, and I have never told us, though exact thought. How do you say this in the public private? How do you say, the media and a sound by people are gonna. Take you up, you're, not really but I had tell the whole story in the book and I am impressed, then, you Know- and I was more of a practice increase. At the time and I. Do you believe it was a just, a spiritual experience that need it. To happen. I think the way God has moved in my life, but now I'm losing my life's first swiftly very boldly and at dinner
I look up one day and I am here on my old guy. Did you knew you just said it two minutes ago? Why am I here ready here now, I'm in that night, it was. I was so tired and I was I know how to describe this feeling, but I'm trying to give away to both through all of these things in sound I was going to this really awful moment around sexual violence in summer, and I had got uncomfortable, talking about what happened to me at seven at that time, but I never really is what the other things right. Another assault. Their experience, I dont even talk about in this book, and so by this time. I am overwrought. I guess you don't worry use when I laid my bed- and I was trying to like this- the thing up a lot of survivors. Do you did you to control and they only what I
this. I don't want to think about that, and this is where I am and it was. These memories started coming to me, these flashes these days, flashbacks a big people, call em up the other abuse threaded experience. Yes, and I thought no guy. No, I don't I don't go there. right. This desert shall always imagine my life is having a decision, archive you now that's days up. the archives jungle, their enemies. But a memory map out like what God was doing say you cannot get to where you need to go. If you can't see at all, if you can't see it all face that all look right at it. You know a lot of people say that the day it is right in the middle of the patent Y yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, spiritual reckoning, yet a sports reckoning, and you know why you need that Jesus right now, because save you twenty five years a therapy because you have
you had in that. This is what you gonna do therapy for ten years of fifteen years later come out on the other side of it, but you were actually blasted not to get all of that, but it had to feel like a wrenching dark night of the soul. It felt Ike being Box, you dont, like somebody being a boxing match, but not having any skills, are mere gets. My tasted, it was my body, so tired in autumn. bring him got my child, and I was really intuitive as a child very into it. It I think, even spoke to you. Not people want him. That's another star. I didn't like higher to come in and try to help me very well, so my friend got tired out. As always, I partly in part to it really was back. Ok now here we go the sea in that room at a mattress and floors united still brought back there at all
papers had written and my Bible had written on every little piece of paper. Baxter envelope that I could find an hour. I didn't even recall it when I looked around and has had all this stuff and asked. I really like o k, o K, Ok, this is this is something and then I sat down and picked up that that that note book- and I just role meters- and it was it was for me. Actually it wasn't like I'm gonna build this thing. It was like this happen to me too, and I want to use this latest for myself, but that's what I mean to say that a girl, because I had a phrase empowerment of empathy before at the phrase me too- and I ve been talking to empathy in the seventh grade, Israelis, the seventh made greater than that. There yet I need a different language for them and it was like forget about what I said.
The second is look at Mr Annan withdrawn, who loves Mr animal will protect you, MR on who was there for you. This happened to me too and I think that this isn't about where I used, I use black women who had top. Their stories I used you. I've used my Angelo and Gabriel marriage a blight, and we must use these stories because it was away for me to connect with the girls in say these people who you see in the world. You see them is larger than life in their lives. A great and me you and me, now you can be that because they have been you right, you can, if they, and get there you can get there. They know what this is. It happens attempted any there we stand a mean nothing better than us, feeling of turning over our tell the story like, I may tell your story of aversion of your story yet say this is worth nothing. It would be the picture that underpin later
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and availability may vary check with carrier well in the books for love right about how you re acted as others, pretty bad used to like tell the truth about this, how you reacted, because that when you first came up with me too- I think- was it: wasn't it like two thousand and five or two thousand and seven slash two thousand and eight okay, so you've been working with young girls and doing the grass root on the ground, trying to say girls and I read a passage in the book that reminded me so much I sell to when you said, you know you and all this time all this energy working your game two days a week and then they go. Back to their own lives for the five days a week and you gotta start all over again. I did that I eventually ended up created. A boarding school right, because I wanted to be able to have the girls long enough to literally indoctrinate them
into believing that there was another way. Does the whole, application of that there was always a dream of minds, have what you ve done. A lot of this is the way to do it. because I had already done some of the work that you are so expert out. I've already done trying to take the girls out of the projects and having all, my friends in the producers work with the girls in, and there is hardly any kids. Oh hard, it so hard because everything you learn this week, they there still going back right back. into the same kind of thing, and they have to do have to live in that world answer and surviving in there, but that world yeah knowest that now at that work is why I'm here right those those girls that work in summer and having to realizing. I have to like wrapped myself around but I don't know me that I'm only a single person who can't do that. It wasn't me it was much my best friend
help me. I had another, my little my warm entered into story, Miss animal people who were pitching end, but is still just wasn't. It wasn't enough Yes, yes, saying this to say to everybody, you'd been working working working in the trenches with young girls trying to get them to understand what what it being to be ground, they literally using words that will help them to explain themselves and explain what happened to them to themselves, explore grooming, explaining that the whole process And don't work but nobody's tweeting about it. Nobody's gonna raving about it and they and your at your house and me to start trending on twitter without any. Attribution to you and you admit, you're, always clouding your judgment in the beginning. So tell us about that moment. So
you ve, been working on with these girls in the meeting will be sent two thousand five, and now it's. Twenty seventeen fall of twenty seventeen. I remember October and major was trending. It was. It was traumatic, There was this people thought a car in me, they may in community and I've been done his work of our times. I have a pretty large network outsail, a false, I'm associated with this Workpeople Nelson onwards, little girl. Surmounted works were black girl, surrounded the sexual violence me to all add just be that this was different and, unlike in these light, bulbs get a hold of this. Where is over look an ideal, they walk credit me. They won't talk about me Ray, and this is my work and I kept on this matter work in my work and my work, and I do think too I'm Hannah makes sense right, there's a lot of black women who create online and create things publicly who don T cry a lot of women
let me deal with their work being stolen in that kind of thing, but this is not An influenza are being created on you to buy something. This is different kind of work, and it was, I had to go through life cycle through their homes of light panic and then actually kind of check in with what was happening or lie. Right as we are, they ve been go by before I had seen the cash changeover airlines how people go crazy about them and then they did didn't you say your friends or one of them said to you will maybe it won't be big big deal. Maybe it'll just died out. How he died out. in a week, and then at this woman story online and adjust it just Me down again I told you how God comes to me in his ball away, stranger story who, because of me two trembling and twenty seventeen because of everyone's Jean, let me remind everybody,
I think, a miserable autos one who had first used to write and it went viral. Everybody start sharing their stories when a woman in your life. What this is me too, I'm the one who started this. What does everybody talked about, and then you read a tweet from a woman, Who is a complete stranger who felt because of it? ash that she was able for the first time reveal her story and then story after story after story, a person saying meet me to an end what was because I have been using is, I know what it means and I know what it feels like him. I thought you gotta take yourself out of this. I I had made the commitment to get my life to service and be inserted people a long time before I thought it was like war. What that actually mean in this moment. This is it this. Is it is the time to show up in an do. We
You said you were, and if this is happening today, people than maybe what I should be doing is inserted myself to say, hey. Let me help direct the conversation line, our own as this is my young women from credit. You know, MR death, not helpful, really does a thing happening. A particular skill set. You have a particular understanding Anita a natural limits at a moment, and again I feel like us. The grace of God that had happened is just like a perfect storm. Nobody, then you put out He's been amazing, watching all the push back against Harvey Wines Jane and in support of his accusers over the last week in print Today. I watch women on social media disclosed. the stories using the hashtag me to it made my swell to see women using this idea, one that we call empowerment through empathy to not only show the world. How widespread Pervasive sexual violence is but also to let others
vipers no, they are not alone the point of the work we have done over the last decade. I see you got very, allow we ve been working for ten years already on the point of it we ve done over the last decade with me to move. It is to let women put ITALY, young women of color, now that they are not alone. It's a movement, it's beyond it. ass jack. It's the start of a Archer conversation and the movement for rights. medical community healing join us at that there was beautiful, he pulled out you go in there. it didn't check at the man you gotta get out of that the difference can you imagine if my if my position had been, I want to welcome, this is mine, and then it will just evolve into some fight, and I said We ve my friends and I'll be some random trivia question. Who is the black lady? That said the sheep,
I'll meet you at the top up by a pleasant, I name now with a name. I would really care at the end of the day on investment I didn't live my life and I have done this work to be famous or even be written. Who thought this was possible right, that the work can have a sustained conversation about sexual violence. I don't even think it was possible. So yet I would agree. I would agree as I am of their generation, you just to get you a sexually harassed. You were marginalize, you were treated badly, you were even if that's what you did yeah yeah So it's been for years now. We started out saying since that those tweet started the fall of twenty seventeen living, utterly changed our culture. Some say we ve rarely started the conversation and there are many, as you know who say it's gone too far. Some complained that there's no due process, that of men.
Very rarely women are publicly accused are automatically guilty, and the court of public opinion You also hear people who are confused about the levels shop How do you define sexual assault, verses and unwanted touch. I tell people all the time. I try to explain. The sexual violence happens on inspection and we always Think about it happening on a spectrum so though the rude land where's the crude language that the harassment and kept calls on one side and you- and you keep me Somebody may touchy unwanted, but haven't violated to hasn't peasant force you to have sex without your consent. and even around consent. My lunch you realise there is there. Is people started, when a consensual manner and in revolt consent and then there's just all the way to it. The extreme of the personal the bushes and matches, the personal and violates the devil is a huge section, and if we can get.
sexual violence, on inspection than we can look at accountability on his back, and I think that it will help people understand. You have to take this piece by piece. These are not the same. And then they exist in the same spectrum, but then that the same an and that's the way I try to help people see the difference between the two. The other pieces that we work from a farmer law and order in our crime and punishment framework, all of the time as opposed to a healing or the harm and harm reduction, a framework because that laws that cover the whole spectrum right and is this debate in the spectrum about what should happen to this pressing than that. But if you start with the promise that you harmed a person and you need to be accountable for that harm. Then we can have a whole different conversation and then it's not about due process, all these legal time. It's about. What human human being. What do we all one another when you call somebody harm loudly
the extreme harmless and some people were committing dream harm like jumping out of bushes or a force in Somalia, have sex work against their will? I'm used to be removed from community envied repent rehabilitated away from people, whether ass jail is something else. That's one and the dispatch but on the other hand, when you harm somebody which language with an unwanted charge, things like that account nobody, can look different based on personal. It has to be what I mean as the president was hard to feel hooligans and and the conversations The whole convoluted with who did wine same as they are, a jail and was not going to jail that it becomes. This is really really, diluted and useless. Basically, conversation that doesn't help survivors, it doesn't help in sexual violence, and it puts us in a cycle is never ending cycle that doesn't make change. Well, you know, I think, one of the things me too,
certainly done is given voice to it. I recently view Jennifer Hudson. He was talking about preparing to embody or meet the Franklin and that one of the things about were either frankly with it, she had to learn how to light it literally her voice and that they were they were too. If you are looking at her, where she really kind of fighting side, her lips to decay, herself from what she needed to say- and we now know that She too was a victim of sexual violence an Jennifer could say you know by generation of young women. Have learn how to take up the space- and I think, me too has done for a whole generation of young girls who didn't go up the way we did it is given them voice to take up their own space. Pick up.
face raise your voice, say it out loud and no it there's a community to hold you write. What me too does the best is create community. So there you know not only not alone, but my gosh, unfortunately, by his unfit, Whenever we are so is a big club. It's a bit of gas club yeah, you know what it's a powerful club because you ve already survived the worst thing that you can and you have I been here. today, so we really represent power and resilience more so than we represent something pitiful, victimized, I won't we represent is overcoming the shame. That's why you're book with Bernay Brown is so impact for, because again, I say it's not that it is the act, but it's what the at, how the act makes. You feel how you, are forever coloured by their act and how you now see yours, up in the rest of the world, you, SAM Page, to twelve the pain
watching folks twists themselves out of shape, finding new ways to blame little black girls for their own abuse plays a part and the general ranking of sexual violence as minor in the face of things like racism and poverty? to play a role in how hard it is for us the stair down the monster that is so violence and call it out by me. So I want to know what, What are we gonna have to do in our society and our culture throughout world stare down the monster that is sexual violence and call it by name. I think we have to first say that out loud right, we call sexual ass, a public health crisis in an effort to help people understand just how big it is, how best it is, how many people's lives it is touched. The more we talk about it, the more we talk openly about it, the more survivors who are able to Ireland.
just to share your story because I'm not an advocate of people just telling stories for storing sake, but what's a viable looks like, it looks like to live with this thing that it helps people to understand. I don't think we gotta got them for instance, would harm lasting five years ago, even if they are wasn't. This robust conversation about with survival looks like and what people are holding a subtle Only to see this as a social justice issue as a public health crisis and as such they never not shameful. If we keep reiterating their message that you didn't do a thing. Nothing was done to you and you are not responsible for that. Then people will feel more comfortable and not talking about it but also fighting against it right. We have to fight against the culture. Allow sexual violence to happen and turns the other way, and it our community especially terms either way you know, and that all want reveal the book, but talking about
civil rights leader being revered in the community and because you have the title whatever that maybe someday The title is famous celebrity. Sometimes I tabled is upstanding leader. The community People are willing to look the other way and that Story- we have made a put a near, because we have to talk about the complicity around the people, to the people who don't say anything. people. Would I rang the Bell people who look the other way. You have a role to play. Absolutely you say what does the world have to do? We have to see this is our collective responsibility, that's right and not wait until it your child and then so speaking of your child. The thing that I think that horror that every Victims of sexual violence care them is like there, you're gonna, be overboard. of your child. You gonna do everything the picture. This doesn't happen to your child and there
One night, you asked Kyar. and they had the courage to tell you the truth. But more importantly, when I read that you asked Kyar the card- ass, tired to me, was the full circle moment because it meant that you have created capacity When I gave me the answer I had such a mix of emotions cover. I thought like failure to be quite honest, My initial reaction was this one, the time needed to do. I failed at doing protect my child, my child. but then I also knew that I have been given this gift right. This work, I've been doing. Have these tools actually use one of the tools that kind of talk with their eyes the girls which is riding down Ethel,
Ah me to approach to do with Kyar care without audience what you did, because I think a lot of people think why asked- and you didn't say anything- this is the thing that I use when I do parent and workshops a particularly in our community. We tend to adjust to grow children or to enable messenger summits at you, so much on the killer, you know big. We get that kind of thing and invest more helpful to your child, I wouldn't do that. A similar thing like that would hire, and so this day it came to me to say you know, there's nothing that you can tell me that was set she'll from my love, nothing that does there's nothing there. you can ever do or say that were made money, not love you, because I'm I realize I needed a push in it. They needed some. Some sense of safety
and when it dawned on me that car you felt exactly like, I felt at as a little baby rise, a child that I had done something wrong, that they had done something wrong, and so once I took that away and said, even if you think you did something wrong, mommy will still love you. It created a space for them to say: okay, this is a thing happen and they also felt complete like I'm a bad, I was a bad child and it changed everything in it. It also set the tone for our relationship. My my child is a mammoth Giles, Mommy low baby, and we have a close and really honest relationship that started from that way. Changed how we communicate- and I try to tell my friend for everybody- listen to email, some, two thousand and nine- why? I was writing people like when you say what happened. Talk to your child differently! Ask different questions: yes,
you write about once hearing about the butterfly affect how the tiny flap of a butterflies wings could lead to a solution. On the other side of the world So one allowed you ever think of yourself and your. Your evolution, after what happened to you is that in his seven year old little girl as the lapping of a butterfly wing that actually changed the world. Her committee have again I don't think I've ever thought of myself. Is that no, but think about it, but think about it?
I mean. There's probably people might say that you know who I get. People who write me letters and say things like that, all the time it feel it has said this before, but it feels like a duty. You know I'm so grateful to have survived I'm, so I'm just grateful the gods saw fit to see me worthy and make me see my words enough to put it into the world and use me as a vessel in that way that I don't think of being by supernatural- or you know that kind of thing. I just want to do my work. I just want to take this thing now. Given to me and get it out as many people as possible. Yeah yeah, it's not supernatural Toronto. It actually is what my I used to say wouldn't take nuthin form a journey now for my journey now taking nothing because every
that happened to you is what his could you in this space and you I've done. The thing that we, as human beings are supposed to do. You take the thing that you ve been given and that you had absolutely no control over and that causes so much pain and and rage and turn that into your greatest power. That is what you ve done to run over a mass I thank you for Unbound. Thank you. Thank you. I have so many. Thank you speak of fate. No, no! No! No! You did did the work in I talked about. reading about my doctors that my animals and the Things were absolutely the shoulder you did because you know I had the same mother too. There was every single day or take didn't we watch the later that you did. Were a man? No you,
so many times, but they just would life changing. I know so many friends who have said this episode and made me realize, or this is when I knew I could talk about it and the fact that we welcome, to do this together that I could do unbound on your impression it just all fields divide. It is all feels inland. I use just story to help the girl that worked with your story help me now. Your stories help me now. Capacity thing is huge for me that's so huge packages, breakdown and cry right now, because what I realized is all that was it the word it my mother, didn't love me, it's that she just didn't tap capacity, the capacity. So but you know, I think everybody who read it will find but they need in the pages of Unbound. That's when you,
You ve done your work when it it feeds what people need and it is there as an offering to serve whatever those those those any are, and that only happens when you tell the truth, I met a man, ghost oversell with me here for a minute ago, I wonder now, do you believe in God a universal force loves spiritual consciousness, a unified field? whatever by whatever name. Do you call it and if so, how does that show up for you? What tells you there I believe in God and I believe God is a universal force. and the way my survival is really how its shown up for me. The fact that I sometimes Like I shouldn't matter, you shouldn't be here, but I should be the notice I shouldn't where's this coming from. I can only explain it by this divine force.
this guy moving in my life and it's just spin I've gotta get. A move away from that sometimes- and I can tell I can track my life by how far more than her far come back. You know in this just so I can't I can't ever deny it. I can't say anything else, everything happened last four years, but God yet showed up yeah, yet Oda as they do. yeah yeah. I may not something you want to do. Is we say, but always on time, tat what what Your greatest awakening gas. I had so many I don't know that my greatest awakening. You know I will say my latest greatest awakening is when meat the wind virus and all of this Thursday. Happening. I realized as much as I talk about open, joy and dreams that I didn't dream big and now that I still have that these limits to what I could do,
or what I could be or what I could contribute to the world and because I would get it don't places they will. You know, that's not gonna happen. The left is out just the dream in this box and I've been showing me a bit about all this time and instead of China live inside that I've lived answered. The bastard I called out aware he didn't sell. That was a shoe. I say I am not trying to use your work but thought to take it to go ahead. Nation, it's a big revelation there. It was a revelation, ok What was your greatest suffering and what wisdom did you gain from it had elapsed? Offering to you know. I think this is hard to talk about. I think that my relationship with my mother,
the evolution of that relationship when we're very close Now- and I just she's most important thing to me. By that a moment, the time in my life, and I thought that She didn't love me and then, when I ever progressed and realized all? This is something different It is how love shows up for her shows up for her, and I cleared sort of a just and understand that that wisdom is what has kept us This is why we have a relationship. Is it helped me then, and actually the dedication to- is that a lot more? there can be no freedom. Yes, what happened no freedom so badly in the way that I know it, because that revelation gave me freedom- and I don't know Our stuff is not on. I don't have a real clear picture of the things. I know some stuff that happened, but I just want the truth in this book as hard as it is to face to be something that's praying for her too,
The squire, the time when you lost your internal compass and how you were able to get it back. Oh boy, I lost my internal happy, so I think there when I was in summer and when I got really really Harry there and I know right and wrong. I know oh: when I'm supposed to move and no one I'm supposed to be obedient, and there were times during my time there that I definitely lost my internal partners. I just felt like I was being obedience of people, as opposed to my God, I myself you boys boys, that I do not deny that. I know I have and adjust. It took me way off course, and it every time that happened to take so long to get so I'm lost if you have lasted for men,
I've been a relationship that I like. You don't belong here. You know, and I remember Clearly, being the relationship and say not only, do not belong here. I don't have to be here like having that appear for me. Like way, actually dont have to be here. I don't have to take this. I don't have to do this. I know myself. I'm in a lead me to this relationship, undisguised married in December. Why, I didn't know that I don't really know there was a little secret weapon of peak whereby it you know, but I've been often all with my husband for thirty years. I met him when I was six c and he came to me and with such force and was like you are the person you ve always been the case. if no Winnie, whenever you're ready- and I said No watch heartbreak looks like What's struggling painless, liken relationship, don't really know what it looks like to be loved and fully loved and accept, love and love that,
this doesn't turnout array and turns into heartbreak at least and also by now live could have done it before. But I dont know what it is to step in, Allow me to love me, and so I don't know that the question. I forgot the question: does it did it did tat about about, but your counters? It was. You answered the competition, I want to know what feels you with awe and when was the last time you ve felt. Ah, my child fills me with awe higher is Is our always joke affair, overshot, soul, three and so not fearless, but just liberated awaited, I cannot imagine feeling at their age and I'm in, or of how they moved to the world. You know I was like I am
I'm by Mary, Ann, Polly, amorous and clear, and I have pink hair and blogger disdain and I'm dislike. You know still a little yell up like you got about now, and I just I really am in awe and they're so honest, they will say to me, you know me that thing. You said the other day. It can't hurt my feelings, I know who were trying to be general director whatever, but it hurt my feelings. Man like oh, ok, in order to allow the families different, I'm just an all out. If I had that. Oh my gosh twenty three. Well, you have done the work because you know what we're talking earlier about the capacity it takes. Full capacity and open as is apparent to be able to say all years, came right now gave it all up. Oh yeah
I can tell you I there yet, but ok, let me just say I'm not. I don't want to paint a picture because women Pearson started out like all. Oh, are you sure yeah. I got some thoughts on that with my girls like us. a mamma you being judgmental? Yes, I am honey, that's what this is called judgment, much pitcher on sweater inner bikini one time and was dancing. There was a video. They were dancing I would like to do is to enable leg feminist, mother, you in the eye, and let me say this reserve the right, I'm multitudes, multitudes, I'm a feminist and I won't get on the internet on the internet and will discuss and debate later. I get that show final question. What do you think
or believe, is your true offering to the world. I'd your child, and your family, I think I think I think honesty, I think it is my offering to the world, is to take the next I had an expanse of the sea around me and you talk about honestly to be honest about high impact me and so create spaces where people also, can be honest. I don't think so. Much like unkindness. So much dishonesty has just do rails, invitations relationships, and so my offering to the world is to be as authentic and honest. as I can be that's it. I have I have all the stuff we feel like. I have these stories. I have these experiences and I can write in them or I can talk about
I'm going to survive down and how I can see it stay for other people and just try to be an example. Ok, final file. What's next with me, to. Where is it going to take us? So now you have you have this offer. To the world. You are using your life, your taking the pain. You turn it into something really powerful. What's next, where do we go from here? Well? Well, go as you know, the meter movement and the work we do has really changed, and so what's next is the sun liberation that I have. I want other survivors, the habit, but I also want to spread a message of what I was saying about collective responsibility, so was next to that we help people understand, and that, in order for that to happen, my we should be thinking there were twelve million people use that hashtag in twenty four hours. And we still haven't, really responded to them. Why Mitchell was what you say the same.
It happened to me and then what happens after that, and so where China I'm trying to do the work of what happens after as interesting, this fascinating debate twelve million people responded hours in twenty four hours there we owe them and that's because a girl child is safe in a world full of man to man. Thank you so much. Thank you. So much thank you. Thank you conversation. Great conversation also grateful. Thank you. So much appreciated appreciate it what can we do as announced shifting narrative too and shifting culture, and if we didn't hear some of the things that you said, It means I ll, never forget the episode you didn't you talk to perpetrators, be wet and dry and they talked about blooming the kids there was. This has been so much groundwork laid air.
That allows us to night so as not far into people, and we start talking in doing this work and we all have a role to play and you just played such a big role will thank you. You know that perpetrate that their thing freed me, because that was the first time I realise its plan, its strategy, Thank you, your chosen, for some. I realise that my cousin tick, my toes in playing then the then that was that had been thought out there was that was there was actually really the most you gay. I remember this always episode. It comes on my mind. I was same fascination outside this is was it. A strategy had listened to how long the long game it they have. It was their father and his daughter and other man I just I remember it, never forget her father. He said he had got and then he said he had to say
he started playing games with the daughter, and he had he had worked out from month to month to be able to get to the point where he could rubber against her breast because he had done the knees and done the thigh rising. We play the games and then he made the decision in that today, I'm gonna touched the breast. see what kind of reaction I get it burned in mind me too me you. That was. That was a major miniature Hi What oh I had? No, I up until then. You know I thought it was there. like these random things that were always happening in the dust and such tremendous work and so do you remember what he said: thou Terranova that he went to his wife. I went to the wife which I always hated within Objectify went to the wife, because I thought- She would go to the wife and I wanted to get to the wife first and I told her that she had this reaction so that when she
to her mother. Her mother would say we already. Came to me and he didn't mean anything by that that got me took, as I thought, wow think of everything, but think of everything their covering the tracks. Your car on the basis. You know how many I thought of the day that I was assaulted at seven. I was with two other friends in the candy store and I just think why did he pick me? Why of the three of us? Did he pick me to say, come with me and is an I don't know. I don't know, but I just imagine he probably have been watching I've been watching you and knows that you're, the one the I'm, the one who's friendly and now she's there. She gas right and it's not you it's a plan that it just help me said just how so many of us so, but thinking at the fact that you are never that you and I was There- was a bit One of the major anyway we'll talk again, God bless covered himself. I've got to talk it out, Janusz, doesn't matter Conversation advisor
get their fear got a little bit of. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All this time appreciate it really appreciate you are I gutless, mobile, wintry and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the podcast you can follow, super soul on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple pod cas and subscribe rate and review, this pledge cast joy mean ex weak for another superbowl conversation. Thank you for listening.
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