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Tom Brady: How to Reach Peak Performance

2021-02-04 | 🔗

In a rare interview from 2018, superstar quarterback Tom Brady, often called “the greatest quarterback of all-time,” reveals what he believes is the key to his longevity and success. At the time of this interview, he was 40 years old. Brady discusses his #1 New York Times best-selling book, The TB12 Method, what he still wants to accomplish and his approach to mind, body and spiritual balance. Tom also shares how he found resilience after the headline-grabbing “deflategate” controversy, and how he and his team chose to address NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem. Plus, his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen stops by to support her husband as he talks about parenting, marriage and his childhood. Tom Brady will be first quarterback in NFL history to play in 10 Super Bowls after Super Bowl LV on February 7, 2021.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us start right now it's for joining me in my back yard. I love it I like that I want to move in you. Can I think we can find some space for you under an oak someplace. So you know that world is so fascinated by you, Tom Brady. You can't get that right. I think I'm grown into it,
more and more yeah I'm and I was so fortunate to do some. I love to do, and you know it's televised every Sunday for half a year, so get no people of football and I've been able tape. Can it be in people's homes in that way for a long time, and it really enjoyed my career, I think its people, its more than, of course, people love football. We you know, we are countries fanatical about football and sports, but there's something about winning being a winner, and what that says, if you watch people when they're watching sports there's something ultimately spiritual in its because people get to see their team, rise to be the best of themselves and there's something about watching people be the best of themselves here that makes those of us who can to do that feel
the best somewhere, the best of ourselves, yeah sports as such a great sense of community and in our yet the route for these team, when I was a boy grown up in California router for these teams, and it was everything I wore the jerseys if I was lucky enough where the game I went to the games, I cheered so hard and when senses before there's one hour week and it made my weekend and just in writing and make your weakened because well it's just evoked lotta joy. It took you from you know, is a kid. I mean everything joyful. You know for the most part as an adult, and I could see how people work so hard over the course of the week and they just can't wait to get to the weekend to relax in the sitting in front of the tv with friends in this social vat and by the way, have a game on the cheering live vicariously through that yeah yeah. They keep score and call your friend and some others, a week ago. I think everyone gets to participate in its thank God for sports
I have to say that I recently what you're Documentary Tom versus time on Facebook believe that you, Mr Private and Gazelle, MRS Private, you opened up your life in your home. That way, and has it been interesting, fascinating, fine Tell me about yourself: look eight, your life. That way, I love the experience and I think that its life is about stretching you know, being outside your comfort zone and where'd. You decide to do it. I think it is just good timing. I had developed trust with Gotham provide been friends with and I felt like. it would be nice to share with the fans more of what my life was all about sense. When everybody wants to know what so focus you know for me, it's always been. You know. You see me through the lens of what you know. You want to see a professional athletes as yet, but professional athletes are a lot of other things to their people their day, yet there dads and their husbands in there.
dealing with life as you go through your career like everyone else, and down, because it's only broadcast on a particular day. There is obviously a lot of coverage with the media over the course of weak, but to say: okay. Well, this is actually how really is was fun for me and I also think documenting a party or life. I can look back on that with my kids in and say, while this is really cool peace for a family really happy about it I actually was moved by something I heard you say on one of these Besides, you said The reality is my deepest purpose. I want to know the wise of life, and I want to know why were here and where we're going, and I thought she was Jane you lay footballer when the thought of you as a spiritual person, or that spirituality was a kind of thing you were seeking or conscious about. But spirituality is your purpose? What do you mean by that.
Well, I think I have curiosities in many ways and I think a lot of it is learning and loving to learn, and I think, since I was a kid just loving the experience of learning new things, I'm learning how they impact my life learning how they impact my relationships. You know how they impact me on a daily basis, so my wife would say we're spiritual being. Seventy human experience, Yale and that's one of my favorite raising its great and it's so true. I want to live a great impact on purpose for life and I want to impact people from the lessons that I've learned and see people can learn anything and try to relate in their life. you know, I not only is that one of my favorite things from up here. I think it's pure tell your dish and who said we are spiritual things having a human experience, but I think we also all have a calling. You know and I think mine was obviously using tat. vision or being on television and then deciding I was gonna use it for a purpose, and I think yours obviously was football.
Being on tv. They say they have a different way of. I think for me, you know showcasing what my love is in. Being able to sports are very inspirational for people and they were inspiring, for growing up in there was some. When did you know? When did you first now that football that when did it? Have you that's? I dont know I dont. Remember quite you know the exact I just always love sports, those terrible stew. I didn't put much effort into my school terrible. I read the bees, not a lot of effort, and I guess we're give us the effort that I gave, I would argue for having done so, but I just enjoyed you know I was enjoy being on the art I enjoyed. Planet enjoyed the competition and still do so to have all these experience in high school in college. I talk about some of those in the book you know about why their cease curiosities of getting better and learning more about myself cause. That's what it's about. You know, there's a lot of adversities. I went through a lot of adversities through my career. To get to this point.
Not only will sports, but in our personal things as well that you're learning near adjusting adapted in trying to leave this purpose for life It was interesting when I was reading the tv. well method how to achieve a lifetime of sustained peak perform? Yes, according to what fast hated me about this book that I know best seller is that it seemed like your approach. Feels like another way of actions that it was refreshing feels, like I said, is producers. It feels like a different time where people worked hard, they tried. There was discipline, there was effort put into making yourself better improve. your skills are moving your skills, improving your skills, which is what you talk about in this and I think a lot of people, then people that I know very well thought out. G When all these superpowers that that this, this came easy for you, but it did not
and I get that a lot too because in I think they would see me now yet as an older athlete and thank allows exist. You got to be this certain athlete who had the success and a career in my version of myself as very different national based on my life experiences and based on all the things that Have allowed me to not just an athlete and Anthony whose head five Superbowl championship years defined is where does that leave in the world of oil yeah yeah? So, but I think it's, those experiences that you have become a part of who you are. You know in the hardest experiences because it was never. I would say given to me the opportunities presented to me, but it wasn't like, I think, in some ways we're doing the service to the kids today, there's a how much attention on these kids is in a high school athlete is college athletes. Now there was just these guys take me and how drought and they make it seem like they ve done something in a way and they haven't.
You're just started yeah yeah in nets in, but I think when you spoil illumine aware there are entitled to their sense of oh now, I'm here now I'm not added I will tell you how I didn't. You know I kind of was when looking at you as this grand great master football player. and I didn't know your backstory. So in reading the book, I was struck by the fact that number one you The hundred and ninety nine draft pick you are there only. Two hundred years. Just a couple more than one I mean that's pretty far down the ok and was struck by this, that the scout her report time said, I was taught all poise, smart and alert able to read coverages. I had good accuracy and touch, and I was potentially a team leader, but the positives were Buried under a lance died of other stuff, poor build very skinny. A narrow can get push down, more easily than you'd like lax
ability and a bill. Due to avoid the rush lie, so really strong arm can't drive the boy all down the field does not throw a really tight spiral, and the report in by calling you system type player who's, not what you're looking or in terms of physical stature. Here, oh my god, they're speaking of Tom Brady. not what you're. Looking for in terms of physical strength strength and mobility and could make it the right system, but will not be for everywhere and five superbowl two years later, when I hear that they were true that all those things absolutely at that time, yeah we're true when you saw that at that time, you be as open and honest with yourself. Then, as you are now to say, oh yeah Lack Armstrong, and I were you
to do that. Was this hurtful at the time? Well, no. I think I was a bit naive to maybe some of those things, because I just had my mind. Like all cool I went to school and I wanna play profit ball and I'm gonna get back on course. I'm gonna play you crazy. You know why would you I think that I want to be able to do that and everyone else's like. You should really think about another job, or you should put together Razumihin and, as I would have put together, resonant go play professional football and even my first year, I wanna buy another for the amendment you James, it would baseball at first. We are, I love baseball and, as you know much more natural plain that, but I fell in love with football, and I thought. This is what I want to do and then you gonna Michigan yeah. I was in Michigan and I started at a place. I was way down the Dep chart. He and I had a long way to go, and I really learned in college how to work, how to learn, how to add it, develop my others, So when you see that you have a long way to go even in college and Michigan, other guys beating you outperforming you
Do you are being challenged by that? Does that excite you and stimulate you or do you feel overwhelmed by that a little of both overwhelmed at times yet also, I think, determined I wasn't blessed with a lot of things that they wrote about. You know side. What do they look for and want someone tall? They want someone fast someone strong. You want someone that can have all these physical traits, but I didn't have all those physical treats at the time, so I had to work to develop other traits, leadership, perseverance, determination, work, ethic and I think some of things, were a part of me discipline. You know, and then you get to be rational athlete and everyone's really talented. Where what other skills have you developed, You can't just rely anymore on being the most gifted being the most talented, because
by the way. Every one was how it is. One of the things have you been able to develop and I was fortunate to be in a very competitive environments in high school in college, where I'd work on those things, and then I got to my protein manoeuvres like look, I could bring. I mean I felt this internally, but I could bring other things. Not gonna bring the typical what you're looking for. But if you give me time to develop, I can develop into something that could be a great leader of a team and be very disciplined and set the tone and great work ethic in those things that I enjoyed then, and I still enjoy those things now and so do you still have the same kind of approach, for instance,. Only seventeen you're playing Lamb and down by twenty five point. we welcome this war near down by twenty five points here. Do you think can't wait to pull out of that one, or do you think feeling, like everybody else, is language. This game is over. It's done. First, they again, like
what the hell, how do we get our self in this situation? You know and but I think, there's other things. You too, you think about in your like man. If we can pull this off and and it was a team effort, its ultimate team sport and I love playing the most noble. Looking you, twenty five points down in the fourth quarter began in the fourth quarter over most people are thinking and game? I like a lot of people, are leaving the stadium cause it's done, and then he rose to be an over without going to replace from being over one or two pleasure being over and what then happened to you. You go into some kind of never drive that says what well. I think you can't we're twenty five points at a time you can overcome these huge deficits in the blink of an eye. It said you know we looked at each other with a lot of trust in each other, a lot of belief in each other, and we got to that Superbum it's hard to get too and we looked at each other and we said: look, we gotta get one drive one scoring drive and then once you get the drive, we like the demon.
That just one stop once thought and they got to stop and we got back out. There was ok, let's go, we are when we got a shot and then we scored again and then you get the momentum. And then sergeant wait for the next right move. I don't think I've ever arise. The whole you think about it is what is the next right thing in the next thing you forget about what happened? You know move on from that and think about the pot. What can we do in? How do we get the ball in in gained some yards and score some points, and that in that way, football is a metaphor for life? Is it not man hundred percent hundred percent its? visions, everyday. Its decisions. Every moment in our were were proud, but where is the next might move, whereas an x ray, I know where they stand with, based on what you're dealing with what he had an extra millennia. I think you're gonna try to do the best you can to put yourselves to choice of re, making the right moves and consistently making good decisions to build upon
whatever your goals in dreams are Y know, everyone always says: there's nothing like the first time for anything. So there's the first win for the two thousand one thousand one: ok, but do they get better? to get better better. There had to be nothing like that when, in Atlanta, the last now those pretty crazy, I was pretty preserve as great as it had this success early in my career. We want three super bowls and for years I don't even know what happened in my life. You know I came out of college and I was like on this great team and you have won the Superbowl and everyone's like this unbelievable and I was like what's going on, I suggest everything was happening and it was all these things to do in place to go and opportunities, and I was so young too didn't have the perspective yeah to really appreciate what I was going through, and then you spend so much more time for these years, where we didn't, an attempt, if it's not that it's all about when the championship, but oh you grow in your life and then finally tenure
after we want our third one. I was able to win the fourth one, our team in two thousand fourteen And that was like wow I had perspective. It's really hard to do. It's really hard to climb the mountain and in our team was able to do it, and I am now is probably one of the greatest experienced in my life Does it feel out of body at the moment where you know we have one year this? There was a few moments in both the last ones. Yes, that we won, where it's out of body and then, when you lose, you wish you were out by like this is a nightmare, but rather get there and lose and then never get there and its hard to ok, so let's talk about the winning first is that out of body think they ll, like your chin, describe a vicious, complete joy in the present, you got everyone there, you're all your loved ones, family, friends and you're, just on top of the world in it's just so much
excitement and does it feel like the conclusion to all the hard work and all this hacker vice and all the time and all the yet reining in all that? Does it feel like the ultimate in this? Is the reward yeah and it takes it. For me, it takes a little time to kind of leaded all settlement. As your digesting alot, they just a lot of emotions because the seasons orangist you know yet always up up up up. You have here the highs and lows, and it's a five months season, so it takes a couple weeks and after cup, which he settled back in your life and then, when you get the Superbowl ring, then you have a chance to just those celebrations with your teammates cause. It's about the relationships. I have that's what my sport has been. The greatest thing is to meet so many, Is that so many connections with so many people that you care deeply about. Could you commit to one another and that's what you have for the rest, your life? So how high does a high last is a couple weeks, Alfred
you win the superbowl months months I was on and on and on, and you ve just feel good, so you really are into the next season in some way because you're selling carry. Who cares you all the way through? Ok, How long does allow less so after they were the eagles.
ways tat. It was a different year this year and when you lose when two thousand seven this was what eleven years ago we had. I think, when a great football teams in history football, when undefeated we got to the Superbowl, we play the giants and we lost it was a month before I really fell back to myself. It was a nightmare. You woke up the next morning. I said then happen, there's no way that happen, and then this year after the game, I did the press that, after the game and I walked back toward locker much still dressed in my clothes, and I saw my wife, I saw my three kids and my little girl in my son. Benny were crime and I went to my said, said: Daddy Wee Wee wee. Don't like the eagles. You know, and I said you know what you don't always win. You don't always win you, try your best and do the best you can do, and I think because you have the kids it's not about you know if you'd London, when you always want to win, but the sun comes up the next day
and you're at be taking the kids to school the next day and in some ways this year was easier for me than it has been in the past, and it's not that I don't want to win the same. It's just there's other important things really important things in your life. So on disallow. Last this year was probably two or three weeks willing to Dixon does that mean nobody wants to be around. Do low Norrington, not as well on his bed. I mean Jesus you're, just a little you're down your love, depressed yeah. You shall come we're different, but. But you still have to go on and do the things with your family is still doing things in your family. I say we can think about two. Yet definitely what you think was it's like. I said it be like climate mountain. You know, that's what I guess the correlation as you started this place and you worked so hard as a season goes, it just gets tougher. Could you get higher amount and more people are falling off in its.
such a physical sport and unimagined get very frequently they are but a mountain, and then you tumble off they back down with nothing to show for it and then you're, just like every other team, with only wanting that's too when it, but that's good perspective too. How do you appreciate all the winds? If you don't lose so that is a good question. What is winning taught you about yourself and what has losing time? It's a tough question and we winnings taught me a lot of things when I feel like winning. I never feel like I win, I feel if we win and that's why I chose team team sport, another players, other coaches and families. We can do it if we didn't have each other right can do it if we have the support of everyone else. So the winning for me comes in the joy of experience it with other people. Think it's not like. I go home and I mean I'm proud of us, I'm proud of what we did. I think team sports are great in that sense,.
And what is the losing taught you about yourself? I would say that I hate to lose. You are really just a yellow yeah, but you know, Sometimes I have found in my own life and I've seen this with thousands of people have talked over the years you learn the most about yourself when you appear to fail things don't go the way you want them to go you so you never know about yourself in part to be so critical on yourself when your winning, who you're figured out every single decision you may, when you lose every thought, every action, every step, every. And your try, not to repeat those so don't go anywhere more to come after this short break. This. Pakistan, the following message are sponsored by Monday outcome, Building something amazing doesn't happen alone, and now more than ever connected,
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it's not to compare myself to this guy or that guy, it's everyone's good. Everyone plays good, it's, but you say even in the very beginning of the book. Oh I think when you first went to Michigan, you want to compete, you want a competitor, you know your guy paraphrasing there. So as a person who live to compete as much as you do and loves the there you gotta thrill out of actual we. The competition must feel particularly good Tipp. To then be. considered the very back yeah. I still feel like I'm in it, don't feel like I'm doing it. I don't feel like there's still more to be accomplished. I was practicing the last two days working on my technique on my fundamentals, all the things with my training that I still feel like. I can be better, be the percentage better. Now I played a long time so, like you go hey man, I would become some different. Now
what I am. I know my strengths. I've been proved on some of the weaknesses and I still think I want to go out there and compete and play with much are twenty two. Your whole thing- you have a lot of fun. So so you re about how to achieve a lifetime of sustained peak perform its. Do you believe that most people can That in their lives and whatever area of their lives, they can maintain PETE performance. I do I really do and I think it's up to people to determine what they want to achieve. I think meeting all these people that have been fortunate, because I do have a purpose of wanting to use all the things that have learned over a long period of time at the highest athletic level to teach other people what may work for them in their life. So they can do two things at once. You I've been fortunate to learn the right things and I are what I believe to be the I think will work for me, so I wrote him down cuz people asking what time hey I want to do it. How do I do it? What should I do when I said? Okay? Well, let me think about it and you let me go take your. In a way that people can understand. Are you crazy.
discipline is everybody thinks you ARC of York coming to my house for dinner. Like everybody is leg you ve never seen people crazier above the chef studying the bull security people are reading up by what is a welcome? What kind of water be doesn't ring? He needs a common, almost no, no, very sweet. Michael, I think that you know no because Abby Skirt of your coming to dinner. You should know now is the time is coming to dinner. I gotta have have hammers, have peace, have budgetary have vision have gluten free, have chicken have when we have chickens we gathered ourselves. less than we wait. I'm glad we witten Bush ourselves. We have until you farm, raising the whole thing, but should we be that crazy? Well, no, I mean it's been again. I'm happily, I depend Holy
body, my body is my asset. I can't go out there on the field in the fast food and expected to perform I express my lad my body is my ass. Did is cash. If I don't have this, if it breaks down, I can't play, I wrote it in the book when I was twenty five years old, I couldn't The ball marm was hurting all the time. I thought, how can I play sports? If, yes, if I'm, and he thought all you do eyes and come back ice and combat was you're. Always in payment will do the same thing and ever work never were, and I thought why I got a better think differently from want to keep plan. I better think about the things that really do work and I don't think even when you talk about, like diet, had a terrible died. When I was a kid, the worst I am probably all the way throws twenty five and then I was like okay. Well, this isn't working out. Well, not quite given the results I wanna get. So why don't I change what I try some different things and over the course of fifteen years it came to this and it's hard to say for some.
Hey do all these rights already things and make a difference, I think, than either right. As this start slow start with what works for you. Yeah, maybe start cut out a few things, but only if you want me it's everyone's life. They get to choose what they want, and you know what your body is. Your asset, your visor, your temperature. For me again, I don't wanna, be this professional athlete that finishes playing and I can't walk. I want to be able to play. I want to be able to ski. I want to go to surf. I like to be active. I like to know that's what I enjoy so to be able to go out there So, what's given day what he eaten at the Brady household I say have smoothly in the morning was empty. into our protein power that yes, we early in the morning most if I'm at home and then a good you put food in it. I don't love fruit, maybe yeah. I guess I do.
He had a thing which strawberry yet on, like that, like a generous- and I know I don't know, but I'm just a healthy launch, I have good supplements today and make sure we have the right supplements like protein in protein snacks and good healthy snacks round the house. And then you don't you E3 mail today, yeah yeah, three meals and then very forecasts and cook for us to think too much about exactly what to do, but show you the it's a healthy household yet is would you ever aid because I saw somewhere where Jesus said she likes Duncan doughnuts can believe it s like the donor. Yeah yeah, but you I don't know I do yeah. On occasion I mean, if I bring like, I love go in there and with my kids I was in New York last weekend. they allow it don't. Let's go and I think that's what I want people understand too. It's not like you have to be yours. Discipline.
but not like, and our EU level based on and off off season than on seas and so on to say really, I think similar I'd say. One thing, I'm really good as hydrated, I'm always drinking all day, long water, water cause. I just don't want any muscle issues muscles which can allow me to move in writing, throw in not being pain, and that's one thing I'd say very dismay do consistently. Throughout the day I made ices water quite a bit quite a bit. I don't know I just keep when I'm thirsty edges you keep countries overdo it, yeah! Ok, I don't drink enough water. I know that for sure, and so I don't, I don't think most people do. I just part of you know we can wait till were thirsty, but I for me and my life, the ramifications of I don't do that and I don't get upset Good right of women to work so hard. If I go out there and I put myself in a muscle- injuries her arm heard. Sir, that's that's gonna, be fine like why make these other sites
devices. If you know what from the outside it looks like you have an insatiable dr, do you yeah I do to be the best. I can be not to be the best. What anyone else thinks just to be the best I can be. Why am I still play and now I feel like I can still do it and I think I'd look back and suddenly I love to do. Why should I stay I, together with my wife, all the time, you could ask her night, she, like, I told me, you know, like you know why more, do you want what a nice? Because I love it? It's just. I love it, all the new science on concussions and what's happening to particularly pro football athletes after retire in India. There fifties and sixtys you're not concern about that about concussions, I'm aware of it. I'm definitely aware of it and I think that the leaks done a good job of an all sports college prose are doing a good job of identifying what it is and put more product I was in place, but you don't get kicked in the head as much as is the quarterback, what they are
you concerned, for your fellow players. Definitely Avonlea, I'm glad there there taken those steps. They changed from helmets. They ve tried to make the game safer. They ve implemented some rules, but it's also football to you know when we park and watchful to hand touch yeah, let's be real, oh yeah, so we football we like the physical nature of sport. And what can you do in my belief? They, someone Atley. See, while these guys have come before me, and I say: okay. Well, how can I live a more healthy lifestyle so that I can still play contacts ports and I can still deal with the impacts of the sport and how can I deal with those in the most proactive way possible. I remember that I read in the book or see it in the in the dark, where you were saying that Many times, often when you lose a game, it feels like you're losing the pursuit of what your life is. Explain that to me I thought that was interesting because
not just a game to you. It's the pursuit of what your life is well put a lot into it for London to it. When I've got decisions in the course of day a lot of mine always say how is going to help my career. So when you fail in your career, you know you look at all those injured life and go the worth it. Is it worth it to miss things your family? Is it? Is it worth it to bees discipline as aim with my diet? You know why don't I just give a shit less yeah, but I don't think that's my purse. Only because I do really care- and when I look at my teammates, I want them to know that I care so you just you. You said that you're gonna keep play so I want to ask a question. You just said: I'm gonna keep playing. You are aware of the science and reports about but concussions, but you're gonna keep playing because you love it. So, my dear, have you thought about what happens after football for you
I think about it more now than I used to think now. I think they're saying that there is definitely an end coming sooner. Rather, What does it look like these at forty three and forty five? Is it funds, still loving it so long as your loving it you're going to do it? Yes, I saw some unloving the training and the preparation wanna make that commitment, but I think what I've alluded to a lot in the dock. You series was there's other things happening in my life to. I do have kids that I love and I don't want to be a dead. That's not their drive, my kids, that their games in my kids are brought a great perspective. My life is kids. You want the attention you better be. There can be
Elbow to them are starting to look back on their life and go hey. Dad didn't really care that I love it. I think it is on a series of Esagil Sunday Acne ask what who's your favorite a quart of agonies, his cabinet, and it was so here. That's too low policies is data, fantasy people who should I pick you know, and I mean those connections. I had a great dad died, a great debt and a great mind. I think that was the same episode. Were you kissed, her sign or your son kiss you user come and give me a peck and then internet blew up. I learn what what did you think of that? I don't know. I grew up in an affectionate home and I think the internet blew up because Mr Solana, let year area Sunkist you only Libya and you had said to him combat here. That was just a little packers airing and then he came back and he just sort of landed. One, as I say, is good enough for yeah yeah yeah he's always like us to be kissed goodbye.
is heat. My he likes come over then put his head in there. I said, no, that's not that we're doing it. You know- and I can said when I grew up- that's what they was just part of our if that's how your father, dear Mamma, Mamma, kissed me all the time I dare gives me, I got hugged, they got tickled like I kissed, so naturally, as a father, that's what I do with my kids. I hope my kid. I kissed my kids, I tick alone minutes. Just I don't have a problem shown the affection. So so did it do What people are saying- and I didn't like it- I don't care about that at all. I mean I'd Isley yeah, my love for my kids or how they may feel about that its eye when their older, you know how they will raise their kids, but for me and a very affectionate person and so, Were you aware of, and I'm just wondering for somebody who is as private as you are when the internet blowing,
time, because this kid like there should be. No. Are you even aware that that's happening that was on that and I think what I thought was more for him. He lives in New York with his mom, so that more for him as one or maybe the kids at the school say some galiani. They watched and I think that probably more when I thought about. Is he not, and I have to deal with the kids come at him and tease in him, and it's hard for kids. There was avoided, came to my son Benny the other day, answers on your friends. You can your dad's Tom Brady and that's art. I mean he said that data by the OECD is eight years old them in what can he, I thought well cared for me somewhat of my thinking now minutes hard. It's hard irrational rail, your eight year old son is thinking. I wonder, of other kids, you just friends with me because absolutely did you have a talk, I did say should be friends with our boy, because all your friends are going to love you for who you are you're great kid. You know, you're very sweet carrying empathetic boy in Europe have a lot of friends and don't
about that one, but it is not an utterly rationalizing and I dont know so not apparent those things either. I was a grip like a lot of kids in this country. I just was a nor very normal childhood. I played on this to my friends and I don't have the things at my children have to deal with and I was imperative the way, the parent in my kids. In what way my kids have so much They have so much they get to do this and offer Upton Calabrian. Opportunity in accessing gives olives and people here this for you sign, and this is they know with my kids. Are, they know everything there we go now it's and even because I'm married to you now gazelle it is one of the greatest supermodel jail. Time is not just the United States. We have to preserve its. You know we're gonna lots of places, and now it's still get used to for US So how do you raise kind, compassionate, open minded,
vicious on their own kids. When you grow up with everything in your father's Tom Brady, anemometers L were tryin, I dont have we we're working at it and we're gonna like lot other parents working at it too. I don't have the answers for that, and I think you try not to give everything they want we also want your kids to with my parents wanted. To give me a Louis, so lucid, disciplinarian, eulogies L, which he would say or what I would say when you would? I absolutely the disciplinarian house, you yeah, but she would say that The kids get whenever they want with me, but they get their way. They get there with me, so so, due to the kind of guarantee that if they go to her and they don't get something and then they can come to you and get it now, I will come back. Ok, you join for that ok go there. You ought to have. be a team yeah? I know, but my daughter she gets where she wants
right now. He's like you know, it's your little version of my way. That's like how can I not girl, just as me just wraps so tight, it's a boy. I now hear that sets out a should be, but it should be. You know this passage in one of the biggest stories in the FAO and the nation was is choosing to deal during the national anthem to protest police brutality, We shall injustice taking a knee, it invited the country what was happening in your own locker room. I think there were a lot. It really good. Healthy conversations come out of it and our locker room. I think, like I said the great part about sports of relationships and I've been it for a long time. I've been with guys from all different parts of the country. Every color raised belief, diagram, and you know what you respect. What other people I do. I respect why people are doing what they're doing and are doing for different reasons
that's ok, I just you can do things for your reason. They can do things for their reason, your respect for that, but I thought it worth their while their healthy conversations, digital have conversations about it. Here we had meetings after practice, Talkin about how we wanted to deal with that particular Sadly, no time was taken any we chose to lock arms and we put arms around each other. We support our brothers. We support what people are gone through. I've been planned sports on if everyone comes from some different and I think shown, respect for everybody is in a locker room, a team for guys trip trying to go the same direction. You better have that empathy for everybody at sports are about. Is it true that you have a separate train? place where you dont train with the rest of the chain. No, not necessarily, I train a different now,
say that I am I looking producer, my own techniques differently than the rest of the team. I mean the team is, I would say, like most, things are very systematic in their approach and what I learned, I guess, is different than some of the things are systematic, but that work for me. It's nothing now talk about with my coach and owner and is what I want to do is what I need to be the best layer I can be, and hopefully you can support. That is something I want you intelligent. No, I mean I love, I mean I love him. You know. I love that he's a incredible coach mentor for me and he's Pushmi waterways. Like everything Don't agree, I absolutely everything. That's relationships, that's relationship here. Ok, but you tell me if there was right some gone, I would but I think we ve had we ve had so much. Hi is there Jesus. What in hell, I'm watching
believe it in my own life. Every time a crisis or disruption comes, it's here to teach me to wake me up or to make me sharper what did deflate gate as the press. Call it teach you about yourself. Well, I think it's time you taught me a lot of things. You taught me about the people that could really count on the people that really supported me and told me a lot about life sometimes do the best. You can do and doesn't work out, and there are a lot
frustrations. You know when I tried to fight this hard, as I could for what I believed in what made you just finally say I'm going to let it go just too much anxiety too much. I realized I couldn't win and it was divided attention and I was tired of that tired of waking up and having a call with someone from the players association- and I just said you know what I'm going to use this as an opportunity to the month of September off for the first time in like I would have been sixteen twenty one years and I was like I'm going to take advantage of this and the first thing I did we, my wife and I are kids. We flew out to see my parents and my mom was just start treatment for cancer into an eye so long golf and where I got a pebble beach and we went there and then we know what our honeymoon, my wife and I so we set liberal Road ITALY. You know in in september- and I said men I was
last month off. I think I've ever had. I really in some ways it was. It was a great experience whereby the you look back on
Experiences when they have a really tough experienced in my life, would you do things differently? Would you handle it differently? No, no jail. Just watch in such makes. You think how has being with her enhanced your life man every possible way. It really has she's. I couldn't imagine a better partner for me and my life. What I've gone through, how she supports me, the mom she historic heads, a both go, it would siblings, and here she a five sisters and I had three sisters scam. So it's a lot of women. She comes from a different country and to move to New York when she was seventeen and we met each other and are pretty trying circumstances yet, and I think a lot of ways that really challenging experience brought us together. We are really in a very tight way and like every couple, we love each other. We support each other in Russia, live in our life and we are trying to find ways to when she's working on working
other things have gone. But how do we always reconnect with one another, but I believe I couldn't find a better woman. Does love me ass for me, where she does does you seems like you? I have them you now. Obviously you guys look really got together and you walk into Roman. You stop a Rome wearily Cheetah, another yeah I'd couple, but also is we know that it is the shared value system. So what are the shared values that you both hold that make this work as a relationship? We don't see ourselves as the way. Maybe the world sees us. I see myself as the same kid I was grown up and put all the drive and cemeteries. California, who just happened to do some, my love to do and biogas pretty good at it and had a great deal of success and she's small town girl from a small town in who was supported by our sisters and her family that loved her and her best friend still and by the way we
Baton. We fell in love and we started a family and you know we're working our way through life and I don't think we ever let our mind wander to like how you know we're supposed to act or supposed to be it's. It's just us and what's your favorite part of being a husband, and do you like saying the word, my wife? Oh yeah, I do I love having to come home to someone that engages me every night. She make me laugh. Omigod I mean just in some ways were were different. When were so, some ways were so similar she's. She flies in the sky, you know and she's so creative and visit, and I'm very rooted. So she stretches me in ways that without
I couldn't I couldn't be stretched and I think I keep her in some ways. I my belief and she's here, but I keep her just click us enough. You know where she doesn't go so far. You know, and I see no loud, there is any knows, I'm as she knows. I'm kind of you know she can always count on me in, and I know I can always count on her, but we do have the devalues from our family that I think are moment. Dad's both did a great job of and our sisters did a great job of they. Never let me get too far from where I grew up in I need to come and tell him that I was talking to my sister. Yes, there was like. Why wasn't I invited you know, and then I mean:
got to love the sister. I know: what's your favorite part about being a dad, I think for every man once he recognizes that he is our true father and not just the one who fathered a child but a father. It does something to your life. So what's your favorite part? For me, it's the tickling in the hugging and the joy in the laughter and those moments that I have with them and those are
Are the most special Gazeta, wonderful childhood right, yeah, great mama dancing? I read about your tolerance as they perfect you dad went off to work. You mom took care of all in the family in your dad came back and to give them the games in Algeria was the perfect amount when say perfects aware when nobody has perfect here, but I think you, as you know, dad that wanted this support. Family, yes, and I'm on that one sport, the home and my dad worked hard. He was up more news out early in came home late when he got home. He was there for me in there for my sisters and we supported each other. We live on a street with a community of other kids and parents that we would go to their house and they would make us
nor can we go bar their milk and well. You know that was a nice. I know that's why this book is like us from that of the time. It's like people borrowed mail, client and they worked hard and they tried to achieve their dreams ass, and you know why it so striking the principles that you talk about here, because you know we live in this age of social media, we're talking about people trolling inertia, and there seems to be this overall feeling on if you feel it, but I do that everybody wants to get rich, really quick. They wanna get rich through you to pose store, they want to get paid. They want. To. I mean, talk to fifteen year old, kids or talking about their brand. I just was telling a girl the other day you gotta do something before you have a brick end. You, the bran, comes out of the work that you do not a word about. My brain I fixed by granting so too,
here someone talk about the actual hard work and skills that it takes to move yourself ahead in life is kind of unusual in today's norm. Don't you think I do I do, but you gotta do some really really well And the only way to do that in my belief, is to find some you love to do yeah cause. You were working at work at it every day in and work when no one else is watching you work in. If, if you love it you'll do it. If you don't loved it sucks everyone. If you show to work and you hated- that's no fun. You know, and I think that those choices every day, so where did you get that that kind of ethic from the apparent yachting every one of my family, my sister's, while the same way my parents were the same way and live one wanted to succeed, there was a competitiveness and our family. My three sisters were all very competitive in sports was a big part of our family in Japan,
You ve been together nearly fifty years now we're pretty great specially today's day and age yeah, but they have a great relation debt of great marriage wayward at air at how is their marriage? What has emerged taught you about your own. I think our marriage and just like their marriage lattimer. Do you work at your marriage? It's not suddenly mail, it in you know, and I think, if you, if you're gonna, be good at it, you gotta work it at every day and there's times we don't see eye to eye my wife things. One thing I think another and you get angry at frustrated and then you gotta find a way to come back before the next argument and before the next crisis in the family or for the next event, that's frustrating remain Shangri la you're trying to work at the best you can and you're still deal with life and she's got a great career, and I set my career and were raising our kids and it's interesting. I didn't show years ago I never forget law, these fathers in the audience and a lot of them have been separated from their kids and had been partner, kids lives and this guy got up and San. Whenever is named an audience. You saying, regardless of whether I was there not, I had a dream for my kids in every father has a dream for his family and the great sorrow in your life is did not to be able to fill that dream that you have for your family. So that's. I was reminded that when you said your father left for work every day and that he really believed in taking care of the family. What is your dream for your children in your family, on which your father's tree family might have wanted us to do everything I could to provide for us so that we have a model that I had like he was gonna. Do everything he could to make sure he could put his kids in school and that they would have the education they wanted and our kids, you know it's different. Does my kids zone at the worry about that way? But for me it's trying to find something. That's gonna! Let you can cultivate man so that their good kids, they work hard in the community. They work hard and things that they loved to do and not spoil under the point where they have motivation to gray help and resent the worse than a brandy entitled kid and our kids. That's the trajectory that, based on my wife's, like my life, that the kids could beyond yeah and I think for us to work with them to keep them, grounded and away, and you know what I would say we got that figured out yet having my way, how does a better job? Let me actually, but I think for me, it's in me a little bit, like my said, might if my dad's, if I said he, data Bass while season, I need some vast while shoes he went on the vast while shoes, what was his greatest gift to you. Do you think of as the saying that he passed on to you that you now want to pass on to your child? He was there at every moment every moment he was there. He show up at the game. Sierra always remember him run up his sleeves. I need have a base, while men in one hand and the catch, the body of a bite, baseball bat need flip. The ball happening hid it and we have to four hours after work, and I just I was with my dad at a time, and he was he was there for me- is an amazing. That is what I've learned over the years to with all these shows and was doing, and people who were not there and kitchen couldn't find the parents in years later, there upset all they want. It was just the time there they just one at the time. I what's the lesson that taking you the longest to learn in your life, still learning, but it so lot to learn in life were here. For short, it's gone fast to you have been the team captain, the patriots now for so many years. Yet, how would you describe your style of leadership and try to be very positive, and I think once I developed trust I feel like I can be tough on we'll it. I can't be tough on him before.
the relationship and the trust somewhere you or your shouter screamer? I can be a? U can be, but it's only with people like you don't care about. Obviously, in I think blood peoples, I bullfighting, yellow you it's good. I don't care about you, but I think that's a gift of different forms of motivation. I've been or a lot of guys, lotta guys, some guys don't like to be that some guys like to be tormented away. I think you just gotta find the right mix, but I I love that aspect of of my position. They have to listen to me on the court abandoned that on the one calling play so naturally we are all looking at you and I think the greatest thing for you to believe in yourself, because if you don't believe in yourself, who's gonna believing in Turkey must look in your eyes to you. I think that's an interesting thing. Naturally there looking at you, you are, who you are you walk into the room? Everybody notice is you walk in the room? Would use l, everybody notices, she walks in the room and you are beloved only in a few states: ok, ok,
in the north, east and other places? I've been there a little more yeah? Well sure they love you so much! Well, you know and the position you hold in this I gazed is one of beloved master player right. How does one keep ones ego in check with all of that I got a wife. I got three sisters. I got parents, I got some friends from. I just don't forget where you come from you down and I think I was. I never have interesting sell you. You were saying in the beginning vague two thousand one we
one, the first championship, you even know what it was, how to hammer. You knew what it was, but how to handle all of the bombardment that overcomes you get overwhelmed by all the attention and the sudden fame. So what impact do you think fame actually has had on you? It's made me less trusting. Unfortunately, I would sounds very trusting naive in a way this is a lot of people that you don't want this or want that or to come here. Do this for used to be say something to someone when you want to just have a normal relationship but and their mind is not cuz, want some from you are using year, Semi Sayer. Ninety probably a little challenging for me, maybe difficult that I just don't trust people because of the fame.
Because they are you just don't know if you're gonna be used at some point, first, something so Am I personally neuroscience saying this kid saying I just want to be your frank: is your Tom Brady here so I tend to just have the relationships that have had and then it takes me a while to feel other people out They really have to, as isn't it where, at this stage of your life, with as much famine attention in all that comes with being you define somebody who doesn't want something in the fine people who will be critical of you yet for good reason. They should tell you will tell you the truth. I tell you the truth and tell you not just what you want to hear, and so you must tell me so you just have the friend did you have before you became the Tom Brady What for me, I have a lot of guys like the great part about again being in a locker room. Is I do trust them, so you have built in Friendster it's like every year
hey, fifty more friends across all the ones that I have in the past. So but I I love connecting with those guys. Everyone's had suddenly share and you can learn from everyone and without having the relationships life's about relationships and the better relationships to better more fulfilling life. Gonna be if you have a bunch of shallow relationships. People don't care about. You really care about you, because a certain things like it's like, I feel good to me. So in your book, you write about the mind body in spirit. When do you think is the key to a fully integrated lie? where those three elements are line for me, you be to work at those things. Work at your mind was one element that more challenging for you than the others. I know you said body is rate, is asset but your mind body spirit yeah.
Take my body is easy for me to work. At my mind is hard, I'm very difficult on myself, I'm very on tough on myself, which is hard further people to be tough on me, but because I'm Prieta for myself in mind and mine, took in spirit wearily at way with despair working at that to work in a debt to sometimes when you don't like what you see just brush aside the author for another time, but I have to overcome a lot of things in my life personally in things that have had to deal with that. I made me who I am. We started this conversation with your quote from the documentary we said. I want another wise of life and I want to know why were here and where we're going. So why do you think we're here and where are we going? I think we were trying to leave our families. Are communities are world better than when we
into it, and what contributions are you gonna make, and everyone can do it? You know it's not just in my role or my life things I can do, but what can everyone do I run can contribute to their home. Everyone can contribute their community and because I ve been able to do it, and I have people that pay attention. I want to do it in ways like this. You know take the lessons. I've learned to say: hey, maybe these work for you may these work for aspiring athletes. Maybe I can inspire them because I wasn't the kid that was just. It was born to do this born to be in this position born to be sitting here. I feel like I've had this be smart about those things in work hard at a man have today, upon the work ethic and the commitment to stick with it, and I think other people are more talented than me. If they had the information, it would be incredible for them to even achieve more so
there are a lot of live and left. You know, and I think football has provided me so many great things in my life relationships and this ability to influence people in a positive way, and I take that response very seriously on a serious way, but I don't wanna screwed up. I want to hold myself to a very high standard and hopefully than you and you do- you recently posted this latter on your facebook page that I want to just end with we read it. they're. Ok, I love to. If you happen, to be very lucky when your ten years old you have people in your life would tell you that anything you wanted to be and you'll believe him in those people
ever put limits on your abilities in return, no matter the circumstances, you always try best and you never give up, because that's what you do doing, you're chasing your dream. If you're lucky, you have family, teammates, coaches, mentor and trainers along the way to help you when you lose faith in yourself and I'll, give you the strength to carry on lucky. You may get pick last. You may ride the bench in many times a t may move on without you and you come to recognise that in return you are given the chance to earn the greatest edge of all and when they can never be taken away, will heart so to anyone whose feels left out is afraid of trying their best for fear, failure, you're, not alone The magic you're looking for is in the will of trying and not giving up the of your dream is in your heart one day. But back on your life and appreciate the struggle and have nothing but gratitude for everything that happened along the way tenuous
struggling early in the morning or late at night. In pursuit of your dream was that many will never see into any leaders out there who believe in someone who doesn't yet believe in themselves. Keep going keep going because will always finds a way is preached this morning. That's me, that's me! That's year, that's year there thanks. That's the essence of what you are right. There Thank you for sharing, haven't I invite you Tom Brady just preach Ya'Ll Tom Brady thus in church all my way as they re, icebreakers, gray, really guide.
I'm over winfried and you ve been listening to supersede conversations podcast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and review. This podcast join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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