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Oprah says, “I’ll never forget the first time Maya Angelou shared with me what would become a much beloved refrain: People may not remember what you did or said, but they always remember how you made them feel. What her words so brilliantly remind us, is that every single moment is an opportunity to be of service to another human being. That is what I hope will be your takeaway from this podcast. I’m not referring just to volunteering or contributing to a cause, though those are wonderful, worthwhile activities that strengthen us. What I am talking about is committing, decision by decision to a sustained compassionate approach to life.” In this podcast, Oprah sits down with: Mark Nepo, Bryan Stevenson, Gloria Steinem, Thich Nhat Hanh, U.S. Representative John Lewis, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Charles Eisenstein, Lynne Twist, President Jimmy Carter, Mindy Kaling, Gary Zukav, Wayne Dyer. They all share their incredible experiences using their unique talents and abilities in service of others. Interviews with these talented writers, speakers and thought leaders are excerpted from her Emmy Award-winning show Super Soul Sunday. You can also find this compilation and other insightful conversations, in Oprah’s best-selling book The Path Made Clear.

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free welcome to supersede conversations the pod cast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now, my virtual queen mother, the great my Angela, was for me the ultimate teacher only Maya had the ability to reduce me to my seven year old self. Simply by the way, greeted me how are you darling girl, she would say at the start. Every conversation emails, always set a loving tone opening, with o dear YO, I'll, never forget, The first time she shared with me, what would later become a much beloved refrain people not remember what you did. what you said, but they will
always remember how you may And feel. What her words so brilliantly remind us. Is that Every single moment is an opportune, it is to be of service to another human being. That is what I hope we'll be or take away from this chapter referring just a bowling, tarrying or contributing to a cause, though those are if a worthwhile activities that strengthen us, what I'm talking about is committing decision by decision to us stained heartfelt compassionate approach to life. We are more alike than we are different. My I used to say imagine what would happen. If two people with opposing views. Together inform each other, opposition of one to be of service, you ve, caught in the deluge of negativity, three all that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. This would see
a nearly impossible idea, but I believe closer to reconnecting than we realise when I so the Cecil B Demille awarded award the twenty eighteen golden globes, my son. It caused a bit of a star It was not my intention to spark talk of the presidential campaign, Can tell you why I believe that speech resonated with so many people. Conversations with men and women for many walks of life? EL to growing shift a mutual yearning on all sides. For different way of envisioning the world there is eagerness rising within all of us. Bridge our divides to bring in the vicious attacks on those whose viewpoints differ from ours and to focus elevating humanity, I was trying to express in my speech, was all humans have value, and a voice and I consider it my purpose here on earth to celebre invalidate both
The sheer volume of reaction to what I said at the golden Globes is a director demand to the fact that millions of us all to seek out, stand up for what good right and just in our world. My Once told me that my legacy will be The person whose life was touched by Being here. I believe the same is true for all of us when it comes down to it like can be measured and exchanges of energy, positive or negative. What is the energy you choose to bring to the world positive exchanges multiply and grow. That's why give on any level feels so great, we are creating an actual force for good most people wait to assess their legacy until their second or third active life. time to sit back and reflect, but what
Right now you began to structure your decisions based on how you want to be remembered, rather than what you believe. You still need to accomplish. What I'm suggesting is it? You don't wait until you're sitting on your forging a rocking chair to evaluate the character of your actions. Ask today in the middle of your complicated, demanding chaotic life What do I want my legacy to be, and then Living from that, intention. As my always said when you Oh teach when you get give. More of this conversation. In just a moment. This so it is brought to you by Nature Valley, granola bars. We all know that life can get a little hectic. We all have things to do, people to see and a lot of obligations No, when you're in the swing of your routine, it can be easy to forget to step outside and taken. The outdoors Nature helps us recharge and re energised. Ourselves did you? oh, that spending just ten minutes in nature can help reduce stress,
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Nature Valley invites you to get outside, because nature makes us better. It energizes us and re fuels us experience The power of nature taken the outdoors with Nature Valley visit take in the outdoors dot com for more nature breaks. We start with Mark what want to be your legacy or what will be or legacy I would want my legacy to be that what matters moves through me. the way air, moose and wind blew through a window to refresh another mixed up. Brian Stevenson, you eight about being I think you call it a stone catch from that Bible. Verse, we're mob is stoning. The adulterous yes and Jesus said lead. He who is without sin, cast the first stone,
I think when we see people being treated unfairly, when we see people who are raised when we see people who are unlawful, missing people thrown away. I think those of us who have a high for compassion and justice immersing. Those of us who want to be better people need to step in We need to do what we can to stop. The judge that are being made that are unfair, Part of it is that we have to kind of adopted different metric system for ourselves. I think Often we measure how we're doing in life by How much money we may grant many people nor named all these are the kind of metrics how many people respectively. There is another way of measuring how you doing. Please, don't you catch by how often you acted position yourself to help those who need help, there's something redemptive power Transformative catching the stones, people throat each other unfair, and what you say at the end of just mercy, I continue to meet stone catchers along the way inspire me and make me believe that we can do better than we do
and for the accused, it didn't condemned among us as well as those who are. Victimized by violence, all of us can do better for one another. The work continues. I just love that, don't you know let's listen to glory SK, I am. I couldn't get published what I wanted to say about the women's movement and it was new and exploding, and so I ended up going out with a friend on the road to speak and that led to Vienna years of on the road, organizing an eye I discovered, as I never otherwise would have. I think that's what happens in a room when you are present cannot happen on the printed each or on the screen it a true that the harm it's that allow us to empathize with each other. Are they have produced. One word together, five senses it isnt two degrees
The page of the screen guideline, just different and I guess I discovered form of meditation, I mean I've taken to meditation courses, I believe in it, but I dont do it, but what the road does is force you to live in the present and that way, there's just infinite amount of learning and it's in the moment it forces you to live in the moment and what is clear in your life on the road? Is that its it doesn't mean we all have to go to South Dakota. We have to travel to India, it means in your everyday experience, is whether in the supermarket or whether you're going to the dry cleaners, its being able to listen with that kind of openness to its an on the road state of mind, yeah and I can only compare it to you know when you see birds of writing. current. It's like or a surfer, fighting the waves or it's just being opened
it means being in the floor just being open and if you or in a place where you are more powerful than the people around you being sure to listen as much as you talk. And if you less powerful, being shared at all, as much as you, listen let's hear from tick, not Hon listening is the kind of listening that couldn't help relieve the suffering of the other person you can call to comply. She made listening. Yours with only one purpose, help him or her to envy his heart and if you remember that You are helping him or her to suffer less and then, even if he say things love around perceptions, full of bitterness. You ask to give able to continue to live compassion because
you know that listening like that with compassion, you, Give him a chance to suffer less if you, want to have him or her to correct this perception And then you will find the time what form this, the time being you just listen with compassion and help him or her to suffer less, One hour like that can bring transformation and Healy. So I love this idea of deep listening because oftentimes when someone comes to you and they want to really, then they wonder per Whatever is going on inside them, people start talking and giving advice. So if you allow- The person just two whatever those feelings are to come out and then Another time come back to them. With your advice or your comments, you would experience a deeper healing. That's what you're saying the fear and despair is born underground.
Wrong perception and me everyone perceptions concerning ourselves. The other person. and that is the foundation for conflict. War and violence. You ve said the only way we can begin to end war is due to communication between people, yes, and we should be able to say, like this dear friend, the people. I know that you sapphire luck. I have not understood enough of Europe. difficulties and suffering. Not our intention to make you suffer more. It is opposite. So please tell us about your suffering difficulties, I'm go to learn to understand tat like that living space, on this area too. open to heart and tell us, and then approve this compassionate deep, listen During the process of deep listening, we can learn so much about
own perception, and Our perceptions that is the best way the only way to remove terrorism, terrorism or even difficulties between yourself and family members or friend. Yes, principle is the same, no matter the conflict. Yes,. don't go anywhere or to come after this short break from Emmy Award Winning Director Gotham Show opera comes Simone versus herself, and all new original donkey series starring Simone Byles that streaming now on Facebook Watch. Simone versus herself will follow the journey of Simone Byles, one of the greatest athletes of all time, She pushes herself to new physical and mental heights more than being in competition with any single athlete. This is the story of nineteen time World Champion Simone
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never thought about. Dropping out. You come to the point Will you, sir, I gotta go You put the on going to be. You have to They have to get out there and push and pool to try to make things better. The generation yet unborn, each Others have the ability to resist, not to be quiet, we have to be brief. We have to be bold, we have, use. Constitutional rights remains. ouch asylum, walk I sit in a sit down a maybe so a petition rise in the level of voting we have to be engaged all of us members of the human family. As citizens of this country? their forces and wanted take us back. To another place. and was then we're not going back become too far we made much progress,
stop now or to turn around, because I feel it is. For my obligation, mommy A mandate to reach, as many people as possible it's not over. Yet due to fight. And sometimes you have to fight some of them all over and over again. The next generation For generation yet unborn, you took him. The contribution you Mass. Marianne Williamson, I think it's really important is is to understand that in history it's not the majority of people using this raised because it's not the majority is waiting on the majority to all agree. need to move in a certain direction that is Thank you for mentioning that. That's so important the majority of people wake up one day and go: let's free the slaves. The majority didn't wake up one day and say: let's give women the right to vote is because a small group of people, small
usually considered outrageous. Radicals by the status quo of their day have a better idea. That's how evolution works? We fight too much. We fight with nuclear bombs, people there always been wars, not with the arsenals of news that we have we're the only play, known to systematically destroy our own habitat. I mean the only species. So now I think what enlightenment represents, what the great spirit for matters orange mutilation, lot departure, Oprah I admit I cited meditation than I made my teachers, of which I had several. We. Actually spent low us and meditation regard to realise that there is a body there's a mine, but this soul consciousness and then, when you get in touch with the sole consciousness, he become aware that other people outside the soul and communicate with them. Then you realize the dare you worthwhile, evermore Dwayne. That's got doing consciousness.
You can go even deeper into that in what is called unity consciousness were lies it we're on They'll, probably won all be set Fishing is totally artificial. Else. Einstein- We still live in communities that aren't really communities, because we don't know the people around us surrounded by strangers. We actually know more about who's on the cover people magazine or we know more about the lives of people You don't know and will never meet. Then you do your next door neighbor right. So we feel lonely like, we're not actually separate solves than our being this, our sense of being in the world. Depends on our relationships and when our intimate relationships, or only in the family. Sexual intimacy, I'm talking about really being no. Yes, we don't know our neighbours and weed and we're not participating. in the natural world in an intimate way, then we feel alone, we don't you.
know who we are. There is a deficit of identity when we're shrunk down into these little separate sauce and this low level suffering. Another word for suffering you use is separation. feeling that your disconnected even though you are in a room, our in a world where you are engaging with people all the time, but there's is low level sense of This connection from community is what you're talking about. I love you say as early as page to hear you say on some level. We all know better. This knowledge seldom find clear articulation. So instead we express it indirectly to a covert an overt rebellion. It's so interesting addiction, selves The ties, procrastination, laziness, rage, chronic fatigue and depression are all ways that we will hold our full participation in the pro
of life that we are offered You are maybe the mirror of all things where you are totality of your relationships. So that means that anything that happens to anything, To any being is happening to you on some level, it means that any difficult relationship. You have is mere something in yourself. It means that everything you do to the world will somehow come back to you. It means the world outside of ourselves is not just a bunch of stuff but it's a mirror of self. It has quality, like consciousness and intelligence that aren't thus the human beings, but there in all things at that point over there. This tree, everything that's happening to the world, is happening too. And whether or not we believe it we can still feeling yeah. That's why it hurts yeah sober
and we don't even know why. Yes, Lynn, twist When you let go of Troy, To get more of what you don't really need, it frees up, oceans of energy that's caught up in that chase,. Turn pay attention to what you already have when you actually a pay attention to nourish love and share what you already have. It expands the opposite of what we think. a perfect example of actual goes demanded that I've seen it over and over and over and over when you share it gets bigger absolute share. It gets better when people know that it's real them from this chase of more Morton, warm one more. Has it there's so much energy tied up in that in everybody's life? Even pay
just barely rubbing to nickel together to pay their red if they turn pay attention to what they have to make a difference with it share, no shit, it exe, as before their very eyes a short away to say all. That is what you appreciate appreciates. what you appreciate appreciates that fantastic treatable moment I have said that a better. What you appreciate appreciate its law. Actually it's a physical law that what you focus on expands. What you appreciate appreciate exactly and then you have an experience of enough factually how we have an experience of sufficient scenes and enough how we have that kind of experience is by sharing by contributing by serving by nourishing other people. That's where real prosperity lives. President, Jimmy Carter.
You look at other people, do you see God and other people? I try to push when I'm in that area did I say that I found by defects are not always that whenever I try to one region Roger, I build habitat houses, we spent a poor weak every year, in some remote place, building habitat houses. And one of the things you have learned- is that we work side by side with a family. There's never had a vision home alive and will begin comprehend quite fairly and vividly there moral values are just as good as mine,. And their ambitions are generally greatest mine and We realise that in the past, just because somebody poverty, stricken and deprived of. probably look upon us successes in life that their inferior, and thus modulation. I think I've learned in my life and fictitious out of the water
people are not interior. Many killing, and whose and employee often you are the only one. And you think, there's a space for me, or else there is only going to be one indian woman. If you're gonna be one minority. I hope I may. I can't help anybody else and even those of terrible habits. You learn when you're younger and when I was younger and the business and then, as you, arson and player like well. If I can stop the that anxiety from young women, if I can hire the reason only going to be one in five women, one african american woman, one woman period inherit there's going to be. It's for lots and you don't have to have that anxiety anymore. They think that's one way that we can help. Carries Yakov, Wes we live with the principle of the golden rule does not do unto others, as you would have them do. Unto you that's the golden rule, but what really happens is whatever you do onto others is already done. Unto you.
That's right, you can't get away from it. You can't escape it. That's karma so true other people the way you'd like them to treat you because they will that's the short of it give to the world what you want to receive from the world, because you will receive that way in dire God doesn't doesn't, doesn't want They think doesn't take anything doesnt demand anything it doesn't get petty. I leaped to quote the poets. I write, poetry myself in how fees a great great have visited, even after all this time the sun never says to the earth. you owe me just think what a love like that can do it lights up the whole world. That's how you do it. It s lights up the whole. All you have to do is give in practice this demand,
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