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Ralph Lauren, Part 1: Celebrating 50 Years of Design

2018-09-12 | 🔗

International fixture, innovator and true legend Ralph Lauren is celebrating his 50th year in the fashion industry. Ralph explains how passion, conviction and intention were the keys to his early success when he was selling ties out of a drawer in the Empire State Building. He reflects on the valuable life lessons he learned during his humble childhood in the Bronx, where he was raised by Russian immigrant parents. Ralph also shares the “out-of-body” experience he felt when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and how the health scare brought him a greater sense of empathy to his own life.

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last time we had a conversation like this was in two thousand and seven and we are the double are, and I told you story about driving past and counting the mine, to your friend seven and a half miles at how aspirational that intention. Now, I think of you going Do you think it is obvious the looking Yes, I am so it's been a while it's been a while but today were at your iconic restaurant. You know this is my favorite restaurant in the world this one and Chicago, because Chicago actually started before this right. Yes, I remember telling you that when our Elles opened in Chicago it was of course, all the winters night that was so deep. It was like a blizzard- and I remember things- happened. Gotta go, we ve, gotta go and we walked across the street because our Elles was right across the street from from the water tower, but I'm here it'll be celebrating with them
so the world, your fiftieth anniversary, it's very wonderful, so yeah them very, very. A little over two votes Well, you know the EU and international fixture you're an enemy and our true legend and when you hear that All the accolades and all the athletes to calm as we are celebrating what it means to be who you are for fifty years. What does it mean to you? Does it doesn't register it? Doesnt register Vanessa question before your life is very quick. Time was quick. So I see things moving very fast and I love what I do. I never step to say what
and how many years I've done in every once in a while. You have an anniversary, but fifty years is interesting to look at somebody else. I still think that twenty two bit better than through forty two really feel that way. So I don't feel- and I don't know when Time is gone really in terms of how do I feel about it? I'm happy that I'm well and I have a good family and I'm enjoying my work and its excite I think I'm in the birthplace of other bank, we now I love beautiful coffee table book the rough one book I will you writing, or on the five and actually love reading it as much as seeing all the pictures and you open by
when I was very young growing up in the Bronx. I saw the world through a glass window, not the one that looked out on the schoolyard, where we played bass, basketball, but the one that looked out on my dreams and like most young people, I didn't know if I would ever achieve those dreams, because when you're not born with money and have to go out and work to buy a shirt or pair of pants, you take nothing for granted Peggy tankers, which has taken as I was saying. How did you know to dream big enough to become Ralph worn, and what is your message actually to some one of any age on how to fulfil their dreams? Does you're just I love the fact that you have the pictures of you as a kid, and we see this picture is a kid who became Ralph worn and that just because had big ideas for yourself. Well, I don't know what the ideas were. I felt special, but I didn't know if I was,
at that time I was very small. My friends, I lived on a question from a park and my friend sing and rock and roll songs. I was just happy to have friends, and I never thought about where I was going. I never knew what a designer was. I had no concept that I would be that have to be said I wore them. Some other hammy downs and I thought it was cool cool, because I felt like hey looks like I want. The college looks Nowadays we call Mohammed down with a gentle. She has had some vintage had simply word now. In fact, my show that I'm just doing right now is. It has a lot of that spirit. And you say I always loved the girl with invertible, with her hair, a boy and a win when I started the design clothes for women, they were for that natural girl. I didn't like the girl out and make up an high heels. I like the girls and genes and a white shirt,
Well, the sleeves were still designing for that girl. My wife is yes, but that still one on attracted to one or two? walking in it's always. The natural girl then gets to me it's always natural sensibility that I feel is works, and through the years now and designing it's all. My life really about the clothes that I want for myself and for my wife of my kids and my work has never been. It's never been another world never been in a fashion world. I've been in the world that I created and how I from the Bronx, I don't know, I think I went to work. I went to work text or call Alexander's. When I was sixteen years old, why was going to Highschool and I hung up returns with a blue uniform on and I never thought of any of those things and then
and when we got a job in buying offices, but I was always very personal to me. Wasn't about being a designer. When you first waded, because it all started with the ties. The big time point could be. For example, He wanted to be frank. I wanted we didn't want. You may go unimaginative. I want to the german Mickey mouse. Cary grant and some of those people I got to know. So you know, I think, what's been wonderful, is really too late, Anybody in that growing up and having a planning makes. My scrap book said on one of them. Books when they Andrew would you sign this way What do you want to be? It said million and everyone knows that and says you said
no way. Oh, yes, I had no idea what was going to set a day. What a millionaire what's right sounded like a good thing to be right what I did and it was really not to design for the world I guess at a young age. Movies were very important to me. Books were very important and I dream through the books and to all of it and someone once said you right through design, and I think that What comes out of AIDS and what's been wonderful for me, as I never had a formal training, I never went to fetch in school I got in there. I got a job. Making. Selling ties were tie company men at the idea of rising ice there had the tie. I saw them making ties I said: look I think we should do why the ties- and I asked my boy said the world is not ready for Ralph LAW.
And so I knew that I I like the company I was with, but I knew I had to express myself, and so I spoke to some other one and I got this job. Designing, tie dye created a company called at polo and I never played polo and most of people when I say- look at me see. What is polo is that Marco Polo, in reality, the world of polo, was very glamorous to me. It was very stylish was very international. For some reason, maybe through the movies exposure to the world of wealth, and the world of privilege was desirable, as it has too many people, so you had seen forehead you even seen APOLLO game. Never seen a pole again till now. I've been to he has a few. Now yes, but
No, I didn't I named poor closer than reason and the major power, because it was aspirational. It felt like something it was. It was rich in an international flights women and men. They went the polar matches, all look, stylish and- and there was in european this too, that supposed to mean, even though I do a lot of american. What people call me american designer, really is not about America. It's about what I love and I did
as I grew and as the ties started to Sylanez Consumer started to Burma things, I started to develop the idea of doing more things about this moment. I learned this moment when have gotten Bloomingdale's to look at the time. They want the ties and then they say yes want your time as we like the ties between put our name on them and there was something about you young self. Even then the new I'm going to keep these ties. Gonna give my own label or create my own brand, or how did you know that? Don't you like tat? I think there was a there's, a story. I've said too many people, that's what it works for me. I don't know why. When I was about twelve or fourteen in the Bronx, we had a fight. Kids across the park where I got on my had we had slaves and we had a snowball and all
This noble, if I wasn't a serious one, but with semi serious, the kids beside them from someone who said we want wrath. We want Ralph and for some reason I was since by word the man to sacrifice with it all came out. I got all my sleep. And I went down the hill and I said to the guys- are coming together and they all went away, and I don't know why that came out that way. I'm not the guy was always looking for a fight or anything like that, but it gave me a sense of is watching these kids all moves and went away. Now, that's six four and I was little as a kid an honest and they woman. Where was a sense of power, of sense, of being able to handle something itself, and I saw stars
knew that I had to do what I had to do, but I didn't know what the consequence was going to do, but I was willing to go down and and do it Maybe they came from the movies. Maybe came from my parents, maybe came from something I don't know was unconscious, so when I went to Bloomingdale's years later and showed them the ties that I had developed store management. The buyers look at the ties is about. I love. The ties Why could you make them now and we would you put the suddenly labour, which is all Bloomingdale's private level, and we really would love it and cry great time and I'm I said to him. I said: look on my heart's in my miles. I can't do it. I can't tell you I'd love to say I'm dying to sell blowing those, but I can't do it
and I'm closing my bag and I left and six months later they called back and said. We can't find your ties anywhere and they put in a whole case of my Tizen store, and that was the beginning, a room with your name on with your late liner polar and it was, Can you imagine had had you giving them the right to choose their name? You, wouldn't you might not have so the idea that I didn't have a business. The idea that I was a young guy just starting out I used to deliver the ties and, the ties and ship them myself. Occasionally my wife would help occasionally my father, low and silken
Imagine thanksgiving when I'm packing these gifts to send out. Remember, selling sending these ties to to fuel the stores in Beverly Hills and one guy calls me back and say: Steve Mcqueen gets points seventeen of your thighs, so I ain't seen, excitement that was very, very pure wasn't. I bet it enables destroying now celebrities rate for other times quite a different world, but I well just bring enormous stores, feeling that you come up with something someone is like in your things and ass, well, don't go anywhere more to come after this short break. Is episode is supported by hallmark cards. We say I love you too. The people we care about all the time so much so that sometimes it can start to feel a little bit like a habit. If you're,
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immediately to women. What I'd go was was really to have the opportunity to do what I wanted to do and to make a living from my family. Had no grin thoughts had no thoughts except I felt like I can do certain things and I was available to make it then I pushed it, I won't go. It was all alone I had a little drawing near by stable. When did this idea to become a designer? I think I went with the time it just came and started on. May the ties and shirts I made suits all the same people coming to buy it. What else can we do and all of a sudden I was a name. That time the names were coming from Europe, Hardy Amy's appear. Could then all European fashion designers in women's, not man,
because I had a historic was when that happened. I had Bloomingdale's loving my things and other stores were women. Moccasined Dallas, Texas,. They all started. Go we say we want. We want and I added Ralph more into it when they talked about design remains, and it was in the brand they wanted the night, the name so. That's I added polo and Ralph Lloyd, and you described here designs as I've heard you described them is having integrity, and you know it's interesting because that's exactly how people describe not just you, it's the word its most often used. I would say when people talk about you, they talk about your brand, your company, by how you live your life. The word integrity comes up more often,
How do you define that for yourself? What does that mean was an honest here? You know I love what I do. I think I've had a very good life. The child. I never knew where I was going to go my parents and have a lot of money. My father was an artist. I had a loving family and no matter. I didn't have a bike as a kid and I was able to never never think that my parents and give it to me, but always so, love them, because I felt the warmth and ass? I grew bikers who can afford it As I grew up, I work with lots of young people.
Having with team work together and support me and feel the camaraderie that so important is willing to agree is because is that not the closes its spirit by how has continually actually been tested over the years? I would imagine that you would have challenges. Edward tester integrity, the integrity of your company or companies go up and down. You know, and I've lived through good times and lives for some tough times. I've also lived with brain tumor, you know, doesn't go one way in those days? The challenge you tremendously and you live that life and you you're going through it and you don't stop and think about. You is go through it, but there is a foundation that I think I have I've had success. I've enjoyed that success and I like, when I work with people that have had success with me.
It's not for having success alone, and you know from everything I've read about you in the previous conversations that your central goal was always something bigger than the design or the name for the design, your central goal. The reason why we all relate to you design is because it comes from a sense of living and family. And while guaranteeing life- and I think that carry through and as I have had more success, I was able to somehow feel almost like a teacher and want to be a as it did. I I I wanted to work with people. I had a teacher, tweet jacket and create so shoes, smoke the pipe at that time. It was a very interesting role model because there was a sense of when I told him a teaching
I never thought about money when I was working, I didn't have a lot of money, but it was about doing what I love to do, and I also once I started to have some form of success. I worked with people and I love that they were part of it. What you learn when you work for company, is you don't wait for them to say will be raising? We would you want to give, and I worked, my company people work hard, but at the same time I want them to feel my success with them. Is each seizing ourselves seasons easier than others I mean after fifty years is hard to come up with? What is that, as always, I haven't every every six months, a more by so many things at once, and it's always the It's always, oh my god. What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? What's I'm feel it now really ready
walking down and one way of my first show and people stood up and applauded and on the way back I said. Oh, my god. Give myself movement doubted that pleasure. Down the runway, going to give you some fifty years did not change their fifty years. I have maybe we'll more expertise in areas that have but basically the lower, what I'm doing and the passion for an working with other things and working together is very. I find that that's one of the things in life and a night, a poet and I'm not Can I talk to you about how great I am? Is he human? I'm I'm a good person. I want to be a good person, but you know we all make mistakes. Life is good laptops and down
but I think I am speaking about what's the lesson is taken you the longest to learn well for some reason believe it. I was always very similar ass. A kid I was always sensitive. I was always very thoughtful, even when I was twelve years old. I wasn't. I was irregular guy play ball. School eyes? I was a kid I went Louis, but I am, I think my parents gave me something special again, good sense, honesty, and do you think it's because your parents were emigrants, experience shaped your life being new in America. Well, according to teach like saw them struggle, I saw them were really. I experience them and put.
Sensitivity towards them, because they were kind people so getting to love something. Or what did I learn over the years? You know when your goes by after another, and you work your way and if you work hard, you know: you live in your life, you have you. If you have some days when you that's hardly have some days in his cell elated can't believe that this is happening to you and sometimes I would feel I remembered someone was coming over to do a story on me and I was hoping Bedford, New York and I would all dressed up and I felt like. Oh my god, I'm really look at me and I was thinking that to myself and I think, Why? Why am I getting all this and other people don't.
Why so much coming my way, and I felt that to be overwhelmed and a much happier sometimes when the day is just easy will and watching tv? Really I wore card. I love. What I do. I am a competitor. I love worked alike. To do best, I can. I like are you still leaving competitive cuz? Now you are Ralph Lauren. Fifty years in the New York Times says this about you. No one else is convey to design vision as broad as consistent and as successful as Ralph Lauren. So in a world and an industry, that's constantly changing and fickle for you to be proclaimed. Is you know this stay of integrity and design and in life. Those are the good stories you haven't heard. The Berlin summit Recently, my reviews is a wall
You know you live through everything and you work, and you think you work hard and he's thing when I get there, I'm gonna really will be raising and then I realized today is where is where my getting there? there you not, there are not always there were physically, but I have that there is a morning, peace honestly, As you do get old, and you realize that life forever and as things change realize that you wanted to changing season. Wonderful connections thought to see life with clear because time is gone by and you get no So as much as I love what I do and I love dreaming- and I love- I feel good about life and I enjoyed beauty and enjoy all the things.
We'll have to offer. I really love having my family, my wife, and at last he spoke like children who engaged you. Now you have your grandchildren. Yes,. I was that change you change, maybe they walk. Why me. It does seem ones and offspring of the offspring. I don't know I'll, have to ask them soon, but I see my children changing what's what is interesting, as I see how they're handling the children and you see, another dimension of your children Yours sing them grow and you see them talking to their children, see the struggle there having and you see the anxieties.
The same ones you had when they would claim ones. I had some of whom they have more anxiety than I had. I think levels I had less, but why? Because the world so different, I think you realize it is not so easy to so easy work is not so easy to get exe. As you yourself and and to take care of your family and been individual and also the. As someone could say, there was not easy being a son, and I simply talking about you- have everything you can do anything. You want now deadline They want to make that. How do you find yourself if they want to make the world? Sometimes that's? fleeting and they have to learn to fly daily. Would you have wanted all of their children to be a part of the business? No? No, he wanted to find their own. While I want the mortar
Do ideally, would you wanted all of the children to be a part of the business? No no How to find their own while I want them all to do what they want to do very creative and they want different towns. I find that it struggle for them on some levels.
You know I had no choice. When I was growing up, I had to get a job. I had to go to work. I I remember sitting I tried calling it an agency up and saying I'm gonna get this job and I believe me they lose job offered to me. It's stacks of avenues and employment agencies said we think you'll get a job and I said I'll, take I'll. Take nothing. Can it be that job I'll show you how good and well let me show you, kids, don't have to do that. Then. That is a good thing. I think it's just a data offers you comfort in office. You said that you don't have to worry about certain things, but it doesn't feel fulfilment, doing something that you that's coming out of. You is successful and the job
that I have found loving what I do and and working and when I work on a show, sometimes the beginning, its mass, because you don't know where you're going to find your way- and I always said Hitler, strangeness and excitement is very inner, very, very exciting himself to catch that moment. We feel like you, died job and you ve done it all my people that way every season every season I find in every season
to the same spot where do shows- and they say- oh, my god, another opening another- and I go through the sort of u inside yourself in a way is everyone's working things going on in Europe and citizens can cause creating a shell, especially women's is very complicated and women's close change so often shapes change once, and you know, I don't worry about that. I just wait from the spot. Where I said I got it. Don't go anywhere more to come after this short break, Is episode is supported by sleep number? sleep is vital for healthy living. It strengthens immunity, increases the ability to focus, sharpens cognitive function and improves physical health and emotional. Well, being the sleep number three sixty smart that helps everyone get the proven quality sleep that will change their life sleep
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ever proven. Quality sleep, an say. Fifty percent on the three Sixty Limited edition, smart bed now during the ultimate sleet number event, only at asleep number store or sleep numbered outcome. Slash super saw that sleep number dot, com, slash superficial, do have favoured desire, favoured or iconic will you created, or that like asking your favorite child lagoon, Lovin Army Surplus rustic things like Safari, like things in a romantic and rugged. At the same time, I don't like fashion I dont like fashion, because I don't want things to go into now. Would you worry is beautiful, but his timeless? There was no age have always believed I have been able to take a time, was sensibility and make it a dream. When I saw you walk in today, you look great
Thank you, MRS, like four seasons, old or something never gonna be never beata status. So that's what I love. I love the ability to when I do she'll last year I didn't show with cars that I've collected and clothes, and I wanted to show how the car and have a timelessness as well at the close. This is not about fashion it's about, forever and I think there's something about the clothes it becomes. Identity is who you are. If you have to show new clothes all the time. Is that the same as being someone who has their own clothes and has her fashion and they make us about themselves at the academy words. Sometimes, when you see people coming up to talk about masters I would say what are you wearing? Who are you wearing? Who are you? I hate them, sometimes squarely my seat
If I had to go through one of those runways have someone else. I hope we wearing. Yes, it's become the thing now. You know it's it's over it's over. It's over. I hope it's over opens over after five decades you still creating runway shows hit one way chosen, releasing innovative collisions. Where does the inspiration come from is come from? You can just be some placing you get an idea of word. Is it actually You know your team does not about. What's sometimes it's something you see, I see someone war, it really comes from anywhere that painting I bought that painting. It said the beast using. And I love the way they look in the park. I love the way, look yes is riding through them
upon ill whatever it is, I'm reading through what I'm saying, lose a beautiful life with a lifestyle that is so a little old world, but it has commenced, and I guess I am somewhat Romantic- love movie. I guess I always wanted to a movie. If I could but I realize that time went by the you know. We got to earn your way, so my inspiration comes from so many different place. It comes from people come from somewhere, by your seat on Sunday, fabric or sea and I'll. Never know why it's not sometimes comes when the most unexpected the ideas come. I think that was there was a gift given to me. How do I do? I finish show and it's over people standing alone plodding coming up the matter
you look dad. You delete these fifty years about worn and all of the various designs and stories about those designs over there here's where you were you a little bit and I yourself look at the guy's. Has I see the changes. I I think when you see your body work when I finish this book is policies with this one. Particularly by fifty years, the competent that I was win who helped me with the most simple around. How do you feel about the book now and I burst out crying sounds terrible its draining because it's like your whole life is a wealth of unloading. Fifty years around. Beautiful coffee table which, by the way, I hope you get it, and this is your life. I will try to impose looking at this hour
in all of my own life, I am in Ireland or I don't know who you didn't know who this is it the pages? You know differences. I think we all we earn our way. We know we are working, but we look always set on. Looking at that guy, you know what I'm looking at the car unlikely, but Does this field like your life? Doesn't it desert it? If it does it say it's a dream, life that I always want to live gun I loved you ass. One can say even to yourself now that you look at your life sometimes and say how did this happen saw coming to me? How did you do that? For you, but you could go down the ladder right things happen.
Well, you mentioned earlier about a brain tumor and something that nobody can prepare for. How did that informed away? It's a major nightmare. Better, go George Rationale and wise guy goes down whose walking down the main ways of getting a standing ovation, and the other guy was darknesses wealth. We saw something and we'd like to have an accurate, You feel something first before they saw something now. My views were if anyone has really is forget its continue. This is not the same thing my ears were ringing. I don't know if I yelled at my kids one night, I don't remember, I woke up and my ears were ringing and I was somewhat panic. Messages doesn't stop what what what is it? So I went to a few doctors and one doctors that looks like a cat scan.
Cat scan had nothing to do with. Reality is when we see the mills among small banana Jonah the collar and as a means of you want. That's a real person who said look, I've got enormous, wanted and then this guy's thing to me: you have a brain timber. On top of the world, have a brain tumor, the same! That's about
the most extreme thing. The nightmare of real life smiled the mighty causing you start immediately, guy with a slow and solitary double months ago. What does this mean before you get to the doktor? You start playing the story in your line of everything right yet right excited and have to alter your life and so very quickly. This goes right through you. Yes, so I had. I went through it, but it was an ermine. You know, having seen what am I gonna do we were trying to do with doctors who use can only was very frightening, but I meant the surgeon he said we can take care of. This is not, then you know and believe it or not. I went running in the park the next day and- and I did get
was operating on, unfortunately, and I think I came back with a vengeance because after it was over after was recuperating, I really think I got stronger than ever with it. It's scary it it's a nightmare of your life is very few things that you ever want to be told because I remember walking past the friend of mine on Fifth avenue. When I was told that I was going to have to have an operation- and I saw him when he had- he had a tumor of some sorts of his right leg was paralyzed and- and I said, oh, my god, what happened? How did he get this and
it's going to happen to me and you realize the world is things are open to you anything can happen and you just got to go and look through it and then hope some people don't make it some people doing appreciate. You know initiate things but doesn't last long enough. We tend to forget, and maybe that's how we met because forgetting helps you live cuz. If you sat there and just thought about the brain tumor And following your pain, you might go nowhere so after that was over fortunate. I was lucky I am still very handsome
Unfortunately, I was lucky and I was able to go through it and wise and wise, and I actually, when anyone I started breast cancer clinic for women who was in Washington who was in it. Flash in business and hide guess so. After the hospital, and I saw her and she didn't. She didn't smile back as a minnow draught. She said all right. What's what's value since it will have the task of breast cancer, and she said you know I I I met a good doctor and I wanted to get the fashion industry involved and I wanted to ask him and she said they didn't really pay much attention. So will you say it raises Dana? I said I'm gonna help you I didn't help or enough, but I didn't start foundation
gonna play and then to did your eyes experience with the brain. Tumor actually impact your sense of service to all of your other organizations. I want you had the tumor, you understand I understand I understood what you don't realize is when you get sick, you in a different world, you're out of the world or listen to stepping out of the world around us, Andrew you're, not that same process is out of body experience and when you lived through it, I lived through the nightmare somewhere else. That's a very tough thing to live and I wonder if you walk in and seen getting bandages rainbow
You are unaware undeniably, as it goes. As I said before, it was very very lucky. You absolutely may be very sensitive every time I would meet somebody that might have had that. Tell me that they had, I would choke it, took a long time to get past it. Did he give you more empathy for anybody going to anything absolute, because I felt like I wanted the gear. I knew what they were going through and it was very sensitive time. Our conversation will continue in the next episode. You can listen by downloading part too. I'm over Winfrey.
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