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What I Know For Sure: Possibility & Awe

2021-07-07 | 🔗

Oprah Winfrey shares excerpts from her New York Times Best-Selling book, What I Know For Sure, which offers her insights, revelations and wisdom on how to live the life you want. From reminiscing about her first interview with Robin Williams to revealing one of her life’s biggest mistakes... in this episode Oprah shares her greatest life lessons about possibility and awe in life.

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to learn more our aid a dot com, I'm Winfrey welcomed super soul, conversations the podcast, I believe, One of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present you journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now. How can I realize my potential more fully? That's a question. I still ask myself especially contemplating. What's next in my life in every job taken in every city in which I live? I've known that it's too to move on when grown as much as I can support moving on terrified me, but always it taught me that meaning of courage is to be afraid and then, with your knees, knocking the step out anyway
Making a bull move is the only way to advance toward the grandest vision the unit This has for you, if you allow, it fear, will completely immobilize. and once it has you in its grip, it will fight to keep you from ever becoming your best self. What I know for sure is this: what ever you fear most has no power. It is your fear that has the power the thing itself cannot touch you, but you're fear can rob you your life, each time you give into it, you lose strength, while your fear gains it. That's why you must decide that, no matter how difficult the path ahead seems, you will push past your anxiety and keep on Stepan, a few years ago. I was writing this question in my journal every day. What am I afraid of over time. I realized it. While I often see brave on the outside I'd live much my inner life in bondage. I was afraid that others would like me
terrified that if I said no to people, they would reject me everything I did thought felt said or even eight was connected to the fear I carried round with me, and I allowed it to block me from ever. Knowing who I really was Doktor Phil often says you can't change what you don't knowledge before. I could challenge my fear and begin changing what I believed about myself. I had to admit that, yes, I had always been afraid and that my fear was a form of slavery Author kneel down a wash says so long still worried about what others think of you, your owned by them. Only when you require no approval from outside yourself. Can you on yourself? true, but when you summoned the courage to cast a vote for yourself when you dare to step out, speak up change yourself or even simply do something outside about others call the norm. The results may not always be pleasant. You can exe,
obstacles. You will fall down. Others they call you nutty at times it may feel, like the whole world is rising up to tell you who you cannot become and what you cannot do it can upset people when you exceed the limit, the expectations they ve always had for you and me once a weakness, your fear and self doubt may cause you too. Walter you maybe so exhausted, then you want to quit, but the alternatives are even worse. You might find yourself stuck in a miserable rut for years at a time or you could spin too many days, languishing in regret, always wondering what would my life have been like if I hadn't care so much about what people thought and what have you decided right now that you, stop letting fear block you. What, if you learn to live with it to ride its wave to heights, you never knew where possible. You might discover
joy of twinning out what everybody wants for you and finally pay attention to what you want and need and learned that, ultimately, you have nothing to prove to anyone, but yourself. That is what it truly means to live without fear and to keep reaching for Europe. best life. The true measure of your courage is not whether you reach ago, it's worth it, you decide to get back on your feet, no matter how many times you failed. I know it is easy, but I also know for sure that having the courage to stand up and pursue your wildest dreams will give you its riches reward and life's greatest adventure
and what's really while right now, no matter where you are, you are a single choice, away from a new beginning One of my defining moment came in the third grade the day, we point I turned in earned my tea his praise and made my classmates grudgingly whisper sheeting. She so small For too many years after that, my biggest fear was that others would see me as arrogant. in some ways. Even my weight was my apology to the world. My way of saying see, I really don't better than you, I'm not that smart. The last thing I wanted was for my actions to make me appear full of myself beginning when we girls, most of us, are taught to deflect praise. We apologise for our accomplishments. We,
try to level the field with our family and friends by down playing our brilliance, we settled the passenger seat, win we long to drive that's why so many us have been willing to hide our light as adults, instead of being fill with all the passion and purpose that enable us to offer a best to the world we empty ourselves in an effort to silence our critics is that the naysayers in your life can never and will never be fully satisfied. Whether you hide or shine. They are always feel threatened because they believe they are enough, so stop paying attention to them just stop paying attention to them the time you suppress some part of yourself or allow other to play. You small, you are ignoring the owners manual. Your creator gave you what I
for sure. Is this. You are built not to shrink down to less but to blossom into more to be more speed indeed to be more extraordinary to use every moment to Oh yourself, up, in nineteen eighty nine. I read this past in Gary's calves book the seat of the soul, every action thought and feeling is more raided by an intention and that intention is a cause that exist as one with an effect. If we participate in the cause, it is not possible for us not to participate in the effect in this most profound way we are held responsible for our every action thought and feeling, which is to say, for our every intention,
It is therefore wise for us to become aware of the many intentions than inform our experience to sort out which intentions produce, which affects and to choose our intentions according to the effects that we desire to produce them. Was one paragraph, but it was a life changing paragraph four me I'd recognise for long time that I was responsible for my life that every choice produce consequence, but all the consequences seem so out of line with my expectations. That's because I was expecting one thing but intending another, my intention of always trying to please the people, for example, produced an unwanted consequence. I often felt taken advantage of and used, and people came to expect more and more and more from me, but the principle of intention helped me
realize that other people want the problem. I was, I decided to do only those things that came from the truth of who I am and doing only that which pleased me to do, for others what I know for sure is at what ever Their situation is right. Now you have played a major role in creating it with every experience you build your life thought by thought choice. by choice and beneath each of those thoughts and choices lies your deepest intention. That's why, before I make any decision, I asked myself this critical question: why is my real intention since reading that passage in the he did this all. I have seen time and time again how no
The answer to that question can be. our guiding force the reverse. It is also true when you do not examine your intention. You often end up with consequences that block your progress. Over the years I witnessed far too many poles who stayed married when they shouldn't have simply because there tension was just that be married rather than to be fulfilled and in the end each of those couples had a relationship in which there was no regard for intimacy growth or building a strong if you are feeling stuck in your life, and you want to move forward start by examining your past motivations or intentions, look closely I've learned that my truest intentions are often hiding
shadows. Ask yourself: how have my intentions produce the experiences I'm having now and if I change my intentions, what different consequence will I create, as you make choices and honour who you are, you will get exactly what life intended for you the chance to reach your greatest potential don't go anywhere more to come after this short break summer. in full swing. So if you need any last minute items, Macy's is the place to go. Get news, our styles, like shorts and tanks, swim check out the swim finder to find your perfect suit and, of course, lather on the sun screen, with the ultimate protection from brands like Shiseido sunbeam and more make sure you, or outdoor set up is ready for barbecues all summer long without
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later value invite you to get outside, because nature makes us better. It energizes us an re fuels us experience. The power or of nature taken the outdoors with Nature Valley visit taken me outdoors dot com for more nature breaks. I have always had a great relationship with it even when I barely had any to relate to, I never fear not having it and never ups about what I had like mostly I can remember every salary I ever made a suppose. We remember, because a salary helps defined the value of our service and unfortunately, for some people the value they place on themselves. I first realized. I was not my salary. When I was, fifteen, and making fifty cents in our baby said: Missus Ashe, boorish, rowdy, kids and cleaning up. does she pull nearly every outfit from her closet every time she got dressed
bedroom always look like the end of the day. Last call sail it. Macy's would choose in brightly coloured, necklaces and dresses everywhere, just before lifting up the door without leaving any info is to where she was going or how she could be reached. She'd, say, oh by the way dear, would you mind tidying things up of it? Well, yes, of course I did mine and the first time I tidy up such a great job. I thought. Surely she pay me extra when she saw how I clean not only her room but the kids rooms too. She never die. so I moved on and found a job that would pay me more a job where I thought my efforts would be appreciated, There was a fine and I'm not far from my father's store and I got hired there for dollar fifteen. Our my job was to keep things straight stock shelves full socks I wasn't allowed to work the cash register or speak to customers. I hated it too,
then, I found myself counting the minutes to lunch. Then counting the minutest acquitting time even fifteen I knew in my soul. This was a way to live or make money. I was bored beyond anything. I've ever felt before or since so after three days I quit and went to work in my father store for no cell I didn't like working very there, but at least I could talk to people and not feel, like my spirit, was being rain. By the hour still, I knew that, no matter how much my father wanted it to be, that store would not be a part of my future life, by the time I was seventeen I was working in radio making one hundred dollars a week and that's when I made my peace with money I decided that, no matter what job I ever did. I won that same feeling I got when I restarted in radio. The feeling of
love this so much even if you didn't pay me, I'd show up every day on time and happy to be here I recognise then at seventeen What I now know for sure if you can get paid for. doing what you love every paycheck is a bonus. Give yourself the bonus of a lifetime. pursue your passion discover What you love then do it. I have never been a white water raft in bungee jumping down a girl. that is not how I define adventure I know for sure, is this the most important? of our lives, doesn't have doing of climbing the highest peak or trekking around the world guess thrill you can ever achieve is to live. The life of your dreams
Maybe you like so many women have talked over the years, have suspended their deepest desires in order to accommodate everything, and everyone else You ignore the knowledge that whisper, the often comes in the form of emptiness or rest. Business to finally get on with what you know you should be doing. understand how easy it is to rationalize you mate, children need you, the job that you admit makes you you're demand so much of your time. But what happens when you work hard at something that is unfulfilled it drains your spirit, it rob you of your life force. You end up depleted depressed and angry. You don't have to waste another day on that road. You can begin again starting over begin.
Looking in word. It means ridding yourself of distractions and paying tension to that inkling. You been ignoring. I've learned that the most full and chaotic things are on the outside com where you need to get on the inside. It's the only way you can connect with where your spirit is leading you many years ago as a on television reporter W Jazzy in Baltimore, given what was considered a assignment. I was sent to LOS Angeles to interview a few television stars first I was told it was a chance to prove myself a good interviewer alone without the help of my usual coincide, and add some celebrity cachet to my career experience By the time I arrived in California, I felt like a small fish dropped into the Hollywood fishbowl I started to doubt myself
was I to think I could just walk into their world and expect them to talk to me there's. Some all over the country had been invited. There were thronged us low. news, castors, entertainment lifestyle, reporters each given five minutes to interview an actor from the tv seasons. Upcoming line up, I started to feel nervous, uncomfortable inept, not enough to be there with all those other reporters from much bigger cities. With more experience than I to make matters worse, a representative for peace, Ella Presley. Who is therefore a new, shall she was hosting. Tell me, as I was Levin in line to talk to her, you can ask anything, but whatever you do don't mention Elvis she'll walk out on you now I wasn't just intimidated by this new world of stars and their handlers. I was feeling completely inhibited.
I've been a tv reporter, since I was nineteen I'd, interviewed hundreds of people and differ situations in prided mice, if I'm being able to break the ice and establish report, but I wasn't accustomed to real stars. I thought they had some stuff that being famous made them not only different, but also better than us, regular folk, and I was having difficulty figuring out how I pull that off in a five minute timeframe, with the most real questions being off limits. For some reason you might call it a coincidence. I call it grace inaction. I switched from the Priscilla Presley line to interview young comedian who starting a new, show called work in many. What followed were five of leave aroused exhilarating while off the charge minutes I ever spent in an interview with the most uninhibited out of the box. falling in every second celebrity human I'd ever met. I don't
Remember a word I said, but I know I hardly said any here geyser of energy. I remember thinking however, this guy is he's gonna, be big doesn't afraid to be his many selves. I had great fun, with Robin Williams for the first time, and I learned in that instant to go where the interview takes you. He was all over the place and I just head flow with So, in my turn came to talk to Miss Priscilla Presley, I for sure had received the lesson you can't accomplish anything worthwhile. If you inhibit yourself, I asked about Elvis she didn't work out. In fact she oblige
me with an answer: its life. Teaches you nothing else. No this when you get the chance go for it. My biggest mistakes in life have all stemmed from give. my power to someone else, believing that the love others had to offer was more important than the love I had to give due myself. I remained being twenty nine, an inner relation based on lies and deceit down on my knees, crying Mr Mann, who we shall not name here once again had brought me low I've been waiting for him all evening. He stood me up and it wasn't the first time he arrived hours after our date was supposed to start, and I dare
to ask why I remember him standing in the doorway and hurling these words at me. The problem with you, baby DHA, is it you think you special at which point he turned on his heels and slammed the door in my face, I grown up watching my cousin Alice, be physically abused by her boyfriend and I'd vowed. I would never take such treatment but sitting there on the bathroom floor after MR man walked out I saw with great clarity. The only difference between Alice and me was that I hadn't been. Mr Mann was wrong. I did not think I was special and that was the Why was I allowing myself to be treated this way? sing with these inside it took me another year in the relationship. I kept hoping
and pray that things would get better than he would change. He never did. I started praying for the strength to just ended. I pray and wait to feel better and wait and wait all the way repeating my saying all patterns. Until one day I got it. while I was waiting on God, was waiting on me. He was waiting on me to make a decision to either pursue the life that was meant for me or to be so. If, by the one I was living, I recognise the truth that I'm all right. just as I am. I am enough all by myself that revelation brought its own miracle around that time. The call came for me to audition for a talk show in Chicago. If I had stayed entangled in that relationship, my
If, as I know it would never have happened, what is the truth of your life? It is your duty to know in order to find out, no that the truth is that which feels right good and loving love- doesn't hurt I've learned in the years since I was twenty nine. It feels really good it's there. Which allows you to live every day with integrity. Everything you do and say shows the world who you are, let it be the truth. Porto from Facebook is a video calling device that makes you feel like you're, actually in the room with a person you're talking to it uses mark camera and sound technology to completely- and you that way- you forget Portal is even their lives into real conversations, the deepening
connection to the people. You love mom how's, the video calling device designed to bring people closer shit. Something real Porto from Facebook. I'll, never forget the moment When I decided to always choose myself, I recall what I was wearing blue turtleneck and black slacks. Where was sitting in my boss office, what the chair looked into like Brown, paisley too deep and oversight When my boss, the general manager, the Baltimore TV station, where work said there is no way you can make it in Chicago, you are walking into a land mine and you can't even see.
you committing meeting careers suicide, he used every tactic. He could muster to entice me to stay more money, accompany car, a new apartment and, finally, intimidation. You are going to fail. He said. I didn't know if he was right. I didn't have the confidence to believe I could succeed, but somehow I gathered nerve, to say to him before standing up and walking out. You are right, I may not make it and I may be walking into landmines, but if they don't kill me He still keep growing in that moment I chose happiness. lasting happiness than abide with me every day, because I decided not to be afraid and to move forward Staying in Baltimore would have been the same thing to do but
in my boss, his office. I knew that if I let him talk me into staying, it would affect the way I felt about myself, for I would always wonder what could have been that one choice changed the trajectory of my life. I live in a state of exhilarated contentment. That's my definition of happiness. Few old by a passion for everything. I am committed to my work, my colleagues, my home, my gratitude for every breath taken in freedom and peace and what makes it sweeter is knowing for sure that I created this happiness. It was my choice. Time is fleeting. Those of you with children are. Ever cognisant of this back, because your children keep growing out of an into themselves. The goal for all of us is to keep grow
hang out of ourselves to evolving to our best possible lives somewhere within me. Even when I was a teenager, I always since that something bigger was in store for me, but it was never about attaining wealth or celebrity. It was about the process of continually seeking to be better to challenge myself to pursue excellence on every level. What I know for sure only when you make that process your goal. Can your dream life follow That doesn't mean your process will lead you to wealth or fame. In fact, your dream may have nothing to do with tangible prosperity and everything to do with creating a life filled with joy.
One with no regrets and a clear conscience. I've learned that, yes, wealth is a tool that gives you choices, but it cannot compensate for life, not fully lived, and it certainly cannot create a sense of peace within you. The whole point of being alive is to become the person you were intended to be to grow out of an inch. do yourself again and again. I believe you can do this only when you stop long enough to hear the whisper, you might have drowned out that small voice, compelling you toward your calling and what happens. Then you face the biggest challenge of all: to have the courage to seek your dream, regardless of what anyone else says or thinks you,
the only person alive who can see your big picture and even you can't see it all. The truth is that as much plan and dream and move forward in your life. You must remember, that you are always acting in conjunction with the flow and energy of the greater universe, move in the direction of your goal, with all the force and verve you can muster, and then Let go releasing your plan to the power capital p that bigger than yourself and allowing your dream to manifest as its own masterpiece dream, big, really big were card really hard.
And after you ve done all you can fully surrender to the power capital p. I no longer make a list of New year's resolutions. I do, however, give considerable thought every January, as too oh, I can continue to move forward one for years morning I was sitting on my front porch in Hawaii, overlooking the ocean meditating. I prayed to be more resolved about being fully conscious, allowing We experienced to bring it closer to the deepest essence of life by nightfall. Why there had been answered in the most profound spiritual encounter. I've ever had my friend Bob Green and I were taking a hike. afternoon, the sun had set leaving wisps of law. haven't ribbons across the sky cloud
down from the mountains spread out over the ocean with only a small opening to which we, could see the moon all around Us cloud mist and just one clear Base of sky glowing with the light of a crescent moon. Look at that Bob said it looks like the dream works logo. I feel like climate up in sitting there with efficient pole. it was real as we continued our walk Bob turned to me and said step a minute. I stopped he whispered. I could, and it took my breath
away. It was the sound of silence, utter and complete stillness. So still, I could hear my own heart beating. I wanted to hold my breath because even inhaling and exhaling was a cacophony. There was absolutely no movement, no breeze, no recognition of air. Even it was the sound of now And everything it felt like all life and death and beyond contained one space, and I was
just standing in it. I was also part of it. This was the most peaceful, coherent, knowledgeable moment. I've ever experienced Heaven on earth. We stood there for the longest time, trying not to breathe in awe. I realise this was exactly what I had asked for earlier. In the day, this is the meaning of ask and it shall be given seek, and you shall find that moment was indeed the deepest.
Sense of life and what I know for sure that moment is always available to us. If you pull back the layers of your life, the frenzy, the noise stillness, is waiting that still This is U. This is what I call a glory glory Hallelujah moment. I wanted to hold onto it forever, and I have sometimes I'll, be in the middle of a meeting with people lined up outside my door and artist inhale and take myself back to the road. The clouds, the moon, stillness peace. I am often confronted by things about which I have no certainty at all. But I feel sure, believe in miracles. For me,
miracle is seeing the world with light in your eyes, it's annoying, there's always hope and possibility were none seems to exist, Many people are so close to miracles that even when one is boldly staring them in the face they label it coincidence. I call it like. I see it to me. Miracles are confirmation. that's something larger than us is at work. I believe they. Not just sometimes, but every single day, if we open to seeing In my own life, miracles often involve the simplest. Things like being to run five miles and less than fifty minutes, or being exhausted. After a long run in craving a bowl of red pepper and made a soup, then walking into the kitchen and fine my god. Mother name is if some on the stove for me a miracle watching a sunset. The color, strained, peaches and seeing it turned a raspberries
by the end of my evening, walk its having pomegranate key we and mango on a pretty try. for breakfast, its admiring the pink paeonies cut from my own garden and placed in my bedroom. It's when a green minivan, pauses on the road and a young woman leaned out the window to go. You are there de jure on tv and she herself is a kindergarten teacher? It's the sound of the birds and their individual songs and them when I wonder: are they singing to each other to themselves or just to be heard, a miracle is the chance to roll in the grass with all of my dogs and enjoy a full Sunday stretch before me, with no obligations, no plan snow place to be its. The chance come back to myself after a week of going and going in going in have time to finally just be alone,
to meditate on a log cabin porch Lee rustling like water newborn geese and Pond with their mother teaching them to swim, to feel the joy of this glorious life and have the chance to live it as a free woman. if I know nothing else for sure, I know that the boy Miracles. We're waiting on are happening right in front of us at every moment, with every breath open your eyes and heart and you'll see them getting older is, best thing that ever happened to me. Awaken to a morning prayer of thanks posted on my bathroom wall from Marian Williamson's book Illuminato, rage at I think about all the people who never made it that far think about the people who were
called before they realize the beauty and majesty of life on earth. I know for sure that every day holes within it, the possibility of seeing the world with wonder the older. I get the less tolerance I have for petty yes and superficial pursuit. Theirs wealth. It has nothing to do with dollars that comes from the perspective and wisdom of paying attention to your life. It has everything to teach you And when I know for sure is that the joy of learning well is the greatest reward, I know for sure There is no real meaning to life without a spiritual component. Spirit to me is the essence of who we are. It doesn't require any particular believe
it just is, and the key to this essence is simply being aware of the present moment. It is transformative. it redefines what it means to be alive: spiritual polity can be something as ordinary an extraordinary as giving your full force one hundred percent attention to another person without thinking about what else you need to be doing right then, or making an effort to do something good for someone or stuff in your day with a full moment of silence, Waking up to literally smell the coffee, tasting its Roma through your senses, making every sip ship Measure and when it's no longer sheer pleasure, putting it aside what I know for sure the light
Life comes in one conscious breath at a time, breathe easy my higher life, is a miracle, and so is yours that I know for sure. No matter how you came to be whether you were wanted or an accident, as I was label for so many years. Your being here to hear these words is awesome. I say this: not knowing the details of your life, of course, I do know is that every person carries our own story of hope and sorrow, victory and loss, redemption, joy and light everywhere, has had her share of life. Lessons. How well you learn from them is up to you.
When you choose to see the world is a classroom. You understand that all experiences are, to teach you something about yourself and that Your life's journey is about becoming or of who you are. Another miracle we all get to share in the journey The hardest experiences are often the ones it teach us the most. When, The trouble comes my way. I try to ask myself what This is really about, and what am I supposed to learn from it? only when I perceive what the real lesson is. Can I make the best decision and grow from the experience everything that happened to me in all my years on this earth, when I'm most crowd There's that I remain open to evolving. I know that every physical encounter has a metaphysical meaning and I'm open to seeing at all
I was lucky enough to spend some time in Fiji several years ago and while I was there, I loved one. The waves break gently on shore, I think of each repose, each of us In the sea that is life We believe were also different, but we're not. We cover ourselves in costs in costumes of aspiration? struggle and victory and sacrifice and laws, and soon we forget- who we really are. One morning as I sat watching the waves I email my poet friend Martinico, whose book of awake is a years worth of daily lessons for living. A more intentional life marks. Email response was this: you ask about power
Three, you ask Woman Island so far, away remains unspoiled toward quietly till the miracle in everything speaks is poetry. You want to look for poetry, in your soul and in everyday life you search for stones on the beach four thousand miles away. As the sun ices the snow here, I smile for in this moment. You are the poem. After years of looking, I can only say that searching for small things, worn by the deep is the art of poetry, but, listening to what they say is the poem.
I never thought of port you that way before, but sitting on the edge of an island. I could feel that what mark said in the rest of his email was also true. He wrote this. For me, poetry is the unexpected utterance of the soul. It is where the salt choose the every day. It is less about words and more about awakening the sense of a libanus we carry within us from birth to walk quietly till the miracle in everything speaks is poetry, whether we write it down or not. I confess I
it out wanting to write great poems only to be worn by life to wanting to discover true, poems and now in the second half of life. I feel humbled and excited to want to be the poem well that for sure, as an inspiration, withholding too not just appreciate the poetry, but to be the poem I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the podcast you can. follow supersonic on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and review, this podcast join me next week. For another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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