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Shirley MacLaine: A Legendary Seeker

2017-10-02 | 🔗

During her iconic 60-year Hollywood career, Oscar-winning actress Shirley MacLaine was also a pioneer by being outspoken in her beliefs about spirituality, meditation and reincarnation. Oprah calls Shirley one of her “great spiritual teachers.” This episode is a continuation of the metaphysical conversation Oprah and Shirley have been having together for more than 30 years.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now. I really do find it hard to believe that, just three months after launching my talk show a nineteen eighty six there, I I talking to surely Maclean on National day time, television about spirituality, that kind of material, even more so than today, was really considered out there. Not your ticket talk, show kind of subject. I invited her to the show, because I had read and loved some were out on a limb while filming the color purple, the international best
seller detail. Surely lifelong spiritual quest and reading her story was life changing for me. In fact, her writings helped inspire my own spiritual awakening, surely has always felt a keen connection to the world beyond over the course of her remarkable career, surely has appeared in more than sixty movies and she's been nominated for more than one hundred various awards. She has won an Emmy
seven golden globes and, of course, who could forget her Oscar winning performance as Aurora Greenway in terms of endearment today on the cusp of eighty she's, as outspoken, opinionated in sharp as ever, never one to accept the status quo. Her latest book, her thirteenth by the way, is appropriately titled. What if he isn't it wonderful to be seventy nine and still so curious about life? I'm like a child. I need to know how much more sophisticated questions, of course, but I would say that's the reason for being alive, frankly being able to ask her to have the freedom to curiosity without being judged or told of don't do that? Don't don't you think about what heart, if you, if you lived along and new, still work and upright you have the right, and you ask me
for what, if there really is reincarnation to what, if sex is meant to be monogamous not what I got over their attack. So what happened that you came with this new idea for what, if a lifetime of questions and speculations and reasonable guess, you know now that I've it's out everything I I think I had come to the point where I would let my humorous imagination runaway then I sat down and basically channeled it without filters. When you first sat down to right out, When did you think you were taking a risk? You did, I think they say that you didn't fit. I know that's how naive I can be and why it works. For me, I don't think I dont even know what risks are a risk to me. Is what risk is that people thinking wow she's out there s not a risk, but then I'm in.
Show business and the world is show business agenda Yes, I do all acting and singing and dancing ILO parts. Yes and our own lives. But you knew what a ten that you were a mystic. How did you know? Well, I didn't know that that met mystic, but for that for Christmas, that year I asked for a cross and a telescope and my parents. What is this, I said, I don't know, but that's what I want and I would lie out on the back long with looking through my telescope, knowing that there were other, let's say off world civilizations up there. When you looked through the telescope to remember having the sense of out there somewhere is.
Where I come from more yes or something like that or have been there. I would like to go back yes, and you know what is the difference between that and the mystery of religion, Did you grow up believing in a god oh that, was never imposed on me from my parents, but then you know they were dad was an intellectual. Mastered in psychology and philosophy at Johns Hopkins, so that kind of religious stuff was not something they thought. I should be imbued with you ve written I'm, a dance Who loves to think what are you must love thinking about? We are where we came from where we're going. How did it all happened? Yeah, that's my fun! I consider really fun
And whenever I'm with a scientist or very kind of so called left brained intellectual person, that's what I love. With a dinner, and then I, of course I have to be thoroughly well read in, like Genesis, send the Bible, the Bible is the book. It's right there to written all about the otherness of other worldly truth, emulates the truth. As I see it, what is our purpose Are we here? What is so? Religion is called into question now and a lot of people say, but then what is the purpose? What is the purpose of human experience? I think curiosity, that's what say What do you now know for sure about our humans, our place in the universe.
I am sure we're not alone, but you can show that for a pretty long term, so you spoken publicly about reincarnation and pass lives forever, and your belief that no literally for forever really probably many lifetimes, no one ever really dies. When did you start to know that I think when I first started, having passed life recall. And then, of course, I got into the scientific study of it and did many regressions and what was so fascinating was in the regressions of the past lives that I,
experienced. I realized the people who showed up in those experiences were also in my life today really, and that became very educational. Ah, that's why they're acting like that look, what I did to them, then that's when I understood the laws of Carmen. It's an inspiration to try to figure out what's going on here. I look at it as an adventure and understanding the science of spirit. Here, that's what I'm interested in them in every way, how Phil about where we are now think we're in big trouble. How so tell me, I think we don't know or having a comprehension of what we're doing, to nature and of those who are scientists and they are born of the world's yes, of course, but what's happened to the rest of us were so much
realistic. Our values that that's our religion is materialism, so we ve become. To the materialism and have no sensibility of what is that doing to the very sustenance of our lives, which is nature- and everybody knows, we ve got a fix, it and yet we are all leaving it up to somebody else to fix. Yes, back in the day when Hollywood was hot, the glory day, the glory days, the rat pack days, the rat packing you yeah. I look at that now with real estancia yeah yeah, I'm I've thought a lot about that cause, I'm miss it what I miss I realize now is this, I'm tenacity and not giving a dam that those guys were imbued the talent with
so they didn't care and they always were very well dressed, made certain that their till they were hats in the ties and etc. So they a sickly knew they were on the whole time and nobody really protected if what protected them was their spontaneity and they didn't care. What other people thought. Of course there is this mystery behind the many way you dollar the Redpath, yeah mundane and Frank and Sammy And all of them, were you happy during those days? Did you realize they were the glory days when you in those days? Did you realize authorities pack on that now, and I say this was it. This is what everybody wishes. They had back, and I dont know if and Frank and the rest of them realise it. They were much older and much more accustomed to this kind of attention and celebrity
I wasn't. I mean I met them when I was twenty two or something, and it will happen to me very fast, so I that was the natural way of things I looked back when I get. Why didn't. Realize. If I had realized, I might have become a different person. My saving grace has been my naivete, I looked back and an I'm starting to evaluate I'm starting to evaluate what is memory mean and what are the component parts of memory in relation to her? You do comprehend the past. Why am I remembering this and that that who, what shit on me now. You can look back and say why those are the glory days. Those were the glory days not just because the world has
had not seen stars before like that. Nor will ever again has the error that we now live in was in containers every everything, including instagram, and no mystery, no mister. So there can never be a star like that again in this culture in two thousand, well. The American Film Institute recognise, surely contributions to our culture with their highest honour, a f. I Life Achievement Award this annual event celebrates masters of film artists, whose accomplishments, elevated american Cinema. Surely award ceremony- was truly the knight of the thousand stars and friends, both old and new, saying her praises long time. Pals like Jack Nicholson, Merrill Street, as well as new friends, like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Innocent, all paying tribute to surely six amazing decades in film. So tell you about the f. I experience where I know a couple:
but he said now am I going to God go into your own funeral. You don't like it. It's very interesting to go through it, and I was surprised that I enjoyed it for I thought they didn't like me, and then they are there saying all these wonderful things. So you go through that examination of your past. In your opinion of yourself s really what goes on then I was rather surprised. I had. I sell us, throw that with that, but I haven't. Would you have a good time had a good time when others- and I remind who had said one to your own, formulate assure you want to do that, and you know that sense. When I walked up the stairs at the end, was to go on this stage and safe.
And when Jack put his hand out it helped me up the stairs. It was a moment of God. I really am getting old. I iron door, this man and when you have that kind of on screen personality, which you could say is spiritual, that's really spiritual myths, man, Jack Nicholson,. Since then there was a Kennedy awards the Kennedy sooner words when you say that it really was not an award. For not even lifetime. She meant not even for acting but really for life while lived at swept out. I think I've had a fantastic life goodness, In nineteen. Ninety Ford, eight sixty, surely Maclean, set our sights on what is known as El Camino De Santiago two five hundred mile long trail that crosses from free And into to Northern Spain, this ancient pilgrimage,
can take as long as six to eight weeks to complete as travellers make their way on foot to their final destination. The cathedral, where the remains of Saint James are said to be buried. The people who have complete, The walk say it's an arduous, but deeply spiritual journey, but it should go through when you walk the spanish trail. How long were you up there, how many days, thirty days by yourself on purpose and always etc?. Spiritual coming up, so I wrote about in my book. I had a lot of past life memories during that time and they say- and I think it's true- you start your camino after you're finished, because, while you're on it, it was trying you know, you're. The point is to go ahead.
Don't make friends, that's really hard for me and I would spend any money you have to beg for food and live in refugee, those which are refugees, their places that you just three five hundred miles sewage and twenty miles a day. So I was in touch yet again with blisters on my feet, my physical condition. Sixty when I did up the hardest thing was for me not to make friends, is everybody's going through the same thing, and you want to share what you're going through about your life. What was fascinating, I think I thought about love affairs in man and what to do about all that. Maybe
Our combined, so I was kind of finished with it and had such wonderful memories, but no regrets and no sense of one thing: I'm going to find the right one and we really being rather satisfied, but a legion too, who I wasn't, who I wasn't and when I got back to London, I found that I had to work in Hyde Park about four hours a day and that's when I got in touch with how ever
thing we do becomes habit if were accustomed to it, because you will be so many hours a day on the trail. Is there anything the left for you to be afraid of you? Are you done with that fear thing? No, I'm not done I'm not afraid of death. I would not want it to be slow and lingering, I think, I'm afraid of lightning, because it happened so fast. If it struck me- and I wouldn't have- I wouldn't have a chance to adjust, what it meant, but his memory, I have been a real adventure with my memory. Are you know, you're too young, on turning sixty? I just turned it's. The only Asia actually ever thought about. Oh we'll get ready, get ready, you'll think that when you're sixty five annual think it when you're seventy
it's funny what age the priorities you begin to examine its so interesting! Isn't it because I thought in my forties I would be releasing their whole need to. Please still took me a while through the forties, to lose some but it's so interesting that as you get older your perspective on what really matters. What is important it does shift its supposed to, though, isn't it yeah? But people pleasing is a kind of endeavour all in itself, and I am so free that, but that's what I'm finding my really dark spirited and but trying to do it kindly and trying to do it with with a sense of sensitivity and all that stuff. What do you think the purpose of aging? What is that their teachers
why you came in the first place, and so we are the creators of whatever reality. We are pleased with or not, and I am pleased with the lessons have given myself tell you the truth. I am now. I sleep well, does its well with your soul yeah. What is it you feel now or do you feel now a sense of not urgency, but that you would boast want people to know now that such a good I feel responsible having been so curious and has the freedom to explore these things and find answers for myself. What I would like to do is have twelve people who are really is curious, ass. I am and do seminars where we check share and
various desire and do seminars where we check share and ask each other questions and just Campbell used to do as they like men. Like that's what you know you love to do, and I would love. At two to sit with people who are who are similarly inclined to be as curious and and and have little chips with their imagination and try it out on each other? I would love to do that. I want to amalgamate with people I want to hear and feel what they're thinking and wondering about in afraid of and cautious about. That's that's where I get my real and what is it you want to leave them with Excuse me, but I'm gonna set the notion that all you really need is some fresh water, a good hat and are really good parachutes. It's about
Allah concluded that I didn't say: less water, a good bad virtues. There there lacking here them laughing back. There is everybody expected it differently. I know you know. I don't have any answers, honest to goodness. I don't maybe learn more than you think you can from your animals? Yes, as the way I feel about my about my dogs, Like my older, you know Terry I've written a book about Terry S, she's been really extraordinary teacher for me. You ve had she's almost fifty. She cannot see a thing. She cannot hear a thing,
functioning on a level that is a miracle to me. So I'm watching her get down and judge how much she can jump. She doesn't even know where the floor is anymore. She smelling it swindling effort, there's another sensors and mothers and knowing it I'm interested in that other sensibility. How would you describe your spiritual practice? Miss MC lean do have one I have to say now, except perhaps no idea. I guess it's not a practice, but it's a state of being. I let things happen. I allow things to happen, who have been your greatest virtual teachers, the ones who have hurt me the most, the ones who have had the biggest difficulties with, I can't say
That I've had a great spiritual teach her like a card or or I love Guy Lou have you here, but what I do for you is is is what you want to do anyway, which is to really get into, We want to really understand yes, so what has the longest to learn here. Oh, isn't its patience. I have I don't think, learned one iota of patients, but I am, I am learning to be cognizant of back. Are you happy Is there a level of contentment.
A sense of peace with you in that dared Walcott Point way, talks about sit and feasting on your life re able to do that and not somewhere to my life. I sit in faced on the now. I really do that. I really do then. So that's why I'm so intertwined with nature in all my animals in the thoughts of other people when I'm with them, I'm really feasting on the now of who they are trying to be what an entertainment one of the things that you say in what is is you question whether the human race may have simply go too far to clean up. Are you optimistic about the future, for your grandchildren depends on them.
I would say if they would take responsibility for honestly the investigation of who they are. Yes, the people who don't. Are our infra, they think inevitable. If you don't take responsibility for what you're doing, somebody else will is just a first step in learning to to step into a well live life, taking responsibility, probably yeah. That's how you have the adventure. What if you could live? Two hundred and fifty you said you have if team left what, if you could live to be a hundred, you may be right, you still want to answer your question it Amazon. What the human race collectively decides to do, and I think we're in that Process- the adventure of it all to me, and I have to answer it. That way is that
that is a real unknown and you have to be to be happy. You have to be willing to be compliant with not knowing. Do you consider yourself a spiritual trailblazer? Do you think we would be here Seriously, where we are as a culture with so many books written about the soul, the proliferation of people talking about spirituality about you know, you're, all the things yoga married to do. You think we would be here without you. Ok, that begs a huge question which I have been thinking about rather serious
and then, ultimately we are all one. I am everybody who seeking and everybody who seeking is me, so I make no differentiation mention that I mean that means. But do you consider yourself a trailblazer and are you proud of that role that should played? Are you proud of that's a better questions? I'm thinking on the fly. You are you please, with the role that you played as h, spiritual trailblazer, ok, our culture, I'm pleased with the fact that I saw a trail and I walked down it and didn't know what I was gonna find accepts that thank you.
I'll. Take that very thing. I'll take well thank other temporary. I move ruined free and you ve been listening to supersede conversations podcast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and review. This plugins join me next week for another superbowl conversation. Thank you for listening. From the women who brought you sugar Emmi, would bring visionary filmmaker Renee executive producer, Oprah winfried comes the New Authority drama series. She was the day exploring the storm relationship of one young couple stories: Social Lockman, Olano, Miller, Michael and a legendary Sicily, Thyssen, every second, every minute. Every hour cherish the day, don't MR tonight permit any real evidence on the upper Winfrey network.
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