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Oprah Winfrey Presents: When They See Us Now, Part 2

2019-06-19 | 🔗

This special podcast episode features the first-ever conversation between Oprah and the five exonerated men who were once known as The Central Park Five. Their story is dramatically told in the Netflix series, “When They See Us,” a historical account of the five teenagers wrongfully convicted of sexual assault in Central Park in 1989. The four-part Netflix series focuses on the young men—Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana and Korey Wise—who were sentenced between five and 15 years in prison and juvenile detention centers. In 2002, all five men were exonerated of their crimes after DNA evidence and a confession from the lone attacker, Matias Reyes, proved their innocence.

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welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now so thirty years ago, their youth and their freedom Were unjustly torn away in a case that made headlines around the world and terrorized and divided his city, they are the five men who, as teenagers, we're falsely convicted and imprisoned for the beating and rape of the woman known as a central park. Jogger their story from their perspective is told in the Netflix drama. When they see us all, five of the exonerated men are
here. Please welcome Youssef Salaam, Kevin Richardson and trot with Gray Raymond Santana, Japan and Korea. So I went Start by asking each of you about the boy you were on April, Eighteenth nineteen,
Nine twenty four hours before this whole nightmare began. What will your hopes, your dreams? How would you family or friends your teachers describe you who were you use a while? That is the most important questions I think you know being a young person full of hope, full of dreams, full of ideas wanting to just be- you know, God said be, and it is I think about that- often because for me my whole life changed. I went from running skateboards and you know probably climate trees and treason plan to leave your one two three, you know I mean.
Most romantic thing. I think I did back them was walk around the lake and whose hands you know, and I think that those memories kind of stay with me through our prison, and it was difficult to do just that. The way you Kevin, I remember it, waiting I've been excited to be other school, some of the east, a vacation and also China balance. My music plan, trumpet
Also one of my gold was, the plea for civic is universally, never reach that you know so watch in this project. It always thinking back about be forty billion and humble naive state. That's always wish. I could go back to that in time. A parallel sports club Abbe practice that has got back from poor recall from planet to travellers he shot Shiloh. This was enjoying my life. Where is your hope for yourself? Did you have one? Yet he has to be a baseball player vessel remnant, our love, listen, her part music.
Hello sharpened at the gap where my dad, right, though it is money, and I love the sketch, there was nothing for me. I didn't think about what I would be later on in life because of the fourteen year old boy. I was enjoying a moment who worry: Kory Kory, you just being Corey have fine and you and you surf would hang out together. Watching the film from the time the actors are being interrogated. We get to experience how shocking an egregious at all was, but we The audience knew the verdict. We wanted it to be different. I wonder now what went through your mind when you heard the word guilty, I was over fourteen boy potency,
past tomorrow, and here I was later on you're, like you know my attorney at the time. You know he comes in after this after they take my my tire and my belt and my shoelaces, and he says you know five years is still young, don't worry about it. For me, I just felt like forever by I couldn't see five years, so I just felt I felt when I get Does it feel out of body? I interviewed a beautiful man aim Anthony Way hidden who spent there. Here is on death row, and through the equal Justice Institute and Brian Stevenson was freed about three years ago, in thirty years on death row for a crime he did not commit? Dave Alabama and he said and when he heard the guilty verdict, he literally went blind. He literally went blind. He could not see
and he was out of his body and wondering: did you experience something like that? Ankara Yukon overflow, none The first one, the rod actually stand lamented charges, or am I just found nominate, but I could at last mobilization authority in every didn't. You know I mean the time I was sixty. You know that I was older. I really dont. My life was over right in front of me. I believe in process, and I was receiving a five or ten years. I thought I might die right in jail. Because the whole were hated us with that we felt we felt that, in like a mob mentality, was against us during that time I really dont. My life was already know. I didn't know where to go. I will just stuck
We have to remember the moment. You know it's hard for me because when I remember those moments, I try to put this, though by me, because it gives me very emotional. I went from being free. I was on bill and I remember talking to a friend on a phone, and I said they got the verdicts. I see you in a little while and guilty was echoed in the courtroom. So many times I lost count, they told us to put our hands behind our backs. They led us into the back and we held each other and cried was. It was such a painful cry. We didn't get a chance to
going away party as other folks, we didn't get a chance to prepare and it was such a difficult thing to now. Imagine this new normal this this. What is this going to be like I'm going to have to fight I'm going to have to protect myself? This is the worst crime that you can go to prison for the only crime that Trump's rape is child. Molestation and prison is what being polled. What are you going to do to them when you get it when they get in there? Horrors were being whispered about what they were going to do to us more of this episode after a short break today,.
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Tat comes last. Super saw then simply fill out a questionnaire to help them assess your needs and get matched with a councillor. You'll love, that's better help dot com slashed super saw. We saw some of what happened to Corrie on film, because EVA says he would he couldn't you couldn't show all of it now when first of all, the men went through the loss of their innocence in a moment, but their brought into the precinct their day, and he said, and in the first episode four of them are the four who spoke went to juvenile detention and then eventually maturity to adopt prisons in the state of New York, Corey wise at the moment that he stepped foot off that street in Harlem never came back for another thirteen and a half years. There was no bail, he never got bailed out. He never saw the light of day again. He went directly into rikers at sixteen years old,
so. He had a different experience. When I first sat with them, he said EVA. He could tell my story, but you need to know right now. I feel that its poor plus one because at least they were together- and I was alone- and I had a different experience- that was one of the things in collaborating with all the men was trying to tell their experience. They become a brotherhood, they become the five, but all of them agreed that we needed to make sure that it was a lot of conversations with Raymond. It was the first person to approach me. He said Corey stories different, make sure that you tell historic is thoroughly to be heard for him for us for all of us, and so that was not a thing. That's echoes, threw out. The film is the fact that you just were going down to support your friend
and so where there are many times you regretted going down to support your friend. I do yes, you heard him yeah, you did I do I do I do it most mixed feelings about it. Do you all blame Linda first seen for what happened to you you do it should be only partially blame or their others. Loans. To do a job at a quarter to the quota of two. But uncle does it want a job but its corpse? became overwhelming for far right as a prosecutor?
you know that their moment that their dna evidence comes back and it doesn't match right and we talk in handprints footprints here samples, blood, cloven and nothing matches is that at the moment this was a chance for how to take a step back and say. Let me re evaluate something wrong because it doesn't match then we, finally it around the deposition that they tested over forty kids, no dna match, and so is that the pivotal moment that she had He had the power in the hands of really do the right thing if fumbled it and she kept pushing forward. I believe she was one of many. You know, I think she was the culprit of it, because people was going by which he said. Lady was basically tell them what to do and they abided by them. So I think, with she was one of many by the storm anymore. They still need to be exposed, and I think that
and I think we can all true. They seem a vision of this. That would do a voice you don't know anything else. The truth will come out. How did you all protect yourself, because first yours hidden in juvenile detention and then, as you age, out. You were put in prison and. People knew who you were. So how did you protect yourselves and the one I was away and I became very aggressive. You became a grass years. I won't get picked on, became climb a tree, And well, you know at the time as you can see, I was. A little bit told it in a fancy, but I was little and you know I'm a raven and remember this: we want a spot for another amendment, I said, or we have as each other. You know little about it.
We literally grew right. There now went from sixteen to become in the men because I had to defend myself so unfortunately had we had to. Our environment when you would dream. I often wonder this in prison. Were you free in your dreams. I have several Jews, like their wow, will just wake up like at the moment. I'm freedom amounts, I'm in my house, my dad and then, when I woke up, I was in prison and I heard people it may have those dreams, and I was like us as crazy as I had. And I was I while it fell so real yet their moment too to be in my house moving around talking, my dad didn't wake up and I'm in prison that a major forges sleeping than right here Did you all know that Korea had it as bad as you did before? You saw the film now now, not not one?
I think that at all I told the gentlemen as we we watched is so while this was almost like a play on words on us as well, because not only will the world get an opportunity to see us for the first time, but we got an opportunity to see each other. We never spoke about or discussed how our experiences were. We had made assumptions that we had until the same exact thing, and I think it was important for us to be able to really see the trauma of thirty year. Yeah these individual stories, but all only the amazing piece of the puzzle. I would say this magic that Corrie has and here he wasn't even a suspect he goes down and he becomes the the absolute thing that Fredo's In an eye so appreciated that, because for me,
smart, that's my guy right there. You know he had my back. He was, as a whole- and I will forever have his back- and I thought that was important- Various, so can you tell us how you able to hold on to sanity are used amenity You know those those very real opportunities for me to be able to think about the opportunity of being free gave me so much hope. You know, I mean I knew that one day. I would step out of this. This hell that I was in, and I think meditating was my my ability to imagine how am I going to step back into the world. How am I going I know it's gonna be difficult, but I'm gonna be stumbling. How am I- Make sure that I don't follow my face. You know meditation was tremendous
you how'd you hold onto your sanity Anton might read, it would set his day. I'm damage anyhow annoyed. I assure you, my so busy some broken actings any there can't be six. Do you fill broken man? My wife actual across Europe is blocking She was it why I keep us so busy. I work out Arap moi. Motorcycle goes you You re farmers away from me so struggle, but wouldn't going to therapy offer you a kind of real freedom, the kind of peace dont. You dont, you yearn for that. Or do you yearn for that? Your job? I lost my mama.
Your mother died- not yes, she's only one year from their gets on, my father left home so we get the sea in the film that beautiful seen were Michael Kay, is in the bed and is being put down by his son grown son. Did you ever have reconciliation with your father. Did you ever forgive him for convincing you to lie before his account. Such case for boys and girls A common doughnuts myself.
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recognition to two, you exonerated five, but it feels like something is happening in the whole country that this art has now elevated the conversation to the point that we at least are willing to look at the in justices, and you were a part of that. Does none of this feel like some kind of redemption? I asked of you and the rest of you, but not for me. I appreciated, though you have no more about marquise them at all I just know I didn't do it. My brothers didn't do it. So I ran away from everything I left New York what do you want to say about this cycle that you? I have been a huge part of of justice and racism here we are
years later, not too many things have changed I'm so happy in its static that start the conversation now and make sure they will know, never be another essential for five and make sure we have the platform to make sure that so in the same way and draw me that is bittersweet because watch on this is pain, but if necessary, Zubaydah be watched. Your father's now raising your own children and his black men in the United States. You're saying nobody had had the conversation with you before. Will you tell your sons about what to do if stopped by a police officer dossier? They say they wait.
Get their way to the actual needs we get their export lawyer, firstborn jangling shall, by all, so he even have problems anyway. I trouble you send in no no problems at all about is ethical lawyer. We obedient or saying today. You know we're talking about everybody watching the thumb ended ree igniting All of the trauma I was watching you last night, Corey watched the fourth episode and with georgia- and I can't agent? Being you watching that happening. How is that for you to see that reenacted her work,
a business. We it a swing like never lie were to look at it. When I was, I was going to poetry, emotion, source for him to stay, introduce my pain in me. I so why so why my pants down Take a big leopard down. It is, is made me a reality of, does it feel like now, you. This is life after Dennis. Do you remember the exact moment that you heard some one by the name of materials raise had confessed to this crime? That you'd paid your life for? When did you hear that he has done in court, because you were still end for quite a while a murmur quota? Wilbur your mom clock, shoes, late Clarice, know about you, so surmise always love you. You re is just as its portrayed in the film
that's what it's. Yes, somebody love! Somebody loves you do you remember where you were when you heard I was Frankly, correctional I call my dad and he was just so hyping the phone So not only for me now here is good, that's a process and centre, and I know I was there and that's it now. Imagine we always questions any say any just cause, you go and come home, and I was like what're you talking about things like that found a gotta? Did it they found him, and I literally was like, as you see in the dark, accursed Adam and Eve yeah, and I was, I hung up on a literary hung up one I couldn't believe it. I was just so institutionalized, but a point that I felt that I wasn't gonna get out of prison. This was like whatever and turn came ever yes. Well as now work, isomer devotion to the shower internal ESPN, as only causing Homey Asia's drawn between came out
these are the mark. The occasion case turn to Edison was station. Miseries you hear turn out to have known me with me. Is all the more mobile call, baby truth came out. Let me quote demanded, did it, she didn't mean it. I would warn oil. I wasn't merrily now. Do you believe in God no, no, no. Missus Norman, I didn't what sort of frugal come out visually no one day monsieur le moments, thereby he kept you allow baby to see. As I already got. Where were you yeah. I remember out of work in the nice. If you see of Oregon and nursing home and people
tell me that it was gone and I went to watch it, and I remember that point I left work. I think about getting fired. I'm thinking about everything I ran home to mother, and we have a moment movie hug and be home for about ten minutes straight, and she said it's true. It's true. I told you the truth will come out and that's what I remember from that day Well, I remember saying to myself body found the guy who did this. Then I had this weird thought: they're gonna make this into the sixth man and they're gonna somehow bury this. We didn't do this, And sure enough they made
We we came home lessons that we came home. We came out from underneath the system in late, two thousand two. We found lawsuits to get out to get some type of restorative justice. It took another twelve years for the city to take care of the losses took another twelve years was from today to this end, all at last said, but they ve. Never policy has no one on ever apologize to the men, other families or not what happened, but what was done? You're always done everybody here. Is you got a settlement and their think? Ok, so you got money. Can money he'll not now not about? No money can take back to calm the we lost in those years. We will never get them. Can I bring that, no matter what we happy that will
It would provide for families to feel good as a man to do so by use of always say we have invisible Gaza, nobody sees economically erase it held Gaubert, my mother passively forecasts and combine kidney. Increase, as was done for me, do anything to say what. What money. In a word we blow a people, Toby had to say my mom Cosimo move at all. Also Raymond means some, as this is a major works, because people forget that we had to split it five ways we had to pay attorney fees and end. So now, when you came into go, oh you got forty million dollars me by myself right, and so I made it worse in some instances yeah, but you or at least, are married. Your singles.
Did you have a lot of women who want to free up or they're gonna show what gives you hope today. The fight I mean, since you know it's a damn tuna have years the charges tries to make this is sentenced to prison and they forget about is what they forgot, what they did in realise with their way
they'll hear right, we grow now they will have to deal with us for the rest of their lives. Anything give you help. Answer on. Iraq is low. I hit so I asked a question of you. You said hopeful now the world is given an opportunity not only to see what it was that we went through, but also see that we survive. They took Dimas and threw it in the dirt, and we were still diamonds when they picked up. So we were still diamond still unbreakable still strong, and I think that for young people for the future generations
Going to absolutely changed its system, that's what gives me hope has ever fulfilled or exceeded your expectation beyond this India, I was the biggest thing I wanted them to love it. In other filmmaker you over the years. You think about critics and wards, and you know you peers and you want other filmmakers to love it, and you want the public to love it, and this was for them to live at the five of them. I remember when we created in LOS Angeles Netflix was kind enough to fly them all out, and I sat behind Corey now. Watch them all watch. It watch them online,
each other's stories because they were in their own isolated, their own life. So they didn't know the intricacies of what was happening behind doors and the other man story on, particularly with Corey story and afterward. They all embraced each other and me we tears and we understood each other a little bit more and hopefully from people understanding me. This man. Members understand. That's got to be one of the greatest things as well. There's no review! There's! No! I mean the reviews have been really lovely. I haven't read them:
for the first time, because there's nothing else that can beat the moment but Corey Wise stands up after you see episode for I was sitting my bind, we stood up and was terrified at and know what he was. Gonna spend any tears in his eyes, and he said you did you got it right and I gave any race me and they all have different ways that they express themselves and communicate. But you all gave me the honour of communicating with me in your own way. Let me list Let me tell story- and I hope, while for you is that you don't have to keep telling story, it's been told and you couldn't live your life no that you one,
You wanna, we believe you and we think that the way we see you thank you Andrew. I haven't read this graph. Overwintering and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't get good apple, pod, CAS unsubscribe rate and review. This part cast join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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