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2020-08-05 | 🔗

In part two of Oprah’s intimate conversation with Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler, they are joined by Steven’s daughter, Mia Tyler and his long-time girlfriend, Erin Brady from their home in Sunapee, New Hampshire. Steven opens up about American Idol, seeing himself through Mia’s eyes in her 2008 memoir, Creating Myself and how he’s building trust in his relationship with Erin.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the pod cast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us start. Right now is a good morning. Sodomy Gomorrah You might be surprised, as I was to learn that Tyler, Rock and roll royalty is an early riser. Russia's mere my daughter, errand darling, my significant other and oh, how significant is caught. It would Stephen far far away from the spotlight in the tv any town of Sun, Happy New Hampshire, where Stephen and his only sister Linda spent every summer of their childhood,
achieving enormous success in fame. He bought his own house on lakes wannabe his family's lives. Precisely when the ongoing eggs Stephen Tyler lead singer. Arrowsmith star of American Idol is justice at home in the kitchen goat. Now you know, why was it not?
I haven't heard a solid, our hearts and the thought of perhaps you without tears. Now what happened when you got the call for american idol? What you think I actually put it out there right before when I was getting before, was the nine years of meeting of spitting out again after having twelve years over small girlfriend one morning, errand chagos you're going to bring forward. I would ask you, when I went to the bathroom in this house, and I stress that much is sort of like breaking. I said how dare you you need a more than I did debated it in two days later. I call my best friend, Frank Angie Airplane and he flew me out very Ford and I got a chance with. I got a chance to sixty two years old, stop NGO play me start from bottomed, and so she said, you're going to Betty Ford and
an American. I know you get the call while I before I went there, I would say to my managers- and I don't care, get me something to do if I'm gonna there. When I come out, I want to know something, so you had said: do you manage and finally something and manage it came up with American? I usually do you got the classroom. Get me american idol or something I've been talking to Marty. Fredericks inward songs with he was. Writing sounds Akira. Who was one of the judges on there, so we weren't road songs. I got out of her hand and they said you gotta do America now he be a perfect for so unbeknownst to me they roars already looking as an issue with that when cure called you, sadly, is it still getting good rating? I didn't I got the text I can show you I saved it. She's gave us an excellent how the ratings- and I also thought might be to take over for this crunch this grid,
I mean this grump who likes to put people downloading Simon unless it hurts I'm say, was I don't like you and I don't like country western? I thought I dare you that's what musics about not liking genre? That's do we not nice, so you were worried about replacing Simon or not worry. I thought maybe they might like that they might have liked someone who, when you know you suck get out here and they might be used to that particular character in the show, and then I thought you know there's something about my character that I like a lot is something about me. This enamored I've so are seen how it can change people would just sitting with em. I, like that. I took a chance and late night dancer. The missing ready to play was a meek. He was plumage, Thomas doomed to matter walk as we stole me to add that I just always thought I could now. I'm gonna take a chance to see if you know compassion and love.
And then we will never end. Maybe phone. You know tat your stupid, but I did not give you know committed work at the last summit are viewed Simon. Using name is running out of things to say you ve only been doing it one season, but sometimes and people come up and they are really really bad, so bad that those of us at home. Thank God, is this. This person says bad: are you thinking what am I going to say? I have taken a few things and get rid of my cock block it like you know who I'm one of them was great set. My friend Mark Hudson said: did you eat a lot paint in our energy Bobby out of the way we use them quite frequently end, but they use it. I can't go there against ranks. I didn't think some things up. Because believe me, so I can come in their dress like a Congo. Do
may you don't really think you can sing and look go, what s heart bricks? What my grandfather told me, I could say Mom told me I can sing and I've been watching over the last ten years are using. Sing and I go oh, oh yours, yes, oh yeah, you came in and you were serious yeah it's hard for me out, I'm just it hard for you to hurt people's feeling yeah, that's what I mean, I'm so codependent. Now, if I was this closer like you and I mean really, can we try to force I could do it, but there far away and I'm sitting as the jailer alpha female quality, Turnus person,
Randy also something a little. You know I'd I'll, get full blundered with my lips. I just you know. I think you know it's just you really didn't hit the notes kinder. So good and radio go really really Stephen and then I get so went rolling stone said that you brought idle back that great with you about the ring idle back. How did you feel I feel so good. You gotta know that I didn't have. Why would I do idle? I came from the area where you are to play you have to show your worth by gazing in play every night and a few didn't fall down and learn how to get back up and then fall now to get back up. You got intestinal
fortitude right now come on idle and sing in the first time, and if I'm ok, then I win. Half these kids that we sent home aren't were are twice as good as China's Joplin was when she first Sanger. First note- or I was I look at these kids like, oh, my god, I really sucked I wouldn't thrown off the show and all these kids need is two or three years and clubs, and they could be as good as anyone out there. So do you feel that for a lot of these kids, who are coming through that you no more experience more time, more work would make a difference. Sure I'm letting kids go and I see a glimmering all of em, but we're looking for the american Idol and I have to say to him. I have to say them. You know this is american Idol, you're gonna have to go up in front of millions of people
an American going to vote on you. I got to tell you right now you going to go back, but here's a good news work on it for another year. Don't be this guy didn't want to tell anybody they suck and can't sing simply because, even when they really can't and I'll tell you why even really really. Are you why how many children have been saying to my mother's when there are three years old, they can't sing, but they gave they. Wouldn't you. Asia- and we see into the baby's its breastfeeding out, it would someone to tell someone there. They can't sing and they go home another by everything that they let you this more than anybody. You know what kind of energy you have to put out to get thirty thousand people to be right there with you, too, have an audience of millions of people around the country watching to be right there with you
You know you ve done that to the point of view, no breaking your feed and losing your voice and all of that of the kind of what that it thing that it takes to be able to not just seeing but to be able to hold that audience. Are you also looking for that? I am a glimmer of certain something that I know not what cause you care Do we put your finger on it, but you know we'll find them as good as Randy as in his music is going to jail always and as good as I am that's what we're going to spot it. You got it. What did it do for you when you realise that all these years you ve been performing forty years, onstage thousands of people, fans and now middle America grandmother. Grandfathers, seven euros, ten euros. Eighteen year olds, the world has embraced you
last night when, when I was alone in the house on pair of laurel, I thought to myself. I knew it. I knew it he. I had some sort of magic that in the ban in the beginning it was kept under wraps bans. This ban. In particular, we were treated like mushroom farmers. We were kept in the dark and covered with both daily now I'm doing idle and I'm hitting that Middle Amerika, and I just made me think that I'd something else and limit more than resonated other than the dark side rock and Roll Stevens Door. To me, a Tyler wrote a memoir in two thousand eight call creating myself me a road candidly about growing up in the shadow of an unhappy marriage between Stephen and his Ex wife surrender Fox. Her father was early around. Both her parents struggled with drug addiction and so did MIA surrender Fox died in two thousand to of a brain tumor.
Today, Stephen and me both sober- are rebuilding their relationship. Jaime. I think a lot of people would think certainly living A house where your dad's rockstar would be the coolest most fun thing is? Is it is? I mean our lifestyles a little differently? Very earthy were Spiritual with ve em, I mean, as you can see, there is a lot things hanging in very playful. That's always been a big kid, so being a child with a child. Dad is how you get to have slides in your how's that really a better question. What did like living with a did it with a dad who never really grew up? I mean it's bitter sweet, it's fun because you get to have fun and, and I mean in it, we ve got door is open for us that most people
the other side of that is in. Oh, I grew up with my mom. I grew up with my mom in this house, and so I had her side of things and then his playful side whenever he would come to town, and so it was a good. It was a good mix, but I think the one thing that everyone always thinks is that, where very like spoil typical kids of a rock star and were so very down to earth and very kind of heavy like in as much as we have been given a lot, we're not super privilege. We appreciate every well, when you are going up there did you think you had a normal dad. Did you did you? Did you resent not having alone, that, as you know, you know you didn't have re. No, I mean I, I think, he's beautiful his here. It is beautiful. I at a young age that he was different. The only thing that I didn't like is the way he dressed, to tell. I wanted him to dress like Robert Palmer, where suits and I didn't get the whole capes and
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through. So many of the questions we are all trying to answer in our own lives. Michelle Obama said she continued. Perhaps most of all, I hope this podcast will help listeners open up new conversations, and Lord conversations with it people who matter most of them. That's we can build more understanding and empathy for one another. Episode, subjects, focus on the relationships that shape us from siblings and close friends to partners, parents and mentors to our relationship with ourselves and our health joining the former first lady will be an array of special guests, including Marian in Craig Robinson Conan, o Brien Valerie Jarrett Michel Norris, and after Sharon. Malone! Listen for! at Spotify dot com, Slash Michelle Obama. When you wrote your book, I you certain things in the book about growing up It's you know this kind of lifestyle that I thought were really pretty candid about what it really means
live in the space where all the attention is going to hear your parents. Can you talk about bit about that I mean we grow up in the shadows. We are given things and it's beautiful. We take advantage of that. But then there is the other side of it. Where everyone wants his attention and then you kind of feel pushed aside a little bit, but the older you get the more you kind of get out of that. But I think it's it's when you wrote the book or you angrier, you seem com, or now it was probably too of the heart is years of my life I had to go and re live a lot of. My demons- and I didn't want to write a book that was just in our poor me pour me poor me negative negative one to write a book so that every story I said that was sad or negative. There was the flip too, that the positive way that I got through that so
It was the best therapy, but it was also the harnessing of ever done. Didn't help you to create yourself absolutely the process of actually writing earlier. Is it hard to read about yourself in your daughter's book? Vary from her perspective? Where did you learn about yourself that I heard her be far worse than I thought I do I mean you know. Anxious kills thousands Was reading a book one of the first time you realize how about deep? That was far here still like she's, not easy, you know, abandoning a child is just the worst thing so worsening. Did you feel abandoned me. I think we all do in an in a sentence. What we all? What do you mean by the Alice kids? So you can yeah, I mean. I know now that his car is the way it is?
because you put your career first and I think that's a beautiful thing and I'm ok. I've made peace we have not. Having I mean. Moreover, my mom, but she still wasn't there either, but I made peace with not having them. They're too, like guide me and teach everything and I learned stuff on my own, but I mean there's theirs. Finally, an abandoned send some. We all can feel it Fraid things are gonna get taken away and not come back, I mean I, I it's it's crazy being in this house now with you here in all these people work as I I remember you would come to visit me for Christmas and bring all these beautiful present. My mom was so crazy and I just I was get so excited. You would come here and then he would even though I thought that if I cried really hard like that, you, just like, you can't even breathe that somehow that would bring you back, and I would always pray that, like your tire, would popper something that he'd have come back and it sets its its.
I still have new killings and emotions in this house has for a long time this house, just reminded me of a lot of negative stuff because What you're describing and what you described in the book, even though you are angry, is that you longed for him. Now you had a longing for him. Will you so cool? I mean he dress cool. He always brought presidency was always like, the sunshine, when my mom and and her energy was just really dark for a long time, and so I so excited when you would come because it would bring such indifferent emotion to this house and definitely strange childhood, but I mean I'm ok with it. My peace with I may be because I I watched my mom grow up and she was so negative and she held so much in and she was so angry with her so angry and then she got better
cancer and there's no real reason why you get that and I in my heart of hearts, I believe that she bought, so much up and kept so much and not just with dad, but with her whole life than something just hopped in there and created this negative mass in her brain, and I just swore that I would never be like that. Have you forgiven? Your father, I have I mean I get mad at them, sometimes when he gets mad at me like you, have no right to be mad at me, but have you for giving your father for not being there have you for giving your father for the course I mean. I can't hold on to that and he's giving me so much that he's here now and we don't always understand each other, but that's typical, and I mean it when he get let me it's like the worst thing in the world for me, because I just how to handle that. But then, once
over and why don't you know how to handle, because you think you're gonna be abandoned. Again, probably you think he's gonna leave and not come back, but I just I'm not blamed No now its grey or now, let's get going hearing that suffers great. It helps me once there is great, but after I've healed from it, Couple weeks later, on, like on ice, just got mad at me for something, as I didn't really have that as a kid or like even recently, he was they re going out. When are you coming back, be home early in ones like we're. Almost there these three? Let me see about that, but I love it. You know I do love it at the end of the day, and so what was it like? Seeing him a personal to see your father on stage four forum, What is that like? It was just so normal to me. I grew up. I mean I think it was not even a year old. The first time I went to see him, so it was just that such a normal thing. For me, my favorite times is when wherein like
Alabama. You know. No one else is there. There's no managers no suits know nobody, no other family members, and it's just him, and I and I ll sit in the front in the Kate and just like talk, during the show or like hand me is my is, is whatever. When he's and with it- or we just have this like connection and that's nice, because it you're in an arena with twenty five, thirty thousand people, and it's just like the two of us, and I love that feeling. I love that I love that looks like a bond that no one else can have, and I just it makes me El Special where you someone american Idol for the first time. What do you think we were so nervous because some times. Things are taken seriously in and to us he's such a. Using voice and such a rock legend that we didn't want to see that get marginalized marginalized. And so the first episode we were just kind of clenching. Nor chairs, but his person
when it comes out perfectly, we instantly. We were like okay, this is gonna, be good and it's fun for you. I mean it open some up to a whole new generation and he loves being in the spotlight and what the chance than to be on american idol and I was so concerned because I'm not sure. If you want me to do it, no, we didn't it in a room, thou anti that, and so I got this text I still am. I saved it and it says, on the back of your voice: mail dad! You were so great. Listen. I can't believe it all. My friends, it was yes thank you, God that was it not the New York Times or rolling stone. While I was hearing them say that while and they have it, and there you have it. That's all we need that's all we need now is also good.
Stephen? That is long time, growth rate on the road with Aerosmith. She was the bands tour accountant, so Stephen says he lives on the tail of a comment. Is it hard keeping up? but the guy who lives on the tail of a common s. Sometimes it is to see a lot of it. Well, then I am and surprise sometimes it how energy as an ideal that really It seems a morning I boundless it seems like it unless whenever ends ever jars, bunny, really you know what is interesting. In his book he talks about. I can't remember which wife it was. I think of me as mom about being upset. You were on the road and that you had affairs that you were not monogamous and you were saying well, you're, sorry that you hurt or but what do you think a rock star is going out there when beat women are throwing their pants. Onstage and throwing their lipstick on stage. Yet you know.
I really like everyone they sent me in the lipstick looks good on Wednesday and they're waiting and their willing to do whatever is necessary to be able to sleep with your man. How do you? How do you deal with that? It is very hard sometimes, but since the beginning of our relationship, we both had a pretty good understanding of the ombudsman and he then went out and together now, seventy seven years now, because I was on the right for a lifetime tax evasion, I actually is, pay him. Yes, yes, so I ran out and I watched him when I saw her how he behaved badly, occasionally here and there, but what I just said here. Listen if you play I wanna play. I just want to make that clear to end and he didn't really like it. I think when he was on the other side of that scenario. So you said: if you're gonna play, I'm gonna play out loud. You said, I said it is a different one.
Experts have you. I didn't say that now and what was your reaction to that? Mr Tyler, oh, I was you know, I think I heard it and took it. It was funny. If you think about it, you know yet this it s. A thing about You're being so rude playing things through, I love to do her she's gonna, aggressive backstage. But what happens if I get caught in their new and she's with somebody, and it's just as it is? I think, a little easier for our relationship when its play that game like that. As suppose, you don't break the rules. I think I was a little. I was a little taken aback by that particular wife. You know only because Some other people in my life higher up had said Does she know who you are, and I had the audacity to think yeah?
you know I'm rockstar alive, and these people were throwing is also me it's wrong doing that especially take a vow being married, but this also nothing else in that vow, dismissing whatever happened to for better worser till death do its part yeah. But you're not trying to justify full and around I'm certainly are certainly not yet. We are not trying to justify Poland, but this is. This is the question and it's hard question to answer, Erin, and I know that so I'm would lay an army. Ok. Is it possible to remain monogamous and be a rockstar gears? Is it possible for you to remain monogamous. Yes, it is, you know, what's going on right now is it I don't want to hurt anybody again for all the divorces, I've had a hurt. Those girls deeply
There was some behaviour that I'm ashamed when I shouldn't have done that, and I saw you on the cover people magazine and the quote: the poor court was it. You didn't want to be a role model for bad behaviour. Right I owned by. Do I just can't is adamant. Hurt. Another human being. I just don't want to hurt another doing fooling around all those years. Not being monogamous did you you did you not realize you were hurting your flight because it was because it was of the moment and it was too hot. It gets hot out there. There could be two girls making out in the front row that are penthouses centerfolds in a SEC, wait what station you ask yourself, I'm not going to die and not have to end that have tried that I had those thoughts. I cannot imagine what it'd be like to make love to that. Every man has those thoughts, the ones that have into the ones that are still known relationships. So how do you?
do you travel with him? Do you feel like you need to be with him on tour yeah? He drew I do I mean I'm still a billboard Erin I mean there has to be a level of trust because there is a level The trust there is usually within all the time I can't be with them all the time in the beginning. I definitely tried, but that's not funny there, but also. Obviously, you know this about him because I, since did from television all these using just being in his presence. He has a hue sexual thing got eyes a huge actual aura ha ha. I mean there's a charm missing, charming and sweet, but there is a huge sexual died out. There is out there. Out there for everyone, my mother, my sister as someone- I don't know it's always there and- and I hope for the best- and I don't get me wrong- there's time zone, I.
I am, and I worry for no reason I haven't heard from him today, even though I know he's busy, I is someone's pills are no digging through there there's phone, I don't want to live like I want to look at it and I can't do it. So what is the key to your relationship when he says there's two beautiful women in the front row, I understand what he is talking about her and he is so he can open. They say that to me all day, the high, and sometimes it say that to me all day, long just getting out there big secret and then we move on. Ok, so are you? Are you the kind of woman who could say well, he could have sex with those two women in the front row Eventually, he's coming home to me, and so that's ok out now in her me overheard you out like that, I might say it now. They got mean it. So you are.
This relationship, and you want a monogamous full time relationship. Yes, that is speculation s same year? Wonder for myself not only that, but you know. You said it's wonder, I'm dead, it's a wonder of AIDS. From what I've done. I mean offers a sexual animal, and I definitely I'm on stage was trust me. I feel it myself, but I'm not twenty for seven, I'm not really, really that I sing about it. I put it out there, but I'm not could I be could be. I never have And I ve never gone on a spray of a shopping spree. I'd like to do that. I'd like to go to springing school. Every girl. I say that we want: Have me who wouldn't, but I don't, but you I don't I wanted from my own. If that's gonna, take that away from it. I don't want to make this relationship work, the apologizing, wouldn't you say, you're, gonna, pies,
late, I'm sorry, cannot be. I think it's we work together and we live together and we sleep together and I can understand for a wife of someone who has occurred, It's like a different language, so that when that on the phone they don't know what you're talking about, they don't care. They're annoyed so you were on the road with Ban Pansy Sadie praise that he loves it. Has everything to him so I don't know how they work is. If I felt I do you feel that music as the first love I do and that you come wherein there I think I am unless there are with it. I don't feel like unless stand, but I know I know who he is. This is a big part of its own breathing for him, but I love that about him what's the loveliest kindest. Sweetest open your hard thing he ever did for you for me a sweet.
He went all the way to Alaska, to visit my grandmother, who I loved more than anything passed away a few years ago and he was contour. I took four days to come up to Alaska and meet her. Because when know wasn't going be around for long, and he did that for me and I ll never forget there, you go. I love that. I wasn't expecting that answer. I love that it that and not a bought me early Romeo the work we do. Stephen told me there is a magic here like centipede, where he spent every summer growing up. It's also way that the legendary Joe Perry Aerosmith led guitar player. Before I left Sunday, Stephen took me on a drive in his vintage Ford fatal to the spot.
He says, he's spirit was born. Stephen S. Sister Linda sent me on the sound barriers and where you will do well said right down the road Reddy Fox sang Grass, inside? I? There is rest now rest Oh, my God is at the start of this year when the guests left, you know, people that we spent a week within the shining with a little kids in ITALY. Gets it in a week. You can so get somebody as and when they left, we will open up and we took pots and pans a whole family. Six, seven eight nine ten of us on some. I guess Gerner relieving everybody cried we try. If we well,
you got to know the people and then they're gone yeah, but it's so darn friendly. There is, though, is the harbor says you look like a shed on the rocks lot. Absolutely it's just so glad. Democracy, you weren't, you create a little town, it's like something out of a life. There's the police, there's a harbor side trading and the Wild Goose Contra store and places. I met your parent, the anchorage, that's that's where I met your hurry While we need to make a french fries yeah, I thought the bier up and you just finished doing the long I'll show you that we're ok! That's I love a house with a porch and some rock and trousers love that house
This is true Rico. Here, that's alone right there, Molly, that's wrong! Rico! That's the place! I grew up. A moment longer pulls up in a single energy and he's playing up here at the barn. It's an old barn with a band used play and you heard him play and you knew you found your soul like here. He was good lookin, give two craps about anything. Just what I was really really didn't. You ve been brothers ever since here often on vital away brothers, do other stuff completely fighting completely out of each other's life. He was actually looking for pissed off of me. They were angry me. Projecting Hidell, I get so verandah came it would. Why are you angry? It did nothing but bring up aerospace cells to wonder at sixty percent. Stupid and they
You didn't tell me, I said I didn't tell you because was the biggest secret platinum. Whether jailer was doing Chela NEWS and it was very secret and I did Tell the man. What do you now think you should have told them just like just before was announced. You should have said by the way here sit down. That's what I think I got over right, yes, you're, so nice imaginable trials nano spot. I can. I can and I'm so lonely life I'm alone although now I know why don't has now, we will be. I know what I'm saying rarity recently gets it where you get. It saw some kind of illegal drugs,
how many thousands of people you talk to long hd, high definition, understanding, guided views were going into the word or down this paragraph eleven. This makes me so happy to be here and in the woods with you. It makes me so happy in the woods. How do you feel coming into the woods it feel like coming back home for you yeah? I mean this is where I found my spirituality, and what do you mean by spiritually when I use the word people get all thrown by what it? What are you ok sought in the soil,
I heard something- and I was first scared by then like like back in there. It was so quiet a whole and I was so all of our air. I go into the thick of the woods, really heard silence, and this is a place where I was walking back in here once so. Let's go in this way. Ok! Ok! Well, I will go in most maybe or are you. This is what I love? This is what I love. This is beauty to me. Ok, a mosque cover. Looking guests commands. Ok, it's not too far. Ok, just a little bit into the woods with Stephen Taiwan,
who moved into the woods who would have thought you are nature, boy that this was it. This is this is me I was. I was knocked down here for salamanders and think. Why is this a little golly and and what's over here and and Oh, my god, decent living will you spend, would your parents are you spend time out here allow here I never came back. Our mobile phones and I just did this well. Listen. It's system is. His parents, the magic, is combating terrorist, show you this o K
La Stephen Tyler's taking me to his magical space, look at work, my god right this year, it's just a boy. What doesn't leave down here right? this is where I was sitting here and laws where, of course, then I just thought these wild thoughts. Of what what's really living in under all the fairy tale books you see work as a whole city in their food is a whole village. Radio, we're sitting in somebody's village up with us They lay down on this disastrous outcome. These males. What you can't do is that was a thing that you said in your book that drugs take away from
Who is are the smells right, you're you're numbed out, and you can't hear so you if you were on drugs right now, you wouldn't be able to send this the same way now. Absolutely not this pretty special care to be in a moment with all this stuff is we're gonna write her soldiers warning, or do you think that this is where you came to know yourself? I think I put together in the beauty of mother nature and music and somewhere in that I felt a presence of God in the music. I thought that the God was there in the music. You know what I think guides not just in the music. I think I'd his amusing.
Would you my Stephen up, I think God is a classic closes. I've run all right. This is great care. Really, I loved it I'll. I love you gotta look out earlier. This was a fund gotta I believe that this was a plant, Mobile Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple, pod, callous and subscribe rate and review. This part can join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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