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2019-04-01 | 🔗

On a special edition of “SuperSoul Conversations,” Oprah Winfrey presents her new book, “The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose,” featuring some of the most profound insights and Aha! moments. In this follow-up to her New York Times best-selling book “The Wisdom of Sundays,” Oprah shares her own key lessons and the personal stories that helped set the course for her best life. Hear from luminaries and trailblazers in a wide array of fields share the life lessons that helped them find meaning and purpose in their own lives: A.R. Bernard, Sue Monk Kidd, Shefali Tsabary, Elizabeth Gilbert, Caroline Myss, Brian Grazer, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tracy Morgan, Sister Joan Chittister, Wintley Phipps, Shauna Niequist, Wes Moore, Amy Purdy, Adyashanti, Steven Pressfield, Iyanla Vanzant, Michael Singer, India.Arie, Gary Zukav, Michael Beckwith, Carole Bayer Sager, Janet Mock, Brene Brown, Barbara Brown Taylor, Marianne Williamson, Brother David Steindl-Rast, Shonda Rhimes, Jay-Z, Eckhart Tolle, Joe Biden, Tracy McMillan, Glennon Doyle, Stephen Colbert, Thich Nhat Hanh, Gloria Steinem, Jimmy Carter, Lynne Twist, Bryan Stevenson, John Lewis, Cicely Tyson, Jordan Peele, Trevor Noah, Jeff Weiner, Goldie Hawn and Elizabeth Lesser. If you are feeling stuck or at a crossroads, wondering if there is more to life, “The Path Made Clear” provides inspiration and guidance to help you discover not only who you are, but who you are meant to be.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations. The podcast I've leave that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now, I'm excited to introduce my new book. The path made clear, discovering your life's direction and purpose featuring. Sir,
the most profound, insights and aha moment from our award winning shows like life class, vaster class and super so conversations these visionaries in trailblazers followed the path toward the life they knew was possible and shared their lessons with me. My hope is that the path made clear will help you take the first steps towards discovering not only who you are but who you are meant to be, how everybody welcomes one of my most cherished pass here in the backyard of my home in Santa Barbara. I call this Hallelujah lame, because when you look up at the palms or looked straight down the path all the palms are raised,
praise Hallelujah. It also serves as a reminder that all of us are on our own individual paths towards the highest truest version of ourselves. That's why name this book? The path made clear, discovering a life of direction and purpose, because I believe that every one of us was born purpose, if you're here you matter and regardless of who you are or how far you think you have to go, you ve been tapped by a force, the force of creation that is greater than yourself to step into your God, given calling. So, let's begin with chapter one, what I call the scene,
of truth. That bake you, uniquely you and then we're gonna, uncover the routes from which all of your skills and all of your talents are allowed to blossom. Do you believe that everybody has a calling absolutely and how do we open cells? To that calling? How can we be more open to hear and or open to find the path that is our calling for us? We have to believe that we do have. A purpose goes back to that eternity in their heart. We all I've heard of every president has a purpose. Every individual has a purpose. Purpose is not static purpose. This dynamic, we'll that's good purpose continues to be applied throughout your life treatable moment. I say here because what your gifts, your talents and abilities that are given to you by God that remain consistent throughout your life, but
Oh you apply that changes as you live life from one level to another and you go through stages of life. You wake up. Did you break up? Some more you, you die to oneself your reborn, it's an evolution of consciousness, If you look at the way, God created the world in all its is about a seed and sprout and flour, and then it goes back to seed is always about process and unfolding. I think we're pro a boy on a journey of greater, in greater consciousness.
Becoming more compassionate, more loving, and that is a lifelong spiralling process. Even the most unconscious person against their their greatest will. They are on a process to evolve. Life gives us opportunity after opportunity to ask yourself: is this, my true self or my living, the inauthentic self becoming conscious means to recognise when the moment arise. The question here is the question: what have I come here to do with my life? You tell him, you never got that question, that's the question that begins every single quest. What have I come here to do with my life? There's, no one who hasn't had that question come to them. That's the calm and there still just huge swathes of We never got the memo that their lives belong to them and there's this instinct that they have that they needed permission slipped from the principal's office for anything
You are allowed to ask yourself really important questions about your life. You are allowed to take how nobility and ownership for your own journey you're allowed to ask, serves you sometimes, because I know you ve been trained up to see. Everyone, but you're allowed to turn that on yourself and honour your own life that you were given, you have life, you have and that is true of every one of the areas that billions of holy it can't be. Otherwise, this is what so extraordinary. The tiniest tiniest truth is the same as the big level. If you have life, one drop of light, one atom. It has purposeful as our planet, while it is in one, is in the home while it can't be otherwise it cannot. Now you
now. I knew that and I say that, but I just got that in a different way makes me want to we. So you weren't, a great student, didn't even read well and your mother was really upset with you, because you were failing Third, greater hedges reason, division so much so at least feeling their guess. Failing, that's our great point. Your grandmother was worried. My grandmother wasn't worried she liked all the questions I asked in would always give me an answer, and- and she always Brian you're, going to be special you're going to use this curiosity you're going to be a special kid, and I often was looking in my report car while she's saying you're going to be special on my report card said all Stds and I'm going. She does. She know what what's going on here, I'm doing all absent she's telling them to be special, but she just had this sustained belief in me and validated me for the questions and asking questions and curiosity, but I did use this curiosity to meet new people.
In subjects that I would have never learned anything about and vital by meeting these new people its given life too recent television shows I've done it helped me in my personal life, with my children, it it's been. A powerful force in my life, my parents both worked really hard, Might I have never known either my parents to have just one job? They always had many jobs at once and they work really hard, so that we could have the things we wanted, and I grew up aware that but wheels. I also group in house where they were not around for the ninety five, but they were there for the important stuff they never mr play. They were. You know that They will then present, but he went around and- and so I had this enormously rich imaginative life. As my twitter followers well known, as you will see our of the chest, videos and movies that I made growing up, but but that time and that sort of
creative loneliness. Does that make sense that it has raised? When did you know? the comedy, was away any money. You're dead with you is richer prior for me, it was written rooted in Vietnam, while he was funny. So I was out Are you really stay, and my friends I stood out like hung out my dad and his friends the compensation, trees rings and home. Stimulating I can learn from our friends. Do you know what I know a move from of my father and his friends, and he was funny huh, funny. I remember when he came to the projects and by came out Jimmy's year Jerry's here, you start snapping on people don't be an armaments, it means that for is it safe to book with, say your mother's than us in every way got a man like that and that's how far back away was my dad. My father had died,
He was twenty three. My mother was a twenty one year old widow, with this little baby. There now and Anna. She dress me to take me to the funeral. Parlor her brothers and sisters are essential. Not couldn't. You cannot take that child to a funeral parlor. My mother said her father died. She has to grieve like we do she's going so she's. Holding me now in front of the cask. I've got my little hands around her head.
I can feel the tears her face or as well. I know something terrible, I'm looking over his shoulder, like I'm looking there and down there at the end of the casket, I send mom. What are those two things? What are those things at their at the end, and my mother CERN hugged me a little and she says honey. Those are those are sisters. Those are a special friends of daddy's and special friends of gods. They thought your daddy in high school and the going to stay here tonight and when God comes for daddy soul, they're gonna say this is Joe, is daddy and, and he would ease very good, take him. The God and I said to Myself- I wanna be one of those. I thought there was the best job and not in the world. You just sit around waiting. I hope you get your elbow people's daddy's get to guide helping people that was it.
I spent the rest of my life ratio cross streets to say hello to nuns high sister, I sister and I went to a catholic school and I was not disappointed. Though sisters were loving, they were smart, they were competent and they became a model of womanhood. For me, a long time be, there was any language for it. The real for which we were created, is to grow every day to more resemble reflect and reveal the character of the one who created ass for much of it. I've. I've taken every opportunity to share what I see as a cornerstone, spiritual principle, and that is this. Your life is always speaking to you. If you ve ever heard that small still voice inside saying something fills a low
of here or it could be goosebumps a shiver down your spine hairs on the back of your name Your arm stand up whatever form those. What I call whispers take. It's not a coincidence. Your life is trying to oh you something and whether you listen to that or not. You are always making the choice between staying the course, even if it's no longer working for you or heeding the call, the call to your destiny if we went out to dinner and any talk about the things that matter to us: thou, stouter, family matter, so much to me at my spiritual life matters to me a deep sense of connection with the people that I love and if you look at my day to day life, you would say frankly, who you are exhausted, isolated, anxious, not sleeping well always hustling to leave something early to come late to the next thing.
Gaming and all of my most important relationships and also something you said that struck me that you were productive. Productive all relate to this, but productive productive, but you knew you were not well. When I look back, I'm like hey, I had migraines, I have heard a girl. I had what our family affectionately, termed the stress barks room, just throw up several times a week when I got anxious about something you weren't sleeping nazi outbreak of everyday three I am like these are warning signs. I wasn't listening to my body, I wasn't listening to. My soul was just continuing, so even when your body is saying, something's wrong is waking up in bargaining, and all of that is your body saying here. Yet. Reality is trying to speak to you. I always think that you know everything is speaking to you over time. Your life is speaking to you all the time, but even then you couldn't hear it or called it something else I was so invested in the person,
she's been known as a highly competent responsible person, and that was so important to me that I sacrificed my physical health, my emotional help, so that so that I can be known as someone who is really really capable oftentimes. I I, We think that our well I'm just waiting on God to tell me where he wants me to go here. I'm just gonna tell me tell me what is it you want me to do, and I've come to a very clear understanding. Now, it's not that it's not talking to me is that for so long I just haven't been listening. Yes I've been allowing so much of the noise to cloud this conversation I'm supposed to be having and I've been so distracted. That he'd been sending messages this whole time. I want people did not look at my story and say: oh it's amazing. What she's done that's so inspiring. I want them to also feel that they have that inside of themselves to live and inspiring
It's like live and inspired by. We are doing that. You know you're doing that. I felt so. I've had all these little whispers throughout my life. Your meant to do more. Amy are meant to do more and now those whispers of quieted down. I feel ache, because I'm doing that you in the space where you belong, I think, ties down to our identity, what we really really are, because if we don't know that what Doing is, or always living a life where were chasing too few, feel a sense of self which feels underneath it inauthentic and then we're trying to fill it with love or approve. Or success, or you know the million ways that we seek fulfilment from outside of ourselves. And no matter how much fulfilment we get this there's that place inside that Intel. We realize that
Of our being until we ve realized, we are our presence primarily and a person. Secondarily, we will feel estranged from our own. We are facing a disruption in your life that has you filled with fear anxiety, some trepidation, authors, Stephen Press, veal, taught me. The more important in activity is to your sold evolution, the more resistance you will feel to it. This was a big beaming binging being being moment. For me, it means that, with every dream, there is automatically going to be some resistance or clouds, as I call them in the book, but your will. Your share will can be strong enough to declare. I want this, and if it's for you, you can have it
confront that fear had on resistance, as I too find it with a capital, are, is that negative force that arises whenever we try to move from a lower level to a higher level trying to identify with our nobler nature, with our higher nature you're trying to get out of your own. Will petty ego and and channel the muse, or try to get something wonderful out there so that illicit this equal opposite negative force. Ok, I'm fighting poverty. Need it says you can do don't do that and there's a part of me that says come. Are we gonna? Do this and then the other ports as well? To remember what happened last. I owe you don't do that and you can do it in me and there's a part of you, that's where the, bill bats. Women we'll battle is, that is where the cracks and the core of trust comes in those two parts of us, the part of us.
That would rather stay broke and miserable complainin. You know livin in the whatever the mediocrity and why? Why cause we're afraid, because we get to control it we get to control it. I know how to be broken, poor and struggle and suffer in and be angry. I know how to do it, I'm not gonna degree, but when it comes to be an open and vulnerable trust. The core ingredient of trust is vulnerability. Yeah. What do you mean by let go now or fall right? Fear comes up out of your heart. That's a very natural things: human rights! You are watching you see if you have the right to relax, let it pass right through. If you don't do that, you're gonna, try and fix it in a train control situations outside you, don't ever feel the fear and it all starts to bother you that's what it means your full and eventually lose
consciousness? You'll forget your whole purpose and you're just be scared. You get scared. I know this is gonna sound simple, but I've really feel this that your self word is your job. It's your sacred space to debate in one of the things I do now. After all this healing work. I've done is I sit in my journal my meditation time, and I say what would I do about this thing whatever it is, sometimes the opera when you do that. I think I'm not ready for sometimes it's some body telling me that I can't or I'm not worthy veto of something and I sit in my private space, and I say I really just played I can visualize it all right it, and I say what would I do if I were. If I knew I was a hundred percent worthy of this, but what I do
What would I do if I knew one hundred percent were? If I knew I know what I do just what? If how many times have you witness someone? Maybe even yourself get this close to achieving a go This close only to see at all suddenly fall apart. Well, what I do know for sure is that the there global between winning the race and faltering at the finish line lies with one of the guiding forces in my life, and that is intention, chapter five makes clear that in order to set a new course for yourself, you must first articulate your vision and, after that, it's all about. Getting inflow finding the flow and letting that floor carry you forward. All schools have the capacity to be great songs and your job
and my job while we are in the school is to LA align. Our personnel. She's with ourselves, and we do that by becoming the personality that has the same intentions of the soul. Harmony in cooperation and sharing and reverence for life potential is always bigger than the problem. Essential is always bigger than the problem. Your potential is infinite and is always bigger than whatever problem you're going through. So when you begin to have a vision of this is good, I'm a shout and men, You begin to have a vision about the possibility who begin to talk about it began to write it down begin to dream about it and they right. When I teach is you talk about, it doesn't mean you talk to everybody
because everyone is not trustworthiness, trade. You talk to selected friends about it about it. You talk to it greatly talk to the vision. Talk to the possibility talked a lot You talk to peace. You talk to prosperity, I see you everywhere. Always say a little prayer before I go into my musical and it's a sort of prayer of intention, you know please let me bring forth something help me that will help peel
This is what the mating to me is that at fifteen years old, you made a decision after meeting your friend windy that you were gonna go to school as a girl, then you basically transitioned in your own heart and that you had the courage to set out and do that if ten years, all dear, I come back after nine criminals like I'm not going to present in a way that makes any one else comfortable. I'm going to present in a way that makes me comfortable, and so I had just been elected class. Treasurer and
I'm JANET and did everyone just accept it? I wouldn't say except it and I think a lot of people tolerated it. I think that's pretty amazing. So can you read the parenting manifesto? I can yes, this is every every home has to have its own manifesto yeah, but I love this for people to sort of incorporate as their own in the justice as they will. But above all else, I want you to know that you are loved and lovable you're saying this to your children. Ok, you will learn this from my words in my actions.
Audible, you're saying this to your children. Ok, you will learn this from my words in my actions, the lessons on live are and how I treat you and how I treat myself. I want you to engage with the world from the place of worthiness. You will learn that you are worthy of love belonging enjoy every time you see me practise self compassion and my own imperfection. Yes, we will practice courage in our family by showing up letting ourselves be seen in honouring vulnerability will share our stories of struggle and strength. There will always be room in our home, for both we will teach you compassion by practising compassion with ourselves. First then, with each other. I want you to know. Joyce together will practice gratitude. I want you to feel joy, so together will learn how to be vulnerable.
Together will cry and face fearing grief. I will want to take away your pain, but instead I will sit with you and teach you how to feel it gonna quite right now we all want a mother like that, a dad, as you begin, your whole hearted journey, the greatest gift that I can give to you is to live in love with my whole heart and too greatly. I will not teach or love or show you anything perfectly, but I will let you see me and I will always whole sacret the gift of seeing you truly deeply see. I just wish everybody could live by those words, media. That's how you change the world. I believe it to be focused on great may be a way of avoiding living the life that you are presently. Given to live. In other words, why resist the journey metaphor sometimes that that spiritual really
people use I'm on a journey. If I'm learning journey it's all about the destination, I'm not there yet better. One day the train will pull into the station, but I'm really interested in the walking I'm really interested in the companion, on the road. I really interesting, where I'm standing right now, so I have no argument with greatness, but if that becomes an excuse for dismissing my life now, because I haven't found that great purpose, yet that's a waste of a day, if not a life I think, sometimes people think you know some day. My path will start, but whatever is happening in this moment, you're already on the path, I think good. What you just said is the key is that on locks, the path to a successful life, and that is trust, life,
that is the beginning right. Isn't that the foundation of the conversion of everything to come to to a common hope- and I love how you define hope, would you would you share this? Where of yours think hope is something very different from our hopes and so on, but always something that they can. Imagine you can't old Floyd unless you can imagine it, but hope in this truly spiritual sense is opening this first for that to ensure real help with the capital age sky. Writing is your truth. Would you say absolutely that's futures: That's the truth. So tell me: what happens you know we ve all heard about Ito athletes having a zone is, it is own for you too, I caught the hum the hum the harm they think I get this home in my head, where I feel like I could write forever,
like almost yeah, like a frequency, basically wow, where I don't know if it's almost you're, where you go from sort of exertion to Otto exultation feels there just an endless joy for me where I feel like I could write for the rest of my life and I lose time and my sister s coming and say it's been five hours. We have to stop now because of this or that it's it's really lovely. It's it's a real true happiness, very pure for me. Well, it's a spiritual practice. Yeah, it is flow, is just become in one with the music. You funds I'm place inside the music that you took in an Udall get in the way of the groove you just part of the track. You like you, know different in the Hon.
Snare or a base order? I had I've always thought of a mountain as this magnificent metaphor for life, because during any climb, there's always unexpected valleys. You know you could look at amount. You think all that's not that far that high up, but you don't see the valleys and the deep ridges. It takes to get to the top. They are inevitable. So whenever I experienced setbacks, I try to stay conscious of what ever the experience is here to teach. Being what it is allowing me to grow into, and I know that but ever is happening to any of us is a means to help us evolve into war of who we are meant to be from a higher perspective.
Challenged, is a good thing. People resend being challenged by life. Living challenges should not exist, but as I sometimes boy did you I find me if you have lived for long enough, that its point. You realise that the world isn't here to make you happy had come, do that it sort of like human evolution, where you say it's not linear you take two steps forward in your own life and a step backwards and then the further back you go, the more bounce you have to move forward raised. We definitely have evolved in consciousness, but it does not go in a straight line. Upward the evolution of communist happens. You regrets and then you go forward a bit more than this. Goes in cycles, but this is a necessary part of the evolution. So when we need the crisis,
humans, don't grow, except through facing challenges and crisis My mother used to say- and I felt so cruel at one point, especially when I lost my wife and daughter, and we walked out of the hospital made a track. Your trailer broadside would kill him. My two sons rebellion. Joy grim Hagen. She said in a horrible, something good will come if you look hard enough for that, my mother's, my mother's notion, we were taught tat. Just testing get up. Get knocked down just get up and move forward and talk about now know so many? people without the kind of help I had do it every day right right today Somebody's got through something significantly worse than me: nobody behind them and getting up and are moving, and
give me such overwhelming confidence and in peace the ability to absorb and the spiritual reassurance I'm from knowing their store party. I used to be very kind of hard on myself. I thought I was supposed to know things before it was possible to know them the truth. That everything we're doing better life's work, my life's work how to love better. My life's work is to learn how to put light in places where it's dark you actually don't have to do the shiny, perfect thing. You can get life by showing up and saying. Ok, actually, is this hard and I need help. I need a higher power. I need you. Well My mother used to say that in hardships in your life, Look at this moment in the light of eternity. Let's try to see this. How, God might see it? You know if it's good or bad,
hardship victory with humility, with acceptance and with love. You can't love something until you can accept. It is correct that is, for the deep listening is the kind of listening that can help relieve the suffering of the other person. You can call it compassionate listening. You listen with. Only one purpose help him
to envy his heart, and if you remember that you are helping him or her to suffer less and then even if he say things for love around perceptions, full of bitterness, you are still able to continue to listen with compassion, because you know that listening like that with compassion, you give him a chance to suffer less, and if you are in a place where Europe more powerful than the people around you being shared listeners. Much as you talk, and if your less powerful thing share to talk as much as you listen, we spend a poor weak every year in some remote place, building habitat houses, and one of the things you have learned is that when we were,
side by side with a family. They never had a decent home and alive and we began to comprehend quite clearly in vividly their moral values. He's is his mind and their ambitions are generally greatest mine, and we realise that in the past, just because somebody's poverty stricken and deprived of probably look upon us successes in life, there inferior and that's a major lesson. I think I've learned in my life and take the shit out of the water is it people are not interior. Actually a pay attention to love and share What you already have it expands is the opposite of what we think when people know that its leaves them from this chase of law, what warm one more
because there's so much energy tied up in that in everybody's life, a short away to say all. That is what you appreciate appreciates. Often we measure how we're doing in life by how much money we may agree how many people are named all these other kind of metrics, how many people were Spectre, so I think there's a We have measuring how you're doing, but how many stones you catch by? How often you at your position yourself to help those who need help? There is something redemptive powerful transformative about catching the stones and people throw at each other unfair when one from problems most of us, but sometimes we have to run to the problem- We have to be brave, we have to be bold. We have to be engaged all of us. Members of the human family That's not all over there to continue to fight you, can make a contribution and mass. So my hope with the path made clear, is that
you will achieve not only a life of success. However, you define that, but a life that is Meaningful that is also some cream least significant, as the great by Angela said. People may not remember what you did or what you say: but they will always remember how you made them feel when I read his grip. Either my skin tingles or my stomach churns. It's that simple. If
I skin tingles. I know it's something that I must do if my stomach turns. I know it is something that I cannot do. I've never done a job just for money. I could not do anything that would not enhance humanity, especially when it is so important for me to have peace of mind, body and soul than to have all the riches. When I put my head on my pillow at night, I dont require a drugs, alcohol or anything. Just fatigue, it was our vanity fair about Michael Jackson and his friends were commenting saying he
did thriller and then spent the, save his life chasing thriller How do you now avoid the trap of your first film person directing first written becomes this phenomenon management died. I don't know you know. Ah It will continue to make moved the movies that I want to see ya. First, If I want to see it, I have that trust that other people will and if they don't have to. I have to accept that. That's that's what it is yeah For me, the hall, the Bay reward of all of this. For me besides, this right here has always been as always
The fact that I get to make another movie, so I know I dont want to let that become an unpleasant experience, because this one was so Successful company has always been a tool that I have used to process pain. It's how my foot many communicated its one thing. We have, we always laughed and you, being too so answering you ve seen how yet we live there. You know. The weird thing is, when I would say to people when your poor, like being poor sucks but being put together, makes it a lot better right, because you, in its together you dont you, don't it doesnt discount? The fact that you don't have, but then you start to enjoy the is that you do have, and that is each other so we laughed we enjoyed ourselves. We had something that sometimes you you, you don't have when you have too much, and that is the abilities you focus on the human beings around you success in terms of achieving objectives in terms of manifesting emission terms of manifesting a vision,
all good, especially if what you can do, can create good in the world who, as fantastic but to the extent you start to define yourself through Traditional measures of success, to the extent that your source of self esteem, you are destined to be unhappy, because you cannot control it, it's a great thing to get looked. Recognised for some age. You ve done. But it's a moment in time, off of those accolades in making that become the sum total and a part of your importance in life, or even your purpose in life defining who you are. Goes a war. Is you never their wonderful? There never define who you are. I want to share with you why I have such a great love of the movie, the wizard of OZ, I was a child when the first understood that this rule was about so much more than a bumper, my head and a fantastical dream.
As I go into my own spiritual awareness. I realise at Dorothy was on this great journey towards not just than yellow brick road but it was really a journey towards true self. The yellow brick road represented hath and along the way she encountered all the disempowered part of herself to scarecrows Rich for brain, the ten men desire for hard, the cowardly, ions longing for courage and so many of us Dorothy believe that she needed something out I'd of herself in her case the great and powerful owes to help her but in what I believe is the most powerful moment of the film Glinda, the good which my face You read. Hero, says the words that spiritual teachers have been trying to convey for thousands of years. You don't need to be helped any longer. You ve always had the power. Thank you, Glinda
The path made clear is meant to illustrate that you hold the power to discover your purpose and live your greatest truth. Not someone else's that dream. That truth has always been right here You always had it in your heart, and I wish you many blessings on your path made clear. You are a powerful creative, compassionate and loving spirit and the more you cultivate a loving if your personality, the more it begins to fill your experience in your field of awareness until that all that is so creating authentic power, is a process is not an event. It's done decision by decision, step by step, choice by choice. The point is to contribute what you can to life, because
the nature of love in the end? I know the lesson you wish for all of us is to live each day from the marrow. We think that the answer to life is complicated. Are you gonna go on some big quest for it and it turns out to be your enough just because you are you enough and find the seed of enough nor, in the other person, give them that gift you're enough to, and that's where love is, that is the seed of love to people who know who they are in grand simplicity seeing each other on the labels, beyond the ego, just being enough with each other is enough. Thank you. I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the planet
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