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2020-12-30 | 🔗

Oprah calls that persistent knowing inside of us our Spiritual GPS. She says it’s our inner compass guiding us to move through our lives no matter what difficulties come our way. In this SuperSoul Conversation Oprah talks with renowned spiritual teachers Michael Beckwith, Caroline Myss, Cheryl Strayed, President Jimmy Carter, Dr. Robin Smith, Mastin Kipp, Elizabeth Gilbert, Marianne Williamson, Sue Monk Kidd about what we can do to tune into that inner guidance. Intuition may speak to us in subtle ways, through longing or restlessness. Or it may sound louder, when we get a wake-up call: a beloved relationship ends, a job loss or money problems arise. One thing is certain, when we ignore our Spiritual GPS, we risk peril in the process. This episode is a compilation of some of her most profound conversations with guests from her Emmy Award-winning show Super Soul Sunday. You can find these conversations and more in Oprah’s New York Times best-selling book The Wisdom of Sundays.

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nice in the moment when what you know aligns perfectly with what you feel that powerful I should clarity telling the right decision to make originates From only one source you with a capital, why. There is the little you your personality and the girl Peter you spelled with a capital why your soul the people you love, entrust most will hopefully also to be there to offer advice, but you are on own journey responses for charging your own course. Whenever I, felt most tested loss, your unsure of my own direction these were it's from Invictus which I may arise at eight years old have been a way forward. I
and the master of my fate I and the captain of my soul,. With every decision you our steering your own ship beneath all of those. Detective layers built up between you and the world lives in her voice. That goes by many names, some call it instinct or intuition I, Pull that persistent knowing hours spiritual gps? It acts as our internal Compas, designed to help you move through life, no matter what distractions or obstacles getting your way, your g, P. S is always turned on whether you headed on the right track or about to take a destructive turn your emotional guidance system? Let you know every right decision I have ever made has come? From listening to my gut,
every wrong decision was a result, of me. Dismissing that small still vote within me, your life, speaks to you in whispers, that little knowledge saying some doesn't feel right. If you would Those whispers turn into pebbles thrown at you warning. There's a problem. There's a problem danger ahead those signs remain unexamined. You will inevitably experience what feels like a heavy brick to the head. Shutting out the brow. Guarantees disaster was eventually strike, you will see your life come crashing down like a brick wall. I've seen this happened so often in my own life. I now, I'll try to respond immediately at the first Whisper what every one of these supersede Sunday conversations has taught me is that no, who you are, if you ve, been begging your way through life,
ignoring your inner compass, the wake up call can Be harsh job loss The end of a relationship money problems, disruption in any form? No matter Oh devastating. These are also opportunities to stop sleep looking through your life to wake up and pay attention to them. Red flags, the whispers, the pebbles, and wicks along the way you're right, real purpose on earth is, to become more of who you really are too low. To the highest degree. What is pure, what is honest, what is natural, what feels like the real view you Oh, you found it when every cell, in your body vibrates with your own truth when you're filled up by what you're doing it. being drained by it,
oh your instincts that works who wisdom unfolds. We start with Michael back with. Let's talk about by wishing you use it a lot in your teaching I noticed like everybody, they got bay on the same vibrational frequency using that language- and I dont know when it was first got it that there is it energy and frequency to everything and that your whole Role in gaol in life is to line up with. Whatever is the frequency that allow you to move in the flow of your your own life? How did you discover this back in the eighties. I started using the terminology because became aware that we are vibrational beings, we're not just flesh and blood. If you put, anything under intense microscope. You can ultimately see that everything is vibration in
The scientists do not telling us there's information there, but does not solid, always moving so we're vibrational beings. So as you will just saying, when we lift our vibration to what we, went to experience. It has first on a vibratory level, and then it shows up and manifest in our life soap- who are holding onto rancor animosity, the slowing down their vibration just had an other. Your actual were you recognize your vibrational frequency, your drawing in to yourself all the time, literally the vibration that is most like what you're putting out right, correct right another way of saying, as you cannot have which are not willing to become vibration. Ali If you do get it you'll lose. It This is why people that win the lottery and they lose everything but they'll finally get the person they think they want to be with. I can't keep that can't keep the relationship or go get
outcome of success, but can't hold onto it because side they weren't vibrational aligned, they really hadn't become it. So you, temporarily, manipulate and get things, but to have it you have to lift her vibration and become that in vibration of You need to repeat it says: they'll get, isn't how that is so you're, not really attracting things to you, you're really radiating It's really a radiation cry right now. I think I felt that so strongly. That is, that's gonna resonate with a lot of you radiating from within out, like of I become the vibrational frequency of love, harmony, peace, M radiating. That's the key skills sharpened, my life. That's a key! That's the word! You're! Not attracting
you have to be it and radiate it, and then it is drawn to you write them, you too, so that the work then becomes about you workin on yourself, yes, you have to like yourself when you buy yourself I could solve Emmy when you buy yourself, you have to look at those thoughts. They beautiful thought the crazy embrace yourself. You have to forgive yourself, you have to love yourself and when you, in fall in love with yourself in like yourself, when you buy yourself now they can be with others? What have you done like yourself when you buy yourself the pulling on others to make you happy net, Carolyn maize. If you saw think about your life as a learning as a lesson. Yes, I'm looking a truce and I'm looking for it is. Does this dream power and my empowering with every choice I make I'm neither choosing to
grace somebody or withhold it to give power or to take it back people understand that every single thing I mean they're gonna learn something from this arm. Not so ever, single choice we make is either going to enhance the spirit right or its. Drain. Totally the spirit there's nothing in between there is nothing. between we'll get me one choice that could be in between there. Isn't there isn't there isn't another way to say that is either you either walking in the direction of love or you walking away our lead, you walking to fear, and there is no other choice, even if you, in a grocery store, thinking? Should I buy this you're? Not in your gut says you can eat that ended so am. I can listen to their voice right there. Even their tiny thing you ve, walked towards fear. Well, because you tat you ve black, intuitive saw every day in the smallest ways and the largest ways yeah we're either giving ourselves power or tat ran from it, so how
How do you know when you are on the right path. Dream belongs to you or what has belongs to you or what job belongs to you? You know you're on the right path. Here's your clue, you're not put in a position to betray yourself. You dont betray yourself anymore, you nap in a position where you feel like you have to. Negotiate, your sense of integrity, which is an act of betrayal, your heart and activate Well, you don't feel like you have to compromise who you are. It feels right. I got that it's like. If you add a job, you know, you're, really gifted and talented people are. Paying you for you value yourself to be you come into, everyday feeling like I'm, really not valued, I'm not being researched. for what I do or bosses unkind or whatever The situation might be, there's an
What is wrong with you? That's right, and so, when you have more respect for yourself put yourself a position where you can fill your sense of value or worth that turns around that's right. And that's how you know you know you know, because you don't feel like this isn't costing me my power. This isn't costing me my psyche. This isn't hosty me myself. Ok, this is really goes, is costing me my sense of I don't feel fused in some deep level, I'm not drain. I can be tired after a day's work, but I'm not psychically drained where I feel Look I'm losing life. This is shared, strayed Other died. It brought me to what I think of my most savage sell. It struck me of the thing I needed. My mother was the task of my life since and suddenly I didn't have that anymore and I had a wild love from I'm
I had wild sorrow and then I went wild. I noted wild into my life, so this is halfway into your track after you bypass the sucked in high sea areas, you're soaking in rare. bathroom, reflecting someone was in here. You say it was me I was here. I felt in a I hadn't in ages the me inside of me occupying my spot in the five m. Less milky way, I saw myself, I felt myself in the universe it I think so much of where I began. This journey
Is I keep using this word lost? I was I was I didn't know where I was you ve been so numb didn't know where to place myself non and also you know I think to so much of this goes back to that essential, prime all need that we all have to feel that we belong in and our first definition of how we belong is given to us for our mother and father, and I didn't have either of those people anymore, and so who was I, and where was I? I was just lost and that milky way, and so when I felt myself located, that was the beginning of May
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Perhaps the kingdom of God on earth which I believe comprises peace. and freedom and the alleviation of suffering human rights it was interesting. Is you know a lot of people feel like that they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. They feel burden but you are presently united States you literally have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Did you feel that they are constantly aware of that? I knew that I had the biggest military, a force in the world. and the most influence and now economics and politics and culture, then actually the other human being on earth and I wanted to use it wisely and with MAX impossible element of humility and be Aware of how my decisions will affect other people for better or worse so what role
your faith, play in all of your works. Well, I tried to put my faith in two practical application when hours and White House, and also when I was hours earlier first of all when was it tested the most when the houses were being held there. When I was urged by almost all of my advice including my wife, that I should military action against IRAN, and I felt that my christian face call on made to avoid using military action. When I didn't have to and I was lucky that when I was present, never dropped a bomb whenever national we'd never shot a bullet.
Doktor Robin Smith. At the end of the day, do you feel closer to God closer to yourself? Yes, do you feel that this journey of being hungry and searching for what would feed you? Do you feel that you are now hole? I feel closer to God? I feel whole, but what I'd like to say to you and to everyone listening is this: we don't want to think that hollowness is a one. Time deal right holders and an consciousness being awakened this moment is clearly was I gotta choose that this moment when in the next breath mean that our next sentence, I still have to reach? Who am I gonna go back to sleep or in the next breath? Will I still be awake to myself to nature, to creation, to God and to you, and so yes, I'm home
knothole in a way that, where I think I'll, let me sit back and that's that everything's everything's take on Cairo no well, I'm not gonna have anymore problem. Now. How did you do the work, though? How did you get to their health I mean I did a lot of things. I meditated I prayed. I went to therapy which I had done before, but I did it differently. I did it awake, I didn't not covering up. I did it not re scripting, abuse and neglect because neglected retained. Knowing a whole and I gotta get myself out, and I have to get myself out where No one else can pull me out of this whole, and in this way it is my sanctuary where I will learn to be still to be quiet to listen not only to the voice, God, but to learn to listen to what is my own true and authentic voice to learn what does that voice sounds like many of us, don't even know what our true voice
arms like we're so unplugged. I was so unfair that I couldn't tell so am I wrong and my bad am I mean? Am I scared Emma while, if No, my own voice, I know what I am and I'm just going to pay attention to that too, that I don't have to understand it. I dont have to analyze it. I dont have to know the origin of it. I just have to trust it right too. And trust me most in Kip. I know you have said master that attics or just looking for God and all the wrong places. You think so I believe so when I was going to my own addiction with drugs and alcohol, I was really wine to be happy. That's all I really wanted, and there is so much guilt and shame around what I had done.
I believe, everyone has a God size, whole inside of them, that we try to fill with shopping or with a relationship where food, sex or drugs, and it's not out there it's in here and it's as if it's an internal connection, that's what a spiritual practice. That's what listening to you intuition, having creative expression being of service is all about. That is how you sustainably fill up your God sizeable. Otherwise, it's like a drop. Its disconnected from the ocean is whether in die. Elizabeth Gilbert so was adjusted sort of unsettling with yourself. was unwrapped combination. Yet it was a combination of things that you know compatibility is that that occurred, but I won't way that on him, because the reality is that it was much more of an internal volcano, then it while you anything else, yeah yeah. It was about that. I had woken up to the fact that that my life no longer region me, and it was a lively gonna get worse, let's just hold at a moment. My life no longer resembled didn't. Look like me. I had friends who came to my house and said I can't believe you live in this
house and I would say, not great yeah. You know it's not going to feel happy smile and the deal breaker was that we were talking about having kids, and I think one thing that has happened as I had advanced on the trail toward marriage is something that happens to a lot of women, which is that I was ambivalent in many of these key moments. In my life I felt ambivalence. I was an equal. Yes, you now want to do I want to do this. I don't want to hold up the train of progress. I just always said. Yes, yes- and I never knew at that age in my twenties that I dont know, is actually legitimate answer that you're allowed to say you're allowed to say I dont know and you're allowed to ask for as much time as you need to do now and if somebody doesn't want to give you that time, they're allowed to leave, but you're allowed to sit with you. I don't know, and they never sat with that because it was uncomfortable. Nobody likes that place, and so I always said yes, oh Charlotte, moving together, let's get married, but by a house. Let's do this stuff that I was sort of half years have now and when it came to, let's have a kid: that's where I thought I can.
make that decision from a place of yes and now that has to be a yes or it can't happen. Marianne Williamson, the one thing that lived in me from returned love was that poignant moment when you said we were either walking in the direction of love or the direction of fear, and I got that so deeply that it really transformed me
that there really are only two emotions and for the rest of my life, I always recognised when I'm walking in the direction of love and the direction of fear. So the passage that I love the most and that has been quoted the most I think from you- is our deepest spheres, not that we are inadequate, our deepest fears that we are powerful beyond measure. So when you wrote that that came from what part of yourself that you knew that part of that is his fear that we might offend somebody else, man, somehow I have that you have less rather than realising that, if I'm living in the light of my own, true being it actually so ponderously liberates here to live from the line of your true being the course miracle socks about how what true in the material world is the exact
set of what's to in the spiritual world, so in the material world there only so many pieces of the pie via have a piece of the pie. You have less rub it in the spiritual world, the more I Mabel to actual eyes and that's what enlightenment is itself actual assailant, actualises love, that is in our hearts, the more I self actual as a means to look at your career, such an example, and that is true for every person Summa kid. The sole often speaks through at least four through longing when the sole longs. It's trying to tell you something, but I think the cell speaks through what poles us that a lure longing the restlessness yes and often I remember to theirs many people who, like this, I remember when I was young reporter and everyday. I I would but I've gotten covers stories. and I was on the news and it felt so out of alignment. For me, I always
who's that there was something more for me to do, because my friend Gale HU? We met at the same time. There she loved did she loved? Did she felt so at home? When did she was so inquisitor curious and loved, and for me it softly. I'm in the wrong space. I felt sorted out of alignment, If, when you were nurse which is such an honourable calling and for people who Supposed to be doing that nobody can do it better. Did you go out of alignment being a nurse, as I felt being a reporter. I did. I felt that I was not in my place of belonging yeah. That is a big thing for me to be in my they said belonging. In fact, all of my characters are always looking for their place of belonging. I think this is the big journey. And I was looking for as Albert we elegant for where do I belong? What do I belong to me? What s fate, if not paying attention to what we belong to do so,
I think when I was a nurse which is the most noble thing in the world? There isn't a greater sacrifice and giving time in your energy to the help, healing of other people. I know I wanted it to work, but I felt out of line, I felt like I wasn't in that place of belonging, and it just took me a while to where you a good nurse. I was pretty good nurse I cared. You know I did my best Timothy Shriver Normal. normal, normal the tyranny That word, you know it's just like it's a cancer in the culture YAP normal. are you normal? Are you fitting in? Are you like everyone else, my god? It's terrifying and We all feel that so we come to these games expecting to be sad. We come to them expecting to feel pity. We say things like there, but the grace of God go on
people say that well intentioned me all the time you happy up here, and I always want to say to them that pity that fear that that embodies that I'm healthy and they're, not, I think, there's a stir invulnerability that vulnerability novels. I think in some ways the whole special and pics Gamble is Is there a power in on mobility and trust, and I think the answer of our athletes? Is there is only power in vulnerability of trust, the other powers superficial locks, people up. It puts people behind bars, social, cultural, political, interpersonal. There is only power I grew up everybody's in the spotlight, that's where we all wanted to get to that where you would be successful but I saw was sometimes you know when the lights are. The brightest people feel the most invisible. I think, sometimes where are you Thank you, wanna go is not the point.
where you will find your most heartfelt most meaningful, most purposeful life. I think sometimes it's in the places you think I looked around thinking. I wanted to be like all those people in lights and I found myself happiest and places nobody, one big, I'm overwintering and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple pod, CAS unsubscribe rate and reviews. This pledge gas join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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