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Wayne Dyer: The Art of Manifestation

2018-07-02 | 🔗

The late Wayne Dyer, known as the “Father of Motivation,” discusses his book “Wishes Fulfilled.” In his interview with Oprah, Wayne speaks candidly about his battle with leukemia and his decision to seek controversial treatment. Wayne explains why he believes we all have the ability to manifest anything we want into our lives, and why he feels the art of manifestation is different from the law of attraction. Wayne also shares his definition of God, what he believes happens after death and what he knows for sure. Oprah and Wayne had an ongoing spiritual conversation for more than 30 years before he passed away in 2015.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now, twelve, ago weighing dire generally known as the father of motivation, drawn to live in Maui, a beautiful mysterious place known for its base, wide, open, sunny skies and lots of ocean Dwayne diaries believe that everything in our lives happens for a reason, so as clouds rolled in we just design no role with the two as perfect awareness. as is evident as we would say, you would say, come have a seat. I ll but here there's something about our came reminders.
how many user you ve been here twelve full time. Well, that long for me, but there's something there's a reason why they call it Paradise, and it feels so try to call it that sometimes, but it really every year, It is an honour to get island favor. Now I only the feeble and I have to leave understand I'm going to the mainland. I get mainland side. I now a little sick as after leave tomorrow. I get that, but I'm here in wishes fulfilled I'm kind of manifest something different for myself, I'm take. You re I'm trying to make it literally This morning I woke up and ass. I was feeling I have one more day and then I said you can choose another thought that's right you can, you can choose another date and you can choose another date alone. Can do that too? I wonder so do you remember the first time you on the show? I remain for the first time I met, you absolutely was in Baltimore
with that was nineteen? Seventy eight the one thing I always remember, but I did so with you may before times. Yes, yes and used always touch my leg, when I was to get me to stop the great show, I had a lot of fun out there doing this. You ve been this a long time for a long time you ve been trying to raise the level of consciousness, repulsive They can literally live more enhance, loves. You feel, like sort of one of the fathers of this movement, I have eight children, Oprah I just don't need to be the father of anything like an early and let you know the truth, I still feel like a little boy inside so and when I am now being called an elder, which I just I don't like, isn't it? I guess I still think of myself ass a little child, and may I go through life like that, is happy and fun in enacting silly and play with kids
for me. I have just had so much growth in what within myself and so, My realisation now especially right now there's a like an urgency, I'm seventy one. Now and it's so I feel an urgency. I have some very variable the things I think to teach them to learn. How did you grow? What was your life? What were you raise? Traditional Christian, where you re? How are you guys I was? I was raised by a series of foster homes and orphanage until I was ten. My father walked out on my mother. She had three little boys by the time she was twenty, two years old, I was the youngest, and so we will put it foster homes and so on. Until I was ten thousand different of homes all the time I wasn't there, christian homes, but some of them were catholic and some of them were badly since some of them were Methodist and I did- really pay too much attention to the religious part of it, though, Even in my teaching it hasn't been for the sun, religion? It is much more focused on unkind,
and love unkindness. What was the awakening? moment for you that you realise that there was more to quote religion more to life then what appeared to be. I will be the most important moment of my life occurred when I was thirty four years old, just a few years before I met you, I went to my by their grave. I was sent there by a series of just mystical kinds of things that could never have happened. You could never intellectually explain how I got to my father. scrape as this is a man. I grew up. Hating I mean bitterly aiding my two brothers didn't care, but I was we at him all the time in the eye. Bad dreams about him. I had wake up king and when I have I been us cold, sweat and so on. and I ended up in his at his grave and nineteen seventy four. The stories to along dissolve written about it and in so many of my books but and told the story matter. I started my
this graver August, twenty seventh nineteen, seventy four! Just before I wrote your erroneous sounds, and life was out of control. At that time I was overweight. I was bad relationships, I was. I was heading for death I was eating terribly writing wasn't going well, nothing much was working and I still my Father's grave, and I just I went to walk. I went to my father's grave to do something on his grave. Then I wouldn't even want to talk about and just as I was leaving the graveside idea, I was called almost like mystically end. I just said from this moment on. I send your love. I forgive forgiven. Who am I to, judge you and tell you what your life should abandon, but you went there to do the opposite. I went there I was I just wanted to have closer. I wanted to. I really I just wanted to meet this man. I didn't I didn't, even though he had been dead and it had been dead ten years before even found out that he had been there
major turning point in my life when you could feel the love yeah yeah when we forget that. Does that wonderful line that Mark TWAIN says it forgiveness is the fragrance the violent sheds on the heel that has crushed it says this beautiful idea being able to send love regardless of what comes, was aims. Airway, forgive this is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel than his question the heel in his question, you know about the EU. you had to do something to yourself. I know. Yes, we all you live long enough. You do yeah is this old idea that if you pursue revenge and oh you'd, better dig to graves because it'll kill you go yet holding anger for someone else is, is like taking your own poison and I often feel roper that here, maybe he incriminated into this life just to teach is youngest son who he never met and he walked away from how to forget
because of that I've been able to affect the lives of millions of people all over all over the all over the planet, in all different languages, and and for me it's just after a while away from that grave site. In August of seventy four, I was teaching at St John's university. I was a professor up there, I rented it yet. I was teaching counselling psychology to graduate students. I rented a kind I flew down. The four Lauderdale Florida, rented apartment and in the Spindrift Motel, and I wrote you erroneous zones and fourteen days wow covered up without any notes without any without any struggle? I had been struggling with my where they had been writing textbooks and today that book is like sixty. Copies forty seven languages all over the world? It was just like my: everything in my life turned around when I got the rage, the hatred of the anger out of my heart. Nay I write about and live something divine love, I'm kind of love. That is
they never varies. I love that never changes. I love that you have for everything for this mountain for these trucks, for these people, for these lights, for these clouds, it's like it's just that kind of love- that's love, I'm working on and living everyday. Well, when you First came on the upper Winfrey show one, things you said was that we all have the power of literally inside of us and you ve, taken that a step further in wishes fulfilled road, and I loved- and I think this page thirty one where you talked about the spark of God, the USA. There's a spark in each of us, and you speak in this book really about taking that spark. And literally expanding that spark so that it becomes a large or, as you want it to Peter, do This great teacher from Bulgaria, great spiritual master, great teacher, said that some are that this area as create,
places a spark of himself in every every creation and I every tree, every animal and in every single one of us, and that spark is for most people is just does a spark, so occasionally they will have divine moment. They'll does, though, I M an extension of love and so on as everybody who was watching us right now or listening to us right now. His head moment hopefully in your life, when everything seemed to be really ok. Ever had you how you show you how to resolve and I do with. Instead, you lose it and then you lose. You know I mean I've had them where you're like porn a cup of coffee, you're standing at the scene, career in your clock. Will you just like a cash? I'm ok, everything's, ok and I'm really not just happy, but contented at one with everything, everybody's, I think had a hint of that but can't hold onto it. What you're saying in wishes fulfilled is that you can hold on to it, and you can imagine
that's bark, that's what you're gonna get Andy's bar the spark doesn't have. The spark is like a dot in your humanity. Hey. I wait two hundred pounds, you know. Is it and took out the slow spark. It should go or to a chunk to a peace, to targets as big as a soccer ball inside of you, so that what you have to give away as love that you become this, sir, until you get to them but I call at the higher self. So you had me in the spark of God in Europe. You had me when you are describing, if you will for our audience now, the cup of the ocean in relation to the ocean run talk about that If, if it's just a good metaphor, the ocean is, is God let's say it's like its and you take a cup renewed? the oceans they. What do I have here? what I have here is a glass of God. It's not as bait. he is not a strong, but I still altogether God this whole thing of all the right. If you take a kind of ocean waterfall, the ocean its Eliza YO. Now, if I take it over here and I poured over here and I watch it, what
happen is it will evaporate change form and where will it go until the air, then, wherever cloud and back to its source and will return to its source while it is separated from its source. That's the ego, that's the part of us that believes that we are What we do, what we have, what we believe where they re very easily, where the Clyde, where we don't believe, all that's all other stuff, what moved an under called the false self? Yes, a part of us that comes to believe that who you are is what you accumulate. What you accomplish, what your reputation is your separate from everyone else and when you stay separate from God, you lose the power of gun when you reach to the source and become one with it in all of the power of the source, Say you're sitting here and you're fifty eight years? Oh yeah, Let's say I am, I know, because you are so no,
how weak seventy one another so good, I don't mind there is great how many bodies have you been in just since you incriminated in nineteen fifty for oil in Mississippi they bought, as you were in one this big. Ok, I did love that. I love that in the book to underline that that's rollings underlined you were in a ten year old body and start with it to yourself you when the baby, my baby, but yes and then you are in a little time out of her body and then in a pretty little preteen body else like and then you are in a teenager and you are, twenty euro body. Your pictures to prove yes, but where is I've? I wasn't a twenty year old body, beautiful one I had curly hair was real, where I was cute, whether where there's not one cell left that body that I was when I was twenty years old and I really believe that that's who I was at the time. I don't buy that fascinate. Ok, I'm gonna give you that took
I'm giving you the identified as a lesson I know who I am is that which just keeps occupying new bodies. It's you talk. but all the time. It's your soul. Yet in this. But the soul is the part of us. That is infinite. Yes, it's not finite. If it was fine idea, would end someplace and would begin someplace. But it's not. You can't touch the soul. You can't get a hold of one Read that sentence in in in in your new book wishes fulfilled it's really early on it, so I can when the early pages about the bodies and the bodies and that you like the way I felt great. I just got a real sense of comfort from that, because I actually sensed for the first time OU just going to Move out of this body and move on to whatever that next plane is. Is that how you see death it absolutely around as I don't even think there is such a thing as death. I think it's all an illusion. It is going to drop this body. Does you just take off in all to hear so that
we are is the part of us that is infinite part of us that never stops and in it that is like this, isn't just my thoughts about it. I you know I can. Identify with his body the body I'm in right? Now I think as me, I think it's real tomorrow, it will be an it it'll be a different body and another. So it's going to focus on the issue instead of the outer. All of our assent. What reality is is based upon, since our senses, when our eyes and ears tell us what the internet tells us, what do we think that that's what's real but all of that everything that materializes de materialise. So let's talk about the manifest station of your wishes being able to create using that sparked road cause. I'm gonna just be the Spargo Groves just, let me be their way. I were I'm only no matter, you aren't gonna. Let me be, there's a spark and how
or do I then begin to make that spark, as that was my prayer for myself, for my fiftieth birthday, as I sat here and Maui with my girlfriend, and my prayer is to be in the space of God and have the space of God live and breathe through me as I live and breathe through it and to be in actually what what I wept. The thread that I through all of which is fulfilled. Is that everything that you say the word alignment? Is you almost in every sense day and connected to your sword because it is about being an alliance with the ocean, our stay with it not taken the ego its separate. So your question is: how do you go about doing it? Will Einstein question when they would ask him about quantum physics? Yes, his response was I just as all details here. I just want to learn to think. Like God thinks, so, how does gothic it's like the guy,
its teacher Vivre Commander, who was Paramatta Uganda's great teacher game over here early part of the twentieth century and his devotees. What asking this question? How do I do this? Yes, he said in the springtime. go out and observe the blossoms on the fruit trees? He said the blossoms vanish of themselves as the fruit growers so too will the lower self false self the eagle vanish as the divine grows within you? Well, so it's like all you have to do is begin to think like that. How does God they let his mind be? Also in you, that's what Jesus exactly right, mind bs when you yet so it's like God, doesn't doesn't Want anything doesn't take anything doesn't demand anything. It doesn't get petty. I love to quote the poets. I write poetry myself in how fees a great great have visa, even after all, this time the sun, never says to the earth. You owe me just then
what a love like that can do it lights up the whole world? That's how you do it, it just lights up the whole. All you have to do is give in Does this divine love? Let's just had a thought, your new love in your life? yeah. Really getting right over there was with high, must really love you, because you quote portray all the time. I write her board reliable, I voted for everyone, a man who can rightly men talk it yes and, more importantly, live it. Yes and she does as well. We practice This thing I mentioned Peter do nothin, you look like you're, not quite sure, of without AMOS Albert sign once said that the whole were at the height of his popularity in the forties and fifty. He said the whole world bows before me. He said I bow before Peter. Do not a painter. Do enough was someone who is
reaching divine love in Bulgaria. He was born in eighteen. Sixty four died when I was four years old and nineteen forty four and he said there are three kinds of love. He said this human love, their spiritual love and there's divine love. He said human love varies. and changes so you'd love somebody one day to the next in experience, a spiritual love, never changes, but it varies it'll ovarian degree. Yes, I love. Never changes, never varies. It's all have to give away it's just that, and you do that not and this is what she with teaching us. It's loving your enemies. painting- and that you know even the dialogue, we did a hole in a few years ago on the down in the Dallas, says that every three in war should be celebrated by morning, because it shows that we are still burning at these low levels of Hu, we are is separate from each other in the second.
Chapters of the book. You talk about higher self and being able to tap into in a way that you ask. I love this that whenever you in any given situation? You ask yourself: are you operating from your lower south your evil, which is edging got out or you operating from your hide yourself, the lower as always the self that says we're what for me, I want more it's the mantra. The internal mantra is more more more, I'm not getting enough. What went on? What can I have the the high yourself says. How may I serve how may only I Now my eyes are, Venice is real, and how can I be yes, that is my question- is really about power when we are on the way over. Here I was telling mirror and three of my children who are also sitting over there, One of the reasons that you're one of the most admired people alive is because you have lived this divine love kind of approach, and you your life, is about giving. This is what I aspire to the Jews.
just being able to give em in starting up school. Doesn't do for me it's and if you're not kind loving to the cameraman and to the people who clean your toilets, I don't know how to get the lawyers dislike taking time to the two, everyone is for every one guess. What well me kick ass. I came back from India added with my friend a book to be called me just before you really are, and I will tell you I don't know why this happened to me in the end. It didn't happen to me driving down the Chicago Avenue, but everywhere I turned in India. I swear I saw myself. I saw myself in the guy on the ox cart. I saw myself at the woman. The side of the road. You ask me how that happened. This is what I have what what was. This is exactly what has he, because you begin to realise that all of us are connected. the highest place. We all came from the
I am source we all returned to the same, so we're just all of us are just now but individualised expressions of this oneness of God. That's what we all are. You know I'm in until once we get, that another name have you ever have that experience what that was kind of wiring of I see myself not only in the this happened. To me, I just head is amazing experience with John of God and stealing from its leukemia. Wayne Dire, is referring to the controversial brazilian healer known as John of God over the past four decades, John of God, as these treated millions of people with no nickel, training and Lou. The formal education, John of God, performs physical, sir, Greece, seemingly without Anastasia or sterilization. John of God says he is a vessel rather than a healer and that entities the spirits of deceased doctors, surgeons and saying
nor through him he and his followers claim the entities have cured people of cancer help. The blue to see and the paralyzed to walk again. Many John of God. Healing, however, do not involve any physical contact. You were sick. I was diagnosed with leukemia. You won't say you I I believed I was then I am perfect health. Ok, I am well. I am perfectly you were diagnosed with leukemia. I was diagnosed with with the chronicle emphasise leukemia. while and I am months. I believe that, and I lived in fear not fee. Like I'm gonna die and pour me and all other clothing to sort of a subconscious. Feeling about. Oh, my god, how did this happen, and I had this expense? switch on of God who down and you did a whole show which, on a guy who's, a healer in Brazil from rose a farmer who does this for no money in and I'm going to go to sea for me
self? Does anyone journey? Yes? So, let's, let's finish the story? The So I I had a friend from Bulgaria. Her name is rhino, discover, she's, a medical doctor and in California IDA and I surgeon and she flew and then she wanted me to go with her because she found out and you even heard of John a guy I had heard of John of God. I didn't know that much about a new and was on the fence about it, because this so many people who I shall attend yeah. I she got down there and he called me and she said then take a picture of all then white when you put on it only only dressed in white everything's anyway, and take a picture from the front from the back from the side from the side and send it out.
We did that sea email them down there. She took the pictures to John of God. He said. Would you do surgery? She said he said to her. I can't because he's not taking these herbs special herbs that you take, so she Fedex, some God, bless him ass. She went in to a Fedex office from down and in Brazil, near Zella got these things that accept Amana on a Tuesday the earth, the herbs I took the herbs and the special water did all of things that I was supposed to do and that we took the pictures again and she said your search. It will be. It was on my mother's ninety fifth birthday. So that's why I remember so so much April, twenty first and I M so I had to surgery. I didn't feel anything I went to bed. I drank the water. I did everything that I was supposed to do. I woke up the next morning and she called me from Brazil. What do you mean you
at the surgery. I don't know no brides has had the surrey. Ok had sorry, I just Brazil, where you I was in Maui different time zones. I know I was a sceptical, as anybody could be about this. You know Somebody with me people, because this is what will I know. I know how this sounds like it sounds crazy so anyway, rain arena Fisk over, They fell down in Abidjan, I'll catch you, the surgery I had the surgeon of surgery. This is guy who can do surgery to a thousand people in a room at the same time. This is not he He is not somebody who does the surgery, he doesn't he He doesn't remember any of it than he does. You can watch and go vote. He goes. It gets into this thing and he he picks up these instruments, and you can actually see pictures of the entities that,
his body as he as he does. This is, I know where you're going down there, you see I'm going down. You'll get a whole show one idea, but somebody every time I've heard about him or talked about him or even written about him in the magazine and has been through somebody else's eyes, and I keep hearing these stories and I had a direct experts direct experience. So I so early I went to bed, I didn't feel nothing. Nothing changed his lackey. If taken, I took the herbs. She said your wake up, the next at seven o clock. She told me: what's on the surgeon, was at seven o clock. She said you get up at eight o clock and then you Drink some otherwise the blessed water and you go right. Back to bed for twenty four hours led. Let's get the surgery part the surgery is just it's a remote surgery. I mean it was twelve thousand miles from where I was so it's I don't know what happened these entities? They don't have any form. There just stood the spirits, thirty answer his body has been going on for forty
There's nobody tells me that it is. He tell you a certain time to lay down a certain way. Lay down. Oh just go to bed where white, just where everything is white, we'll drink the water, the herbs and don't have sex and doubts don't eat spicy food, Andante, pork, but basically that's that's it. Ok, so I did everything I went to bed mug got up where you sceptical, as I am right now has a say as raising I know. I know it was a bit, but that's because we have whose condition to believe that, yes with it, You know this, and this is my limit itself tugging, but here's here's a line from from visas with God. Yes, all things are possible now. What does that leave us? That leaves out nothing I'll get. It leaves out nothing so it doesn't leave about this either. It leaves out nothing. That's what things mean I give met. Some things are possible in some things are able to send that, but he didn't All this does sound crazy, even titles in it that yeah I did
Ok, when I came here, I felt when I am awaiting led count was going up in cancer in my blood, and I was so yes so Reiner called me and she said, go right back to bed. I said I can't go back to bed separate hours you said you had surgeries different than having a goblin are removed or something she said you ve got to go right, but how did I feel when you woke up? I felt fine. I didn't feel any different honestly and I said to my kids: I'm going for a walk I walk about an hour and a half every day. I kind of brisk walking all of this, and then I got about a hundred yards away and I collapsed. I mean I couldn't get up. I was I was basically helpless and I had to I had to almost crawl back into the apartment I can to get on the elevator. just like. I said this. I said to my daughter and my son, both of whom were there at the time that this happened, and they said I said I just gotta go back to bed
I said I just feel so weak. I don't know what has happened. I have no idea and I went back to bed until eight o clock the next morning. Twenty four hours I slept, I got up twice To go to the bathroom and to have a little bit of soup, and I went back to bed Now- that's not the weird that wasn't if we are to do, that, is how the we're part rather we're part, is a weak. So we went to lie and I was getting. I was getting weaker and just and I kept thinking, aren't going to be able to exercise anymore coquettes where many wise, I would look at the ocean. I swim everyday long distances. I couldn't imagine getting to the beach. It looks so far away and like such a and I would need help with like. I was almost like a cripple, so they said on the following Thursday, on the twenty eighth, the suit, this will be removed. when I said I've got news for you, I don't have any suit and she said that's what it's called
you know when you have leukemia, they dont have sutures its blood. Did I, like you, know, bone marrow things, but you know- and they said you'll go back, and this is where the most important thing that you will do. You take the herbs until a week and you go to bed at ten o clock at night on the twenty eighth of April yeah a week later, seven days later, and when you wake up at seven o clock the morning you will have had the suitors removed and you'll be on your way to the healing and that these are the kind of thing now, what are you thinking when you hearing this? Are you thinking what I'm thinking right now we can commit a known Cucama took a matter because I'm I'm at the pay, I'm a lower than you over. I am. I am open to everything and I really believe that, but it sounds good that the suitors partner sounds like I know it did. It did to me and there are no suture so, but that's just what they call what happens when these entities ray and your body and
do whatever it is that they tell you just going along with it and your Leyla, whatever I have looked at me ass if they work as and when I went to bed, I got up the next morning. I walked out my daughter. Looked at my eyes. She said what happened to your eye. I said she said that guy's been scraped, you're right right does all kinds of like goofy stuff in in my right eye, like someone had actually gone in and you'll see when you go down there, that's what they do. They do with this kind of scraping of the eye then my son look to me. He said what were you doing back in the bed, there. He said you know how many pupils were you doing drugs back? There was a, I said. No, I just I just got up, I said, but I have never felt never felt so loving in my life before I said, and I looked at my dies that you just look so beautiful. I put my eyes and I said to myself: oh my god, I just love you so much everything changed Oprah. He too, whatever they did in that in that night. they were in that room. Changing my life around. They took the fear out everything it,
This fear cannot be love. Everything that is love cannot be here and birthday. My seventy first birthday was just a few days later. I was in San Francisco and all I wanted to do most memorable birthday. I've ever had. I had a big water, fifty dollar bills that I went downstairs. The bank and Gaza and ah I did all day long was go to homeless people all over the union square. Right there in downtown San Francisco and talk talk to people who were taking plastic bottles out of rubbish in, and so talk and telling them their name, pulling my arm around them and putting fifty dollars in their hands or a hundred dollars in there, and all day long until four, like the afternoon, I gave away several thousand dollars and I went back to my room, and I guess I cried. I mean I just I was sobbing what happened to you? What Is that what you have now put divine love into me? Somehow I was I just feel, like I've, been in this kind of training, since I was a young boy to learn what it is to really live, divine love and its
everything that has happened in my leg, mirror this woman, who came into my life shortly after that? We just have had this most loving, divine amazing experiences It has to be remembered. Savareen value at seventy one is just, as is the most beautiful experience. I've never had anything, but not just there everywhere I go everyone, then I see it. I put my arms round people. Now I send people love I like people who are in hospitals. I go visit them light. I give I'm giving everything that I have a way is just just been such a dramatic experience waned Here's latest book is thirty, seven is called wishes fulfil its all about the art of men, station using your imagination to help make your future dream a present weighing believes your greatest power resides in the way you used to simple words? I am
Instead of saying things like, I am sad, I am sick or I am unlovable way just to focus on what you wish to be true by sea Things like, I am happiness. I am health. I am love, it's a technique. He believes has helped him immensely with his leukemia. Tell me this when did you know the leukemia was gone? You know I was still writing wishes fulfilled at that time. Yes, and I began to To listen to the reading that I was doing out there, I am discourses and and and what it said, There is always used, to the name I am is the name of God is the name the guys that Moses? I am, I am, and he said, they'll, be my name yes for all future generations. So that's my name. so every time you use the name. I am you're really using the name of God. So if, you say I am week in look again of the Bible entered the book of all. It says. Let the weak man say I am strong, so you are, you have to call,
things that do not exist as if they did that's again. That's out of the book of job, so you you have to get yourself to a place where you're willing to say I perfect health. I am well. I now start all of my lectures with I am well. I am. I am perfectly and I dont go back and check my my white boy council. You say this on page one: seventy four have not partaken of new blood tests in medical valuations, because I trust in what I experienced such a degree that I no external validation. To assure me that these mysterious mystical events took place. I was there for the surgery and I was there for the suit you removal, I need say nothing more and so you now don't you. the blood tat. I dont do the blood tests I dont mind than colleges that I was working with agrees with me. He said disco just go by how you has what you don't want is to be indoctrinated by somebody else's idea of what your health is at that that's, where the most important things like the fight. The wishes fulfilled foundations that that this Booker's, upon a place into your imagination, self actualized, people,
Learn from Abraham Maslow when another young doctoral student, you never put into your imagination anything that you do not want to materialise into your light, so you don't put into your imagination? Something like I am poor. I M D, as you know, because when Moses was speaking to God Garden say my name is, I hope things work out. my name is maybe he said I am. I am that I am meaning. I am that, and I am that- and I am everything ok mastering the art of manifestation. How is that different from the law of attraction, it's very, very different from the law traction and I'm not I'm not here, to put down the love attraction. I think it's, but I think what the average action and the secret open people up to our way of thinking absolute. It had its flaws because it allowed some people to think that all you had to do think about a bicycle mare which Iraq and the key word,
that you use in here over and over and over again and every chapter is that in order to attract or manifest you have to be in alignment with your source with are so with. God will happen Yes, it's about this guy is connected to the ocean. That's right up the stairs. You can't just sit around and wishes stuff or so the basic thing that never taught me in a lot of this is from the teachings of never Novel Goddard who died in the nineteen seventy he's heap. He basically said that all of us have within us this amazing capacity to manifest and attract anything that we want into our life. So how we call it. What what words that we use. We, to be able to say in the secret. They say you get what you want. You know and what is missing what Neville said and what I want is come to me or what I got from the I am discourses and when I get from the new testament which I read before I did, is that you you say I will attract into my life. What I am not what I want
and I am capable of attracting all things that that the sources is capable of attracting. So that's the difference is you get what you are rather than what you want. So you want to become. You can't go around and ass. These divine beings angels. Whenever you want to call him who are right here all the time you here, we ask them to help me out, you have to: u have to become like there. That was when you, when you become angelic, when you become a divine? Being yourself when you are, giving when you are serving when you are in that place. They will come to you. That's what happened to you in India. You then begin to see yourself in everything. You know it's, because it is our goal to reflect the correct right guy. That's what we're here today is to emulate. That's what the doubt a chain teaches is what we call it. The original nature, your regionally There is reverence for all of life, gentleness, kindness and service towards others. That's loud too,
five hundred years before the birth of grace, saying that original nature? Yes, reverence for all of life, gentleness kindness service towards other giving offering serving, and when you get to their place, where you no longer have any judgment within EU towards any of godchildren. That means no condemnation, no criticism, no judgment towards anyone, even the Osama Bin Laden. But how can we be that, since we're here between living where on earth, we got problems our issues we have stuff going on and if enough of us get this message over with enough of us, get an that's just what my mission is just to teach people that you are love, you are divine put that it you're imagination. I am I am well, I am happy. I am content I am fulfilled. Even if your senses tell you that your depressed one, people are called me when we did a pre interview on here said. Well, if I, if I'm feeling depressed I'm supposed to fool-
up and say I am feeling well even cans. You want another thought, that's what I've had absolutely and it's like you, you don't say I am depressed, because if you say I am depressed you connect with, depression and the universal source guide, whatever you want to call, it will align in such a way to offer you whatever you want. What did he say? Here's some more depression. I am unhappy I am depressed. I am so by place into your imagination what you want swimming the feeling of that fishes already fulfilled you go to your life, feeling that when enough of us do that we will You will transform this planet, I'm telling you if it can be done. We're doing right now, absolutely sitting here right here together. It's all part of this perfection does wishes, fulfil work for stuff, Four things. No one knew how someone a car. I want a boyfriend, one husband. I want the love of my life. I want to be happy. Does it work for that? Not if you say about where none of you said
wanna be because thing I want to be. It means I already I'm not it when I'm asking you to say is to put into your imagination what it is that you intend to manifest and act as if all right we're we're happening as it says in the Bible. You know it's like call and he calls those things do not exist as though they did as though they did that's what you have. Do so don't allow anything in your imagination or you're consciousness that you really don't want? No, oneself advising people. They never do that. One of my favorite poet says William Blake unites. You ve heard this, I'm sure to see the world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flow. Yes to hold eternity in your palm of your hand, an infinity in an hour. We all led to believe a lie when we see with not through the eye
which was born in a night to perish internet, while the sole slept in beams of light. this all that's who we are and the soul is infinite. So, All it wants to do is expand. It doesn't want to be. since then. I can't stand it when somebody tried to control and tell us what to do or how it should be What you are saying is that we have the ability a little when kicking up here is perfect. It's all perfectly. I love it. You know why, because now we look, We have a win machine, a fog machine villages have been there doesn't bother me. I haven't even notice, you say a paid. Seventy three, Most common misuse of imagination is stressing. What you don't want for yourself is the largest category of misusing highly functioning self actualized people simply never imagined what it is that they don't wish to have as their reality. That's hard cuz somebody pee given that I dont haves and what was you'd better as soon as you say, it's hard,
then they I'm so I'm lucky didn't work out. Put in your subconscious, mind says: oh, so you want her. I ain't that so this is difficult. If not heard it's not hard to say I am content. I am kind, I am happy I am fulfilled. I am healthy. I am wealthy. I am in a divine relationship and you just keep saying it and then you feel it and you go around failure. You don't have to. Are you gonna do Ipad? Yes, I love my up. I just got one my kids Gus he'll, always love thing. Ok, this Ipad knows everything you can ask any questions. Put the best thing about. the Ipad. Yes is there's a little feature called trash. I don't know if you come to this. You know oh yeah, thrashes great, so that any body that sell sends you something that you don't want to hear like or leukemia not be healed. Its incurable you're gonna die from this or that you just go to track and you can watch it goes, Oh yeah attract many that certainty. I led and
go on. We need one of these in life. You Eddie, I'm somebody says you can't do this, it's impossible for our subconscious. Mind has the programme, since we were little boys and little girls limit. I was eight. In years old I was in the United States Navy for four years I was a radioman. I learned Morse code. When I was eighteen years old, I learned more scope. I can't get it out of my subconscious mind. What the alphabet its did. I doubt that it added that it did, did it out it out it, that's the first five or six letters of the of its always there, and so it's like every none of us have got that. It's the doubt. Is that, as you can't do, this is impossible to that you can't he elicits like it's John, oh God, things are impossible that and we will, instead of just putting up our minds and say all things possible means all things are possible that this guy, I didn't know you didn't, say it in a way that wasn't clear. All things are possible. The first read that Jesus said greater things than these. I have done you go, you have singing. Was he talking about?
me I was somebody comes, was just talking to that little group when you think about Jesus, and his ability to understand the future and knowing what we couldn't see, what the average man road and see, knowing the greater possibilities that we would have with technology with our ipads, our ability to think of him teaching. having to go on foot walking through Galilee and now what you have access through to technology. You know when I finish reading wishes fulfilled. I thought. In summary, what you really were saying- and this is my quest for myself and for My next chapter in life is to move closer to home of closer to God to live a morsel self. Actualized life But what you really are saying in this book is given
self right with God. Are you not saying that I am saying Stig State Recognize reckon get connected and recognise that when you are connected to the ocean, you have all the power of the ocean. Yes, It's like it's only when you separate yourself from the ocean that you wither away change, form and return to your source, which is what all of us are doing. We're gonna change, form and return to our source is just a great matter. so is it really understanding that that the highest self the highest place within you? Is this? divinity. That is not just a spark. There's a great teacher. India's name was Patanjali and goes way back two thousand three hundred years ago, he said when you are steadfast steadfast means. You never slept. Okay, when your steadfast in your apps tension of thoughts of harm, direct, toward yourself and others that all living creatures will cease to feel fear in your presence. That's Christ consciousness. That's Buddha,
the rain again when you, where you are steadfast in your abstention of thoughts of harm, yes directed towards yourself, and others, yes, that all living creatures will cease to feel fear in your presence. That's what say Frances somebody that limits the animals once is the birds were land on you, and so there are some people who I into a room and everybody in the room just feels better. some people, like the other, yet you ve had people. Your show that are like you know, when I was in India was in the presence of a yogi whose teaching me yoga and I've had but people teach me. Oh, and I always thought that's more about the instructor and I can't make that pose. I walked into that space and I suddenly felt loved, and so it will do some to this. India Stone gather something to it that the key. There was a calming presence when this person that may make the authors of all come from that plays in this argued that a maharajah road I am that of his great, and it is just really is he's called it too.
Two of the items. I've been calling him. My teacher never even met the man he died in the nineteen eighty. I was just like a devotee of his own reading, everything and involved with his teachings in India and them and all he was between Us- is that you just have an- I am presence, but you have to honour that if you have to you, have to pay homage to yet to be in a state of gratitude for your views, many quality, or do you have a favorite here? My favorite quotas so is for MOM Pierre, tell yard a shower down the great french priest and basically said that we are not here as human beings having a spiritual experience it it's the other way around that we're all infinite spirit. Having a temporary human experience, I'm just find that place with Enya. What is the soul? Soul is the birth list deathless. The change was part of us, the part of us that looks out from behind our eyes and Therefore, we in the solar as the sole in us, the soul, is infinite, so that further
oh in or out of it. It is everywhere. There's no place that it is not. What is your definition of God. God is the highest place within each and every one of us. It's our divine self. What do you think will happen when we die? I don't think we, and I think our bodies leave, but we can never die that which has never borne, can never die that works. Never changes can never die. What do you know for sure? I love you for sure. Thank you. My love like he hoped thank you at the risk of setting when you're about twenty four years old. I think twenty two year it when I was twenty to twenty two years at alarmed I've only for a long time we say so much fun doing those who, still I know, hey there pod gas listeners. I have hiding news, we're launching,
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