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The Rev. Ed Bacon: Do You Recognize Grace?

2018-03-28 | 🔗

Oprah sits down with the Rev. Ed Bacon, a retired priest from the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles and the author of the book "8 Habits of Love." Saying that we often obscure our ability to identify grace in our lives, the Rev. Bacon reveals how to recognize grace in your life, especially during the toughest times. He tells Oprah that people operate from a place of either fear or love when it comes to their relationship with God, and explains why he believes there is a bit of God in all of us and why we should embrace it. Plus, the Rev. Bacon offers a surprising and enlightening answer to the question of whether religion and spirituality can work together.

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I'm over Winfrey, welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now,. This is a show devoted to try help us just wake ourselves up, just wake up our lives to our lives purpose, but that frankly, as we all know, is not an easy path to follow. Many. There are many. So many of you who I know are who are earnest and you are faithful and you are deeply religious and you're having a difficult time reconciling your religious beliefs with the spiritual pursuit. I have heard from a number of you who are in on.
pursuit of answers for yourself. I do understand this question of trying to reconcile your faith. With a new sense of spirituality and opening, because I too experience that, because I didn't want to have to throw away the way. had been raised. Everything I had been taught to believe in and felt in my heart to be true, and so I thought I would be very helpful. we invite, on the show a bona fide authority on this matter. A man of the cloud of the cloth and who happens to be the wreck the all things church in Pasadena reverent at hello. I welcome vacuum, so Reverend add year. Other designation of the church I hear is chief spiritual off we're always trying to find tweet for sentry language to explain. Church ease, church language rector, as my first
title and some people's able better come of a spiritual seo? Isn't it yeah that go yeah? It means you run things there, I'm in charge yet you're in trouble. Yoga and all saint is is, is, is I've heard it described as a liberal activists church? Does that mean its Christ centred was very cross centred? Do you. teach the Jesus is the Saviour. We do we as occurred Jen Church. We certainly believe that Jesus, the Saviour and the Jesus is the Son of God, etc. Right, but when you are in the pew at all saints what your hearing, emphasised more than those rather doctrinal and dogmatic issues. Them kind of go along with religion is about your connection with God, your connection with the Spirit, your connection with the cosmos, your connection with other people and your connection with your deepest cell. That's what's most important for us to emphasise, because we week we
have folks who were abused, religiously and spiritually, who are searching, and they wanna hear some things there come. Putting an challenging and empowering ok as a man of the cloth right, you're actually wearing the collar and of God. Can you help our audience Understand what spirituality is I have been trying for years in many different. Forms on my show too not only say what it is, but to demonstrate the essence, Spirit- and I remember many years ago in the nineties I was doing a show, based on a book called the anatomy of Spirit by Caroline Maze? You know her aright in the middle of doing the show, and I stopped the shaping of the shop, Instead, hey audience what's going on and someone the sentences? No, we don't get. If I don't get. What are you talking about in spirit- and I said I'm talking
the spirit that lives inside of all of us. You know cuz, you know you have in mind, you have a body, and you have a spirit, and back in this is the mid 90s I would say the majority that audience didn't know what I was talking about. I think we promise just a little bit now, but I'm always stumble in trying to explain the the essence of what beer means something. Let you take a stab at it. Here's mustache! Ok, I think it's. The experience of feeling on. Additionally, loved so much so powerfully that you Oh there is some power greater than you are loving you. This love that you are experiencing is coming from a great
power, and it's filling you so much that you want to love other people. That to me is the experience of spirituality. Can I tell you a story please. When I was five, I was playing alone in a pine grove in South Georgia and all of a sudden, I felt enveloped by warp and light, and I heard in audibly in the deepest part of myself. You are the most beloved creature in all of creation. At the same time, I got that message. I also heard, and every other person is the most beloved creature in all of creation, changed my life. It it made my life. What it is it is that experience.
Of unconditional loved so over. So is this a voice or feeling how come I never get a gracious was it a voice or feeling no, it was. It was something that trend since those kind of categories. There's this Wonderful story about a in the old testament I love Elijah. When I grew up, I was reading all the Bible stories. Elijah was one of my favorite, so I look to see if I know the story. Of course you do. You know you wanted to hear God and there came an earthquake in and then a fire, and God was not in the earthquake, wind or fire ain't, but in the still small voice. That is. Still small boys and that's the importance of the work that you did with taller because he says that we have to go to stillness. He so right.
ever we will choose to make a decision to make time for the experience of stillness and arise Like a basin of silky water, that's all muddy and you let it sit on a table until the silt goes to the bottom of the basin, and then you have clear water at the top right. That's what stillness does and that's Quality, it's really good, so why is it so misunderstood? You now, as I was saying I received so many thousands and thousands of emails- and I was really my heart- Was- was opened up by the level of connection that peat Oh received from one another when we were doing this webcast, but there were a lot of for who were upset about it. One person rides what's happening here. Every in the new orthe forum, has abandoned Jesus and may tone
their new Messiah Jesus, did not come to earth to show people how to be Christ like I can thought he did, but anyway he came to show the path to his father. He said he would. The judge on how much you ve loved him and they when spiritual at spirituality and eighty ism are two different word for the same thing: disengaged them both that says to me. What does it say that these folks are coming from the house of fear? We choose to live at any particular moment in our life either in the house of fear or the house of Love, and the house of fear always drives us, To put gotten a box put at the ology robots per spirituality in the box, but I think this is what he says. This is what he says and if you depart from it and if you depart from the language that I use and that I found comfort in right
then you are start, your own church, your anti Christ you're, not religious whatever, and it's the criticism that comes at you because. you are pointing to something that's deeper and more universal. I was right
About the phenomenon that we are addressing today, Chuckie Agar came to mind. He was the guy first human being to fly faster than the speed of sound broke with sound, very right. He landed. The media came up said what he had to say about this. He said just before you break through the sound barrier is when the cockpit shakes the most well and every leader. Every pioneer has known just before a break through the cockpit was shaking and that's what happens. I think, as we are trying to go deeper and spirituality, which means go wider, also because there's this connectivity with every other human being, because when you find and discover the divine in yourself right, you know that exists in every one else and that no one is advantage to before God, oh,
I know, but I understand how people can feel that, because this was a very difficult concept for me to accept being raised southern Baptist and believing as I still do, that Jesus was the divine so to say that the divine is in May sounds like you are comparing yourself to Jesus Jesus over and over As you well know, the name of Heaven is at hand exactly, and the kingdom of God is within you and your faith has made you well and the first chap of the gospel of John says. The light that was in every human being is now come into the world. The Bible itself talks about the divinity within each one of us
Right in a to see, that is to see that yeah look to see that, but if you dont examined scripture for yourself right and read it meditatively and spiritually and just take what the preacher say and don't have your own felt thought processes going on, then you are going to miss. Awful lot of sacred scripture. Yes, and I think that a lot of people who have criticised a new earth and ECHO Tallies- writings certainly haven't even read any of it if they read any that you'd come to a better understanding and may be open to a better understanding. A cart quotes Jesus more than anybody else. Yes, I think Does anyone know how I checked the footnotes, yet it is really quite christian in what he say without a lot of the church, language. So why is there this fear? You know what I understand the essence of a new earth too, to be saying, among other things, is,
to bring a greater sense of consciousness, a higher level of consciousness and to let go of you, you go take yourself out of your. You know, thinking thinking head on time and allow the higher self the greater self so all of you that the higher consciousness of yourself to be present at all times. That's the essence to me of what are you saying? Why would that cause people to be fearful if these people have developed a theology that makes them dependent on a doctrine or a dogma, they are not interested in being liberal It had to trust their are. Voices saw no longer connecting with gods voice inside less. If you actually really felt that, would you speak of God if you actually really felt that you would only be able to come from a place of love precise
ok. So how is it that we ve guns or, of course, is it because they have been so many charlatans? The tradition of false prophets, yes of newspapers. Alt one. Was he with? As always, it will be with a solid yes, and these folks are doing it for their own self gratification and they are not interested in empowering everyone. They're interested in filling the pews instead of filling the hearts, and so the great thing about an independent, popular expression of the truth, as in your work is that it encourages it empowers people to think for themselves. To feel for themselves and to have a connection, that's what's really underneath that motion of the priesthood of all believers, something you don't have to have a priest and what geez,
is saying to people when he says the king of God is within you, and your faith has made you well is that you have this device the inside. Is there you on your own, priest was led. You to God doesn't separate you from God, but does separate you from having to have an external authority and that's what people fear that is so scary to so many people who live in the house of fear. My first learn: About seven bacon, when I saw Guy Richie did a documentary called the ego has landed and in it you talked about God, sending Jesus to the wilderness or forty days to grapple with saying we all know that story. Those lesser question are you believe Satan and the ego are, are one and the same adieu and I know I heard that on there and I thought well well. That is a new way of thinking about it.
Save us save me, please save the human race from people who think that the devil is purely external for us to talk about evil doers as though evil exist outside of us, instead of the fact that we have to struggle ourselves with evil within us. Yes, yes, that leads us to kill. That leads us to be violent. That leads us to abuse. other people, because we can see that we have evil within us and so then the evil within US individuals becomes a collective ii. When all of us you know agree to,
Allow human rights are not allow human rights to cause wars or not cause wars in how we treat people in the process. Indeed. Yes, that is the manifested evil inside of us coming into the collective to become one that you could call the devil, correct, ok and Satan or certain, which means the deceiver yes uses. Fear as primary instrument potential. Tell me this. I'm a person has been raised. Our certainly I am but am using. This is a hypothetical example. All these people who are. to reconcile their religious beliefs with this new idea of feeling something powerful beyond yourself that we call God. How do you do that? What are you? What do you say for all the people who you have been raised like I was raised in the church, went to church Wednesday Night Prayer Service
Friday, night Sunday, night, Bab, straining union hoping yeah? I was praised the southern back to something that is not my answer to your question is what do we say to all these people about how to reconcile yeah you follow grace. He followed Ray it's important to understand what grace feels like it's, where you feel all of a sudden overwhelmed by gods. Goodness, yes, you didn't deserve it. You didn't merit it. God just gave it to you, as God loves you. That's grace to agree that we face low grace. Instead of trying to get out of here of it and explain, everything, grace will lead us to the reconciliation point that you're talking about reconciling our minds and our hearts are souls and our intellect our doctrine and ours. Virtuality. The reconciliation point is there if we will follow, What does that mean? Specifically when you say followed? It means if I'm conflicted between what I.
Told and raised to believe doctrine dogma, but this aid, yeah of feeling something deeper than the top ten babble. Two yearly top Bible TIM Jesus said you can judge a tree by the fruit that it bears. Yes, Paul Saint Paul says: inhalations. There are two kinds of fruit: the fruit of the Spirit and the fruit of the devil and the fruit of spirit, peace, joy. Love generosity, self, control. Man. Are you feeling those thing? Are you feeling those things? Are you feeling us and the great thing about Toller's point, which is that we are more than our thoughts? Yes, there is a being yes behind or beneath our thoughts, and if we can to stop unsay suffering is in me or sadness in me,
but I am sad yet I was a great distinction, the aid and the earth. You remember you say, I'm feeling contentious disparaging, condemning and judge metal. That's not the Spirit, that's not raise! Yes, yes, yes, where can I, in my experience right now, turn to joy, forgiveness, peace, love, that be the spirit? That's how you follow grace simply stop say I am an observer of myself. Yet tell you if they take a breath, take a break out tabs. Take a breath, bring yourself back to resume at yes have a moment for stillness, say life's too short. I want joy. I want peace, I want love. I want forgiveness. I want to be magnanimous toward this person who is abusing me, who was saying
while things to me, do you think intuition is the voice of grace. Innovation plays a very important role you know. I speak of integration instinct list that thing that you feel inside it. I had a conversation. The sun two nights ago is looking for what are you gonna do in life right now, and we were talking about the role advisers play and, I said, said, son taken all that advice, but you have to be the president of your cabinet use all those voices as advisers or your cabin, but you're the president, and the way you have to obey is to obey this voice inside and people who don't practice ass testing to that voice.
Of course it has to be exercised. Just like you have to go the jam and tat. You have to exercise that puppy every day. That's right and people to learn to avoid a lot of you don't, even though they have the voice. That's and they ve been told that right, another excellent authority that their their voice. I am your voice. I shuddered once at a dinner party. This is early in my ministry sitting next to a member of a parish were had now become rector, and she said I expect you to tell me everything to think well. Did you can be very disappointed at me jobs to do the opposite? Someone to do. I want you to tell me everything to thing how well I want you to tell me everything, that's right and wrong. I said I'm so sorry
I'm so sorry, I can't do it wouldn't shouldn't. Do it and you didn't do it and won't do save me from folks who try to do that for me, can you be spiritual and not be religious? Yes, evolve? Yes, so they don't have to converge now. Ok, I mean I say that because their wonderful people who have spiritual experiences on their horses rights on Sunday morning- and they just are not gonna- bother with this religious stuff for a lot of very good reasons, and some are lazy reasons. Let's respect everybody
exactly where they are, then? Let's let and grace leave them wearing grace needs to leave them. You dont want everybody to be in church on Sunday adult. While what cannot produce are you? I want everybody to know, god you everybody to know guide. I want everybody to know the love that I know that fills their hearts, so much that they are joyful and peaceful and their respectful of every human being at what I want. Oprah is to turn the human race into the human family and you'll have to be in church to do their part of them. Do you call yourself a Christian? Yes, I call myself a follower of Jesus Jesus. My man.
I think Jesus did it, you embodied it and if Jesus the Jesus, the Bible speaks of it that Jesus were to come to earth today,. In the same characterisation as he was two thousand years ago, two thousand odd years ago. What do you think would happen, be ridiculed and attacked as the Anti Christ? Absolutely yes and it would be killed or something why? Because people couldn't hear it, that's correct because he would say the homeless person on the street, the iraqi mother just lost or child the man and around your thinking of bombing, the gay and lesbian person you're excluding.
they all have the kingdom of God within them got his in them and their justice valuable there. I just think you are the exact yes and, as you are that's right, yes and their justice advantaged before God, as you are, Gandhi, talked about the democracy of souls. Jesus live that out. Every soul is of equal work, Jesus, seven, most radical things. The same this Jesus didn't get preach, thought
but in the sermon on Mount Jesus said, God makes his reign to fall on the just and the unjust alike, and God makes the sunshine on the good, as well as the evil gods. Grace is democratic, its equal and we want to say my tribe, my group, the people who think the way I do the people who feel the way I do. We ve got a leg up, one everybody else, and as soon as I put myself with a leg up over some other group, that's the first step. Toward abusing those people or excluding them or maybe even bombing and the leg up, is your ego exactly the leg up over the the person who is your ego saying I am better my release
this better, my way as better, which is the evil one. Finding yes a place in my life and to seek God in someone who's doing you harm is the test of time, Quality, it seems to me if in I'm gonna have it either ok as I was saying. I know, though this is president now listen, I'm with you on the oneness we're all the same. I can see God and all races all people, I'm there is hard, For me to see it in the people who are attacking me me,
or other people's hard, there that's work. It's very hard g says: pray for your enemies, love your enemies. Yes, so to be able to know this, a spiritual tyranny that I have not yet its level of spiritual tyranny. I've not acquired wanting it, yes, praying for it, but in the midst of the battle in the midst of the battle, when somebody is taking you down at that moment, to be able to step back and observe that and say, look at tat person attacking me am I going to choose not, retaliate or given kind, but am I going to choose something bigger than they were my don't get mad or exactly yeah, which is to give them
your power. Give them you are getting. Man is giving them my power no, but to lose yourself in madness so that you don't have that voice. Yes, that a consciousness yes and that awareness you have fallen asleep if you wanna, if you got it, but if you want your dreams, come true yet wake up! Wakefulness awareness is huge in this and you can fall asleep in the midst of retaliation because you get so caught up in it. So caught up in I'm gonna get him in the end. And I can't leave you did let me and I'll show you knew they think they are all of that. All that and when you find yourself in that space it means you ve lost. You have now fallen asleep. The ego yes has taken over a candy goes and you are spiritually deadened yet Epps, but never without the possibility of resurrection like that of his grace can come in.
that now? Ok, so when you ok, this is really good. We have to interrupt the cycle of violence. See yes, and as long as we are doing tit for tat, then we're, as the king said, Balin. Leads to violence, absolutely the hatred, but I'm just trying to apply it to practical, everyday living excessive when we find ourselves in that moment, I can't believe in theory is the thing To do is to take a breath and stepped back and observe because. This now could be your holiest moment. Sadly, one of your holiest mobile,
Rabbi, Herschel said in every moment something sacred is at stake, and even in that moment of mean attack, something sacred is at stake. Can I choose or be awake or aware on to see that going on and say I need an imaginative, creative, loving response that keeps my power. Rather than give it over to that person and just act the way they want me to sick, because when I become angry, I've engaged in giving away my power cisely hurried and that's the beauty of yoga, yes, is that you ve concentrate on your breath. Yes, the eye.
It is for all of us who are, in the same room, practicing yoga to be breathing slow, non reactive, breathing through your nose and if your breath starts to get too fast, don't continue the exercises put your. he's on the mat. Oh, isn't I whispered? That's why The heart themselves in yeah right. I continue to do that. Instead of focusing on the breath, I know I did a yoga class of my best friend, gale and after which he says I don't like yoke and I so really what part undulations the Bindon distributing the breathing part. That would be all of it? Will you met my yoga? Teach it taught me about. We have you at this anger thing get out, uses
You are so wrong if you think that yellows about what's going on in this room about bending stretching breathing setting on this young man yoga, is about whether you'd, not whether or not you can keep this breath slow, non reactive breeding through your nose when somebody flip you off on the freeway and allay- and you keep that breath- and you don't fall into that, because there is a great christian how about? May we not become the evil? We deplore? Yes, yes, you know when we hate evil, so much that we become. We become that in the hating of at you become it, which is what duck team was saying over and over and over again, thank God. He came into my life. I was seventeen when I met him and he said that racism and bigotry and oppression have two victims, not just the person whose, on the short end of the stick, but the oppressor is being victimized, also because evil hurts both the perpetrator and the victim, and that's why it's important for us.
This unifying breath, if we could have this unifying breath throughout the world, yet breath of grace S, the breath of love for her the breath of forgiveness than we can turn the human race into the family of speaking with a man of the cloth with where his flock eleven at making. You knows I owed by just walking around here only when they people see the people. you get a kick out of it. What happened said it? We will try to be on their best behavior, but you get a lot of
We still have to go on and you don't have to pay you weren't could, after? U story, but yes, please views about grace. Yes, so this man who lived north of the Mason Dixon one went into a southern restaurant. Ok and the waitress came over and said, honey what he want love, so the waiters honey. What are you so? He looked at them menu and he said I will have taken two eggs over easy and whole wheat toes dry and arduous and coffee such goes way. She comes back rooms, orange juice. Coffee then brings this plate, two eggs, bacon, toast and a global white stuff. That he's never see any says man was that this is highly them's grits pieces, but I didn't autographs. She says you don't autographs
just comes you. That's grace grace you oughta grace Great just comes the graph can com it will follow. Grace speaking a breath. Do you espoused vegetation in a church, and is that a way to get closer to grace by following the breath, lawyers? I make a very you pray every day every day, many times. Oh yeah. My major time is forty. Five to ninety minutes before I go out to the world you ivory, ninety minute, sometimes I do. Martin Luther the the great reformer in the fifteenth century said I'm gonna be very busy today, so that have pray. Another. Our well the more challenge I'm in.
The busier I am the more I pray or it's gonna, I'm gonna get caught up in that anger, thought thing or and will lose my say when you pray. I mentioned the basin of silky water ass, soon ass it there with my very silky water in the basin, maybe thirty, thirty five, forty minutes and that's what people often times to scale up on this prayer stuff, because I say so: distracted at a man had an all these thoughts and I'm having a process my dream from last night and of it did so you're sitting. Are you yes, just being with yourselves being still not calling it a big lu, LU. Just something with your say, I just say my favorite pressure and then you have approach here
We want to have that is just a nice comfortable on a future occasion, an optimum yellow, a place where you pray regulated Read it so, then, I would like that you know like us, then it takes on the energy of ever so little again and then Oprah mediately. I start praying for people. People covenant mind had been asked me to pray for people in the hospital people glutted worth people struggling life people. I wouldn't think of praying for cassettes. I know it's not my mind doing this. This is more even in my consciousness. This is God. I call it the Spirit, God Spirit asking me to break, and sometimes I feel there are these come.
I hope you don't mind my time this mystically, but am it's. It's just amazing and I love mystical Tom and I call him I say I was brave you this one of all days because I was going through this and back in and that's the Spirit connecting us all here. I am this country, preacher and somebody else over there and the Spirit has connected us, because I chose to give it sixty minutes
day there to let it happen, while so my prayers not about who they lord I mean is this. Is God saying Ed? I need this from you and I think that's what real prayers instead of bringing all monies to God I set until I can be still enough, for God, bring gods needs through me. Well, that's my prayer constantly. My prayer is always God. How would you used me? That's it. I want to be used for something greater than myself, but you say I'm ready to be an instrument. Current business, it's been great sharing with you, I could talk on age. No, thank you ever in vague. I'm really. I can't to come to your chart leaves I wanna come to housing healthcare. You got a few for you. I got a few for me ass. A deal like I was great I'm
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