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Making the shift from self to service brings joy and also a deep sense of fulfillment to our jobs, relationships and the vision we create of our best life, says Oprah's friend Gary Zukav. He says this is the moment when we discover authentic power--“when your personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul.” Fulfilling your purpose, with meaning, is what gives you that powerful spark of energy unique only to you, he says. In this episode of Super Soul Conversations Oprah sits down with such inspirational teachers, including Gary Zukav, Mastin Kipp, Paulo Coehlo, Sue Monk Kidd, Pastor Wintley Phipps, Nate Berkus, Diana Nyad, India.Arie, Janet Mock, Jack Canfield, Daniel Pink, Daniel Goleman, Shawn Achor, Jeff Weiner, Wes Moore, Shonda Rhimes and Devon Franklin to reveal how we can tap that source, which is our highest and truest version of ourselves. Interviews with these talented writers, speakers and thought leaders are excerpted from Oprah’s Emmy Award-winning show Super Soul Sunday. You can also find this compilation and other insightful conversations in Oprah’s best-selling book The Wisdom of Sundays.

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We have that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully and present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us start right now. I created superstore Sunday in part because of my own yearning to talk to people who have the ability, it open both hearts and minds to the wisdom of their life. Experiences beyond the joy it brings to me. I see the show as an offering to anyone in search of a connection to all that is greater than themselves. Even during the upper Winfrey show years, I always felt a hunger from the audience a deep desire to nourish. Now only their mind and body, but also to create a more meaningful, authentic life. Most people say biggest dream. They have for themselves, is happiness, contentment and a sense of peace.
Absolutely elements in the equation. But ultimately I believe what were all truly seeking is freedom. We long for a life without constraint, free from conflict, fear or judgment where our relationships, career, health finances co exist in perfect flow with our spiritual, this- is what Michael singer described during a super, so conversations as an absolute state of well being, as you think, about what lasting fulfilment, looks like in your own life know that the device in force at work within? All of us has bigger dream for you than you could ever imagine for yourself. Six.
ES comes when you surrender to that dream and allow it to lead you to the next best place, outside the door of my office at Harper Studios in Chicago there was an elevator. Every day I wrote it to the studio. Take the show, it was only one floor down and I could have easily walked, but those she's moments alone, where my opportune the two set, my intention to bring the very. Asked myself to both the guests and the audience. I said the same. Air then that I say now before every superstore Sunday Interview use me God Ah me how to take, who I am I want to be, and what I can do and use me for a purpose greater than myself The key to realising a dream is to
focus not on success, but on service. Ask your Where did the gifts and talents you can share to raise the collective consciousness of all that you encounter making that shift from self to service will bring an immeasurable amount of fulfilment to your job. Your relationships and the vision you have of your own best life Gary's Zverkov grimly. They described this as the moment. You discover your authentic power. He says when your personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul. That is authentic power, fulfilling your purpose with. Meaning is what gives you that powerful spark of energy, unique to only you the result, is an electrifying current of clarity
rising from the deepest part of yourself by tapping to that source. You will no longer feel like salmon swimming upstream instead, people will finally see the highest version of you and stand Ah wondering how you She'd your dreams, as you listen to this chapter. My hope is that you will find the courage to tuna The negative voices telling you all the reasons to give up, make the choice to turn up the volume To your unique calling the glory that is, your own life, beginning with Gary Zverkov, the saw it is your mother ship, so when you're sailing in the same direction that it wants to go, your life filled with meaning and purpose, and when you sail in another direction it empties of meaning and criminals, you can look at it. This way.
You are a personality. That means you were born on a certain day and you'll die on a certain day ashes to ashes, thus to dust, but your soul won't die your soul. Is you also we're on a journey to the soul? You could put it that way, while we're here this span between burthen death, think of yourself as a body and soul, and while we have this precious opportunity to walk on the earth, the question becomes: what will we do if this personality, what will you do with you now here? We can define you in a couple of ways. One is you with a little why the personality that was born and that will die the other. You is the you with a big. Why that's your soul?
and, if you use your time while you're on the earth to align the little you with the big you, your life begins to fill with, meaning fill with purpose filled. Joy, and you know why you're alive, following what you know your soul, wants you to do one of the things that impress me the most is really just stayed with me forever is when you say when the personality comes fully deserve the energy of the soul. That is often too far, and this is a relatively new copies,
This all my copy by my bedside is so dog eared and I started highlighting it and then I realized the whole book has highlighted. So what's the point of violating anymore, but that was one of the first things I highlighted in that book thirteen years ago and that awakened a spark of knowing in me that I never knew existed. I mean I now call them aha moment, but I realized, oh, when my personality comes to fully aligned with the energy of my soul and allow my soul to be the guide. That is when I am the most powerful. That is when I am in what I call now my sweet spot. I sweet spot real were born. To live in the sweet spot. That is, the creation of authentic power. Yes, that's how we're all evolving now next up, Maston Kip Joseph,
and what was a legendary american writer, pathologist and lecturer his work brought to millions of euros in nineteen? Eighty eight and go more years popular PBS Series, the power of myth. I watched the power networks every year on like clockwork knock, has a chance, because I change Says that we are not looking for the meaning of life as much as we are looking for the experience of being alive and Yo Campbells COIN, a phrase that sums up his whole life's work of everything he ever studied is follow your bliss, its turn into this kind like trade tattoo, but yet understand this guy studied all the human stories.
Pathologies and religions, and everything- and this is his advice to Us- allow data network follow your bliss, so that means pay attention to those moments. When you're lit up when time displaced by when you're in a sort of that field of this joyful expression, which is generally in contribution and being of service and some kind of sensitive connection in your life and then to be able to take action in that direction and trust that, as you step something what kind of support you write, so it's really about in save. What can I get? How can I take? How can manipulate the question is what can I give and when you look at what makes you happy what makes you come alive as in following your bless, you look at those patterns because, if you look back there there and you stepped out into that, makes you happy what makes you come on line. What is your Blair's? Yes, you can
the people where my most happy ask your friends ass, your parents. I was happy in these conversations. Yes, that was great. Now, let's hear from Palu Quito one of the running themes, roof a book is one of my favorite all time quotes, and that is when you want some all the universe conspires in helping to get it. I think the universe actually conspired in helping me to be here today when trying to do this interview for ten years. But where did that idea? Those words that theme come from well what they experience in my life. Is that when they really wanted something hours it positive and because the universe does not think you have just said
cautious mind that sometimes is attracting tragedy right, attracting bad things. No because you want to be a victim because to be a victim is to adjust, fry a lot of frustration using arrive The universe is helping you. You want to be successful the the rest of the EU, based on how you think truly here yeah, how you think consciously Attica project yeah. Do you believe it? person has as a personal legend one hundred percent can visit, which is totally different that I believe that every press is going to fulfil his or her personal. Ok, I would agree. Every person has a personal foresaw. What is a personal edge in the book follows the shepherd
We're Santiago, he experienced is reoccurring, dream and then start on a journey to realize his personal legend. What is the personal legend? It just the reason that it is simple, now, you are here to honour something called the miracle of life. You can be here to full fewer hours, and days is something that is meaningless You know that you have a reason to be here. It is the only thing that gives you enthusiasts right and you know when you are betray your personal legend When you are doing something without enthusiasm and worse, you know that you have just good excuse, I'm not ready, which is justified,
schools! Now, there's! No, I'm not read! You have to wait for the right more man. Now, to feed. My family come on your family wants to see you happy. Yes, your daughter, your husband, your wife, don't want to see you, dear city, in the work that you hate. Even if it gives you tons of money. Ok, so you just when a really key clue two how'd, you know you're pursuing your personal legend. It is that which in life gives you enthusiasm, yeah I call it personal alleging. I call it your personal calling. Everybody has a yards in. Why you're here you're called here, and you, oh, if you're, on the path to it, whether you, It was. He asked about what you're doing or not Well, that's how you Richard! I won. I wonder if you press, ok and we all have one absolute. We have reason to be here, yeah, no reason to be here. We don't know if we
taking the right steps towards it. But if we honestly love. God is going to guide you, even if it takes some wrong steps, God we all recognise that you have a pure, Yes, and you put back on track because the universe rises up to meet you absolute. More of our conversation in just a moment support for this episode comes from Cricket wireless when the a card energy, Woodson pioneered the celebration of Negro history, weak and nineteen. Twenty six. His great desire was to commemorate african american contributions to american society that were unacknowledged, oftentimes flat out, denied and left out of history books today contributions of African Americans are known. The world over Black history is more than commemorating the past. It's about celebrating the valuable contributions that black people from all over the world make that push. Culture forward.
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to stop. Sometimes pause hit the star button and really listen to ourselves to listen to the yearning and ourselves its talking to us in Greece. In nineteen. Ninety three I made this trip greece- and I was on the island of Crete and we to this. A little greek orthodox, convent, very old there's a tree there. That term is sacred to these nuns and this little none about four eleven came over and she was trying to explain to us. There is a tradition that you go up to the tree and you ask for that thing and she described it. Like this in the bottom of your heart bottom I think what she was trying to say was asked for the deepest thing in yourself. He added it came out asked where the thing that lies in the bottom of your heart and I never for. At that, and I thought how many women how this thing that lies. In the bottom of their heart that there
paying attention to that wants, media that once a place in their lives- and so we all took a turn. The women I was travelling with and we went up under its tree, where this is amazing, icon of Mary, and we for the thing in the bottom of our hearts and I blurted out, I want to be a novelist economy. We by surprise: I wanna be a now. I want to be a novelist. Sometimes it's that simple, that You take a moment and you ask yourself: what's the thing that lies in the bottom of my heart and then it just comes up. Sometimes it's like the courage. Is another important component in all of this. The courage to ask that question what lies at the bottom of my heart, the Kirsty. Sat that intention to announce it to make the Nazi. Mission somewhere and even if it takes our breath,
We should take our breath once in awhile, pastor, went leaps. You would telling me that God has for all of us that there was a supreme moment of destiny. Yes, yes, somewhere, live that all along like you, I mean I look at your life and I look at my own life. We have been chasing Moments of destiny, when things that your dream of us. A kid and you watch them come to react those are moments of destiny, but then, I began to realize that God showed me the moments of destiny, a moment's for which you were created, but they're, not the reason for which you were created, the reason for which we were created, grow every day to more resemble reflect and review.
The character of the one who created us and what we are talking about here, is aligning with that, which is the reason why you really came back in that. Is pursuing. Whatever is your best destiny? Every power Then, who pursues that with the idea to resemble reveal and reflect that which is the character of your creator absent. You are then, on the right path, absolutely and whether you are tall ashore, whether you are poor or wealthy yeah? You can achieve the desk for which you were created, which is what
We are trying to do right, Nate, burgers, lotta people about me over the years. This is design a spiritual endeavour and I have always believed that it was. I've, never really had the language to describe why I felt that way until I sat down to do this book, not freedom to actually create and design my own world and my own time line with something that I knew. That was the single thing that propelled me to start my design firm, just a thought that you can stop and start to create for yourself what it is you want. Absolutely that's it that's a big leap. It was powerful and it was. It was scary to start my a company a twenty three years old. I had also know myself. I guess as well as I thought I could at that stage, my life Diane and I add the will, is so undefinable and can push you so far beyond. Why that sport, scientists, the best of them right, mean Jose
sorry to tell you this is humanly impossible, and I write back and say that to them you have no idea, then you're just doing your little studies on what heart can do and what the what the lungs can do. I'm talking to you with a spirit can do and that's not measurable, didn't everybody say it couldn't be done all of em Often cannot be done, though, somewhere else swim, something lesser just I just can't be done, and I just said I still believe call me crazy I don't want to go two hundred and ninety keeping trying this every year, but I believe we're going to make it across find a way. If it's important to you, we can all we can get there and so that was my thing this year, Jellyfish sea sickness, in cold find a way India, are we, visualize it was. I had built this big building and it was pre from the outside and shiny and pray India, in my mind, it was round like all those around highrise but inside it was just stuff all over the place and privileges.
Running a mountainous higher showed up at my meditation and when I decided I was going to tear that building down. It was because I had this clarity that, ten years from now, I'm going to be in my mid forties, And I can't have that shiny building on the outside. That's a mess inside they always way What a cry just thinking about it, because I didn't know how I was going to do what I was afraid. I don't know how to run my business. I was afraid that I knew that I couldn't keep doing the same thing I was really going to. I was going to be off the path of my destiny and destiny. Not snake being alive if you're not doing what you knew JANET Mark, the reason why this is to me a deeply spiritual conversation is because the search for your authentic self is the search that all of us hold, as the pathway on our journey to becoming the highest vision of our else, and I think it so interesting that it took you the time that it took you.
To become comfortable with telling your story and when you They did for Marie Clare. Two thousand eleven varies People knew at the time that you were trans and you kept quiet because you said you didn't want to become other and other and now we're sitting around supersonic Sunday talking of battle, but that all means you feel that you have now been others or have you transcended that I don't know five transcended at yet. I still think that for most People are the most interesting part about me as my Trans Ness and so forth. I still feel like theirs and other ring about that, but there is a lot of power in saying that I will proudly and unapologetically in that part of my identity for once the one part of my identity that I was taught growing up to be silent and shame. About reign in so to own that label and to say that it is mine, and I stand here
that complicated mists of like exist as a Trans person as a trans woman, I think that there is how in that, but there still another attack. To any kind of labels. I think that that kind of qualifies person hood or human, but I do think that your book redefining real. This is the beginning. We're on the verge of a new way of thinking about. Sexuality and gender, and now to sexuality engender the reason why I think that this book applies to any person who is human is because we get up in multiple ways throughout our lives and you our desire to redefine real. This, I think, is what everybody is really looking for for themselves. Do not. I do, I think, we're all searching for truth, yeah that there is there so much for telling you about who you are, and I think that's where the other incomes and I was constantly
person going through this society. Figure out who I was in relation to what people are telling me. I should be in oh for me, redefining illness was about tapping into my most authentic self. Who am I to me, and I think that for me, realness about authenticity, it's about searching and seeking truth. It's about. Being okay and a new wants of the mess seen ass, a figuring out who you are when you may not have the answers and that no matter what your gender is. No matter what your sexuality is, no matter where you are on the path right. You talk in the book about the first time you looked. They're after your surgery, you said you ve, felt, authenticated. And closer to hold further first time in your life was at an overwhelming moment. It was.
I was eighteen years old, my made so many sacrifices and compromises, and I got my girl. I went out in the world, and I got her and I liberated her went through a whole underground rail road of resources. To get to that space. I could stand in that mirror for the first time naked and lay Bear in my truth: the is, who I am, and I did that on my arm and so to have that. Eighteen that give nothing could stop me after that. Don't go anywhere more to come after this short break into only twenty one. It's finally ok to talk about her mental health and happiness. Humans are meant to keep everything inside. It makes us sick and therapy helps. But what is therapy exactly it's whatever you want it to be maybe you're not feeling motivated right now. I would like some tools to help, or maybe you're feeling and secure and relationships are work. Not dealing I would stress whenever you need
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Over the past seven years, Oprah Antipater produced over three hundred meditations that will last a lifetime trend, form every aspect of your life, with the complete twenty one day: meditation collection from the pioneers and well being for, amid a time he will also get a year of the chopper app pudding. Comprehensive guy, too well being in the palm of your hand, unlocked the all twenty one day, meditation library now before it goes away forever visit, show. For outcome, slash, opera and start your journey today. Jack can feel I believe we all have unlimited possibilities to become pretty much anything. We want because I believe you're not given a dream. Unless you have the capacity to fulfil it, won't be allowed to have it now you we need to learn new things, many mentored you may be seen as a powerful super solve message. You don't even have a dream that you're not allowed to fulfil exactly you have the capacity won't be allowed to have the dream. If you don't have the ability, the talent, the skills,
Don't you maybe develop more skilled that you have the capacity to do any then you can dream up. Whatever the mine can conceive and believe the mind can achieve yeah Eddie Jake's. We raise them other generation we have seen in the last three to four hundred years. We are so busy we're. You're gonna want wall paper, hanger ridges busy build you'll, get it later, don't worry about it. I've gotta hit a minute. We are just as easy as we can be and we think because we're busy we're effective, but I want you to challenge or scheduled for a minute and ask yourself: are you really being effective or Israel life cluttered with all kinds of stuff that demands you drains you and tax issue,
stop you from being your highest best self, and are you substituting busy this and all the chaos goes a little with business? From being effective, Daniel, Pink, I just always went to get better and that question I ask myself and my better today than it was yesterday, but it's a profoundly important, much better today, Linda whether this is this I mean, I think it's a great question. We have an exercise in this book where we have these two parts. One. Would you ask yourself? What's your sentence? Yes, this comes were famous story about clear brute loose who asked President Kennedy said
great man is a sentence. You don't have a sentence. You ve got a paragraph that doesn't work in Lincoln. If you really want to be great Lincoln had a sense, he preserve the union in free. The slaves were good sentence. After had a sentence, he lifted his out of a great depression and helped us when a world war awesome sense and she she wanted to Kennedy and said. Listen. A great man is a sentence. Great person is a sense and I find that really useful and sort of oriental our lives, tort purpose and ask we ask us: ask That's what's your sense. What and I think that's really clarifying for peace, but ok, ok, you know a minor. What you sent line was way. As I was saying about this, I was thinking well. What I wanted to be is that I teach people to lead, thereby slaves by leading my own wow. That's a good sentence. Let's get set out like that. Ok,
however, as the king for what's your sentence, man, I don't. I don't wanna, followed out one and now my sentence as I've thought about this. Was he wrote books that that help people understand the world a little more clearly and live their lives a little more fully with its good? And the second question is- and I find this really useful for myself as ask yourself at the end of the day- was I better today than yesterday collateral? All we can ask for and what I have found in my own expense had been really helpful to me. This one, but I have found when asked myself at the end of the day, was a better today and yesterday is that many times the answer is no, but what I find it was interesting. I'm curious see other people's reaction to is that I find it. The answer is rarely no two days in a row that if the answer is nearest, the answer is no. When I go to sleep, I'm just a little ticked off and that you wake up the next morning with a little bit more resolve to make it better yeah, because you not here forever, like oh great, I wasn't better today and yesterday. That was a waste less not do that again! Absolutely and that's how we make progress. We do.
Slowly, step by step by step Daniel Comin. I once was talk to a room for the seals, and I said how many of you were valedictorian smartest kitten. Your class two three hundred people, three hands went up. It's not related. This is the big. I think myth that the book shatters and there was an eye opener for me- is that you're iq, your academic ability, Your call brilliance is not what's gonna matter, the most actually, that's kind of threshold, get you in the game, I want you in the game. It's how you get along people how you handle yourself so your eyes, you can tell you what you can do, but it can't tell you how to do it
it's not gonna tell you you're going to emerge as a team leader is a star, so I can tell you how good apparent you're gonna be how good a spouse Sean a cooler when we started learning was that intelligence only accounts for twenty five percent of our job success. Seventy five percent of our successes and life, and not just about jobs but within the working world. Seventy five percent of what causes our kids to be successful causes us to be successful is not about our entails hence in technical skeletons, how we process world. It's our optimism like the belief, their behaviour really matters, Jeff Wiener, the least compassionate thing you can do when someone is not equipped to be doing what they're doing is to leave them in that role, and all you need to do is watch and observe that person and you'll understand how Little compassion is being shown. Tibet individual because the body language the slump in of the shoulders of the fact that their their voice
election start losing audience. They lose confidence in those non self esteem. By the day there taken back to their teams, people team that you're leaving them in the role which is undermining your ability to lead in the worst of all. Is that individual that no longer believes in themselves? That's losing their sense of self Take that energy home taking that energy home to their family with more, I just Back from Afghanistan, he was like so what're you planning on doing next with your life, and I want to try I was gonna, go work on Wall Street and I expected it to be excited. I don't even like really, and I told myself not the answer. Those thought you'd give me any said. Why are you going to do that and I started giving all these reasons. I say well, I held my grandparents grandparents on helping financial. My family can be. Really smart people always gonna. Stop any said to me. You know you just explain to me for the past three minutes, why you doing it and not once did the words because on passionate come out of your mouth and he said: listen was I'm never going to judge you.
And I'm never going to judge the decisions which make particularly if you feel like they're in the best interests of your family? The only thing I ask is this the moment that you feel that you can leave that place leaf. Because every moment you stay longer than you have to you will become extraordinarily ordinary wow. That felt like an indictment because I feel like we all And our time, trying to be extraordinary in some way shape of yes, yes, And the idea that you think you're doing what is the right thing to do? Yes, This person is telling you, but the longer you do it. You will be extraordinarily ordinary, because if you're not passionate about it, then you'll never be able to fall into your own truth. Absolutely you were first told about going to Wall Street, though you said the back of my mind? I heard the rattle of expensive handcuffs. I love that line was hangs, a real right, it's like well, you know
Kids are going to the school or I have a second car. I've take care, but whatever it is, those those things that were now making decisions based on how do I now I got here after Doing this to me tat the life. As I now know, that's exactly right. Had you feeling a sense of unease or unhappy. Were you all the way to unhappy or just a sense of what am I doing? It was I think, an interesting marriage of both that I was having a difficult time, we're staying, which one was which, where I like, I knew with everything going on that this wasn't where my joy asked it and I know, is incredibly risky. I knows incredibly risky to go out, but I think I had to make a very conscious decision but I would rather flirt with failure, yeah, then never danced with my joy was, I felt like I was constantly searching through an occupation defined My joy and I realize it's not about your occupation. It's about your work, because there are two different things:
My work was where my greatest joy actually started, combining with the world's greatest need and that when I says what real services as one rail services. Sean, the rhymes. Kid. My father used to say to me all the time. The only limited success is your own imagination, and I took that as not just being you no financial success or work success. I took that is being kind of success, love and family and emotional and everything the only limited success is your own imagination. I really do think that that is true. What ever you can imagine is possible that historic, I'm so proud of you as a very successful woman, a single mother of three who pass link is ask the question: how do you do it all the answer? this I doubt if I accept your prestigious award, I'm missing my babies. First swim lesson. If I met my daughter's debut in her school musical, I am
Sandra owes last seen ever being filmed raise anatomy if I've said eating at one. I am inevitably failing at the other, that is the trade off, and yet I want my daughter seen enormous one who works, for example, set for them proud their offices and know that they come to shine the land There is a land and it is named after their mother Divine Franklin. You are fulfilled when you get up in the morning. You know somebody tat whenever the morning would press what thou were angle frustrate or you could wake up saying, I'm glad to be alive. There is purpose of this day to mean that its success, and I would argue that, once you have that internal success, then externally it just a man
The station, what happens internally in the best possible way, I'm over Winfrey and you ve, been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you have again go to apple pod, gas and subscribe rate and review. This pod cast join me next week. Or another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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