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What I Know For Sure: Awe & Clarity

2021-07-14 | 🔗

Oprah shares excerpts from her New York Times Best-Selling book, What I Know For Sure. Inspired by her widely popular O, The Oprah Magazine's column, the compilation book includes Oprah's insight on how to become your best self. Filled with personal Aha moments and the life-changing lesson she learned from a near-death experience, Oprah shares the importance of finding awe and clarity within your own life.

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From Jim to restaurant to office. Your home has taken on so many new rolls over the past year and, as some of us take our first steps back into the world calls I was that our homes are still at the centre of everything. We do that's. Why. Have everything you need to create. The perfect space like cooler borough by ugh, batting fit Smart watches, kitchen, eight Elect x and more shop ins or or on line at close tat. Come I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the pod cast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now. Spirituality, for me, is recognising that I'm connected to the energy of all creation
that I'm a part of it, and it is always a part of me whatever label or word we use to describe it doesn't matter. Words are completely inadequate. Spirituality is not religion, you can be spiritual and not have a religious context. The opposite is true to you can be very religious with no spiritual dimension, just turn spirituality, isn't something I believe in its what and who I am knowing. This has made all the difference. It allows me to live fearlessly. to make manifest the purpose of my creation I will be bold enough to say I
over sure. It is the greatest discovery of life to recognise that you're more than your body Andrew mind. Over the years I read hundreds of books. It have helped me become more spiritually atone, one of them in particular a new earth by a court. resonated so deeply with me that it caused a shift in the way I perceived myself and all things. The book is essentially about. Recognising that you were not your thoughts and see, then changing the way your ego base. Mine, dominate your life, allowing the truth of who you are you're spear yourself to rule your life means you stop struggle and learn to move with the flow of your life, to quote from a new earth. There are three words they convey. The secret of the art of living, the secret of all success and happiness, one with
life being one with life, is being one with now. you then realize that you don't live your life, but life lives. You life is the dancer and you are the debts and put the joy and brutality that comes from being that dance are unmatched by any pleasure. You can imagine what it takes. I've learned is being committed to experiencing life's spiritual essence and that, as I've said, and conversely, with regard to ITALY is a decision you make daily to be in the world, but not of it Remember those internet rumours about the year two thousand twelve, for those of you not familiar with the prophecies of global change, based partly on the cycles of the Mai and calendar. Suffice it to say that some people predicted,
cataclysmic collapse of human civilization, while others foresaw a time of spiritual transformation. Of course, no one can predict a few but one thing I do know for sure- is the power intention and mine Tension is to approach every year as one of great promise no doomsday for me, I hope to do my part within myself and with it the world to be about a shift that let us live more authentically we're lovingly more intuitively, more creatively and more collaboratively. That's my idea of spiritual evolution of spiritual revolution. I chose two thousand twelve as the dawning of a new year of alignment, because with alignment comes enlightenment we You are aligned with your hard desire when you're in sync with who your meant to be and how you're supposed to contribute to our magnificent earth. You feel a shift in perception,
you start to notice moments of what some people call serendipity. But I like to call marvellous sums, because when I'm doing everything I meant to do to keep my mind body and Spirit Hall. I constantly marvel at how other experiences fall into place. It is, though, that beautiful line and Paulo Coelho's novel, the alchemist comes true when he wrote when you want something all the universe, conspires in helping you to achieve it. My goal to stay open to all the universe has to offer every year every day, one of the things I often ask God, Please show me who I really am. That may seem like an odd question, but as I go through life, I wanted never lose sight of the truth of my existence. One of my favorite life quotes comes from the french philosopher priests,
Pierre, tell Ya D, show that we are not human. things. Having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having human experience. He said to make that experience as purposeful and Po Eddic is possible. Is my heart's single greatest desire for short breathe with me for a moment? Please your hand on your stomach and feel it expand as you inhale they'd, let it contract and deflate as you exit that cycle happens on average seven hundred twenty times in our more than seventeen thousand times a day without your even thinking about it.
the biological wonder of a breath, is so easy to take for granted, but every now and again I get still enough to notice it and when I do wow for sure I stand in awe of the miracle that is, life walking barefoot across an earthy carpet of freshly mon grass. I feel so good another well every night at sunset, friends and neighbors gather on my front porch to watch what we call the great show on earth. We take pictures and compare the collaborations of each magnificent light, show as the sun depths below the eyes in one day not long ago. It rained for food
hours straight a steady, downpour and then suddenly stopped wow everything, trees, fences sky was luminescence. For me, nature is one great big wow after another, and sometimes it's smallest offerings are the ones that open my soul to its splendour. For my birthday one year, a floors friend whose created spectacular arrangements of every sort gave me one of my most treasured gifts ever to small leaves
Shaped like hearts, I keep them press between the pages of my favorite book. A cart tallies anew earth. Every time I open it. I am reminded how simple and beautiful life can be if we choose to see it that way, seeking the fullest expression of self. That's the story of my life, in six words, my personal definition, what I'm all about, at least for now. I think of it as my many more, but in writing it. I was reminded that, by definition, has always been and still is evolving words. I would have used last year, don't apply today, because if we really committed to growth, we never stop discovering new dimensions of self and self expression. A few years ago I went to Fairfield
I owe a population, nine thousand five hundred smack in the middle of the western farmland. The last place you expect to get stuck in an evening traffic jam caused by hundreds of people heading off to practise trends in dental meditation, but that's what they do and fair feel. In fact, it's often referred to as tea in town. The action takes place in two golden dome shaped buildings, one for the women. one for the men housewives, shop, clerks engineers, waitresses lawyers, moms single Ladys, and me we all gathered in our dome for the sole purpose of being still. Knowing that stillness is the space where all creative expression, peace, light and love come to be, it was a powerfully energizing. Yet calming experience, I didn't want it to end
when it did. I walked away feeling fuller than when I'd come in full of hope, a sense of contentment and profound joy, knowing for sure that, even in the daily craziness that bombards us from every direction, there is the constancy of stillness. Only from that space can you create your best work and your best life
I try to get myself a healthy dose of quiet time, at least once in when I'm on point twice a day, twenty minutes in the morning twenty in the evening. It helps me sleep better and focus more deeply. It boosts my productivity and fuels. My creativity try it, and I think you will agree that Glinda, the good which was right you have always had the power is always had it. You just have to be still to find it and when you do you're on the way to finding the fullest exe, passion of you. I've always thought of myself: ass, a seeker by that I mean my heart is then to seeing in all forms the divine order and exquisite perfection with which the universe
rates. I am beguiled by the mystery of life. As a matter of fact, on my nightstand, I keep a book called in love with the mystery by an mortify. It's full of
tranquil photographs and bite size reminders of the preciousness of the wondrous journey were all on. Here is one of my favorite passages. Let the power come. Let ecstasy erupt allow your heart to expand and overflow, with admiration for this magnificent creation and for the love wisdom in power that birth did all rapture is needed now, rapture, reverence and grace. I find solace and inspiration. In those words, too often, we blocked the power that has ever present and available to us because we're so wrapped up in doing that, we lose sight of being
I wonder what Steve Jobs saw when he uttered his last words. Oh, oh wow. I wonder if it was the same vision, the mother of a twenty six year old cancer, patient cheered on my show years ago, with his last breath, her son had said it so simple. I believe we make our paths far more depth. they may need to be our struggle with and resistant to. What is entangles us in constant chaos and frustration when it's all so simple do unto others as you would have them do. Unto you and remember Newton's third love motion for every action. There is an equal
opposite reaction. The energy you create and release into the world will be reciprocated on all levels. Our main job in life is in line with the energy that is the source of all energies and to keep our frequency tune to the energy of love. This for sure, when that is your life's work, MR resolved or at least the mystery no longer mystifies you, it only heightens the rapture reverence and grace more of this episode after a short break, the Opera, Winfrey show the pot cast his sponsored by better help online therapy. You know we begin to see the light at the end of the covert tunnel. A lot of people are still feeling down and emotionally out of sorts. You may not feel
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on today's nature, break we're gonna start at the nearby hiking trail, its densely forested nature, vibrating energy theirs EL travelled walkway that carves a path through the forest maple trees tower over both sides of the trail and cushions of green moss dot, the trunks of the decades old trees all the way up to the canopy patch them. Their velvety soft, a big boy, The fresh air among the trees feels restored. Do you smell that the smell wild flowers and went tree trunks rushes to your senses and courses through you providing a feeling of balance and oneness with the natural surroundings, the chorus of checks. Bird surrounds you providing the perfect soundtrack tier day with all
that shape. The air is remarkably cool, feel a gentle breeze that also blows through the leaves birds, chirping all around them squirrels are wrestling around in the brush. There's energy. in the plants and animals around you. It's in February but there's no one way to taken major every good in space is invigorating in its own way. Like the pigs, the nearby river, the waterway is wide there and the blue sky stretches from miles with nothing in its way Hanging high horse in a cloudless sky, the sun, warms your skin from head to tell stacks of flight sandstone folders line, we entered the water and the current the river sends waves, lapping gently against them If you're telling the water, it sends a shiver of your body so refreshingly cold in the heat
who greenwater is tense with natural algae that you can see, see down through it, schools of minnows darn around the shoreline watching nature at work. the astounding, like the fish moving both at random and perfectly synchronized. At the same time, whether the forest, a river, a desert or just your local park, go taken me outdoors with, Nature valley. Nature value. Invite you to get outside because nature makes us better. It energizes us an re fuels us experience. The power of nature taken the outdoors with Nature Valley, visit. Taken me outdoors, dot com for more nature breaks as the day got closer. I could not stops. island lay rejoicing. I tell myself I'm turning seeks to tune in to extend I was so glad
live long enough to say those words and celebrate their meaning, I'm turning sixty I'm alive and help them strong, I'm turning sixty and please don't take offense. I know We have to be concerned about what any of your think of me anymore, you know. The old am I doing it right am I saying at random are being whether who I'm supposed to be when I turned sixty high. I know for sure that I had earned the right to be just as I am and I am more secure and being myself that I've ever been. I have reached the moment. Their Walcott describes in his beautiful point, love after love. He says with relation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door in your own mirror and each will smile at the others. Welcome I am in awe of the way my journey here on earth continues to unfold my life,
has been marked by miracles for as long as I we call and even before, considering that my entire existence is the result of a one time frolic under an oak tree, My early days, speaking in Mississippi, Methodist Church Baptist Leanings, Shelton and holy ghost included, prepared me for a future of speaking in a public arena. I could never have a man. and now I simply want to share what I've been given. I want to continue to encourage as many people as I can to open their hearts to life, because of I know anything for sure. It's that opening my own heart is what has brought me. My greatest success enjoy My highest achievement, never shutting down my heart, even in my dog, is moments to sexual abuse. A pregnancy at fourteen lies in betrayals. I remain faith hopeful and willing to see the best in people, regardless of whether they were showing me their worst. I continue to believe that, no matter
How hard the climb, there's always away to lead in a sliver of light to eliminate the path forward. We go through life, discovering the truth about who we are. and determining who has earned the right to share the space within our heart this. I also know for sure God. However, you define refer to him her or it is for us forces of nature are for us offering US life in abundance. We human, narrow. What is an open field, Wonderin majesty to the the reality of our day to day experiences, but there is extraordinary in the art some days, awareness of the sanctity and sacredness of life. Just brings me to my knees, with gratitude,
I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea that this little girl for Mississippi. Grew up holding your nose in an outhouse now flies on our own plane, my own plane to Africa to health girls who grew up like me, amazing grace. How sweet is that sound? I approached the milestone of sixty with humility. Supreme Thanksgiving enjoy knowing for sure grace has brought me save thus far and grace will lead me home. I was forty years all before I learn to say no in my early years of working and television, I was often overwhelmed by people's view of me as a benevolent caregiver. So We spend their last time on a bus ticket to get to me. Children would run away from her
abuse women with lead their husbands and show up at the door step of my studio, all hoping I would help them in those days, I spent a lot of energy trying to get a girl back to her family or hanging on the phone with someone who is threatening to kill herself. I found myself writing check after jacket overtime that war on my here. I was so busy trying to give all Everybody else needed me to offer that I lost touch with what I had a dream. When desire to give I had been concerned, by the disease. To please and often the word yes would be out of my mouth before even knew it. I know exactly where that disease came from having a history of abuse, also meant a history of not being able to set boundaries.
once you personal boundaries have been violated as a child, it's difficult to regain the courage to stop people from stepping on you, you fear, being rejected, for who you really are so for years I spent my life giving everything I could to almost any one who asked I was running myself ragged trying to fulfil other people's expectations of what I should do. Who should be? What cured me was understanding. The principle of an intention to quote varies cough again from his book: the seat of the soul, every action thought and feeling is motivated by an intention and that
Intention is a cause that exists as one with an effect. If we participate in the cause, it is not possible for us not to participate in the effect. In this most profound way. We are held responsible for our every action, thought and feeling, which is to say for our every intention. I started to examine the intention behind my saying guess when I really meant no I was saying yes, so people wouldn't be angry with me, so They would think I was a nice person. Mine too, was to make people feel I was the one they could call on count on last minute, no matter what- and that was exactly what my experience
is reflected a barrage of requests in every aspect of my life shortly after I started to understand this. I got a call from somebody quite famous wanted wanted me to donate to his charity. He was asking for a lot of money. I told him I had to think about it. What I thought about was: is this a cause? I really believe in no do I really think that writing a check is going to make any difference whatsoever. No, so why would I do it? Because I don't want this person to think I'm stingy. This was no longer a good enough reason for me. I wrote down a few words which I now keep on my desk. Never again will I do anything for anyone that I do not feel directly from my heart. I will not attend the meeting. Make a phone call write a letter sponsor or participate in any activity in which every fibre, by being does not resound,
Yes, I will act with the intent to be true to myself. I left this on my desk until I didn't have to read it anymore. It became a part of me before you say yes to anyone. Ask yourself what is my truest intention. It should come from the purest part of you not from your head. If you have to ask for advice, give yourself time to let a yes or no resound within you when need right, your whole body and being feels it. I know for sure that I had the first get clear about who I was before. I could be the disease to please when I accepted that I am a decent
and and giving person whether I said yes or no, I no longer had anything to prove. I was once afraid of people saying who does she think he is now. I have the courage to stand and say this is who I am, I am not nearly as trust his people might imagine over years. I've learned to focus my energy on the present to be fully aware, what's happening in every moment and not to worry What should happen what's going wrong? What might come next, yet because I do have an awful lot on my play. If I didn't find a way to decompress, I'd be totally ineffective and probably a little crazy to none of us is built to run nonstop. That's why, When you don't give yourself the time carry you need. Your body were bells in the form of sickness and exhaustion. How do I get back to myself.
Hardly a day goes by that I don't talk things out with gale almost every night. Oh so gonna hot bath and light a candle or two may sound hokey, but focusing on a burning candle for just a minute while taking deepen, relaxing brats is very calm. in the evenings right before sleep, I don't read or watch thing, including late night news that would give me anxiety and because I don't like fitful dreams, I protect my sleep by dealing with difficult situations during my waking hours, I also keep a gratitude journal and, at the end of a work day I come down reading a great novel or just sitting with myself to come back to my centre. It's what I oh going mindless as women. We have been programme to sacrifice everything in the name of what is good and right for every else, then, if there is an inch
over me. We can have a piece of that. We need to do programme ourselves. I know for sure that you cannot do what you don't have if you allow yourself to be depleted to the point where you are ocean will in spiritual tankers empty, and we're running on fumes of habit. Everybody loses, especially, you I want to take to show in which life coach discuss the concept of care, putting your own needs ahead of anyone else's and the audience booed, This was in the early nineties women were so upset by the mere suggestion that they should put their needs before those of their children. I interrupted to explain No one was trying to say you should abandon your children and let them starve. The life coach was suggesting as you know, to yourself, so
have more nurturing to give to those who most need you. It's the airplane oxygen mask theory, if you don't put on your mask, first You won't be able to save any one else. So stop and take a look at your own needs. Go mindless! Let go and remind yourself that this, very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. Don't go anywhere more to come after this short break some is full swing. So if you need any last minute items, Macy's is the place to go. Get news. Some are styles like shorts and tanks. Swim check out the swim finder to find your perfect suit and, of course, lather on the sun screen with the ultimate protection from brands like Shiseido, Sunbeam and more make sure Your outdoor set up is ready for barbecues all summer long without your dinner wherein serve where plus get all the
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I have an encounter that involves even the slightest intention. I stop dry in a deep breath and relays ever notice. How often you unconsciously hold your breath once you start paying attention. It might surprise you to see how much Tension you ve been carrying around inside. Nothing is more effective than a deep slow in hell. Release for surrendering what you can't control and focusing and on what's right in front of you use a confession. I have a fear of flying over the ocean, though anytime I get em plain it's a flight of faith, belief in something greater than myself, aeronautics. God
flying over the ocean is particularly disconcerting, I'm not that good, a swimmer, but what I have to cross continents. I just do it because I want to be bigger than my fear I bought a home on a hawaiian mountain because it was what I imagine paradise to be known. Every time I had to cross the Pacific to get there, I would challenge my fear the day after Christmas, a few years My plane had been airborne long enough for us to pull out scrabble and start thinking about lunch. Urania, my friend by greens, wife, had brought leftovers from
was dinner, no more mashed potatoes. For me, I said I'll just have Turkey dogma, preferably in green beings. Our flight attendant Korean leaned over the table. I thought she was gonna say, there's no doubt meet left, but instead she said calmly. There is a slight crack in the windshield we are going to have to turn around. Oh, I replied. The captain wants you to trap yourselves in and be ready for. Oxygen masks, oxygen mass. I thought what will happen to my dogs. They were lounging nearby they'll, be fine. Current said the flight attendant we're going.
The drop to ten thousand feet now. I could feel my heart pounding in my voice, rising though I was trying to mirror her calmness. My mind was speeding. Oxygen danger, oxygen danger. I can't really swam that. Well, oh boy! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear God, I didn't speak, but korean later said, my eyes were as big as Plums Stedman study as a bolder took my hand look me in the eye and said you're going to be fine. God didn't bring you this far D. Leave you remember that the crack had spread and shattered the entire left side of the windshield. We could see it from our seats now wish wish. I know all the familiar sounds on that aircraft.
and this was something different. I dont like hearing something different it forty thousand feet. What is that noise? Therein were depressurizing the cabin she said Loring altitude quickly and that sound is the oxygen pump. The pilot her on oxygen, just in case. I didn't ask just in case what, because we all knew the answer, just in case that Winchell blew the pilot. Tarrying Danny turned the plane around and I watched the clock twenty seven minutes to landing. I thought what, if I listen to my inner voice and not flown
several times and mourning I'd want to cancel. I was feeling off balance, rushed I'd, call by agreements, and I mean I go to day. Why said not feel in it? What do you think he said? I think you should consult that trusted in a voice of yours, I had taken a bat, since the top is where I do my best thinking and got out ready to call the pilot and postpone that trip. And then I didn't I over road that feeling, if I hadn't, with the wind she'll still of crack, no doubt, but would we ve been over the ocean with no place to land? I looked at the clock again. Twenty six minutes in twelve seconds into landing.
Ah, was gonna lose my mind watching that clock, so I started to read soon. I felt resolved com we'll be all right, no matter the outcome, the Bush became a source of comfort, oxygen life, oxygen, life. We landed safely. Of course the wind she'll was replace and the day after the pilot said we can fly anytime, you ready did idear fly the ocean again so soon. What was a lesson for me? Did I get it? I know for sure is whenever you're energy piazzas off kilter trouble awaits your instincts. Are your compass? I got it I get it. I know it for sure up in the
ere I re learned the importance of turning out distraction and tuning in to myself one of the most important question to women can ask yourself: what do I really want, and what is my spirit telling me is the best way to proceed. My answer. Julie led me toward my passion for serving women and girls. I have a deep understanding of what it's like to be a girl who suffered abuse or lived in poverty, and I believe that education is the door to freedom, the rainbow that leads to the pot of gold. I began to realize that, in order to be most effective, I had to be extremely focused on using my time. Concern my resources, my compassion to oblige, did you duration of career These women on themselves and no they're string.
no. I couldn't save every dying child or intervene in every case of abuse. None of us can, but once I got clear about What I'm most wanted to give much of what didn't line up That intention naturally fell away those years of becoming focused, taught me a powerful lesson about love go the outside pressures and distractions, and instead, tuning and my gut that inkling that says hold on Some not right here, please pause and make an adjustment, for me doubt often means don't don't move. Don't answer don't rush forward when I admired and uncertainty about what the next step should be. When I am asked to do something for which I feel
little enthusiasm, that's my sign to just stop to get still until my instincts give me the go ahead. I believe that uncertainty is my spirits way of whispering I'm in flux. I can't decide for you something a balance. Here. I take that as a cue to recent or myself before making a decision when the you first, compels me toward the best path to take. It never leaves me with. Maybe should I or even perhaps I always know for sure, when its telling me to proceed, because everything inside me rises up to reverberate yes? Around my fiftieth birthday, I became more aware of time than I had ever been. I felt in all
prime understanding in the cord myself, that there was a finite amount of time left and that feeling permeated. everything I did dictating how I reacted in every moment aid me more conscious and appreciative of every experience, every weakening, gee, I'm still here, I have another chance today to get it right. I still try to take in all the experiences, even the negative ones, I take the time, even if it's only one minute in the morning to breathe slowly. Let myself feel that action to all other breathing and vibrating energies in this world and beyond. I found that recognizing your will kinship to infinity makes the finite more palatable what I know for sure Is that giving yourself tying to just be is a sin
bill to fulfilling your mission as a human being, so I give my of Sundays, sometimes as the whole day in my pajamas, Sometimes I have church under the trees communing with nature most times. I just do nothing piddling, I call it in let my brain and body decompress whenever I've slip up, Mr Sunday, I've noticed a definite change in my disposition for the rest of the week. I know for sure that you cannot give to everybody else and not get back to yourself. You will end up empty or at best lesson which can be for yourself. Your family and your work replenish the well of yourself for yourself and if you think, there's no time to do that Would you really saying is I have no life to give to or live for myself, and if you have no life, deliver yourself, then, why are you here about a dick
it ago. I learned a big lesson. The foam always ringing on Sundays, when I set that aside as my time, I'd answer and feel agitated and irritable, with the personal call Someone said to me one of those occasions. If you don't want to talk, why do you keep digging up the phone ah ha mood just because the phone is ringing doesn't mean I have to respond. I control what I do with my time. We all do even when it seems out of control, protect your time. It is your life many times. We insist on having all the best things, because that's the only way we can ensure quality of life for ourselves, I can the glue myself in every other way, but if I have the best watch or pocketbook com or scrap footage, I get to tell myself
I am the best and how much I deserve to have even more of the best what I know for sure having The best thing is is no substitute for having the best life. When you can let go of the desire to acquire you know, you are really on your way, I never thought I'd here, myself say this, but I have grown too. By lifting Wade's. I relish the sense of strength and discipline that comes when the muscles are forced to resist better still, lifting waits has taught me something about, like I have tried, varying schedules lifting every day every other day, two days on a day off. The everyday approach was the least effective, constant lifting begins to break down the muscle tissue same is true with mind in spirit, without giving yourself a chance to re energised, you begin to
break down all the connective fibres of your life, keeping it all straight is stressful. You need, give yourself moments to rest I once told my assistant, just because I have didn't three minutes on my calendar doesn't mean I want to fill them. Let's practice what my philosophy preaches. I said that meant breathing space had to become part of my daily routine, So I began scheduling little moments of calm, in which I do nothing for at least ten minutes. Sometimes I just grab my dogs belly or play a little fetch, or I take a strong or sit still at my desk. It works. Leaders whenever I give myself these little breaks, I find I have more energy, I'm in a better mood for all the business that comes afterward. I know for sure that
Little restoration goes a long way. I don't carry even a twinge of guilt about giving myself that time. I am we feeling my tank so that when the next phase begins I'll be fired up and ready for what ever is to come fully restored, I always thought I knew I exercise was essential. do not have a fat tush, but get the real reason until a visit to Johannes Two thousand five I was visiting the leadership economy for girls school. I was building at the time and knew there were many things on my agenda. I was jet lag when I arrived so at seven o clock the next morning, I chose not to get up and work out. Instead, I stayed in bed and extra hour to catch up unrest. That was my excuse. The first day by the third day was about the treadmill. I didn't like it, not enough cushion support for my knees,
after three days of not exercising my resolved to stay fit dissipates, it's easier to lie to myself tired, I'm too busy, there's not enough time are all part of the downward spiral. Unfair in ITALY. For me, the resolve to work out is directly tied. Did the resolve to eat healthily it once if so, does the other the food The hotel was not to my liking, so I made a special request for something anyone can make mashed potatoes. The chefs had no power whipping sum up, and so I mashed potatoes in bread, every for the duration of my stay, which was ten days ten days of high glass civic foods combined with no working out equals. Ten extra pounds for me even worse in the weight gain was the way I felt exhausted lethargic
only had eggs and strange, I didn't know, existed. Ah, I finally got it when you nurture and support your body, it reciprocates. The basis of that support is exercise like it or not. The most essential benefit is more energy. Wait. Control is a bonus. I know for sure that taking care of your body no matter what is an investment and the return is priceless. among the many things I learned from Eckart totally new earth was this. I am not my body, After studying today's ideas closely, I felt far more connected to consciousness or solar inner spirit, whatever you choose to name the form this being? That is the essence of who we are.
But of all the years I wasted hating myself fact and wanting myself then feeling guilty about every croissant, then giving up car then fasting, then dieting than worrying. When I wasn't dieting than eating everything, I want it until the next diet, on Monday or after the holidays or the next big event, all that wasted time boring the thought of trying on close wondering what was going to fit. Number the scale would say all that energy I could have spent, loving. What is who I am, who you are? I know for sure we're not our bodies or the image we hold of them, but because what you give your attention due looms larger in this case. Literally all my focus
We actually made me fatter. I can look at the picture from any period of my life and the first thing that comes to mind is not the event or experience, but my weight and size, because that is how I viewed and judge myself through the prism of numbers such waste. time, I've given upscale watching no longer will I led a number determine how I you myself, and whether I'm worthy of a good day. It was an awakening to recognise how shallow and small. That made me you're, not your body and for sure you're, not your body image, I try not to waste time, because I dont want to waste myself. I'm working on that letting people with dark energy consume any of my minutes on this earth of law.
that the hard way after giving up hours of myself and my time, which are synonymous when you think about it. I've learned from my experiences of getting sucked into other people's ego dysfunction that their darkness robs you of your own life. The light you need to be for yourself and for others what I know for sure. Is that how to spend your time defines who you are and I want to shine my light for good Yes, I free we admitted. I have too many shoes I also have too many genes designer bonanza black skirts size, eight to elastic plus tank taps, t shirt, and sweaters. In other words, I have issues with having too much
I'm starting to ask myself the question: do my things promote joy, beauty, usefulness or are they just burdensome? I've decided to keep only that which delights me or enhances my well. Organizational expert, Peter Whilst says in his book enough already that our homes are overwhelmed with Duff and our lives littered with the empty promises that the stuff didn't fulfil in buying what we want, we hope to acquire the light we desire but chasing the life you want. accumulating more stuff is a dead end street well said Peter wash this. I know more things, don't we You feel more alive, yet feeling more alive is part of fulfilling your true self. It's the he's in we're all here- material excess, is about so much more than the physical objects themselves, although we know
we need to let things go doing so causes anxiety. Yet I know that letting go leave space for more to come. That's true of our relationship, not just two shoes but to all things. Cleaning house, both literally and metaphorically, is a great way to hit the refresh button. There are all kinds of ways to declare your life and they had nothing to do with just donating shoes, say good right, to decisions that dont support, self care, self value and self worth ask yourself. If the people in your life give you g and encourage your personal growth or block that growth with. functional dynamics and outdated scripts. If they dont support you as a loving, been free and spontaneous being then good bye put a stop to the stagnant pattern.
No longer serve. You at work reduce not only the clutter of inefficiency, but also strive to create a balanced workload and make your work invigorating, inspiring collaborative and empowering to others. I wanna be lean and clean for the future dust off by wings. I know for sure that doing so will make it easier to fly enough already with the Half a dozen enhance who we really are. That's the real deal of declaring a process that every evolving as you move closer to the self you Meant to be and saying goodbye, many shoes is a darn good start, I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations
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