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There is no moving up and out in the world unless we are fully acquainted with the person we are meant to be. Whatever our calling, it’s already rooted within, and while those roots may get trampled on or tugged at, they can never be removed. They grow stronger only when tended, nurtured and most importantly, shared with others. In this Super Soul conversation, Oprah Winfrey sits down with such inspired writers and thinkers as Nate Berkus, Brian Grazer, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tracy Morgan, Sister Joan Chittister, the Rev. Ed Bacon, RuPaul Charles, Glennon Doyle, President Joe Biden and Pastor Wintley Phipps. Each share individual stories of what it was like to tap into their own roots and wellsprings of talent to discover their greater purpose and deeper levels of fulfillment. Interviews with these talented writers, speakers and thought leaders are excerpted from Oprah’s Emmy Award-winning show Super Soul Sunday. You can also find this compilation, and other insightful conversations, in Oprah’s best-selling book The Path Made Clear.

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Gas, everything from Disney. Why, in the last ragged, is one of the best review movies illegal? It's a vibrant action, fantasy, epic and remarkably original is an instant Disney classic. Let's do this in the last ragged reproduce towards what guided sadistic invaders were ordered on Disney plus it from your access additional few tomorrow.
Eyes. Did your listeners, its ADI Cornish from and pr consider this a daily newspaper cast where, every week day we bring you the perspective and expertise. You need to understand the world around you and it's more than just information. It's what the news means for you and your community makes sense of today's biggest national and Philly region, news in twenty minutes. The consider this podcast from and pr and W H. Why? Why imo Bruin free come to supersede conversations the podcast we have that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully and present journey, to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us start right now. One of my greatest joys is watch someone experience and aha moment.
I delight in seeing that prisons eyes light up with the spark of understanding, especially when recognition might change the trajectory of his or her life. I hope at the start of every conversation is too span hearts and to create an open space for learning. This is I've always known that teaching is my true calling it's the tap route from. It's all of my other skills and talents grow. I felt this even when I was a little girl playing school in my grandmother's yard. Trying to My cousins, Willie Makin Lonnie dispel the Bible names. Shatrak me shack and I've been to go correctly any chance. I got to play teacher. I took it. Author James Human causes the oak within a corn. We were created as individual acorns in need of nourishment and proper conditions bus grow into mighty oak trees. I firmly believe it is no coincidence that I
sharing wisdom with millions in what became the world's largest classroom the open? free, show. Some Kismet serendipity or even play. No luck. I don't believe in luck, for me, really means preparation. Meeting the moment of opportunity. I was born to teach my only job was to listen trust, and bay. The call The same is true for you in following Your call You will hear stories of others who tapped into their unique essence, took a leap of faith and now we have a clear understanding of who they are and why they are here like me, They have come to know that there is no moving up and out in the world unless your fully acquainted with the person you are meant to be What an unbelievable world we would live in if everyone we're doing exactly what they were created to do a few years ago.
I was talking about the very idea with Amy. My chief of staff. Amy's job is to keep all the trains in my life on track. At the same time juggling a wide assortment of daily curveball stronger way. It involves a whirlwind of multitasking as Amy. Talked about recognising ones. Early unique gives she our own, ah ha He told me that when she was young, all she wanted for her eighth birthday was filing cabinet, She just love the idea of labeling the files and manage paperwork she also had a calendar before there were events to even right in it. Printed rainbow business cards of people knew she could organise their lives now Amy's job is to organise mine, and it makes me smile to see her delight when she's check lawful list. She follow Recalling all the way to my, others in Hollywood, of course,
Your purpose doesn't have to be tied to your career. I have many friends who told me they knew they were meant to have children before they even understood what it was to conceive. I've we believe that accepting the call to be a mother is the choice, to become the ultimate virtual teacher, because mothers live in service and sacrifice to their children, whatever your calling. Already rooted within you, those routes can be trampled or tugged act, But never removed they grow. Stronger only when tended nurtured and most important shared with others. My deepest desire is for people to still enough to identify what some unique and connect to hope. Possibility and fulfilment all areas of their lives as
they're in spiritual trailblazer, Gary Zverkov, so brilliantly taught me when you align your personality with your purpose. No one can touch you. We start with Nate Purkis. I was a kid vat cared so much about the things around me cared so much about the way things work but, more importantly, the way things felt that I was tortured by sharing a bedroom with
younger brother, and for me it was my own space and my mother knew that. I don't think she knew that I would end up working in design. I don't think she knew that I would end up being on your show. I don't think that anyone predicts or tries to our dreams for that. But what she did know was that her son was the kind of person that had to control the way a space felt unaware space looked and that I would get great pleasure out of not just the privacy that wasn't the point. It was the selection. It was the process, it was watching a space that was raw, concrete walls and obey be transformed into a space where I could live out my daily life, because when you are connected to those kinds of things, meaning your inner world, the space around. You really matter reason because the space around you reflects your inner space and I
gets universal. I think no matter who you are or what we have and we don't have. Everybody wants to live better next, Brian Grazer, so you weren't a great I didn't even read well I'll, be back in the day you would have been called dyslexic, probably a directly and your mother was really upset with you, because you were failing the third grade. There is reason to be sure. Cigarettes are much lower least feeling thirty, your grandmother was worried, grandmother, wasn't worried. She liked all the questions I asked in always give me an answer and- and she always say Brian you're gonna- be special- you're going to use this curiosity, you're gonna be a special kid and I offer looking at my report her while she saying you're gonna be special. My report card said all efforts and I'm going. Does she know
What what's going on here, I'm getting all absent, she's telling them to be special, but cheaters had this sustained belief in me and validated me for questions and and asking questions and curiosity, but I did use this curiosity to meet new people in subjects that I would have never learned anything about and by meeting these new people, its given life to movies and television, shows I've done it helped me. In my personal life with my children, it's been a powerful force in my life. A powerful and profound and now Lynn Manuel Miranda. My parents both worked really hard. I have never known either my parents to have just one job. They always had many jobs at once and they worked really hard so that we could have the things we wanted and I grew up away. That but also group in house where they were not around for the ninety five, but they were there for the important stuff. They never. Mr play They will then present, but he went around
and so I had enormously ray. Imaginative life. As my twitter followers will note, as you will see hours of the it just videos and movies that I made growing up and now Tracy Morgan. When did you know that comedy was away out any money, you're dead, what he was rich appropriate for me, This region rooted in Vietnam, while he was funny so I didn't really stay under my friends. I'd like hung out my dad and his friends does become Jason dreams rings and home stimulating. I can learn, and for my friends on didn't know what I know, but I can learn from our father and his friends, and it was funny huh funny your mama, where he came to the projects and by came, Jimmy's here and our amendments. It means that their voice sake, taboos say your mother's bananas and advice, got a man like dead and that's how far back away was my dad
sister Joan Chichester. I've never quite met any are you who knew at three years all stand looking in a casket right being a nun where's, your calling. Can you tell me how you knew that I do it was quite clear to this little mind, my father had died. He was twenty three. My mother was a twenty one year old widow with this little bit. How many children or shall I met there now she addressed me too, We did a funeral parlor her brothers and sisters. So you cannot take the child to a funeral parlor. My mother said her father died. She has Behave like we do she's going she's holding me now in front of the cask I've got, a little hands around her head. I can feel the tears her face as well. I something terrible, I'm looking over his shoulder, like I'm looking there and down there at the end of the casket ice and mom. What are those two things? What are those things
there at the end and my mother to hug me a little and she says honey. Those are those are sisters. Those are special friends of daddy's and special friends of gods. They thought your daddy and high school and they're going to stay here tonight and one God comes for daddy soul, run a say. This is Jones, Daddy and he's very good. Take him straight, the God. And I said to myself- be one of those. I thought there was a bit. Job in the world. You just sit around waiting and helping to helping people daddy's get to guide people. That was it I spent the rest of my life. Racial your cross streets. Say hello to nuns. High sister, I sister and I went to work Public School and I was not disappointed. I dont have any horror stories of my catholic education, Those sisters were loving, they were smart, they were competent and they became a model of womanhood. For me
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When I was five, I was playing alone in a pine grove in South Georgia and all of a sudden, I felt enveloped by warmth and light, and I heard inaudibly in the deepest part of myself, you are the most beloved creature. In all of creation, at the same time, I got that message I also heard, and every other person is the most beloved creature in all of creation, changed my life. It made my life. What it is, Rupaul Charles. We know what is interesting. I knew that you were my kind of human when I first Would you say that were all born naked and the rest is just drag
as I have a different way of saying that I mean the same thing that we're all in this: a body suits, and you come up with these definition genes in these ideas about who you really are, but we are, Oh, are my favorite quote p. I tell you additional there? Who said we are spiritual beings having a human experience? Yeah, it's exactly right here too, and I got that as a kid. You know I was a young kid and I thought is everybody getting that this is all kind of an illusion, and I can get anybody to corroborate with me and tell do you remember the first time you thought that I remember when my we're in the living room going crazy. You know beating each other up. I knew this. Is this can't be right, but when I was about eleven years old on PBS, I found my tribe in Monty Python, flying circus. I thought you. Ok, they get it. Ok, they're irreverent there
taking anything seriously and their having fun. That's what this is all about. So that's when I got it very early. My sister's also, you know we we laughed, that was our our sanctuary was a place where we could find some peace. I, like the lighter things of life. I like the music and the colors in the smells, and I like love. I, like those things after I like to stay away from the dark stuff. It's there. But I turned to go to the Myself Linen Doyle. I remember after I brought my littlest home. I was staying home with my three kids, because is an amazing idea for someone with high anxiety, I was just dripping with babies. And I remember going to a plain, eight and He turned to me and said so. How do you feel like you, ve got? The it is at home. How do you feel and without us we're going to have about how I feel
and I remember cuz, I'm a metaphor girl right, so I've been working on a metaphor for how I felt so I said. Okay, I don't know a lot about science, but I know there's like two different kinds of volcanoes and the first volcano is an active volcano in the second one is a dormant one and then The volcano looks com on the outside and inside just let public boiling hot lava than at any moment explode and kill everyone in the vicinity. That's how I feel to stay at home on all day and by That's perfect, naturally Hatfield amazing metaphor, but everybody just just like wide eyes. And I found that moment where I was like. Oh we're not doing that here, oh yeah me now. I really felt so then I Ok. What I mean is that I just love every minute of it. I just stay. I hate when they sleep, I just stare at them.
And I think, if there's one word that would describe how I, as a mother will be fulfilled, that's how I feel is fulfilled, and then we ended the moment ok. Well, we're not gonna, be honest, playmates right as a shame. So but saying that is what made the other person feel comfortable feel a sense of relief opening our friend for me right away or wasted because people I know now that linens right over there. So then I was desperate for place telling I knew I needed that former sobriety. You just say make it an unashamed like this is me, and I don't think it's a mistake, so I knew I needed a place to tell the truth and I actually did start feeling this. Patient to start writing and I get felt like an annoying tap from God like get off the catch and start writing, but I ignored it because I just love watching tv
one day I was passing the computer and I. This thing going on and Facebook on the twenty five things. Yes, so my friends, like making lists about things. Themselves, and I thought awesome- I can make a list. So I sat down the computer. Twenty five things you don't know about right to have an oh, I walked away in two hours later. I came back an open mind. List have been shared all these times. My personal page and I had twenty seven new emails and I thought something something so. So then that that's what I thought. Oh, I really should have read some one else list. If I did mind this is my number six
we're a covering food and alcohol attics, but I still find myself missing booze in the same twisted way that we can miss people who repeatedly beat us and leave us for dead rose. Your number six true true, but here's, my friend Sarah number, six, my favorite saturated Thomas well, over our than all of which were like that. That was like the most light, hearted one and so on, we're not doing that here either we weren't doing that and I want to die. I just wanted to just take it all back, but later at night. I started opening this emails from people. And they were from people who I had known my whole life, but had never really now, because based these emails said things like
Oh my gosh Glenn and I just read your list and I've been bulimic for twelve years and I've never told anyone Glenn and I just read your list, my husband and I are struggling. We don't know where to turn specialists. My dad's depressed and on and on, and then they will be like Not all of it goes well, but like number for you, all of them would say that as a disclaimer- and I thought this is interesting. This is like this truth telling us something that can unlock people. Like if we really need to connect with each other than what are wasting our time here, yet this others returns having yeah and I felt I felt connected. I felt connected the real me to the other, real other people. You know the stuff. We were meant to help each other carry Gus. Everybody were being honest. It will be so much easier for everybody to carry President Joe I didn't. I read that ever since you were a little boy. You are a boy with a vision that you had a picture in your head.
Of the kind of man that you wanted to be did you up to your own expectations. Did you fulfilled the vision or exceed division? by and large believe that I have being a man. I wanted to be in terms of accomplishment because usually translate that enough. The young guy? I knew I wanted innovation and new honorary president I wasn't true what It's true as I want to live up to my parents, expectation and I wanted to be the person that my mother standard being defined by my courage I wanted to that person who no matter what just got back up and kept going. I wanted to be there Who is there and loyal to people? were loyal to him pasture Whitley Phipps. When the things that your dream of ass a kid and you watch
come to reality those moments of destiny, but then I began to realize that God showed me the moments of destiny, moments for which you were created, but they're, not the reason for which you were created. The reason for which we were created is to grow every day to more resemble reflect and reveal the character of the one who created ass. He dreams about you, dreams about me and the most amazing thing that can happen in the life of a human being is to catch a glimpse of what gods been dreaming for you, but the most beautiful thing that God dreams for us is for us to love like to be
I'd like to have faith tat virtue to resemble to resemble flag reflect and reveal am reveal the character. That's his most beautiful dream for each and every one of us Everyone free and you ve, been listing to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple pod cas and subscribe rate and review, this punk cast join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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