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Transforming Our Consciousness Through Adversity

2021-05-28 | 🔗

Eckhart Tolle says that we should not panic when life’s difficulties arise. He says adversity actually plays a critical role in the evolution of our consciousness. Without it we would not learn to lead what he calls an awakened life. Eckhart quotes an ancient Roman aphorism: Per Aspera Ad Astra... which translates into, “It is through adversity that we reach the stars.”

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Hello. I guess listeners, I'm overwintering and I am truly delighted to bring you a new weekly pipe casualties from someone, I believe, is one of the great spiritual teachers of our time, a cartel it. For the first time the essential teachings POD cast a car is the home for his round breaking wisdom gathered for nearly four decades. I hope the series of essential teachings resonate with you as much as Eckert wisdom. As with me follow essential teachings on Spotify or wherever you find your pockets.
transforming our consciousness through adversity in this episode reassures us that we should not panic when life difficulties arise because they can become our greatest teachers. He says it's often hardship and suffering that play a critical role in the evolution of our consciousness. Without it, we would not feel the urgency to change Norwood be learn to leave, but Eckhart calls and awaken life. Any kind of the tea. in your life, whether personal person, a kind of collective kind. the only way for it? Not to become converted into suffering is what you do. Go deeper and Realize what
but you are beyond conditioned mind and The strange thing is that diversity is apps, loudly I'm sure For the evolution of consciousness, overall seems to block what one could call back. the flowering of your life. It seems too, when you look at it superficially. All of the so called bad things happen to you that go wrong. They see, To block you from falling being yourself fully expressing yourself. Being able to do what you want to do And saw this at whatever God sabotage. Let his experience as life or got out about
Trying to sabotage alive, let happens very frequently, Strange paradox, is. If the yeoman being did not experience, City. The yeoman would not evolve in consciousness, would be no growing of consciousness, and that's a very strange fact, but that not only apply to humans. It applies to all life forms. Every life form. Experiences difficulties, ass. A dream for every life form life is easy. That's a blade of grass. It's trying to come up of flour. A fly, almost Tito or fish. Whatever may be every I form experiences, obstacles and
the survival of every lifelong is precarious. Men life forms via the only very briefly gum, because other factors come in. A sapling grows see all the ache on seed. The sapling draws the chance so the sapling becoming a huge, Rita, Vernon, relatively small, they saw many factors. Let good prevent the sapling from growing and why would kill it? Lack of water, all kinds of insects, good age somebody could step on it or all kinds of things could happen tat the world is full of trees, so many maybe and many others don't make it, but for every life form. Life is a challenge. If it were not, they would not evolve, saw I am sure the reason why certain animals,
Why is there was a need for them, because if they had not been able to overcome gravity they would not. Have survived? That must have been situations when they have two over there was an absolute need to all become gravity fit. They say life developed asked in the ocean before there was ended. I have learned. Why would a fish that's comfortable in the water? Why would have If you decide to suddenly start crawling on land, my theory is, there was a huge man of water, it was gradually where a long period of time, diminishing and so fish could no longer survive. if in the water, they had to develop the capacity to grow on land must have been enormous pressure behind that to force that life form to make That transition, when you look at a bad the alone
Witness of a bird is wonderful to see my love watching birds. They sit on Brahms, look in their eyes, the zone salute alertness. Why is the bird saw a lot? Because He could not have survived with it needed that, because if it had been a little bit less alert that would have been completely eliminated because they had so many enemies there are many. Other members would be only too happy to eat a bird, and so they had to develop this extreme alertness and add to develop the ability to miraculous to the ability to do come gravity just amazing, but why did they develop because adversity do do. Let's go to human beings. How do you grow stronger body? You need to exercise, you need to go to them or whatever you do, but what
what does it mean? Ok, here's a weight and you have to live wait or whatever you do you wanna treadmill? You are making life difficult for your body, that's what exercise. Is you create doing adversity for your body, That's how the body initially experience. Is it not the case the tone of the body to lift await or to go on a treadmill, and so what happens? The body experience it it as a form of adversity s life is suddenly become difficult But now what happens then happens, then, is that the body making a demand in order to cope. with the arising difficulty. It's me. A demand for more Thirdly, the body set. You need more energy.
and out of that need which is created by the adversity. Suddenly, experience, an influx of added energy in the body and then actually, it can become enjoyable to exercise a body wise it enjoyable, because suddenly there is an added energy that has come in and this In a recent strengthens the body the enemy, would never have come if there had not been The demand for and the necessity for energy, because life worth getting difficult for the body. so there's an evolutionary principle hiding in just giving one ample, there's an evolutionary principle hiding behind their that operates everywhere and on every level law has to become difficult in all
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Nature value, invite you to get outside, because nature makes us better. It energizes us an re fuels us experienced the power of nature, taken the outdoors with Nature Valley, visit, taken the outdoors dot com for more nature breaks. Let's say a child. at school, is bullet. So there the child experiences, suffering experiences. Life is getting the very difficult now what does it I'll do? It could perhaps try to learn martial arts in order to be able to defeat the Bali, but on the other hand, this may not be possible, saw it could happen, then that the child becomes much more focused on learning. Focusing men attention, so the becomes much better
It's cool compensates for the physical weakness by developing a stronger, more focused, mind and soul the job would not overcome the adversity on that level. Word arose, but over coupled kind of transcend that and overcomes it on another level. This adversity, it forces you to demand more energy. Energy can be there's only one energy in entire universe. It can be a different library of frequencies can be physical energy that increases ESA responds to adversity? It can be the Mental energy that increases responds to adversity. It can be. consciousness that grows as it respond. To adversity and that how you awaken, speed ITALY awaken back there,
I'm justness awakens also usually as a result of experiencing adversity, in their lives. Is a famous Latin saying that goes back. Two thousand years Spiller asked wisdom lights, ass through adversity drew the stars, Spinner asked her, and so there is a deep wisdom, in that the vital function of adversity, Indy, development of you. Beings and ultimately in the development of you consciousness saw to awaken spiritually in most cases, Europe's awaken spiritually through suffering, which is.
encountering adversity that's an amazing realisation them. There have been some intuitive knowledge of that in going back thousands of years. because in many ancient counters, all over the world they had in this situation. The tools that. Normally, adolescents sometimes also other age group, but normally the adolescent, the transition from childhood to adulthood. All over the world, Africa, Australia, South America, you rope everywhere. These encounters developed bought the adolescent, the one who's from childhood to adulthood, develop initiation rich, it's not that those forms of initiation rituals.
but every initiation ritual was confronting. This young person often were done for men, more, both of which are sometimes onto for women confronting the young person with huge difficulty, a deal of adversity like to go into the forest and survive with nothing for several days confront dangerous animal, and sometimes it would involve injury of the body. Extreme forms of pain, There was an intuitive knowledge knowing that It is important for you to encounter advice, city at this crucial age, so that becomes a much you're adult who is who has a certain amount of inner strength, rather than the remaining a child into adulthood behind
think childishly, even as an adult and not having being forced to go deeper, encountering the suffering it was a very useful, very extremely necessary function and after the initiation ritual, if the young person survived he sometimes he was no longer. The same person was no longer a child for in a way what the initiation ritual did deepened to some extent a consciousness not yet didn't little enlightenment on full realisation, but but There was a deeper human being there after the initiation ritual it was. depths to you, and this is the case, many yeoman through experience, illness, some great loss in their lives or some other extreme form of suffering? Very often,
We have come to me and said I understand. What you're teaching is now but I only understood it after having gone through this suffering that I went through some say they became drug takes the became alcoholics, then they, the two colleagues anonymous and suddenly there were all they were. this huge. Difficult in their lives suddenly was it Them to go deeper and an awakening of deeper dimension, of consciousness. That is beyond the eagle because the eagle in the suffering The eagle experienced diminishment, sometimes even ego des, and that is why it is addressed. Cities are helpful. It's the eagle let me go
eroded by adversity. and there's a paradox here because I just new forms of adversity, I created by the eagle whether it's a personal ego, other color, if ego for example, the active eagle, the absurdity of yours warfare between nations The warfare is, is collective, Grey it by the unconsciousness of the collective eagle and warfare leads to extreme forms of us offering for human beings and Quite a few humans through the suffering deepen and suffering diminishes. Ego accent of sound if it doesnt completely elite. May the ego at least it is a diminishment of the ego and then there's a certain depths to lead human being.
The worst thing for any human being would be to be prevent. Did from encountering Through our childhood and adolescence, into other lessons some parents- to do that, they say you have to protect the job all possible forms of adversity or difficulty or suffer and this sometimes the case with this children born and into very wealthy family. they can have anything and they just express a desire and the parents- or you can have it No, I want this yeah sure, ok have it. We want you to be happy, saw the child reaches the age of seventeen, never encountered any. Circle any adversity and This adolescent now as an eagle that is entitled
lately, unaware of the needs of other humans come completely devoid of any form of empathy with other human beings, complete The unable to understand other beings to feel other. People's emotions, Totally self centered completely superficial, never having experience and that actions have consequences. And saw you have a very low level functioning human being because this human being has never encountered adversity. in their lives, and then simply because it's not possible for a human being to go through life without encountering veracity. If there happens in the world. in fact. This human being has never encountered. Adversity becomes This human beings greatest form the city, he becomes it,
his or her own worst enemy and creates. Many, whatever relationship they have ends in disaster. They make everybody unhappy around them. Every relationship becomes an unhappy relationship, so Here we come to when I was contemplating adversity yesterday, I suddenly thought offer to read to you really, calculates it all in Bible there's a parable by Jesus which goes like this, which really is about the role adversity and how it can be experienced in one way or another way. So Jesus says Everyone who listens to these words of mine and does them that's teaching teaching about fine,
the kingdom of Heaven, which is a dimension of consciousness. It is within you, everyone who listens to these words of mine and does them will be like a man building a house. Who dug deep and lay The foundation on the rock the rain fell. The floods came and the wind blew and beat against the house, but it not collapse. Had been said solidly on rock and everyone who listens to these words of mine, but does Do them. We'll be like a fool How about this house on sand? The rain fell the floor, came and the wind blew and beat against the house and it lapsed and was completely ruined, so the houses you are, the house It's your life, the key words here list.
owing to his teachings and practice seek. The kingdom of Heaven that is within you, which means the dimension of consciousness. That is beyond the mines. It is Spacious awareness, this man, who builds a how's he doing deep The absolute the Bonn words in this parable digs deep. onto lifeline C4, the rock the foundation. He goes within I do find that which is beyond the mind in him in order to finally consciousness that underlies the mind, so it's Digging deep is going deep within You find that I mentioned that I sometimes called transcendent dimension in you and then your life is rooted in Lee Transcend dimension, which we in this parliament as compared to the
the rock its it there, Then you leave your life, then versatile comes as it inevitably will end. Symbolized by saying and the rain fell The floods came and the wind blew and beat against the house. They escapes that nobody is gave in whatever form it will come It is not he already there, As I do the rain, the wind it beats against the House of lords come in not just once in your life that I'm a few times in your life and the one who build his house on the sand at no inner depths. the house was built on the sand. Sober adversity comes. total devastation I say to you
This is what it says in the the food We will build a thousand sad, it collapsed and was completely ruined devastated. By Firstly, because it I think the depths you're not haven't found transcendent dimension within yourself. And this is what all spiritual teachings are just about- that. find the transcendent dimension within yourself and then. The reins in the floods come, but They want their state, you there's something in view that is beyond that. these things happen. but there's something deeper in you. That gives you the permanent sense of peace, and-
Who did knows even in the midst of turmoil and turmoil is on the outside. It sometimes the case that, even if you you don't have it yet, it sometimes happens often happens that when time on happens in your life. It eventually drives you deeper, To that dimension, because you have to go there, because you stand it anymore. You come Take the suffering any more you I have to go deeper, otherwise you just you, kill yourself or you'll, be completely unhappy for the rest of your life or complete. about how unfair life is healthy, This should not be happening to. You saw find that rock And through that, your life is rooted, there and where is it well? in the present moment, by going deeply in The present moment, ironic pointed out earlier that this
in the space of this present moment, a problem we cannot survive. Sense of self legal sense of self the narrative of me and my problems that you do to think about, what's going to happen to me or what did happen. What doesn't really survive in the present in the present moment survives in the present moment is your: when is your consciousness? The personality or the person he receives. of course you know. Member will you do if you have to remember your past and you can make plans for the future, but the the personality of the person receives, and you re this there's something else is bunch more vital than the person the person exist without it is not separate from it. It's the consciousness it gives rise to that enables the person to be. But far beyond we the person it's consciousness itself, but the simple fact of becoming,
become conscious of the present moment here, you also become conscious, But you are conscious in this present moment. It sounds a little weird but you can sense. You don't remember your past or think about the future ones. after you what's left of you when you don't remember your past and you'd futile. that's right. Now the futures unimportant there's only this. Who are you without remembering your past? What's left of you in fact, what's as to your way of thinking really addressed present? What's left, You is the presence you can't describe it it's a sense of being is essential. The liveliness a sense of ice. but not this or that I just I am. This being is deeper dimension of who you are this being The transcendent view that which Next to you,
mortality of all life of all kinds of consciousness. That is the wrong described in the parable, that's a foundation for your life. So when you wrote it there, then the whatever may be the pandemic, the wood any form of illness de the advice de yes, they still arise, but they are not. Transformed into these extreme suffering anymore. There's a place deep, a place in your your free of suffering and maybe physical pain physical discomfort, yes, can still exist, but your road, it. In the transcendent dimension, that's it that's a liberation, that means yes silence. well still arise, but
the estate of consciousness is very important. What is the state of consciousness with which you meet any arising? Silence that Very important in determining. how the challenge is experienced by you or the adversity. The challenge. How are you, experience, any arising silence relates lamentable loss or loss of a loved one or ill or financial ruin collective pandemic. The consciousness with which you from a major this with which you experience whatever it is, determines what it is for. You The strange thing is, if you are present when challenges come your conscious that, and part of that is acceptance of this. Whatever is in the present moment, then you do not amplify the adversity other challenge.
If you are reactive, you please I didn't get even worse. You can see that easily when you're, confronted with a difficult person because in many cases. The silence all the advice, today in your life is another, is a difficult human. That's for many people think counter they experience. Life is difficult because human beings are difficult and they say. let me be people most of their difficulties, are other humans. Now, if you, if you are reactive difficulty woman is usually an unconscious yeoman, they don't know what they are doing. They don't know that their creating suffering for themselves and others. They just can't a bit because in the grip of certain forms of mental emotional conditioning, which is the ego, They can't help it. They don't know. But if you re act again,
did you amplify the unconsciousness and the difficult person becomes even more difficult and then the difficult wasn't triggers your own unconsciousness and then You have a huge situation, redid didn't have to be, but it blew in Tunisia be huge confrontation, drama, You have to be but ya, Uncle John you're right action amplified young entrepreneurs that can even happened. Wonder experience an illness it's too, stream reaction of of or even the feeling that you need to fight the illness when you find something you usually make it stronger, you give it added energy illnesses. Best transcended by not developing the idea that you are suffering from an illness but just be with whatever it is you experiencing at this moment the sky. Maybe
maybe weakness, maybe in what performing experiences. this is what is the near east. Is you come to a pint of the appearance of the business of this moment. This is what I am experiencing rather than having in mental idea of the eye when did he becomes the illness and then you're, fighting yourself, lakes, Adopting this moment Europe, become begin to the deeper dimension of consciousness in you. fighting this moment you get trapped in the form that this moment takes bikes, adopting this moment. You connect with the the transcendent dimension. It opens up and send a dimension opens up. Via that exceptions,. and very often healing happens by having,
access to this transcendent dimension in you, then. So someone accepting an illness does not mean accepting the idea that you are ill. The dune it'll person, it's only accept whatever symptoms you feel at this moment support into not make sickness. into an enemy, Also, make signals into your identity balls Illusions so When there is sickness, do not fight against it accept. what were you feel in the body at the present time in the present moment,. Do not accept. The idea of sickness in your mind, John, focus on aid, yes, seek help. Whatever help is required.
Medical help, but do not fall goes on the mental concept sickness and then begin to fight that very powerful healing. Is initiated when Except. whatever you, Periods within you this moment surrender to what is in there active surrender acceptance. Something deeper opens up, which is the unconditioned consciousness, the essence of, who you are when you realize. essence: identity as consciousness and the fear of death. Begins to dissolve because. Able to sense. That in you, which is beyond doubt,
it embodies. Sometimes cod. alma vanity wished Lady S. the deathless wrong answer this speaks of. It. then calls it it'll. Life they bore, Point to the same reality is a dimension of consciousness, but then you lead opens up When you accept This moment ass, It is.
I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to a cartel essential teachings the pot cast. You can follow these essential teachings on a spot, a fight or wherever you listen. If you haven't yet go to spot a fire and followed his pipe gas join us next week. The more enlightened teachings and thank you for this.
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