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Oprah on the False Power of Ego

2019-07-22 | 🔗

Oprah talks about the power of ego and why she now regrets pulling out the infamous "wagon of fat" on The Oprah Winfrey Show—the most-watched Oprah episode in history. Oprah shares the ways in which it affected how others viewed her, as well as her own self-image. She explains what it felt like to finally make the connection, years later, to what was really driving her decision to share her weight struggles with the world. Oprah also offers advice for knowing when your ego is getting the best of you.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now, over the years, the century so many teachers and poets and songwriters some talked about the significance Of knowing yourself, I know we ve all heard to thine own self, be true Shakespeare or learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all Whitney Houston. What I know for sure is that in all the talk about loving yourself, you can't begin to love yourself or
even be true to yourself, unless you know who you are separate from your ego, so think about this. For a moment you were home listening to me and taking into thoughts and I'm sharing right now and there is an inner space. It allows you to perceive these thoughts little, not even a space, some just using the space because there is no other word. There is the ability to perceive what I'm saying and be aware of what I'm saying. That is where the true you abide in that awareness in the very centre of yourself and when stray from that centre, you get lost and you make mistakes. I learned this the hard way your ego takes over. Everybody has an eagle eye so think the ego showed itself through some I'm being arrogant or
stuck up or haughty, Who does she think she is prince and down a red carpet kind of thing? Well, I'm in show business business of showing myself. So I'm a Where that there is a lot of egotism involved in this business- and I always thought that I had my ego in Czech until I realise that it's not just the obvious is not always acting out or showing off in two thousand eight, I chose Eckart Tullidge Book a new earth for my book club chapters. Three and four literally change way I saw myself and my ego it change for me what ego mint, and totally says it any identification with form, meaning any. I desertification identifying with something that is not the sinner of yourself that is possessions,
There are things. Cars, titles, social status or, in my case, identifying with, the deep desire to be thin, let's be clear about ego, wanting to lose weight or be healthy, isn't necessarily ego. It's for me in this it's the way in which it was done. My ego is on flamboyant display, Now this is me and nineteen, eighty one in Baltimore. That's me the big headed a girl with Afro their nineteen. Eighty one interviewing tone Randal down at the Baltimore Harbour. That is the last time I was in the Calvin clients as ten genes until
that's eagle with upon palm salute. You know. I actually thought at the time that being thin made me better. My identification with for my wanting so desperately to be in a size, tin, Jean was so prominent. Identifying with that, shortly after this, I gained five pounds and I was invited to a party at the time by DAWN Johnson. Dreamy Don Johnson.
invited to holiday Party- and I did not go to that party, because I thought the five pounds made me to fact not good enough to be a Don jaunt and Party sounds kind of sick. Now I know, but that's what the ego does it is it's us is. It is sick, its wily, its cunning, its deceptive. It's an impostor impasse, using on the real you making. You often think that dignity or something that you're, not you, not the shape of your body, you not your status, you're, not your! position in life. You're, not the car. You drive no matter how Hence it is you're, not your house. Your square footage for all of you right now here is in
The way to better understand ego. What I'm talking about Eckhardt taught me this everybody try this from home rate or wherever. You are right now close your eyes and notice. What you're thinking notice should thoughts now. who is thinking those thoughts. Can you notice that there is a space where you are observing the thoughts Were you are aware of the thoughts since you are observing Eckart says you are that awareness disguised as a person and when I got that I understood the difference between my true self. And my ego self don't go anywhere more to come after this short break, Today's episode is supported by american heritage. Chocolate. Have you ever
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nineteen eighty eight the highest raided Oprah show in our history eighteen million viewers to an end. That day to watch me reveal my new body and a pair of size, ten Calvin Klein genes as this morning as of this morning, sixty seven pounds since July, seven sixty seven pounds and thirty inches from my bust. My waist Emma helps seven twelve eleven. I think it is and this, let me tell you those of you who are starting dieting or dining a little, but this is what sixty seven pounds
It looks like I can't I can't lifted, but I used to carry around every day and when you talk about making yourself the best you can be. Do I'm glad I did this for my heart, because my poor hot that had to send blood to all of this? All of this. I it's just a shocking to me that it is. It is this I saw it. Yes, May I say it: I'm gonna live on broccoli now for months, not a morsel of food. I gotta tell you during that time I planned a vacation, to the south of France. I gave that vacation away to friends, the plan to do some other things, anything that involve being around food it all. I just cancelled anything that was gonna put me any place where I could smell or come into contact with food
oh, some people thought I did that poor Stedman. There was certainly a part of me that felt that I didn't match what he was in. His physical stature is a very good looking guy, and I knew that when people would see us together that the first thing they were thinking, I certainly thought for myself, but they were thinking is, what's he doing with that fat girl, so there was a part of me that wanted to look the best. I could for myself, but also to identify with form again for the image of what we look like as a couple was Stedman. This was all about me maximizing my potential physically. I think that he wanted what was best for me. Obviously, he grew up being an athlete and fits and loves the outdoors.
and all that, and he wanted for me to have the opportunity to be in the body and fill the body in a way that was fulfilling for me what he believed to be my bodies greatest potential. So years later I met Bob Green. I lost wait, a different way, working hard taking in fewer calories, expanding more energy, and we wrote a book together call make the connection Bob's idea for the title, not mine. So there we are in the process of writing. We'd sitting room would be talking and all my journals lay down on the floor and I would turn the bob- and I too was a connection again remind me. What is the connection now? I know that the connection is the connection to the truce, to your true self and disk.
Action from the ego self. It is connection to the alignment with that power that lies within make the connection so that you don't have to be disconnected and operating out of your false egos. Operating out of ego means that your operating out of fear and operating out of fear means you're, always gonna, be scared, And running for your life, instead of being, an alignment with your life, and I gotta say that's a big lesson. It's about right, Lee remaining conscious remaining connected to that peace and the piece of yourself. That knows that you are not the thoughts in your head. You are not identifying with the thoughts in your head or the
things that surround you, you are not defined by your possessions or titles, or positions in life. You are aware and live in the space of awareness and are connected to in such a way that every day you move from the space of peace, So when I lost sixty seven pounds on that liquid diet by literally devoted by life for four months to starving I have paid mightily for that choice to step into my ego in such a big way, and you might think that the most is oh there. She is and it looks like I'm really feeling myself and I am really you know literally shaking my but on tv thinking like. Oh, yes, something I'm so thin, I'm gonna be thin forever. Nobody could tell me that I wasn't at the time.
the ego is a disassociation from your true sense of self worth. The ego my belief that being in those Calvin Klein genes made me worthy as a human being or more valuable or made me better, and so I have had to pay the price for that moment over and over and over. I literally handed to the world Fun of fat wagon platter, the story of is she fat. Is she thin? Is she fat? Is she thin the Eagles hard to explain because it's not tangible? The best way I ever heard it explained, was by Eckhart Tolle when he was on our new earth. Webcast is the false sense of self based on mental concepts.
you talk about when a young child first learned to identify my toy. Yes, that's the beginning of ego when the child starts to identify with an external object, and you can see when, when the toy is taken away from a child, the Eagle Lost something that it had, I done to find ways and then we grow lap and of course, the process continues. As you can see, for example, when people are discussing and if somebody could question somebody's opinion very often immediately they become defensive right, sometimes even aggressive or stop shouting right, because opinions again is another thing that, as my belief, sign the identified with a thought, they hold a mental position and than anybody or questions that mental position immediately becomes your enemy because you believe you're being attacked, you're not being attacked, but the image that you have of yourself and the
our opinion is part of that. The eagle believes its being attack. That was a bingo bengal moment. For me, I gotta tell you it's so easy for everybody else to see it and other people we can see when other people's egos or flair up. You can see it even in your own children, its harder to see it for yourself and to call it out- and this is what I do know for sure the moment you say. Oh, that's my ego, that's my ego act. Oh that's! My ego Oh, you began to diminish it. You Finish its power, when you can step back in your observers, self and notice, that's my ego. Flaring up. Working to keep the ego and check is an ongoing process for everybody, because we all have an ego and it shows up when you least expected just yes, I was doing a shoot and
I had flown into town to do the shoot and the crew was supposed to mean me as I landed, and the crew was not there. The first two minutes I was like well, they should be here. Then they weren't there five minutes past a steward there, and I start to feel my ego rising like I gotta. Do they keep me waiting other and I recognized instantly almost that's my ego, nobody is trying to hold me up on purpose. Nobody is intentionally trying to keep me waiting, so something must have happened to cause them to be late, so I stepped out of my ego, observed what was happening in that moment. Endless that go any time you're in a space in your own life, when you're, asking or saying
dare you or I'm being disrespected or this is wrong, or they should be happening to me in that kind of energy? It's usually your ego. It's not ok for peace, to be late all the time and it's ok to express it. I'm upset that you are late, but it's the way, the eagle, flares and says how dare someone keep me waiting the ability to feel the truth of yourself really the abilities No, the truth of yourself and to have an awareness about yourself is how you start to disconnect from the ego there is the ego and then there's you and your ability to
disconnect and be aware of all the thought in your head that are telling you who you should be in what you should do and the roles to play in what you have, and you need to get more need to have more and more and more, as the ego feeds itself on wanting, never satisfied. Think about how does the ego show up for you, because if you are celebrity everything is magnified and everything gets larger and bigger. That's why living large is really an accurate phrase. You know we're just bombard, it all the time by images in modern day, culture everywhere. We look images telling us that we are not enough that who you are isn't enough, and I I M here to tell you that you are enough. and his card says in a new earth. Do not wait till you're on your death bed before
you start to recognise that no thing, nothing. No material possession. No position in life, no job status a really mattered in terms of defining. who you really are no thing has ever to find who you are I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple, podcast, unsubscribe rate and reviews. This pledge gas join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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