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Where Do We Go From Here? Part 2

2020-06-17 | 🔗

In part 2 this special conversation continues in response to the continuing civil unrest in America following the tragic murder of George Floyd, Oprah speaks directly with Black leaders, offering insight and tangible plans to answer the following questions: “What matters now? What matters next? Where do we go from here?” Featured guests include politician Stacey Abrams, journalist Charles M. Blow, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Ava DuVernay, professor and author Jennifer Eberhardt, journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning founder of the 1619 Project Nikole Hannah-Jones, historian and author Ibram X. Kendi, award-winning actor David Oyelowo, Color of Change president Rashad Robinson, and co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign Bishop Dr. William J. Barber II. The group discusses white privilege and the importance of voting, and each guests expresses what they would like to see happen next. (Part 2 of 2)

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Tonight, where do we go from here continues: during Stacy Abrams, Bishop, William J, Barbara, the second Charles Quichua Lance Bottom, even to renew Jennifer Everhart, Nicole Hannah, Joan Zebra Kinda David o Yellow, while we're shod Robinson what matters now what matters? Next? What do we want? Our demands? Where do we go from here? Part two and now good evening, everyone. This is part two of our own spotlight special. You know in all feel that our country, the United States- It is in a moment of reckoning right now, and it is not just with police violence against black people, but with systemic racism is rooted inside the soul and psyche of our country and culture, so Question has been on my mind is: are we willing to finally face in this moment the reality and stepped into what
and be a watershed moment and also what exactly well. We do. Where do we go from here. So for the first time it feels like a lot of people. Are waking up and recognise seeing that we know better. But the question will we in this woman in time do better is my Angelo always said so I also have to say that there is not a bad prison in America. I don't think hardly anybody whose working in corporate Amerika who hasn't been called and asked your advice on how to handle this moment ever mention that a little bit yesterday or call by their white friends, just one you know what They can do tonight. We're gonna talk about that and also about what do we want wait, people in particular to know and what we want them to do in moment I mentioned opening yesterday, show that it was
nineteen. Eighty five that I did my first show with Jane Elliot she's, a woman known for a blue eyed brown. I'd experiment that she's been doing. For years, I just heard killer, might the other day telling people go to you to looking at the summit videos. Well, we didn't experiment with an audience where we literally in the morning, separated the brown eyes from the blue eyes. Blue white people were made to feel comfortable during that show me to wait in the line longer weren't taken The room where they got coffee and doughnuts and even as that show was ending an hour later, One woman was still sound, live it that she had had to experience being discriminated against for an hour and I remember Jane, Elliot saying to her at the time gin for a lifetime that was. You know beginning of a conversation of what
white privileges. All about no one is just talk about that word privilege I think, especial for middle class and working class or why folk that it's been a difficult time for them to accept or to grass because I've heard friends of mine say that the word resonate because the word privilege is associated with affluence and we privilege, you think of lifestyle. You think, I'm a guy in a fight. The car on his way to a country club, you think I'm being wealthy wealthy, and I think that for a lot of people, why people in particular that word is hard for them to accept? maybe a more descriptive term is advantage. I saw a messy Elliot policy, the day that red privileges when think something's, not a problem, because it's not a problem to you personally, so I want to unpack that.
For a few moments. He began the goal here so I saw last week a white sociologists gave an analogy that I think, makes it easy to understand what white privileges and what she said is why privileges are swimming in a stream and your swimming in the direct, that is that the stream is going you're swimming along with the current. It doesn't mean that you're not working hard, it doesn't mean the journal struggling but you're swimming along in the current, and that the black experience is working hard and swimming against the current that we're having to paddle harder, we're having to work harder and oftentimes were being pushed back by the current. So it's not that no poor white person exists. If not there, why people have never struggle, but they are struggling in a system that is built to move them forward. We are struggling in a system that is both the push back. We have bottoms tell meeting of the words of Paul Longstone BAR. We were the mass graves and lives and hides her cheeks and shake our eyes the beauty of this moment for their first.
In my lifetime, black people across America are able to unapologetically say we are angry and we are frustrated and we are hurting, but I think in the same way, white people across America are Allah, Jeddah able to say I am ignorant, and perhaps I am complicit- and I think for all of the hurt and pain and agony that's gone into where we are in this moment in time. I think that is the silver lining that we get to have open conversations about what why privilege Maybe it's because usually that's a conversation at me behind closed doors. We dare not have it in front of mixed company, because we don't worry
to offend anyone or put our positions in jeopardy, but I think the beauty of this moment, as it were even discussing that and we're having a real conversation about what it means and even how people can have that privilege and be completely oblivious to being empowered by their privilege. Jennifer, it's over. Why privileges, when you're protected by state actors in when, under the systems in society, Eddie are there to work for you and not against. You is the way we think about white privilege in that way, and then you pair that with the fact that a white people are not taught us, each other right. So, at the same time, there's privilege there's also dislike, not acknowledged, race or not, and acknowledging coloring researchers have shown that by the time
children are ten years old. They already know a white children is not polite to talk about ratio not supposed to do that, nothing good will come from it. Yet I'm the goal is to nazi color of those also, don't see discrimination. Those adults also don't see discrimination. Though there is a way in which color blindness is offered to weigh Americans as a way to fight injustice, but actually promotes that injustice, it's easier to understand, privilege when you think of it as privileged and oppression existing as Seesaw Europe. Because I'm down dead the privileged a relative position. If there was not a precedent being a privilege- and you have to understand Primmest SB
only personal. But can you give your community had people any who experienced the privilege they had we'll take a delay to the hospital they dominate the school? They could keep those trees, that is to say they can build the part that the communal privilege they, even if your daily experience double the community, did not protest outside this. Is it the ability and the things that, when the average innovation accumulation drivers of wealth was prohibited, you some people. It was not to you if you're for others did not generate enough well to transfer that's what they, but they could have, though, the possibility of privilege that, with actively denied to my great grandfather, but he worked on this european money to buy the and they said the terrorists and their shop to and his wife, because you are a kids get killed and he had to make a choice. Do I stay and fight for this?
and then I have to leave all the woman. I love and he chose love, but as an active player, to the accumulation and transfers of a generation. That, too, is a privilege. Professor candy were torn. About what we spoke about last night, this history of racist power, an impossible Then the question becomes fundamentally, I begged her every Our kids don't want to answer this question. We don't want to get down, and just this simple way is that you have people who have been arguing from the beginning of this country that the problem that the racial problem is people is blocked there's something wrong with them, then, and what we have been saying is now from the beginning of this country that the pact then just like the problem. Now is power and policy, and so would you believe The problem is black people. Think you're going all now trying to figure
are we to Hubert Civilize were incarcerate or synergy, or even to port bracken in it I am even brown people, but if you realize that problem is, is policy in power because there's, nothing wrong with black people, there's nothing in fury about why people didn't you focus on changing power in parts of the dead I had just jumping in I think What can be just just said there about. It seems like we, as black people, are somehow the problem to be solved. What is also- not being acknowledged. Is that baked into the inception the Foundation of America, as a country. Is this white privilege We was stolen from a content, brought here and that knee on the neck started there, but all the a Tional America was built within me on the neck of the native Americans. It
under the Mexicans as well. It is something that this country is built on it was happening in this moment- is that there is a widespread acknowledgement that something fundamentally wrong We can reach a consensus on that fact. What went wrong there is a sin baked into this kind. And how it was built and one of the US I have, and there are plenty of people in this. We're gonna, have great things to say about policies and and and socio economic, but I wanna go to a spiritual place. One of my asks is: and we reached a consensus that this country needs to repent. It me is to repent of that. The church. The country, so many people in America identify as Christian we ve done this thing whereby religion,
politics and become conflated, and so therefore, the idea of replacing the idea of ambition the simple fact that there is something wrong with America when it comes to race, has now been tied to politics and tribalism, but this moment, when I have white people calling me in Tears and I am now feeling the need to help them through the woods of this is a completely confusing thing- What really needs to happen is you need to gather with your fellow white people, recognise that you are Ben of the same. You need to repay it's a bit whether you're a believer Marie this point of view or not. You have to come to a place of repentance in order for there to be salvation beyond. I don't think anybody understands what do you mean a particular view away prison using repaired repent of what David repent of the original?
then, and what I mean by that is that this privilege is baked into everything. Remember. There are three ways: history changes in this country, war. Economic downturn and massive sophomore social movement does not yet We are in the Midst Pandemics, Fourways PET, you, pandemics, war economic downturn and more social movements. We have three of them happening right now. We have a pandemic. We haven't I'm a downturn depression, whether we like it or not, this complicated there. We have mass moral outrage. I've been working with the poor peoples campaign unanswered A former revival in an ongoing twentieth. The way Getting at this is we're bringing white and black and brown and gay, and straight in and triumph people together to agree There are some fundamental around. We all have to judge racism in of its wound systemic poverty in all of its form,
Article devastation that all of its for the war, made all of its form an end. This false, more narrative, bided angelic Alyssa and you can't be at the Table- white, black or otherwise, unless you're willing to address all five of us not to understand their interlocking it just as we start with racism, so I'm I'm glad to see the diversity in the street, but I also want to see a more small fusion where we take on all five of these, interlocking injustice together. I don't go with peoples that you notwithstanding the wife, you get what you want to live in that place live in that place. Don't need you don't understand how we got out of slavery? That made you don't understand history, the civil rights move you don't understand. It had always been these morrow coalitions and is the only way history changes, we'll take a moral movement that have to do more? this episode after short break today, This episode is supported by better help.
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Code Super superstar, that's better Gee lp dot com slashed superstar talk to it there. First online and get help Charles. I know you and many others believe that are our light. Allies should not even be asking what can I do to help? Why not because I think the mayor just said this. This is the seminal moment. Isn't this what we wanted people to be opened up to? what the systemic problem is and now what can I do to help? The first thing you can do you understand what was I guess it. The ask is huge. The attitude will not let me as we have to be somebody more of a hundred years? You have been refining this weapon for centuries and every time we think we knock it down. You bring it back in a more elegant floor,
So did you go to that long? It's going to take that long to get it. So don't don't believe that it's going to be quick dirty and you can ask me- and I can tell you- donate- to discuss and vote on this line and that's going to do it cuz. It's not right. This second thing is I know that our allies to show me, demonstrate to mean that you can break the cycle of supporting us because you have been doing it from the beginning of this country, is the support it has agreed to the north. Consistent good compromise does leave it there, Actually we have over the top with wouldn't do that but the way arise to show up and that we have put happened again, this prison with seven hundred plus, mostly why people with yourself, data that none of the later it also Chicago. They got the money
We must use our how'd. You marry why people show up. Maybe a violin, whatever nothing, of thousands of people sure to protest model of King s garden, and she is what to say. It is beautiful He was shot because that these women, The same people, the allies who had the money, will come down, but what they were activated by was embarrassing. It they want. The data by saying to the race they were activated by the cruelty of color, and but they were not just the Inn for black equality. In fixing this problem on a fundamental level, he was shocked by the and without trying to say is I don't want you to be winning streak closer embarrassed? I thought you were the atlas because you just a guess cruelty with that. For my full equality, I want you to be out. We were both feet.
They want to Russia. But can you speak to this because the projected you were saying last night that seven million people of showed up in the past eight months as opposed to one point whenever that that the number was- and we all see that the protests are much, Our racially mixed inclusive governs, and we see the n impasse demonstrations. Why do you think that is in this moment I'm acting. Actually, I agree with a lot of what Charles Genetic that that's, why it so important that we think about how we help people takes it teaching. At this moment I don't wanna evangelize white people and they there and talk about it is if they don't know right. I think we were actually given a real gift in that in Cooper video from central park. Because very rarely do we see the strategy on video that she picked up the phone and by the time we get after the fact that we already know what was actually happening, but in this matter, we saw her say: there's an african American
command she now and then moment. If she said ass, she had all the tools in place that this liberal, couldn't sort of say that You can get the web reactors. You could use her power and her position. The sort of that situation in on that level of powers. Are we actually need people to engage and responded in different web. I really appreciate it look last night about ensuring that would not just talking about police. In this moment people dont experience it was. They experience like at the forces that hold us back a deeply interrelated. Better racist criminal justice system requires a racist media, to keep it alive to keep the sort of demand for it in place that economic inequality goes hand in hand in equality. We have to work in that process, but we cannot simply tell people to, but we have to focus on each of the Chinese. Locally, somewhat being strategic about. We were putting our energy and holding books accountable we hear that
We all know, I think that vote is one of the most empowered things. Anyone can. Do you see this this video The other day that went viral been viewed. Four million times or five million times are women. In Deserts bar and former Obama aid struck or on the internet, with her passionate plea to the Our testers vandalized your neighborhood in New York, let's watch a part of that
We will now. Will you What are you gonna do about your Samir bottoms trying to make our voices heard. You said that voting would be the most effective response. The deepest pay back reach men at the past
That many apple is policemen pressed into mischief Lloyd's innocent body we want to say about that. Oh then, that moved me just just watching them. And her anger in and her frustration is what so many of us are feeling and what we know is. That is how change happens in this country in it. It's not about one election, it's not even about two elections, because what we saw we had Obama by an administration for eight years, but the work. What had the gun and it needed to continue for eight more- and I think, If anything, people have to understand that the it's? U dont, revolutions, that a one time event and we ve gotta, keep going back and keep Goin back and keep building and keep building and
something I've been giving a lot of thought to the past week is: where did we fall off after the civil rights movement? Did we all get so complacent because we got good jobs and good houses? Many people did anyway, and then we thought the work was done. So, if there's any lesson to be learned, you got to keep going back and you can't just walk in and vote for the president and turn around and walk out. You gotta go down ballot and you gotta vote in every sense of the local elections is what determines your district attorney is going to be. Your local elections is determined. What's happen in your community Stacy. Today, in twenty twenty you more than anyone else on this prattle understand that voters, suppression is a real issue, otherwise we'd be addressing you as Governor Abrams in this moment and Europe,
powerful are bad for the New York Times the sweet title. I know loading feels inadequate right now. What do you have to say to people who feel still feeling that their vote doesn't matter? I think the first, reality. Is it for a lot of folks? Getting to vote? Is the struggle voters depression is real. Voter fraud is a myth, but me millions of Americans who thought that the vote, Rights ACT, was going to open the doors, keep running into roadblocks, keep running into bus saws, and it is and he was for any of us to presume that the Action is on the part of the boulder. There are millions of people who want to cast their ballots, it simply not possible? Our first responsibility is to call out suppression and call it what it is. It is an attempt to block the voices of black and brown people of young people of people who want to The progress we keep talking about power, as, though is the system? That's you. This structure powers p
and we can't disembodied, because when we just embody it, we give an even more authority power is who gets to set the laws who gets to vote for them, who gets to assign them who gets to enforce them and who gets to judge them, and that happens at the local level. That the state level it happens at the federal level at the local level over you're? Absolutely right is the question of who are you is who are mayors. But it's also question who are judges whose my child, in jail or in prison. At state level, the state to three things, educate and first rate and medicate, and when the monies go to incarceration versus education or medication, then we get the results we get and at the federal level. The onus of government is to create a structure so that at every level of our lives we get the support we need to get opportunity. But if we don't remember that these are people were talking about the same people, it angry and who use Rachel epithets and you
Then, under their breath are the same people who were writing those laws, because when we think about eight years of the Obama administration, what we forget as we got to years of grace, and then we had twenty two, and what we are looking at happening now. Is it when we, vote in two thousand ten, when we could vote in two thousand ten because of voters depression, but also because of its inaction or apathy or would, I was actually say, is typically despair. What happens as people stab out and things chain? That's what I'm fighting not only against voters, suppression, but I'm for funding for the census, because one Wait five trillion dollars of our money goes out every single year to address these issues, but if we do not participate in the senses, in ignores for another generation and that's what happened in twenty ten. But it's also the consequence. People who were elected in twenty ten wrote the laws for the next decade and so is weak. About this election is we call on people to show up? We have to I am then we're not just re litigating and reducing the twenty sixth,
election. We are reviewing the twenty Twond election that took the house of representatives and blocked every legislative initiative, of Barack Obama and Joe Biden for eight years we are talking about. Structures of government the went to school, members who ran for office pledging now to invest in poor children, state ledge, later Suzette we're going to strip you of your reproductive choices and, if you're living among the southern states, where you have the highest levels of maternal mortality your three times like more likely to die because you're, a black woman? Those were all the. It is not made by a system. They were made by people who do not see our humanity and that's not just the humanity of blast. Izzie many people, color of young people, of the disabled, of any the thing that does not advance their power and it means their privilege, and so I want to be very clear that voters, suppression is real. And so is the power of the boat, isn't an adequate answer. When I hear people say just go vote, I know that there are
folks are going to try to make it. But it's not just go vote. It is keep trying to vote he's getting people to go with you and understand that the systems are people and if we could beat those people at their game, if we can take their jobs, if we can demand more policies and if we the mechanical once they are in office. That is how boating changes. It does not do it on its own, but our extraction from the system, our distant The system, our invisibility in the system is what guarantees that they continue to keep their power. Ok, that's why I'm here! a special power station. Here's what he is a race brought here. We gotta get why Southern politicians ever run like you ran in the south, is owned. It Democrat I have learned from the south. If you can control the thirteen, What confederate states you controlled? Nearly a hundred and seventy electoral books by control in thirteen you controlled thirty, three percent of the United States have and twenty six
the United States Senate, which means you only twenty five from the other. Thirty seven states, and you only need twenty four from other thirty, some states to control the house and car the Congress. We had thirty some presidential debates, twenty sixteen We have a hundred forty million people in this country to a corner where sixty one percent of Blackie Performer wept and not one. Debate on poverty, not war? We have less voting rights today than we had all the six nineteen sixty bats, and now one debate on, possibly in the primary organ, the gentle Democrats or Republicans. We just causes, then it in the house past reveals, like people die at a rate that that is disproportionate, not one. Those beheld gave essential work as these central things they need. We gave eighty five percent of that money to corporations not one real gave our people gave healthcare gave unemployment and living wages. Are sickly,
even as I said earlier, the protection of the water from Danger- and I watched you stated- a black woman if we could have why number the run like you did in the south, and if this haven't you might say about the date in astronomy the party in your rates, neither did it There are strong enough in might gypsies down in Mississippi because, There were certain racism, even in the way in which the south is written off at the very time. Did the demographics tell us if you organize black and white, practical out at all or where you can win the south, so they again raise factors here we are. The challenge. I even black partners in the black ass, a lover, but is the one percent, a black people, a poor, low wealth. Why is a positive one? major issues, not the working class, not middle class, but the poor, the poor. You're sixty one percent of our people, a polar well. If we do that, we face,
on their own merits? we will have an expansion explosion. People now, if you won't get help, keep your they. Both they get a living wage have been bought. They get decent unemployment if they thought they get sick. We can't do say, wait till after the election. Do will tell you we're gonna do these days. We are talking about now, my last question you are now that we have the focus of the country What is the Meda made a call for black brown and white people to do what should be urgent for all of us right now, I'm gonna start with you David, because this whole show started. This whole shall started because of conversations we were having personally about what the answer is. So what's the answer, is you see it? No one everybody to be able to way in. What's the in this moment, while assets
where you been said you know ass part of why we have the focus of the nation is the images we have seen. I met was the precursor to the Montgomery Bus boycott blood. Sunday was the precursor to the summer March that led to the Voting Rights ACT. Being we now have this image of George Loi being ledge before our eyes. And in the moment the ass with a bus what country was segregation with Zat Selma was voting rights with this. For me, everything we ve done about these parts of it, but to lease reform. How do does this not happen again? What has happened to the police. I love what is happening in black lives matter. I just saw on the parliament in London Black lives Matt. I cannot tell you
a crazy. It is for me, as someone grubber me, you came to see black lives matter on the houses of palm, but black lives matter is a statement of fact, a brilliant and a statement of fact search, bringing some new ones to be conversations equipping whilst people these white people, I've been reaching out was, and what do we do this? We have to argue than what we actually want and so to me the art is now asked the articulation. The in the way it was in the past voting rights for black people. The least reform. That's the thing that I mean it. This focus and the thing tat, I mean it's really articulate so Jennifer. I saw you raising her hand there, the Meda Mayday ass well, and sometimes we conclude that reform is not possible because were focused on reforms. Either not effective or they're not adequately evaluated, and this is certainly
case were implicit buyers, training that were seen in our schools and workplace isn't certainly seen them in a police departments all over the country, but we the little about its effectiveness and, to the extent that its evaluated at all no officers are asking. Cells at the end of the training, did you? at the training, so that the but the main a metric that we have out of this, and so I guess I would say no answer as a researcher in the scholars is that we we don't want to try it approaches that don't work and and don't even evaluate those which is a man who then decide that change is not possible. Charles regime, you I'll, be just very good. I think we need the civil rights bill, two thousand and twenty I think, we'd, be wrapped in a lot of weight. Barbers working out. I think we need to wrap in what the caress black boxes working all police reform. I think it is a broad concept and
we shouldn't be shy about being all the best this legal certainty about your ball, then negotiate you. Do you call him back from it, but be ball? That's exactly what you mean today online somebody wrote the saviours neighborhoods Not the ones it mostly is it most. Resources does about. Resources is about, power is about protection, is about making government function. Well, could use it. I thought he was the man on the other side of town and the only when you get there it. It is any bold action and if blood is going to be required of us every time something happens, you make a ball. You make it Professor Urim, I mean, I would say the ask: is This building in antiracist America with ask is removing from apple vocabulary. This term, not racist. These terms, like race, neutral policy,
and realizing that their racist ideas that suggest that certain groups are a better are worse than others in their anti racist ideas that it suggests were equals the words we have a situation where racial inequity is everywhere and people, but- it should be that way, because they believe that people should be. Or they believe they have more, because they are more, and so I think it's completely transforming our even frame for even understanding this problem and really seeking to build a nation where we have life then, and we have held in Vienna Accordingly, we have justice really for all Stacy Abrams the ask three things:
one call on the Eu S Senate to pass the Heroes ACT which will fund and put guard rules on our elections, so we actually have them in November it will fund the census, which is going to allocate one point: five trillion dollars and political power for a decade, and it's gonna funds, state and local governments, because, as budgets get cut the things we need to cut first number to fill out. The senses go to my twenty twenty seven. Does gap, because that is the allocation of political and economic power. If your community didn't get p p during covert, nineteen community doesn't have the resources it needs. It's because of the senses fill it out and number three vote vote like your life depends on it because, as we see every day it dots thank you were shot. I wanna just plus one on every
in that Stacy said about loading and distances in all the ways that we have you, I'm drew the work to engage the final thing. I will say that we also have to recognise as much as we have to focus on the rigid rules. We have to focus on the unwritten rules and the fact of the matter is return on our tv. We see images every single day which encourage sort of this type of understanding. We have a plethora of cried tv shows or tv right now that create a magic World where waste and multiculturalism exist receive tons of black and brown characters on these shells. But it's a cat is a world with black and brown people exist, but racism seems not to it, and so we actually happen, How much the type of images are coming to our home, because we know that they be the type of demands for a racist criminal justice system they pay. The type of demands were fixing black people and black families as that of fixing the systems and harming hurt us. Thank you,
eight hours. You speak that, because everything that you create includes those images that allow us to understand that there is a complexity to life and that there is also racism involved. Yes, certainly and- and- and I love this conversation because your question Minos, whereas many people were at that are in the room, you have as many answers. I think that's right. Because we're talking about you, know little world literate systems interlocking systems that you know and created over centuries four hundred plus years, and that it's not gonna be one girl, one election won anything that's gonna get it done. I start to think about these image is that Russia is talking about what can we do? The big thing for me and I'll be quick is ice. Let's try to understand. Why was George voids tape me to my knees in a way that all the racist violence finish that I watch for thirteen and reviewed all the the meetings in and an end to make so much and the tapes of the boys
interrogate them prison surveillance tape at all that, for wit, when they see us, why did this one? bring me to my knees and was because for me I could see both bases in the frame. Clearly looking up a camera right, and I could see that office that Charles was talking about yesterday clearly, and it led me to think- how I usually don't see the officer I usually at the officers behind a body camera some fuzzy surveillance footage just seeing the opposite, space and then knowing his name and holding him a cannibal witnessing who he wasn't, what he was doing. Something that's been missing. Where we are as artists we started. They called the law enforcement accountability project and call a reaction that work we are about to use. Heard of change to start, the stories and identify amplify the identification of cops who kill. My people,
we can no longer have this blind spot where we don't know their faces and names. That's a small thing that we, It was artists. The challenges don't ask: do What can you do where you are on top of that? The brilliant things stacy and and were silent and everyone else was talking. Those are the national registry, more police officers, so that its yet using its using art to really state at really make sure that we remember their names and faces with the hope that, eventually, with some accountability the least unions are not holding them accountable, courts or not let them accountable. Stacy said the power lies with the people we are going to know your name and we're going to know your face is right now to mirror ISIS murder and walked up to any of us. Would we know him by faith? No, can we say his name? No, but I mean the names of our brothers and sisters, you ve, been murdered, and so it's not to glorify. Now that he's been moved to another precinct,
We know that we know that. But do the people in that community know where he is so? Will you storytelling to do that? But it's just an example of working with what you have where you are as artist. That's, what we're doing, and we have to I think about changing from the past. You have asked me to action on that answer I'm going to U nearby and then the unicorn? Then you, your clothes, us out, Bishop, mere bombs, mother recently said to me that this America didn't feel like one thousand nine hundred and sixty five to her. This felt like something before one thousand nine hundred and sixty five until I think it's important that restore moral leadership in this country, so I think for every single minute those nine minutes that his knee was on George Floyd's MAC. Each of us needs to commit to making sure that nine people are registered to vote, that nine people feel out their senses form and that we all
so right down nine things that we want to see changed in our communities and send it to your mare, send it to your city, council people, because if we don't hear the voices, we don't know always what the people are crying out for and so put it down on paper, send it to your local leadership. So nobody can say that they didn't know that this was an issue and then, finally, if you ve been a part of mass gatherings, please give a covert test, because the reality is that when we see so many black and brown people gathering in this country the chance
of us getting covert and dying are higher than most and we all have to be around to make a change in this country in November. Great point because I feel like if we are an truly unprecedented times and we have asked for on or demand unprecedented things when we talk about voting building a horse in America is the hallmark of citizenship. It is truly how in this country b d
citizenship or what are we voting for? I don't know my Bible very well, but I do know that aid without works is dead, like people need to know that when they are voting, they are actually getting something for that. Both too often black Americans are being forced to evolve. That's just two whole where we are not lose our game or were not actually being able to vote for what we need in the future, and so politicians who understand it back before the base of the Democratic Party court. Those bodes very heavily leading up to the elections, and then they dropped like people's me like a bad habit. Assuming they went on. Second thing is clearly
is accountability. Please we're not daring to a camera. Emory man, they dont, think they can get away with it. We need accountability, but we also needs reform place apartments in that they are not acupuncture black communities by serving black Moody. What I hear from black holes as they do want policing, but they want the type of policing their white people get collision. That's respectful pleasing that serves not being over pleased on small, petty crimes and walking down,
the street but not being under police. When someone chilled our family member than there is almost no time before re homicides, all rates and black community are a regionally love. So, yes, we want policing but give us the pleasing there why people get in demand and a third thing I'll say it. It is easy to put a black lives matter, signing your yard. It is the easiest thing in America to say that a judge at the state should not be the chill citizens. What is much harder is look at the fact that our black children, our segregated today in our schools, as they were in the nineteen seventy, that people remain the most segregated racial group in this country. That's where civil rights, that is, when civil right back to get intimate when whereby why people live and where they send their children to school. So we need to do something about the segregation that creates a dragnet of disadvantages for black people. We need economic restitutions for black people who have descended from slavery in this country because until by people made whole economically, it won't matter that we can have every legal right in his country
when the other actors, I therefore that have been set and thanks for having so today, thank you think it was a barber. Take us home was well. I want to remind us that less about David more. That may sound strange, but I hope we don't move from this place of morning to say there is a necessity for more like you should be more for heard. Someone say today that this country not yet learned how for black, because we try to put up and you try to hear things too lightly, I don't want us to turn these attorneys protest into parade Secondly, I want to say to those in the Congress right man, MR this pandemic. That would wait this they make has exposed the amount Here's to great walls, one of racism and the one and they all national security threats and the matter is to this date in any, be us even want being proposed to heroes, beer. It is not being from the poor and the low where it is not addressing the issue raised. We need to go back and fixed
it would not be how in the world in a pan? Can you not changing healthcare? Make should be back after that blows my man, especially when you know people a guy you may you may have before He may have stated you couldn't afford, but certainly now found two and three trillion dollar for cooperation can afford. The next thing is, we are asked June twentieth twenty twenty five mass poop? was assembly, moral, Martin washed, in a digital affair. We were supplanting beyond Pennsylvania, Avenue and called it here but we ve organizing a mass moral, huge problems in black and white. Young and old and gay, and straight and latino- an asian and made it too? around a complete agenda that deal with systemic racism, systemic, possibly ecological devastation, analogy of care, and this week Parliament will take on this false mourner, religious nationalist, or is it a bible March art? I remarked yet I'm on June twenty
we ve got. Fifty million invites we have a hundred fifty partner, forty five state, coordinated committees. Sixteen major religious denominations. Where do we go? We want to participate W W W doomed one in our work and what you gonna see that they offers not people punk with a gain for the poor and speaking on behalf of the poor when we had planned for this, they have to put white man, is on the stable Blackfoot from Alabama white women from West Virginia. I want to state who were folk from white blackened from California their catching nation. On the state of the of all, here saying we need to deal with all family this is not one of them but all find but then a more fusion movement which goes on my last point, I would say that we need look at George and yes, George added races, cop lead, but before Georgia, corner? He was being suffocated by the palaces.
This nation. He lost his job in cold. He had didn't, have decent unemployed didn't have decent sickly? He went to. The solid and get a job. He got a service jobs which we, a colony central job, but he didn't give him this get your things he needed. So by the time he got the corner, he was already being suffocated. Images of this society. Therefore, if you're gonna adored- yes, we got a fix, policing and have a federal law that makes it a Federal case of murder. If a police, when in the name of the state, kill somebody, but we also got addressed all other things there was signed to suffocate your joint now surrounding twenty twenty. Twenty. You gotTa June, twenty twenty twenty people go about what you're, gonna see that you're gonna see people coming together and, lastly, over in this moment, when we say I can't breathe, I'm asked
everybody from deep spiritual place, the remember that breath why what is required is the breath of go and then we have had come from our people who have more than us as early as what we saw, camera. We come from people who saw much more debts and much more and aid have anywhere, but somehow they opened them so as to the room to breathe. I'm asking us as a people to say, if I might be forty eight hours from my last breath goes with it any of us, no matter what money we have, no matter what times where we could be forty eight hours for my last breath or you would be the victims of one putting their your money. You have I here forty, you, I a breathless. What would I use my last breath for what kind of work What kind of justice what kind of healthcare? What kind of fight without render against racism, and I'm asked
ass to leave you like we only have forty eight hours a breath Does it not morbidly but serious You may live another forty years, but at this moment that we again, it is important that the last breath and went out to George comes in us and in all the breast people who have died. They shouldn't have died that went on those ventilators that their breath comes into us and we say with the thing we ve gone? We have with a brief more life into this democracy, because all these protests that we see is really just a strand debris equal, protection under the law, trying to breathe a copper brought about a common defence time to be Bree promoting the general welfare trying to reach and the establishment of justice is just trying to breathe and we gotta get a man bank you all
Thank you all. Thank you for your words. Thank you for your action. Thank you for being with us both the night, and I appreciate conversation maybe conversation that the actions that need to follow be executed and continue. Thank you so much good night, you I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast? You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple podcast and subscribe rate and review of this progress join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening. I'm over went ray, and I am delighted to bring you the Oprah Winfrey show the
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