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1044: How to Let Your Purpose Find You by Cylon George of Spiritual Living for Busy People

2018-10-20 | 🔗

Cylon George of Spiritual Living for Busy People shares how to let your purpose find you.

Episode 1044: How to Let Your Purpose Find You by Cylon George of Spiritual Living for Busy People

Cylon George is a spiritual chaplain, musician, devoted husband, and busy dad of six. He loves listening to people’s stories and helping them gain perspective on life’s opportunities and challenges. The mission of his blog is to help busy people thrive in their spiritual lives so they can live with more joy, peace, purpose, and meaning.

The original post is located here: https://www.spirituallivingforbusypeople.com/purpose

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this is optimal living daily episode ten forty four how to let your purpose find you buy ceylon orange spiritual living for busy people dot com i'm just a molecule the personal narrator reading blogs you mostly but sometimes books anything i think while we optimize your life and today's both come from ceylon george he's a great writer i first found him because he guessed posted on mark an angel site and before both are you focusing on the most meaningful things in life take inspiration from scoggin watches and jury their data minimalist designs are guided by less is more a good deal and for all of us see how they do it at school dot com does s k a g and our come and get a special this count on your first purchase when you sign of re males again that scoggin ask a g in dar com for now get right to it as we demise your life
how to let your purpose you buy ceylon george of spiritual living for busy people die come quote life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced sonic kierkegaard why are you here it's a simple enough russian but it's a question that burns in your heart sometimes awaits you up overwhelming you with anxiety why are you here the quest and often operate just below the level of conscious thought your soul is desperately trying to find the one thing that war your life gives meaning and finally resolve the question but no matter how already try finding your purpose remains an elusive an unending quest in your terrify the never find the reason why you were put on this earth what if the way we ve been taught to think about her this is all wrong what if the path to self discovery does
requires so much effort axed or pain the relationship between purpose and genius elizabeth gilbert author of eat pray love delivered a ted talk a few years ago called your elusive creative genius though the talk was all about the creative process the principles can be applied to per finally gilbert says the ancient cultures of greece and rome do not believe that genius came from the individual as we tend to believe today instead genius was a december reed or divine creative spirit that quote came to human beings from some distant and unknowable source for distant and knowable reasons end quote this worldview protected those visited by genius from narcissism in hubris it kept eagles in czech since the credit for major accomplishments went to the genius
not the person but the rise of individualism during the renaissance changed the way we thought about genius instead of having genius one was thought to be a genius the shift put a heavy burden on the individual to be the source of genius rather than his transmitter the burden distorts us in ways that are self destructive in advocating for a return to some sense of having genius gilbert talk and give us some insight into the vexing problem of finding ones purpose what if finding her purpose is actually the process of allowing your purpose to find you letting a purpose find you as we begin to think about purpose differently here are some things to consider number one your purpose is not about you what if instead of king what do i want out of life you ask what does life want from me the latter question goes against the conventional logic of storing the purpose finding process with one's own preferences and gifts
some of the most influential people who we think of ass having a strong sense of purpose were swept up in circumstances beyond their apprehension or control give them will not have chosen the path before them but they were compelled by forces beyond themselves david brooks and his book the road to character describes a different approach to for a bit by generations past that echoes the ancients his approach to genius quote in the scheme of things we don't create our eyes we are summoned by life this perspective begins with an awareness that the world existed long before you and will last long after you and that in the breeze and of your life you have been thrown by fate by history by chance by evolution or by god into a specific place with specific problems and needs end quote he continues quote your job to figure certain things out
what does this environment need in order to be made whole what is it that needs repair what tasks are lying around waiting to be performed end quote in other words if you notice something that needs to be done that others are noticing or if against your better judgment your move to take action while other sit on the sidelines the divine spirit of purpose may be trying to get your attention are you going to listen number to your purpose is not about being happy living your purpose contrary to popular belief is not about pursuing happiness is about being obedient to what life requires of you in the present moment though jewish psychiatrist viktor frankl spent three years and nazi ghettos and concentration camps he did not bemoan the fact that his life purpose of being a doktor was taken away from him instead he summoned the courage to figure out
life was asking of him the moment he lost his freedom according to brooks franco was asked to do two things his first assignment was to suffer well and be worthy of his sufferings his second was quote to take us circumstances into which he had been but in turn them into wisdom he could take into the world frankel had been in a great intellectual opportunity the opportunity to start human beings under the most horrific conditions he had a chance to shares observations with his fellow prisoners and if he survived he figured he and the rest of his life sharing this knowledge with the world beyond end quote by taking up the task said before him frankly something much deeper than happiness the mood they allowed him to experience d meaning and even joy in the midst of darkness he spent the rest of his life teaching others the same what is life asking of you today number three your purpose
is all about surrender michael singer in his book the render experiment shares how his easing life unfolded when it came to the realisation that his purpose was to surrender to whatever life was asking him to do in each moment he writes quote the scope of life is a universal and the fact that we are not in control life's events should be so with evident nonetheless we walk around costly trying to control and determine what will happen in our lives no wonder there's so much tension anxiety and fear and quote his response to this illustration a lifelong experiment in surrender driven by this central question quote am i better off me drawing up an alternative reality in my mind and in fighting with reality to make it be my way or am i better off letting go of what i want and serving the same
because of reality that manage to create the entire perfection of the universe around me and quote his surrender experiment is not about being passive is robbing attentive to life's flow is about zena pay attention to the little coincidences the flashes of insight and the subtle is of our intuition however we ignore these seemingly insignificant forces and our frantic search for meaning and purpose why are you here what would your life you like if this question no longer haunted your dreams what if he could live each day with deep purpose me being enjoy without the anxiety producing need to plot the entire course of your life don't wait another moment obsessing about your purpose instead spend each day being fought we present to the reality of life unfolding in front of you yes is downright scary to let go but the alternative is scarier so here's the real question will you keep fighting the good fight or will you take them
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