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Shirley MacLaine on Love, Sex and Reincarnation

2020-11-18 | 🔗

From April 11, 2011: On the Oprah Winfrey Show, Oscar-, Golden Globe-, Emmy-winning actress and author Shirley MacLaine discusses her New York Times best-selling book I’m Over All That. She opens up about her decades in show business, her favorite leading men and her lifelong spiritual journey. Shirley also describes what she calls “orphan psychology,” and how it allows her to be kinder to herself and others.

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because we know you love a super soul style discussion aware we opened up the vault of the Oprah Winfrey show hand picked episodes that will enhance the super, so Podcast Library, every experience, in our lives, is to teach us to learn to love. Please enjoyed past episode of the Oprah Winfrey show on Superman, conversations, Oscar winning actress. Shirley Mclain is a true original. I know when some people hear her name. They think great actress, but also some of you might think a little out there. You know she believes in ufos. She believes in past lives. She believes in reincarnation. All of that stuff and she's been criticized a lot, but I think that she has been so misunderstood. It is always fascinating Shirley here she was born in Virginia. Her drama teacher mom named her after child.
star, surely Temple three years old she started ballet lessons. That's when she Maclean knew she was destined to perform what arrival, singing and dancing were her first loves after school. She added to your at nineteen. She was discovered on Broadway and given the starring role in Albert Hitchcock, film, the trouble with Harry? surely went on to share to scream some of tinsel town's, most legendary leading men, Frank Sinatra, Dean, Martin and famously with Jack Lemon in the classic best picture Oscar winner, the apartment did you hear what I said Miss Cubic? I absolutely adore you shut up and deal
She high kicked her way through Hollywood, but maybe best known to movie fans opposite another famous jack in the beloved film terms of endearment. Do you want me to get me on my back? to ask. Four portrayal of and overbearing mother, one or an Oscar and has been hailed as one of the greatest performances of all time. Thank you very much surely has starred in sixty three films, but a real life may make the best way played she's written twelve bookselling over twenty million copies, many of them detailing her outspoken beliefs about ufos reincarnation
So share this with you all, because maybe you haven't heard me say but, but I have said this, surely many many times it when I read is best selling book out on the limb back in nineteen eighty five, I was filming the color purple. It was an awakening from and really allowed me to begin to see the whole world differently. It literally took got out of the box for me, and I began to see God and all thing, so welcome, surely Maclean one of my greatest so lots of people. Think of you, as I said in many different ways whenever your name is brought up. I always share that story about me sitting in the tree house on the set of the color. reading out on a limb on my days off and really
having my mind, expanded you know, a lot of stuff was like room for me, but it actually did what great writing when its brought with an intention to bring light. Does it really literally opened my mind, so I do consider you one of my greatest teachers and I thank you for that reply. Thank you. I think everyone in the audience considers in the same way, I think so. Do you consider yourself now sort of as the world is evolving and people are beginning to see things differently and opening up to us to a universal view of the world. A global and universal view of the world. Do you feel somewhat redeemed? Oh, I never felt particularly criticized anyway Emily. It was my truth. My journey, my ex
IRAN's. Why I didn't feel that way is interesting. All I ever cared about was, if they make jokes about me, that they were funny who can stand a joke. That's not J, Leno and Johnny Carson and the people they used to call me, they're writers would call May I say, they're gonna make surely Maclean jokes. I would help them write them really. I mean I love all these jokes because you know, frankly, is being alive kind of a joke you coming right down to it. I have to say: life itself is an out of experience, they are showing now accurate, so surely has just written her twelve book call I'm over all that
and other confessions where I just figured. I think it's one of your best ones, where she talks about everything, family, love, sex and, of course, reincarnation, but you over all that you're over. What are you mostly over? I love some of the lighter ones, I'm over being polite to boring people, That's right! We how I learned meditate really so this is what you say: I'm over being polite to boy, I'm not good at sport! That small talk. I try to help smoke. I try. I maintain my patients, but it abandoned me completely and I tried to tell the smoker what I'm thinking well I'm meditate. I try to walk away, but if I can't stand and listen for an inordinate amount of time, blinking and nodding-
They go on and on, and I nod and blink on and on and return the trick is to never speak or answer or acknowledge what they're saying in any way. Finally, if they won't stop talking, I go into a trench and meditate- that's great you're over that. I'm over that. So I read that you never considered yourself a beauty so aging in Hollywood, for you hasn't really been challenging. No face wise. Not really. I look the same when I was sixteen thirty, I think it shifted around the sixty five year mark. No, the thing that has been challenging for me
is as a dancer, because I basically think like a dancer, I'm disciplined I'm not a diva, I'm not late. I don't do all that stuff, but I worry about my physical weight and my sense of health, not so much from a vanity point of view, but a point of view of health. You say sex got over you well. I've had an awful lot of lovers, but an awful lot of robbing a lotta lubbers and a lot of awful lover. Let's use it, but you did say that you didn't have sex affairs. You really did have love of the area who did yeah. I was an into six aids or the like Try to add three people in one day I have to be.
how did did you it it? You talk about the three people one day, you don't tell us who the three? No that's good. It was on a political campaign where everybody was doing the same thing. I just didn't want to be left out. Yes, How did you arrange that, like one for breakfast one for later in the day, and then how did something like that? Something like that so, but that was your style, my style. I was a serial monogamist and had, as I said, many love affairs. But what happens? when you get older and very really interested in the spiritual dimension of thing. Sex takes on a different, a different meaning, a different importance, a different reason for being who you're married for thirty years s you right in the book about the fact that you and your husband had kind of an open relationship. Yes, we do yes, what does that mean.
Oh, I had other affairs, and so did he, but we were very good friends. So why stay married, then that's a very good question and why I would never get married again because well, there is so much involved with marriage that confining you say that you actually don't believe in the institution. I don't know but surely, over thirty years Oh, but I was having all the wonderful relationships: that's good marriage, That's it! That's that's my colleague marriage, but I loved the freedom and so did he, but we were very, very good friends. I was you thinking you really are Hollywood. You are what, in our imaginations, are mine, a hearts? You are old Hollywood, Hollywood original holly.
Would you see yourself that way? I mean when you're with Frank Sinatra, Dean, Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr and all those people? That is the Hollywood that is and don't you wish there would be more of that. Yes, what's your take on how it's changed right, everything is so technologically programmed manufactured marketed how you dress what label, how you sing the brilliance of the old Hollywood, particularly with the live performers, because I was on stage with a lot of them. They always told the truth about everything and, as a result, there was an authenticity authenticity about their lives about what they were afraid of a name. For example. Dean and Frank would be up there and Frank would tell a joke, and nobody would laugh and din. Frank would throw it to dean and say you tell the joke, everybody would convulse and then Frank would say why did
they laughed at me and do it's just not funny Frank and that's the truth mean the whole thing and these guys grew up in the mob joints, and so audience loved. However, they could to see this mystique walk out on the stage that had been associating with monsters and that's one of the things they joked to tell me this when you were in it with Frank Sinatra and Dean and Semi Davis, Jr and the whole long list of Hollywood. As we know it did, you know been what it was it only looking back the check can see. I have no. These people were you didn't. Did you know that it that the level of glamour and Hollywood and Hollywood ISM that it now holds? I was nineteen twenty twenty one I didn't know who they were and they treated me as a mascot. I just picked up their mass and shot water piss
those with them and I'll tell stories later. Ok, ok, so one of the stories you child in this book, which, as I said where of your best, I'm overall, that you say you are often attracted to your leading men. So, let's run through some of them? Oh, no, it's, but you were attracted to your leaning. Miss! Oh well, hell! Yes, yes, yes, okay! So, let's start with the Jack Jack lemon. No, I wasn't attracted to day no. I liked he was a sweetheart. He was like my aunt rose was really I was. You didn't have that when I don't know that dangerous complicated, sexual dominating think confused then I like help the men I was attracted to figure out. I mean Some of my friends said oh
now he's your next project. They thought they were projects, your men, the ok, so Jack. Lemon inherent nor Jack Nicholson, real, No, I think Jack Nicholson has all that dangerous chemistry. He does not too much for me, no he's he's too much. I guess I liked the dangerous chemistry if it was controllable. is yeah. I yeah I would he is, he is authentically teacher move, this episode after after short break This episode is supported by better help online counseling. If you think you may be depressed or you feeling overwhelmed or anxious better help. online, counseling offers online, licensed professional therapists trained,
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Yes, I'm on the spot. Now Mitchum Mitchum Robert had quite a relationship with Mitcham Eve, Montane, okay. But to tell you the truth, I don't know if that's my age. I can't remember if I had sex with this guy was attracted to some of the directors, because Chemistry. Ana movies is like you know that you there there in between shots but authentically there. There discuss, emotion, to being honest about emotion, that's what I was found very attractive in every way. And everyone knows that what happened on a head stays on set and no one talked I mean. Sometimes it would be trying to think of it happened to me, but I know what happened to several. Where
there and you're in love scene, and you don't stop when the director says, because, hopefully you know you like this co star and then the direction you hear them talk. Let him go it's good for the character Shirley Mclain has written her twelve books, wow or twelve focus call I'm over all that and other confessions. So let's talk about the state of the world. Well, we certainly can't- over that can now we look at it every day. I think that we're all feeling is. Is it? with feeling the need to know who we are
deeper way than we ever had before and its challenging us in the years. How the whether you know that's, you ve got to get it together when the weather is very challenging. This sense of speed is so fast that you can't something. still. You can keep up with it the need to understand different cultures and differing points of view. and not be mad and angry at that which you don't agree with? when you start getting into the past in relation to knowing
who are and that's why the reincarnation thing comes up, because you are the result of everything your soul has learned from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime. This in two thirds of the world believes this. So when are we going to wake up, but with such a mechanistic technological left brain society frankly that unless you can prove something you know bump on it, it is not really So we need to open up in a serious way to the recognition of other realities that are not just materialistic. You say I'm trying to get over the feeling that the world is falling apart. So when you look at the news, I'm just want to read a bit of this or you say when you look at the news. It's so sad, sometimes
you know, I can't leave the news on in my house, and I would like a people like leave the tv on in their house constantly. I can't do that because all the vibrations coming through that all their energy, you say for me these are very difficult days. I find myself overcome with sadness a lot of time. If I see innocent animals and children hurt, I feel tears sliding down my cheeks and my chest contracts into a tightness. That makes me no I'm holding back on the avalanche of despair and you talk about the weather and you talk about. the news on Tv- and you talk about the rudeness of so many young people and nobody communicating with each other. This whole thing I was thinking this the other day. What's going to happen ten years, twenty years, thirty years from now with a generation of children who brought up not really speaking but just sort of on their text, their mobile units, what's gonna happen to us as a species. Well are you think
There is an alignment occurring and it is the first time in twenty six thousand years that this has occurred. No Does that mean if you have an alignment where this solar system is direct alignment with the centre of the Galaxy TAT carries with it a very profound electromagnetic frequency, vibration, vibration and gravitational pull, hence the whether what is that due to consciousness. What is that, due to our sense of reality? I know everyone is feeling this sense of speed, speed, speed and they don't know what to do about it. I have a feeling can't prove it can prove any this that the karmic drama of the laws of
as an effect. What you put out you get back. Okay, you do know what I'm talking about, which is the greatest spiritual law. Wouldn't you say absolutely that is my mantra for life, the third law of motion. It's physics, what you put out for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. So if I was to say what is the foundation of my religious beliefs, that is it, that is it, which is the same as do unto others as you would have them bring to you. But what it really means is what you do unto others is already done to you, because it's coming back, whether you believe it or not, it doesn't require your belief right yeah, and I think what this pressure, this kind of psychic spiritual pressure, we're all feeling is about, is that your internal soul is telling you get your act together.
and that's why the weather is challenging you to do it. Technology is challenging you to do it. Poverty is challenging you to do it. Anything to do with losing your home is challenging you to understand who you are and who you're not. Isn't it the truth, though, that everything every life experience that occurs is there for the benefit of your awakening. If you choose to see it, everything is happening to choose you to awaken to your true self. The thing is, though, hurry up and choose it hurry up. hurry up and get the message, absolutely hurry up and get the message. Well, she's, a legend, no question about that. Shirley Mclain is here: how does it feel to be a legend? Actually I don't know what you're
talking of honest way, really absolutely I don't! You can't wrap your brain around it with all the interest in spirituality every time I've ever tried to talk about it. I get so criticise you know, but my definition of spirituality is really having an open heart mean able to openly received the possibility of all that is so when I speak of spirituality. That's what I'm talking about, I'm not talking about any bodies, religion or saying that you're religion isn't right, but with all the talk now about open heartedness, let's call it that about open, heartedness and being open to seeing the world differently and being exposed to other cultures.
And all of that do you feel that that is an affirmation of what you ve been saying. Yes, because we have all been so many people we ve all had so many lifetimes of different cultures and different religions and different points of view and different wars. Indifferent loves, indifferent children, my goodness in why? If we ve been all those many people, do you feel? Do you believe that it so difficult for other people to open up and accept other people of the world? Why are we so stuck in a we? Don't have a spiritual education in our schools, not a religious education, spiritual education, if they would teach us from the timer little to meditate and get in touch with me. all that our sole knows. We wouldn't fight so much. I've always
been fascinated with why it didn't bother me that much that I was criticized or humiliated, or whatever it really didn't, because you weren't humiliated because you, in order to be humiliated, you've got to feel familiar and I really didn't care unless I was hurdy. Some are definitely I want to know. I don't know where that came from because I'm from a middle class family they really did care, but with the neighbors thought in the neighborhood, you know where it comes from. It comes from a tremendous sense of your own self worth people who don't have a great deal of self worth, based upon how you raised, or what you were talking about yourself when you have a great sense of your own self value and worthy this you don't worry about pleasing other people. You don't want to harm other people right, but you know that your own value is within yourself and you don't have to get it outside of yourself. So that's what pleasing is all about and I'm going to say something interesting here go ahead
hello when I got into an adult life psychiatric help, and they said to me that I had an orphan psychology, an orphan psychology. Now, let's look at that And this might help people, if you feel you haven't been loved any of you. You haven't bidding knowledge, which was not really the case with me. I don't think, but because clinically was called that I was free of having to please the mother, the Father relatives. I was free of that, so I felt very with being alone. That's why I live alone. Now, that's why I never had a conventional marriage. That's why
I loved to travel yeah I'd, get on PAN american flight, one travel by myself around the world. So therefore, if you are comfortable with your self, which everyone can get to to some extent right, that's when you start getting into who is your real self and therefore you understand whoops, some realities involved with me that a way beyond my teaching and my background, or even my imagination, okay. So let's just talk for a second about the real self that there's the real self and there's that sort of self you're projecting that ego self out there in the world. I think so big Everyone is a people pleaser and some extent yes, and when you have the freedom to be pleasing yourself, you will be nicer with others
and you will be nicer to yourself because we all have this unified God in us. Can you take responsibility for having that divine in you? You are a better person and people are happy to be around you, So since you don't really care whether or not people what they think about, you do feel misunderstood at all: No, that's their problem. No I try to make it seem understood understood. I do know that's my task now. Why did you want to write I'm overall that? How did that come about? I know I was sitting with my editor and I like him a lot and we were having lunch and he said well. What are you going to write next thing? I don't know, and so he said, why don't you write about this in no I'm over all that he said. Well, why don't you write a nom over that? Well, why don't you write a
well, that's the title, so I sat down and started did I dont planet. I don't like it I let it all happened. That's the biggest thing. I've I've learned, Oprah in my life is to surrender. I don't fight struggle. Any more, but I have learned to surrender to the very sophisticated divinity that really, I would say, is one of my.
life lessons to thank you, Shirley Mclain. We could talk all day. Thank you. I'm over Winfrey and you've been listening to super soul conversations the podcast you can follow super soul on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple podcast and subscribe rate and review. This podcast join me next week for another super soul. Conversations. Thank you for letting listening. I.
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