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When you pay attention to what feeds your energy, you move in the direction of the life for which you were intended. Trust that the Universe has a bigger, wider, deeper dreams for you than you could ever imagine for yourself. Think about the parable of the mustard seed: if you have faith, even if it’s as tiny as a mustard seed, you can move mountains. In this Super Soul podcast, Oprah sits down with such acclaimed teachers, writers and thought leaders as: Sue Monk Kidd, Tim Storey, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Pastor A.R. Bernard, Barbara Brown Taylor, Elizabeth Gilbert, Jean Houston, Caroline Myss and Deepak Chopra to discuss the seeds of potential that sprouted in their own lives, leading to an evolution of consciousness. Similar seeds are waiting to sprout and awaken in each of you. Interviews with these talented writers, speakers and thought leaders are excerpted from Oprah’s Emmy Award-winning show Super Soul Sunday. You can also find this compilation and other insightful conversations, in Oprah’s best-selling book The Wisdom of Sundays.

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Eyes. Did your listeners, its ADI Cornish from and pr consider this a daily newspaper cast where, every week day we bring you the perspective and expertise? You need to understand the world around you and it's more than just information. It's what the news means for you and your community makes sense of today's biggest national and Philly region, news in twenty minutes. The consider this podcast from and pr and W H. Why? Why I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast? I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired, unconnected the deeper world around us start right now, chapter one the seeds life. Isn't about a big break. It's about time.
one, significant life, transforming step at a time August. Fourteen nineteen seventy eight it was a Monday my first day, working on a Baltimore talk show call people are talking. It was also the law Stay I had a job. Up until then, I've been a news anchor and reporter I I was not my authentic self in those jobs, and my boss certainly made no secret of their feelings. They told me the wrong color. I was wrong size that I showed too much emotion. I have always said that the best part about that experience was meeting my best friend Gale, who was it reduction assistant at the same television station. could feel I was misplaced, even those Sk Clock NEWS was a time slot most young journalists covet. I was never fully comfortable in that seat and when I look back at the tapes, can still hear the pretence,
the anchor voice. I used on air. it wasn't until I was unceremoniously demoted to Co. Host of people are talking that I, experience the first spark of what it means. to become fully alive. During the shall I interviewed Tom Carvel the carvel scream man and the actor who Benny on all my children not again clay glamorous, but as we talked, I felt, lit up from the inside. Like I had come, oh to myself The hour ended. There was a sense of knowing resonating within my heart and radiating to the hairs on the back of my neck, entire body, told me this was what I was the post to do as a reporter I had been exhausted all the time. I really drag myself many days into work, but to one day on this local talk show I was
guys in a way that fuelled every cell of my being. there was no doubt that the seeds of That was to give my life meaning and purpose, had been planted. That day my job ended and my calling began years later. The upper Winfrey shall would achieve the level of success. No one, the predicted it well exhilarating experience and yet another little colonel of knowing was revealing itself to me. Even at the shows Pique I headed Deep awareness that supreme moment of destiny still awaited me? That's why? After, twenty five years. I trusted my instinct. When it told me this, isn't it there's more there's some. else. The show was my home audience was one of the great loves of my life, but I couldn't ignore a flicker of certainty telling me. It was time to move on.
Here's following the end of the show brought many unexpected possibilities and I had some daunting moments when creating a new cable network own. Dropping to consider my own advice of turning challenges into opportunities is what allowed me to move forward This is a lesson. I hope you take away from this chapter. Your life is not static. Every decision set back or triumph an opportunity to idea I, the seeds of truth, that you, the wondrous human being that you are talking just about what you do for a living when you, attention to what feed your energy. You move The direction of the life you were intended trusted universe has a bigger wider her dream for you, then you could ever Imagine for yourself
going up in the church. One of my favorite Bible parables was about the mustard seed. If you have faith even if it is little as a mustard seed. You can move mountains, anything is possible. as a child, listening from my seat in church, this brought me Much comfort justice did when I was struggling as a reporter in Baltimore and still does today the Mai, good seed is such tiny speck of a thing I Emboldened by the belief All I need is a mustard seed of faith. and no matter what, to be all right. as you begin to identify the seeds of knowing along your own path, the fur question to ask yourself is what why believe, Do you believe that you are worthy of happiness?
success, abundance, fulfilment peace, joy love. What I know for sure is become. What you believe beginning with Sue monk, kid say the life of the soul evolves in grows as we move the process is into one time experience but by ruling journey that we undertake throughout life, life is full of cocoons, we die and our reborn again and again. What did you mean by that? I think life is a process of that you wake up. Then you wake up some more. You die to oneself your reborn. It's an ever mission of consciousness. I mean, if you look at the way, God created the war
it's always about a seed in his brow and in a flower, and then it goes back to cede always about process in unfolding. I think we're probably on a journey greater and greater consciousness becoming more compassionate, more loving, and that is a lifelong spiralling process, so you were having awakenings wakening awakening. You can describe them as cocoons. you go into a cocoon and some new part of yourself emerges It's not that you leave oneself behind its that it's an integration. All of these selves come together and create who you are eventually but yeah. I've had many awakenings many little deaths in reverse in my life,
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said prayer is so large for me at such an immense thing, Taking a walk is often what I do. You know to walk along this corridor by. off every day. That's a prayer, putting feet to it. That feels like I'm getting in sync with something inside myself, anything that takes me to that interior place that trousseau tomb story. I love the choices word mighty. Yes, because sometimes we don't feel mighty yeah, but we are a mighty person in the making a masterpiece in progress a miracle in motion, although I have had many mistakes in your past. God still has a great plan for your future. If you'll do things his way
if you let him he will mode you into a vessel of honor love that vessel of honor for his purposes. Yes, he will breathe life into you and change you I love that a vessel of honour and I'd never heard that phrase before and that you really are a miracle in motion motion is movement, so we're not there yet, but were in motion at all times. We are all going to recovery and discovery. At the same time, some people stop their lives because I'm in recovery- I just went through all this in I'm in recovery, but you should be in recovery. End discovery. I love where you say to that. We should not waste our failures right right. There's
lesson in every one of those failures, but the great thing about it is that we could fail forward. We could fail forward is not final because of these mistakes. Doctors should, finally, sorry, I believe, honest life is a process of evolution. What does that mean? Evolution means that we always reaching toward holding onto the vine, which will take us out of this jungle of confusion. What is the confusion? We have forgotten? There was some big forgetting that occurred at some point in our history. That made us believe that we were separate from this oneness. surrounds us. There was this big apathetic, forgetting yeah right that we are one with God. So we have forgotten that
and our entire life now becomes a quest to reclaim that we are constantly evolving. We are whether we like to recognize it or not. Even the most unconscious person against their their greatest will. They are on a process to evolve. Life gives us opportunity, after paternity to ask yourself. Is this my true self or my living, the inauthentic self becoming conscious means to recognise when that moment arrives and it's coming and it's coming and it's coming now children? Why do I talk about children as the ushers of this greater evolution is because they are the most conscious there. The most untainted, there's still the closest to that remember India, and we all seduced to keep forgetting
But yet there is a will in us all the spiritual seekers. The truth seekers alight bears to go back to that play so becoming conscious, is to recognise the moments that life offers you, which is really on a daily basis and with children on a moment to moment bases to start reclaiming who you once were the most authentic side of us, which remembers that we are one with this divinity pasture Bernard. You mentioned that the calling happens long before you even new guide. Do you believe that everybody has a calling absolutely and that calling is being designed for you by all of the experiences in your life yeah the prophet Europe I began to look at his own deficiencies when he got the calling.
and he saw his youthfulness, he saw his inability to articulate and communicate well and that the scripture says that. For I formed you in your mother's womb. I knew you and all of you to be a prophet to the nation. So here this man has been called by God. He has a whole life design and laid out before him that he knows nothing about now. He has to trust the one who design that life for here. How do we open ourselves too? calling. How can we be more open to hear and or open to find the path? That is our calling for us. We have to believe that we do have. A purpose goes back to that eternity in their heart. Every prison has a purpose every
in the future has a purpose, and when we begin to think that way, we will appreciate the sacredness of all life and not be destructive to any aspect of life who respect people better. Yes, you know what I think itself fascinating is that I believe that is true, but I think a lot of people get purpose confused with fame or notoriety for purpose yeah, they think of us. My purpose, then I should know what that is, and everybody else should also know what that is, and I should be known for whatever that purposes right. I think we ve lost a bit of that now. Very material loss in that are less well put by you and insightful because too often people think purposes static. It said one thing for which I was born here,
what happens if you achieve that at a sweaty, seven have no reason to live beyond correct purpose is not static. Purpose is dynamic. Will that's good purpose continues to be applied throughout your life. What your gifts, your talents and abilities that are given to by God that remains consistent throughout your life, but how you apply that changes as you live life from one level to another, and you go through stages of life, Barbara Brown, Taylor, Europe, author, professor, could do you think we can have more than one calling I do. Any one is apparent and works outside the home has what I saplings you're calling you'll have to worry about what calling as apparent that is definitely the big one year by Vocational whenever year, vs Europe's
right and so I have relational callings. I have professional callings, I have a number of different callings and I also think it's possible to be called away from things I have been called to in the past, but I've been powerfully called to some things and justice powerfully called away from them. So I think that's important too. There are good. Eyes as well as hallows in our callings. Today's episode is supported by chopper your best. He was waiting inside well. Being his journey, let Oprah and deeper show preppy your guide. Over the past seven years, Oprah Antipater produced over three hundred meditations that will last a lifetime trend, form every aspect of your life with the complete twenty one day: meditation collection from the pioneers and well being for amid a time. He will so good a year of the chopper app putting a cop Hence a guy too well being in the palm of your hand, unlocked the Full twenty one day, meditation library now before it goes away forever visit, show for outcome, slash, opera and start
your journey today. Oh, I love that true, because a calling doesn't have to be for a lifetime. no, because we're constantly evolving you constantly moving forward right and if it has to be for a lifetime, we're failing all the time right. The gray ditch that calling to pick up on another one How do you say we best here the call and see if I had a formula? Here's what I think we can hear the calling. There is a message: But it's folded into your life and ended speak to you in your language, and so all I can say is don't ever give up hunting and listening, because it will speak to you. Dave, and I highly resist formula and I highly resist three- our five pieces of advice, because I just don't think lives, act that way it's a sailboat ride
If that is so so how can we hear the calling, listen, yeah ATLAS, hey occasion to your left, and enjoy the smooth sales while they're up yes, yes and then enjoy the storms. If you live through them, cause I'll make the best stories later. There much better Stu I want it may set sail sale, feel so does the name. Where would we be yeah without em all Elizabeth Gilbert, there still just huge swathes of women who never got the memo that their lives belong to them, and there's this instinct that they have that they needed permission slipped from the principal's office. For anything, it said you are allowed to ask her. Really important questions about your life. You are allowed to take her inability and ownership for your own journey. You're allowed to ask what sir.
Do you sometimes, because I know you've been trained up to serve everyone, but you're allowed to turn that on yourself and honor, your own life that you were given, and I feel like it's just got to people somehow that you haven't quite put together. They could do that. How do you know that you're being called a something? What are the side you get? The question here is the question: what have I come here to do with my life? Tell him you never got that question, that's the question that begins every single quest. What have I come here, It was my life there's, no one who hasn't had that question come to them. That's the cop! That's the call! It's like whiskey,
I bet you you're just pretty you're a real penitence. You really not very early watch a break in bed in the morning and evening, ice cream and you're really not listening, not losing because everybody's got in and I won't be one or another. Diving are here to do with. What have I come here to do with my life? Now you can choose to ignore that question or you can pursue, and the pursuit is the beginning of the journey Jean Houston. I want people to really understand the power of love and loving. I want people to look after the world and say I am a citizen of the most beautiful planet in the world. I have been given this holy incarnate an extremely unlikely I looked to be was a you know, don't put yourself down, you won the Ultimate Olympics, you're, the sperm and the open that made it a million Muslims million, so that their there
Therefore, I think it is to have a deep appreciation of the life, what that one is given in the life of others and then to act accordingly. In the depths of that appreciate to understand what Joseph Campbells privilege of life, the privilege of a life is being who you are and what is this all? I believe that the soul is the essence of who and what we are. I personally believe that transcends are leaving this mortal coil. I think in part. It is also that great friend that I talked about that comes with codes and possibilities in the next layers of who and what we may yet be
It is often a pain in the neck because it says wake up it's time to wake up, don't go to sleep. I think it is also the lure of our becoming Muslim. I think he saw wow take that in a minute, more of our become yes. How did you even come up with those who say that no one is talking to you more about how the EU is the lure of coming? Well, that's fantastic and me: it is also of the evolution of our becoming because we are coded, we are coded in ourselves, but becoming They are quoted in our hearts and we are God scenes becoming godsends Carolyn Maize view have life. You have purpose. as an exercise on the aside. In view of life, you have purposely to good when you have life, you have hers, and that is true
of every one of the areas that billions of it can't be otherwise, and this is why I absolutely love studying the work of the mystics, because this is what so extraordinary. The tiniest tiniest truth is the same at the big level. If you have life one atom,
Is ass purposeful, as our planet, while it is in one, is in the home? Well, it can't be otherwise it cannot departure Oprah if you arrested, if your mind is in peace and if you're, full of love and compassion. If you go from being and then feeling and then sell for reflection, then things will simplistically fall into place because that's how nature functions like the seed? Yes in every seed is the promise of thousands of forests, which is exactly what our by means. You have unique gifts, focus on the gifts, don't focus on the weaknesses because the other people confluent
Your weaknesses and new club him with the jubilee everyone has a gift this, otherwise you wouldn't be here. They wouldn't be heard. The gift is, when you are expressing your servant that unique way in giving out to gifts. You lose track of time, I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow supersonic on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple pod, callous and subscribe rate and reviews this plant gas join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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