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Paulo Coelho, Part 2: Your Journey of Self-Discovery (From August 10, 2017)

2021-11-03 | 🔗

The Best of Oprah's Super Soul | This Episode Was Originally Published on August 10th, 2017. Oprah’s conversation with best-selling author Paulo Coelho continues from his home in Switzerland. In Part 2, Paulo shares his unique spiritual journey and how he never lost faith in his personal dream.

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Although yearn to be a writer, he says his parents saw his artistic desire as a sign of to illness and committed him to a mental institution three times. Eventually enrolled in law, school and attempted to lead, more traditional life, but fate had other plans for pilot he immersed himself in what he calls a hippie life experimenting with sex drugs and Rock and Roll Paulo became a political activists and suddenly weeks for a brazilian rockstar. He eventually we turned to his catholic routes and walk the El Camino designed Iago trail. It is a historic catholic pilgrimage during this five hundred mile track, from France to Northern Spain. Paulo says he had an epiphany that fuels desire to right now Paolo is written thirty one books, his seminal work, the alchemists is celebrating its twentyth anniversary. The book has been on the.
At times by sellers was for more than six years and his soul more than sixty five million copies Why so, when you were younger years before you published any books, you wrote this in your diary every day it seems hard to achieve my great ideal to be famous suspected to be the man who wrote the book of the century. out of the millennium, the history of humanity. how we you, when you wrote that well, I was always a little bit megalomaniac This is amazing to me they would write that and then you become this famous respected man who wrote the book of the century, the thought of the millennium. that the universe, whatever you're trying to achieve the universe, rises up conspires to help you and the history of humanity. This fully
How did you know that I do not know, but probably well over the past me from that. They don't know about forcible who writes that about themselves, whose as every day from other needs to go to another, who writes that everyday, it's hard for me to be famous ray. I think I'm not going to reach by ideal of being respected that sometimes it fell to my pants with you were right. I was totally. Greece is only a crazy person rights. It is, but at the same time you project it absolute. Yes, yes, it's like Jimmy Harry. The actor said that when he was starving you know, actor making no money, he wrote a cheque for ten million dollars and put it in his chest. Yeah that have any people who
yeah. No, I muttered the only while road use, because, if you really small, though your words of these small. If you think the world would be a big, but having said that to fulfil something a self fulfilling prophecy is quite difficult to explain, but all right you want to. Nor did I write it. Alchemists I'm not sure, I'm sure that there was a good these that I went through. Just ordeals in my life, although totally creese outcome, whatever you mention. I was there. I'm on their right to judge book. That tease, let's be honest much better than I am, and I saw one day your money fast
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Fear was that he could not repeat the phenomenon of thriller and that he was basing chasing it chasing chasing it because. didn't realize that thriller was indeed a phenomenon, and that He still make good music great music that all of his albums it. So twenty billion and so on, but that thriller in itself was which is what I realised with the upper Winfrey showed the upper Winfrey show was for now for its time and to try to change that within put you in your life for ever trying to compare years. After that moment, we do jeez, because you love right. Yes, you, your travelled to Geneva girls. You ain't disaster couple work. Yes, I continue to write books because I'm disaster about my war that torture book that do not so it, but
do we have enough to just two or three books? I want you to derive with others. I cannot just sit down and wait what waited on another phenomenon yeah I saw. I continue to write that an end thanks God, the other books they they all made a mess, and where did you learn about yourself while being in a mental institution depressing that they learned your toys? I learned that I could never run for president, because there have. This up, so they're all over their goods to see this guy wasn't. I met those great this lack of thinking that it was very liberating really. It was crazy, so I can do anything. I want you others, yes off. When I escaped one three said this,
This time I said now, I can do anything because people think I'm crazy people think I'm crazy and well, if Thank heavens, I said. Ok, sorry, but I wasn't is meant in situ, saw. Forgive me blubber well, so why is it then that you determined to be a writer? I determined to be a writer, but it was impossible. My parents at that moment right. So I started right, lyrics or songs and I sat making a lot of money that make a lot of money. You lost your mind for real. I watched my nano. I do not lose my my butt, They were soon present because I see Sir she's a scientist now she followed the rules should fulfil all the things that I saw. The frustration of my parents said: ok, I'm going to
I'm going home bans say to me to be the good girl, I'm going to work with a good girl, but then this my god he is make ten times more money. The system, That is hardworking, worked for the government, experts, analyzing metals and she's chemical engineer, and then they relax, because I could be crazy about you could make one as a young man colloquially says he immersed himself into account a culture of the late sixties eager for artistic expression. He also fell. Because a television wider and wider lyrics, a brazilian Rothstein sex drugs, rock oral sex drugs, are welcome and travelling in travelling. So I became
he bit and then learn how to live out of nothing. It was my first contact with your country. and it was so you were happy in USA also, all over lower all over the world and they crossed believe it or not from New York City to Mexico City. They don't know if you have, but you had why. I'm saying yes and no had greyhound bus, have your good by a pass your mouth travelling to any place in. U S so was your journeying as a hippie was that journey across Amerika throughout the world,
was that your journey to discover your personal legend, one of them, one of not up my personal legend, less Eurasia? Yes, but it was a journey that start to be free from this moment on, don't go anywhere more to come after this short break as. Daylight saving time ends in November. It's a good time to make a few changes to your sleep and wake schedule to charge up your own batteries accordingly, wait. Number research, sleep, I q sleepers slept the longest the night of daylight saving Simon the fall compared the usual here's, a tip for struggling to adjust as evening heads try to get away from blue light by switching your electronic devices to night mode sleeper. Every facet of our physical health and functioning, but it also impacts are relationship, health and our ability to be supportive to our partners, military Spouses may be vulnerable to slay problems. Fifty forward
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I said: ok, you're, always telling people hello, I'm Paolo. Clearly what are you as a right which? What could you do right now? I'm working on it. Lie because I was not to want me in any way, you know you want to be a writer, but you don't write books. Santiago De Compostela made a accept that if I want to be a writer, I should write a book super like this
you can't just tell people you're a writer. I reckon they cannot be working on something, but I had money. I had a wife that I still have the same wife guess not the same, because he changed a lot about. Let's say this imports on fiscal policy and I change it goes ahead. I have the job on television and I was happy to answer. Is yes but think so I said so my way you didn't have it. You didn't, have the enthusiasm know. So I said to my question: we have everything people can dream of a separate joy. At least I have dry, so I have the seventy thousand and five hundred dollars. Let's get it,
seventy thousand five hundred dollars and try to find the meaning of life. So I said to consumer: let's go, let's start travelling, ok, what is then, I could see no not have joy either. I think that is profound yeah. I know what you just said is so profound, because you see That are only obligation is really to discover the personal legend. Absolute, that's the only two and to honour and honour to discover it and honoured that's really the only job you have enlightened area and to fulfil and to fulfil it and to fulfil it. The idea of a personal legend is a key theme in the alchemists. It's also been a guiding light in Pylos own life. He believes every person has a supreme destiny, a unique calling meant only for you and not everybody is gonna fulfil our everybody knows, I'm sure and positive
everybody about not everybody dears too well, you know what I think not everybody knows. I do a lot of speaking and I talk to. I call this your personal, your purpose, it's your purpose, you're calling another word for personal and people are always saying to me. I don't I no. What mine is? I don't know what mine is. They know they don't reckon is very difficult to accept that you'll know what we are supposed to do in run. I do like the merchant who go to MECCA who made the decision exactly in kept saying he wanted to go to MECCA and every year postpone going to MECCA and finally realize he was never gonna go from even if My name is really have the conclusions. Everything
my life isogai, learn other with this. So brings up this russian Santiago search for his personal leginn. There are many forces beyond his control, guiding him on the journey. I love say even when they are out in the middle of the desert and sometimes I have to go around some of the dunes and avoid some of the obstacles and avoid the true, the tribes who were at war. That is long. They got back on course, they would always end up at the same place. the way our lives are. That's a metaphor light that there are obstacles Take us out of the way, but is, as long as you know where you're going also, you say the most important question is to know what you want it took me years. I knew that I want
you're, a writer since I was young and how does megalomania two things about be divorced. Rumours read aloud, but is not enough to know what you want. you have to do what you want to be. What you want and also a writer, implies in writing books. A gardener implies and gardens. But if you I don't know about today, but it the third area, father or Mother Farm middle class. I want to be a gardener. Fridays. Please go to university. Get your blog. My country are gathered during the weekend. You know, but you love plants, you love Saw you will love. You know that at the end of the day, Europe on these, and this is not good.
the press always being convinced that for the first hours tat means you are creating this order of frustration that, after one o quails first book, the pilgrimage had strong sales. His publisher had high hopes were his decks title. The alchemist when it didn't sell, follow, had to fight for his dream when the guy said or just to so much greater. So back to you now that I've decided to be a writer death, I walk from France, Spain, five hundred miles death. I
almost bridges that I greet everything to be a writer. You telling me this is work that good, and it is up to me at that moment say he's right. Let me write another or or say no, I believe in this book, I'm going to fight for this book. I may die the press. Ok, this is a question. This is the question. When is a no really No, it depends because sometimes are nowhere
Sometimes imo is at all. I think, some people you know, but if you're listening to your hard, it's never known. If you listening to your hard, sometimes it is good to know yet what you got another difference between your heart in your hair, absolute, isn't it absolute? Absolutely! Ok! You also say that you know in the beginning, Santiago talks about the language of God because he's having the dreams and he's tool by the Gipsy. I think that the dreams of the language of God now is the link God, the same as the language of the world. Absolute. Yes, it is yes, yes, yes, I mean army dreams by the way you mention. dream is is a moment that we connect to jeez, so cod language of the world language of doors, and then you have answered the sad, but then it will be a thing.
From the scene boy, you disable the air and if you put this puzzle together, you haven't understand when I first presented my book just book to my american publishers. They read the Father Fantastic book, but they said disciples, not the alchemist, the alchemist like the time, I shall that's why I chose not to worry because those, nor can we saw at the end of the book and, besides two new wage and nobody knows what an alchemist is right, but I said, but it is the kind of my book this- that we're not going to put any money to promote this worker set. I dont care, I'm convinced that I want to do is like about theory. Yes, many countries in the world said we're not gonna. Do a book called adultery, we're not going to do
I'll adultery, can imagine you giving this book to your wife to your mother? Oh Mamma. Is that voluntary for you and give some bad ideas, but I said to the factors adultery saw well now, Now I have always enough nobody's gonna but then they went think about it, understood I can understand, and american publisher being a little squeamish about the title because trying to explain to people what alchemy is it's difficult to explain to people what an alchemist is or what Our committee is, but the you want to know the type of that a year what they wanted to give the Shepherd S dream drawn: Jesus were less harmful. You know Joseph Campbell teaches about the heroes journey. The adventurer leaves home
we're comes obstacles achieves great deeds and returned home to show, his or new found wisdom, and that's that Santiago Tale. that's audio. Why do you think that we human beings, spawns so well to the heroes journey? I think that we have just minutes ago, heroes Journey of Congo, that of yours I use personal legend. He uses Persano Police prison was now, but rather talk about it, I think our destiny destiny, the things that we are here for a reason right. So I believe it rests on aids if everybody, because everybody wants to undertake the heels journey. However, people dont do it s concern afraid
Follow knew he had followed his place when we receive some shocking news in two thousand eleven, his cardiologist told him. He had a severe heart blockage. Can I tell you something very depressing: yes saw in two thousand and eleven, the father of my agent and friend diet from a heart attack and sure got paralyzed and and then she thought that everybody was way today from a heart attack. Social obliges everybody to go to do these stress tests and And ass, I walk every day. I have a very healthy life. I live close to nature.
Oh, I do archery. I got you a law to cause, I'm not going to do just tests so ceases to exist in assisted and to please her. He did the guy said the little guy in thirty yeah, he is an all. But when I arrived here said I have no pain chest, I'm not tired it. I have noisy today in thirty one afraid, when the doktor tells you gonna die in oil shales rises, but not or not. I do not have time to every one. It's your heart surgery was ten o clock in the evening, and I said I a vital work visit to story opened. I me because the people they noticed sorry,
here. I said if I die tomorrow. The first thing is that is spent more than half of my. With the woman. I love how many people on this planet can see that there are currently was. I did everything I was totally crazy. I went to all extremes, so I have mercy to regret, because I went out- do everything hippy on greyhound
the people first thing is that they fought for my dream. I do not talk and offer, and I want to be a right and enabled so afraid that tomorrow, this with me, if I am going to them, I want to die with the same sensation ahead. On November thirty, two thousand disease. My dream pupils to thank you for sharing. Let me ask you some questions answered them as quickly as you. What does your definition of God? I don't have to avert the asked Moses most disaster. This impression who are you he said I am- I am than I
so I am. I have the same definition that they give to Moses. How do you define spirituality versus religion? Religion is when you share the same when, MRS. If a lot of people think it is a bad idea, speechwriters is our responsibility as the end. You cannot blame the priest or their rabbi, man you're attitudes, but is good it about. There's. Ok, I believe disease, the body earthquakes What's the lesson that took you the longest to learn many men, grasses back, I'm sure, learning, humility, humility
humility. What do you think happens when we die? I don't know, I'm sure I don't know. I will tell you. I swear I'll kick it finishes since the world needs The world needs a golf I'm going to pleasure rise the Beatles love? My greatest passion is. to live every day as a different one soul of the world? Is you and I and everything that surrounds us. I am fully in the present moment when everything tat could be so he can be anything that sparks juice. Thank you for inviting,
to your beautiful home in Geneva are prowling afraid. Thank you for coming. You don't know how important is european senior a knife offer me not for me, for everybody would say Fourthly, we were thank you for use your power for good, and this is the best complimented me, do you? that you use your power to improve the world. May God Wes Okay, I'm ruined free and you listening to supersede conversations podcast, you can super so on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and review this pledge gas join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening
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