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Actress, writer and humanitarian Priyanka Chopra Jonas is one of the most recognizable faces in the world. She discusses her journey of self-discovery, her marriage to Nick Jonas and her New York Times bestselling memoir, Unfinished.

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the catch and fast set from melon. I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the pod cast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us, start right now. The younger children Jonas, is an international star from ITALY. Bollywood to America's Hollywood, she has taken the world by storm now, she's written her first memoir already in New York Times best seller, title unfinished, Bianca, excess on her life journey of self discovery rooted in two worlds. As a young woman in India Bianca start Turkey career winning the title Miss World Miss World two thousand is miss
India. Since then, she starred in more than sixty films and television shows she was the first Indian born to lead an american network Series in ABC Quantico. We don't move, drop your weapon or I dropped today. super so Bianca and I talk about losing her beloved father, marrying her dream, man, Nick Jonas, and how learn to live a fearless life bracing her ambition. Calabria, guide child bread Joan s higher? How are you Oprah, I'm so so well welcome to super saw. It is great to see you virtue.
I gave a round of applause of technology because urine lantern technology, yes you're in London and we're beaming you all the way across the pond to my guard mere in Maui. I know it's it's late there, and so thank you for staying up late to talk with me. No of course, how are things going for you in quarantine? How have you fared well when the pandemic started in March and we were all told lockdown, I was an ally and that's where I quarantine for about six months at home, lead I mean, I have to say I kind of I feel very privileged to say that I kind of tribes through the quarantine I moved into my new home. I had time with my husband
my dogs, I finished writing a book I have finished to movies, are released two movies and I have had the ability to just do a lot more with myself, which I dont think I had when I was on a flight almost every single day, and I felt a sense of grounding to think about what I want to do during this quarantine have come out of it feeling insanely grateful for having all I have. I think that so it's been a really, I think, good time. For me, I feel exactly the same. What was the thing that you learn that you could live without and could not live without doing the quarantine
definitely could not live without my family, I mean I was so grateful to have the time with my husband. You know my dogs, my mom was around how many doors gramophones came in. I have three puppies. One is a four year old she's, not a pop, but the other two are the one is a german Shepard and the other is a rescue husky, Australians, and the two of them are a year and a year and a half and they're just amazing. My three dogs. They give me life. I understand I've had twenty one dogs in my lifetime, so I understand that dogs in the house changes the energy of the house period completely. What did you recognising yourself were in your life that you felt you needed to change the pandemic? And you did taking time, I think really,
no, I was always I spend a lot of time in my life rushing for the next thing. You know trying to find the next spring. Want to enjoy dinner on the dining table with my friends at the end of the day. You know I want to maybe catch that movie that everyone has been talking about, that I didn't do because I was. I was chasing the next thing, that's thinking of Novi that everyone has been talking about. One of my favorite to watch during this time was White Tiger. Wow and I called up AVA Duvernay, who is executive producer with you and and AVA said. This movie happened in part because of your involvement. Why did you want to do this film? By tiger? I had read the book in about two thousand and eight, and I just went. I actually read that the movie was being adapted for Netflix on the Twitter, like on one of the tradesman
like where we get our news. Everybody gets the. I can read it that the movie was being adapted, and I told my agents to call and offer my son this is as an executive producer, because when I was seeking work in Amerika, I remember about five or six years ago. I thought that it was. It was not really in the consciousness of of the film makers that a leading mainstream part can be played by around and I didn't want the movie to be put into an independent. And while we are in a new put into a genre film box, which ends up happened, when you see the leading gasters all in Rome, and so I really wanted to be able to appear, and as many eyeballs as I can do the movie, because the story is universal. The net
It is about a class divide that exists everywhere in the world right now, but I just wanted to me. I just a mentioning that because, of course, we're here to talk about your member, but I just thought you all did such a beautiful job with that story, and you are right, ass, being existent force, not only in India but in other places in the world. Isabel workers, since book cast this year was one absolute ass. He was one of the most exquisite things I read, and I just wanted to give you offer that that also so good and immediately after I finish watching I texted file, If other friends and told them you gotta, see this so that when you know you have a good found good film, thank you so much that means silent. So very young age. May I say thirty: eight, you have written your. I will say you're
or a memoir already a New York Times best seller. Why did you feel this moment? Was it because you had all that covert time and had all the journals over the years that you I will now turn that into something and release it to the world. I have to say a little bit of it had to do with that, but I had committed to writing the book into. thousand maintain and between all those flights? And me the time that I would get in all of hotel rooms that I live. I could just never right, but I had this time because of covert and that helped me really dug deep and honestly feel like I, as a woman in a little bit more of a secure place where I felt like I could behind the insecurity of my twenties and like not worry about the things that used to scare me before
as much? I have a little bit more confidence in myself from what I bring to the table professionally Finally, I think that only helped me address my life and I will just wanted to write a book, and I thought the easiest way to do. It would be direct about my life. Wasn't its challenging? Isn't it yeah? I didn't think it wouldn't be as much because, Ok! Well, it's your life! How hard can it be? But if you want to do deep, which I really wanted to. It can be uncomfortable and you know it can be. There were many times that I wouldn't finnish writing about something, because I didn't know how I really felt about it. I had to process my oceans from yeah Bird's eye perspective before actually writing about it. That's why such a cathartic process, begin the book with dedication to your father, saying dear Papa, much like the title of this
Your story was unfinished and with that in mind, I dedicate the rest of my to you. I miss you dad and of course, we see on this beautiful cover. You know daddy little girl. That's my bad handwriting actually got haven't. I got this done a year before he died, and this is my step two. I lied to her about it because he never wanted me to get a tattoo, but he had to forgive me because you know it was his handwriting What is his handwriting? And I know you asked away and twenty thirteen really such a young aid. Sixty two after a law Battle with cancer, and what are you miss was about him. Do you fill his presence? I miss me about him, just how bash should be proud of. He would be in the littlest things, even if I like
I'm having dinner and I my plate is clean. My bad would be excited if I weren't dress that I, like my dad, would be excited by fire. You know one an award, the littlest thing, the biggest thing him be the loudest in the room. I it's the noise, the excitement he had the joy, an investment he had into my life and just how excited Houston not everything about me and I just the silences what I miss, but you know I. I do feel that he's been very instrumental in mean being where I am today. I think he's gone up there and have made a few things happen and his help me find the sense of peace. which I never had when he was around. You know he always saw me as this a restless trying to get to the new place thing any always wanted me to have a sense of peace, and I That's when I feel them around when I feel peaceful.
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times where you would fill unsettled about that and some advice that he gave you wish so profound when he said to be like water, when you heard that for the first time did it resonate well, I remember he said to me when I think around ten. Maybe I was studying signs and we have recently in geography, learn about the power that water has. If in dribs on a stone, it can make a whole overtime, and you know waterfall,
crash and we'd just learnt that, and I think that analogy mean so much sense to me in such a young age, because I knew that water can we as powerful as a waterfall. You know slit holes in boulders Iraq, but at the same time it can be as still as a teacup or a snowflake or teardrop, and when my dad said that that's how he explained that he was a very visual man, super creative and that's how he explained to me like a few like water, you can adapt to anything but you can still choose to be powerful or pleasant. You'd. I've spent some time in India. I love love being there. And I ve talked of many women there, who told me how there families or their their particular culture, valued voice over girls as a child, and you speak of that in the book
the higher value placed on boys telling the story we have the time your mother had found the baby. The car and then gave it to a couple who couldn't have children. And then going and seeing other places how girls were valued and verses boys. How did How did that affect your own reality again? It made me feel such a sense of privilege, because I was one of the fortunate few, orders of the same country that was treated with a sense of self My I was given a choice in my life. I was given a choice in having my opinions and that's what confused me so much is that that such a com according to the world where there are so many women. We we have the privilege and good fortune of having parents that give us wing
and but there are so many women around the world that don't have the ability to make a choice in their own existence. You know it's decided and they have Kansas decided who they marry, what jobs they do if their jobs would you go to school you dont, and it really shaped a really large part, we and I think that's a big reason. I took on advocacy for like girls, the right to education or knowing their own rights like a child children's rights and their worth some of them don't even know that they can go to school or they can think no we're getting married as a thirteen year old. So I think that it shaped me and my mom. Never shied away from talking about it. In fact, she used to call it out to me all the time when she is to remind me of the fact that this is an opportunity that I've been given
lucky, I am to have it and that's something I am I never forgot will. This is super saw where we talk about the spiritual things in reading book it made me reflect on my own trips to India. You know one of the things that was so powerful is. Is this virtual energy there, the sense of connected ness between people and prayer or spirit whatever name you have for all its also very present. Did you have a spiritual foundation? Growing up did I think, in in India, it's hard not to Europe like you know, with the swirling number of religions that we have that live within the country as well as you know, and so you are, I grew up in you know a convent school.
like when I went to school. So I was aware of Christianity. My dad used to sing in Moscow is aware of Islam. You know I grew up in a hindu family. I was aware of that spirituality such large part of India that you can ignore it, but also my family really believed in you know, having a higher power and having a sense of faith. But this is again something my dad used to tell me was like. Basically, religion is all you know a way to get to a supreme power, and every religion has a different face to the same direction where we're going right and all that we. So it's all pointing one, in other words, the hot all using and what or your faces whatever your version of that is is just a means to an end, and so I did girl. I am Hindu and I pray. I have a temple in my home. I'd. Do it as often as I can, but at the same time to me, surely
or spiritual. I feel I'm a believer of the fact that a higher power does exist and I like to have faith in that during a visit with her aunt and uncle and Cedar Rapids Iowa Bianca, fell in love with the American High school lifestyle at the tender age of thirteen. Bianca made gutsy decision and moved to the other side of the world to live with her relatives in Iowa Sprinter, later tenures in Queens, Indianapolis and finally, Newton Massachusetts and then you moved when you are sixteen. You moved to Boston outside of Boston, and you were the target. Of such racism said bullying. You say they actually broke your spirit yeah. I think high school is hard anyway fade and to beam coming of age, to understand your body as a woman, at the same time to be devalued force,
think I couldn't I can't change, or you know I wasn't even aware of the fact that this was something that I should feel embarrassed about, but I guess, when I was made to feel like did Michael smell funny. When I walked by in the hall where people smoke curry you're, not little things like that at sixteen are so detrimental to sense. We self worth your sense of self and the things it kid say, a horrible. I think it's probably also it's just being mean and you're not trying to hurt someone where you know that they are going to hurt in retrospect now I think that they probably didn't even know what they were really doing. It was just trying
hurt somebody that you wanted to target, but at that time at sixteen I remember I was like I don't want to live in this country. I want to go. I call on my mommy and I ve known called my mom and she was a next flight over and we went back home, but at that time I remember feeling profoundly affected by and then going back to India. You were the girl who had been to America and he shall things where things became very different. You know I was always as I was reading unfit. perfect title for someone, thirty eight. Let me just say, as I was reading it, I was thinking who, what is the best revenge on earth is
you were bullying me last year and this year become miss whirl. Ok, I couldn't have written it myself. If I mean lighting a store and when you, when that happened, do I don't know that the nature my personality would be to think other people who believe me. But when that happened, do you even have the energy or time to think about all the people who believe you and say in and say to yourself? How do you like me now? How do you not at that time, but in their after I got used to the crown on my head for a second and then especially after became this world, I was thrown into the deep and so bad leave. I I didn't come from pageant family. I didn't come from desiring Matt. You know I loved watching missing the ways to watch me around, but I never thought I could be part of it so at seventeen when he had thrown into this crazy world of pathogens internationally.
then movies I was just. I was just trying to get my head above water at that point, but a few years later I don't have that interrupt. Can I repeat, if anything is you didn't even engage yourself to become a part of its cause? Your brother Sid wants to get you out of space and tells your mom hey sinned in her picture for this phenomenon. By and simpler, don't gotta go back yet I think it s really. For me, I really do a lot of credit, because I don't think I would have had this career or this job if it wasn't for his ingenious idea. Just so, if you, if it is your brother, said that that moment, I know this having paid attention to my life and the lives of so many other people that every single moment every waste that is made d
the moment that allows us to sit and talk to each other. Now, in my garden and head your brother, not done that, course which literally change their trajectory of where you were headed. Where do you think you would be if you hadn't been in that Padgett near I've always had a really big interest in science and new technologies? I do think I would have done something in that world, but I also ask My nature is I'm a student of life like I'm, not someone will ever rests on my laurels, or I think that I know everything I don, I put my hand down. I listen. I learn so I think whatever I may have gone into, I would have come out. Ok, you know cause I'm willing to learn
yeah, I love that attitude because it means you are open to life. I really think I'm a big believer of the fact that life is really a gift. You know I mean so amazing to be able to live and meet people than to have choices and the things that we do and So I'm I'm someone who doesn't take it for granted at all from the creator of green leaf and executive producer, Oprah Winfrey comes owns, newest scripted, drama series, Delilah I'll economy played by Mara Hill as a single mother and respected attorney. when an old friend is in need of help. Delilah will find herself in the midst of a David versus Goliath case, will test her relationship with her best friend and fellow attorney camera play by Jean Marie Jones, seeking justice for those who need it most. In a time when the rich and powerful will do anything to stop her Delilah will find herself risking at all for the truth,
Delilah is all new Tuesdays, nine, eight central on own. You obviously are women raised by people who a deal and that love allowed you the confidence to stand up for yourself when it mattered. I love the story that you write about when director wanted you to perform a kind of sultry dancing down to your underwear and you ended up the next day saying I quit. Where did you find the strength to stand up for your self, knowing yourself worth in your value at such a young age? I have to say that comes from my upbringing, my parents, I would take always gave me that my mom told me when I was nine years old. What ever do in life. You will be financially independent, who
has led to a nine year old kid like I don't even know what financially independent means at that time, but that was what my parents were. You know I was told to have an opinion in a room that disagreed with me. My dad said: if you don't have an Albanian. What's the point of view being here and has likewise that's right, you know I was always encouraged to have a voice. My regret with that incident is I never said anything to the film maker. I was so scared. You know I was new in the entertainment, business and girls are always told you know you don't want to get a reputation of being hard to work. Well, for you know you don't want people to say ocean. She makes seen up so I worked within the system and that's. My regret is that you know I never stood up to him and said what you did was wrong, because I was scared
but the only way I knew how to how to deal with it was just step away from it and have Greece under fire and that's what I did and that's what you did well, to be able to stand up for yourself when you are that age. That really is a Duff, and now you would do something different. Perhaps you would stand up for yourself and say something to whomever is is is being an appropriate with you in a way that could affect that person and other people, but just just to be able to stand up for yourself that is so huge You know I hear my friend Jimmy I mean was a big inspiration to your music career. A new team that we will. I am for your first single when a video of this
Debut during an eye fell game. Social media erupted with just some of the worst comments. Ever. How did you handle that? That was really shocking to me? I had, I didn't see that coming. I was very blindsided by bad because I was so excited about. This first saw I am working with. Will I mean I shot the music video and I was so proud because I was stepping into american pop culture and I really wanted to be a part of mainstream american pop culture, and this was like what bigger than you know, Thursday night football, and then the here I actually was quiet for a couple of days could add a sense of shock that it was so vile soul, racist and so public. This was all on social media was out there, people discussing in people,
one thing, people saying he ate grade people saying all it was. It threw me for a spin a little bit, but it also once I found my feet and the fact that the unofficial gave me a second. You know season and they stood by me and it gave me ass fed me actually to normalize the unknown people that looked like me in mainstream entertainment, that why was this such a big deal? It shouldn't have been I'm just a girl thing. a song yeah now and people saying horrible things I go back to India go back to your country. Why you seeing our song when it's, why you seeing at its America, and you too, I yeah, you know what it's interesting you just say that makes me realize affirms even more what you ve written through unfinished that whenever you are faced with, a challenge, the bullying look at how the bullying leaving America a year later. Now
you and miss world. You take what the bullying the victory all from you're you're sick. with. Well, I am and say you know what I'm normalize people seeing more people. Like me next thing you do you're making more movies were brown. Skin people are being seen, so you take what is adversity and turn it into something that is meaningful and powerful for yourself. Thank you in that Mank husband. It says that to me was like I don't know you have you calls at my superpower does. Whenever, like the roof is falling and the ceiling is caving, I'm solution, oriented and I'll be like I'd. How do we? What is the next thing? How can we get out of this trap? Speaking of your husband, you brought him up. I read where you share your ma, you think
dreamed him up or had some spiritual force in bringing it into your life, because you'd been in bad relationships and your mother said, I hope, that one day you just need somebody who sweeps you off your and then along comes the Jonas and you are swept away, did off your feet, I was really swept the did. It is absolutely the right objective, because I I didn't I may have judged the book by the Cover- I didn't unless they take it very seriously? When Nicholas texting me now, I was thirty five. Those like I want to married. I want to have kids his you know, and as twenty years I don't know, if that's something you want to do like. I did that to myself for a while till I actually went out with him and- surprise me more than you know him he's such a self assured me
so sensible so excited about my achievements? Mine dreams: you know such a true partnership that he offers me in everything that we do together, that I truly believe that my mom manifested him, because that was her marriage. She had a marriage of partnership, they work together, they lived together, they build home together, they build life together in equal partnership, and I saw that growing up and unjust amazed that I found exactly what I kind of grew up with with neck, and I just kind of swept. I let it happen. That is the true spiritual partnership. Gary's Bukavu, benign super so many times is that a spiritual partnership is a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth, meaning one wants the other to rise as much as they want themselves to rise and
loved where you shared that he made a list of five things that he loves about. You Will you share those? Well, I mean the list of five things that first of all I want, and then this is before I met Nick and I remember writing down one new year's eve or something and putting it in my wallet. You know as if it was going to happen that was neck like that happens, six months later, he comes into my life and he was exactly all of those things which was you know. I want somebody who is honest and you know- comes from on his place all the time. I didn't want the drama, someone who knew family who loved family because I come from a large family. I want some house full of you, no friends and family. You know someone who loved his job and because I love mine and I find purpose in my work and I want,
Someone was creative enough to find purpose in there were the other one I think was that he should be should understand. Business and finance had is silly. One lay wet, but really Nick is all of those things you not by another. One was confident in himself. I cannot stand in secure men, it is said, pet piece of mine. You know when it's not a good look on anyone, but specifically not in a relationship on your guy, and I and Nick was just all of that. I read that one of the things he loved most about you or want or admired most do. You was your ambition. That was one of the first things he said to me.
actually yeah. He was just so excited about everything that I bet every time I come up at home and how we now say something, but I'm excited about. Like he's watch the White Tiger, if six times he talks about it all his friends, you read the book like seven times. You know he's just a champion. He reminds me so much of how my dad used to be- and you know my dad is- is such an was such a big cheerleader of mine and now I feel I'm married to you know like cheerleader too. Will you are married in a three day Global Extra I mean was that in extravaganza. Well, what was so much was happening? Could you remain present in all of it? Actually, I was only in only present, because, first of all we were only a hundred and ten people and a three day wedding.
Very normal and indian family. Actually, because we have a lot of pre rituals. The idea of indian weddings, usually, is it's not just about the bride and groom it's the family is that all ongoing married. So this is really important for extended families to get to know each other, hence its usually two or three days what care we threw in a western wedding into the mix as well so hens and became you know three four days, but it was just a hundred and ten people the most important people in both our lives. We really creative, a very and loss of experience for both sides of our cultures I remember we made like little books during the wedding, which said indian weddings for dummies and western weddings for dummies, because a lot of my family I've never been to a western wedding and a lot of mixed family never been to an indian wedding set, was really funny to actually watch these two completely different cultures embody
is each other and kind of mingle and mix and become one that it was the most incredible experiences of my life with So many things going on what was the most me for a moment for you from those three days or a series of moments. I think, My mom walking down the aisle was really big moment when I asked her. If she would She was a little hesitant because she was like that something your dad would have done and I count step into his shoes. Did you feel your dad's presence on their day? Oh my gosh, I exam extended my hand. I remember I was walking down the aisle extended my hand for my mom to come, and I felt my dad's presence in such a big way in that moment, my mom and I on to each other when we were walking down the aisle for dear Life- and I know silently that's what
We're feeling him so beautiful. So it was. It was yeah, and neither of you spoke about that, but both of you felt the same thing in our silences. Yes, in your silences, do you and Nick I hope to have a family one day who sang early are important. Family is to you. Hopefully I mean you know it's like I said you want to make. God laugh tell her your plans, so I'm not one who makes those plans, but yes, absolutely whenever you know it's the right time with something that we would definitely want. You know what is a beautiful things that you wrote. You said as a child. I viewed my parents relationship as fairytale perfect. They had their problems, of course like every couple does, but they had one and that was that they never fought in front of the kids, and I learned over the years of interviewing so many different therapist or on the other
Show that when you fight in front of your kids, it changes them in it literally changes who they are because they think it's somehow, oh energetically about them and they think it. It feels like they're, losing their safety and and protection, so has there been a hard to follow, or has it been something that you brought into your own marriage of, not arguing? We are of course we argue, like everyone, we don't argue in front of our dogs for Shore Cuba, but that's something I hope to take forward in my life for shirk. As I know how it benefited me and my brother, we never felt like. We were the reason for any sort of discomfort between them. I've never actually saw I've seen it twice, maybe where I felt that my parents were having a situation, but it would always be behind closed doors in their bedrooms,
when there was silence, then I would probably know something's up, but I never saw them yelling and each other's screaming at each other, never lived. It gave me such a sense of balance, as you already have here, given credit to your parents and to honour what they gave to Yucas only when you're so fully loved can you attract other people who are whole and loved you now, that's how it happened? That's what we now truly, I think just when you feel cherished as a child, when you feel encouraged as a child, you grow up into an adult which has who has a sense of confidence. When we see you know you step into a room, you fear, like our. I have family. I have something to fall back on. I have someone who loves me. Who cares about me that I can walk into any room and hold my arm? It really gave mean that sense, and I love. I really appreciate your choice.
Word when you feel cherish do you realize I realise that you just saying that word that there are not many people in the world who can say I grew up and I was felt cherish. That's true, unfortunately, It's the truth of the world and now and implore. Actually, parents, too, you know just give their children, especially when their young, just cherished them. Tell them our important their views are how important individuality is not to burden them with their dreams, but to let your children have your own dreams. You know I I I really benefit us
greatest gift. My bands gave me was a sense of individuality. Ok, I wanna go sold a soul with you for a moment, since this is super. So what is the song or book or booby? That would be your life's theme or your aunt em. That's a hard questions, impassioned girl and need to be able to answer this review quick. I think my theme when just be, if I could choose a song, it would be any progressive movement because I walked on the beat of my own drum, and I think that I'm someone has always taken steps in whatever direction I want so a Congo
the blood. The drums like something just going added would be my theme because I wake up with a spring. In my step, I want to embrace life, I am hungry for it. You know, so I think drums would be appropriate for me. That's a fantastic answer. Nobody's ever said that what was your greatest fear that you were able to overcome one big ones was feeling like I belonged in a room because I will always thrown into like up from a very young age was thrown into different atmospheres, is like moving schools and going to different country at twelve years old,
being thrown into pageants being thrown into movies. I in the beginning I used to have to remind myself of why I'm in the room. Why am I meeting? You know heads of states, and why am I meeting these really important people and to be able to sit across someone who has been a long sense, a list of achievements and still feel like? I belong. Alright, we wish your faith most tested. I think around the death of my bad. I was very angry. My relationship with God changed a little bit, but then, at the same time I feel, like God, help me find salvation and come out of it
oh, but at that time it was tested ol man I went to every temple. There was to go to. I didn't every prayer there was to do. I met every God, man or woman that I needed to meet every doctor, but I needed to go to a flu mind at the Singapore to New York. Europe. But you know India everywhere, just her do whatever I can to prolong his life. It's such a helpless feeling. What is the best, most rewarding aspect of being unfinished just then you are not pursuing perfection, we don't have to all me finished and tied up in a neat little bow and have every button buttoned. You know, life is messy. It's it's not simple, incomplete and perfect, and I think the best thing about being unfinished is that you're not striving for perfection
because it's just futile we're, never gonna get. It were always and change, and it's ok to leave things. I'm finished all your friends ways around the world in India can watch this episode. So what do you want to say too, we want in India watching us right now. I just es. India. I haven't been back since wholly last year, and you know here's my home, and I just want to come back and visit smell, let them live and meet my friends, and I also want to do it the movie I haven't done that for a while. So I just miss home a lot. I just want to be able to get on a flight and land in Mumbai. Thank you for joining us today. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So much for taking the time to talk to me, it's been delight. Unfinished is available. Now, wherever books or sold, I move ruined free and you ve been listening.
To supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple podcast and subscribe rate and review. This pledge cast join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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