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1098: Finding Quality Information in a Sea of Rubbish by Michael Mehlberg of Modern da Vinci on Clarity

2018-12-13 | 🔗

Michael Mehlberg of Modern da Vinci shares his thoughts on finding quality information in a sea of rubbish.

Episode 1098: Finding Quality Information in a Sea of Rubbish by Michael Mehlberg of Modern da Vinci on Clarity

Michael Mehlberg is an entrepreneur and certified agile project manager who specializes in productivity and organization systems. His blog, Modern da Vinci has been called "The Owners Manual to an Awesome Life" and helps high-achieving entrepreneurs master their life and business - crushing their goals, living their passion, and finding purpose, balance, and excellence in all they do.

The original post is located here: https://www.moderndavinci.net/blog/2015/9/14/finding-quality-information-in-a-sea-of-rubbish

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this is optimal living daily episode ten ninety eight finding quality information in a sea of rubbish by michael melberg of modern davinci dot net enemy narrator just a moloch reading your blogs every single day of the year toby live a more meaningful life this isn't a typical podcast no inner is just me narrating some amazing blogs and sometimes books hanford three years officially now crazy i started this back around december twelfth of twenty fifteen and releasing episode every single day and that thanks to you for continuing to listen and thanks to our authors gimme permission narrator amazing content of course these articles modern da dot net doesn't check out this site before you today is both small
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as we optimize your life finding quality information in a sea of rubbish by michael milburgh of modern eventually dot net choose between but i have an agenda that has everything to do with you my writing i muttered eventual aims to for you and other readers become better more knowledgeable more productive more confident man more creative whom if your hearing this right now my agenda is working if you share this posed or subscribe all consider it a great success eventually you'll find another blog to peruse or news article two red they too will have an agenda it may be to say more subscribers push up political views or drive sales of a new product wherever it is they wrote every word with their agenda in mind we returned to facebook
your long day of surfing the internet for news every wall post every forward and every video link you find has an agenda bind it your friend family and neighbours post and share their own reasons often without thinking without considering for their readers and without one green whether what their posting is true in other words much of what we consume on the internet is rubbish utter unforgiving relentless rubbish i suppose the read or believe or like or tweet or forward such nonsense but we do anyways why is it sounds good and he gets a reaction because on the internet nobody stops you nobody will think about what you ve written they will just like your post we'll get a warm fuzzy feeling whilst burning the nonsense further before they move their lives none of this should be surprising and on some level none of this matters but looking at the bigger picture we
oh that the posts in tweets flying around have an effect on both small big events in life after all the way we iraq with others is fed by our misconceptions and system of beliefs world leaders are elected by a populous educated or not walls or torn down when freedoms are restricted the things we read and choose to believe affect how we treat those around us how we cast those votes and how fast we tear those walls down of course we can fight every snippet of misinformation or uninformed anyone there's none of willpower or time to go around what we can do is call to be the challenging questioning attitude while we pay is the internet by changing our world view we will learn more by questioning what we read we'll start to get a sense for cod all the information versus the nonsense this is easier said than done staying alert a hundred percent of the time while under a barrage of hype and misinformation can be a challenge in itself here
are a few things to keep in mind while reading to maintain that questioning attitude number one anyone can post anything at any time on the internet long are the days when the primary information sources came from newspapers and television shows sources who all be at bias to like any source took the time to research their facts and kept their opinions to a separate section number to others often represent india's as facts but they are still opinions and number three the internet moves fast bloggers pose new articles quickly companies release new products daily and journalists publish news as it happens not the day after the result information may be unintentionally inaccurate so what do we do how do we find quality
nation in this sea of rubbish doing so may feel impossible but only requires a huge challenge in question what you read ask yourself what am i reading a friend's twitter boast news article in it any and blog keeping in mind the type of article you're reading will prevent you from mistaking opinion for fact what is the authors agenda as we discussed earlier everything you read is backed by an agenda not every agenda is malicious but you must understand it once you know the authors motivations and funding sources you can better assess the quality the information at hand if what you are reading is portrayed as fact does the authors site sources is there evidence is it supported missing sources doesn't mean the author didn't have any but an article with sources is far easier to verify is the site
article trying to sell you something this goes back to the motivation of the author if the author is selling is almost impossible to trust them as a source of valuable information would be far better to seek an external opinion and is the article grammatically correct and free of spelling errors while grammar and spelling have nothing to do with whether the statements made are fact or fiction a clean well nautical shows the others taken the time to prove freed his or her work they should at least a the level of care for the content they are publishing review poorly formatted improperly construction material with caution recognised at the author may not have taken the time to verify facts if they didn't take the time to prove reed there's no perfect way for finding pure on motivated quality information these are a few ways by the relentless flow of rubbish and develop a more informed sensible approach to the information you read most importantly by spending the necessary
the time keep the points you heard in mind you will develop your own conclusions what you're reading increasing conclusions will at the very least arm your knowledge with reason additional tools number one read scientific papers they are peer reviewed control to determine cause and effect it many times he ran immigration to reduce errors google scholar is an excellent tool for finding such papers number two find a trusted source and continue to use it for example i love using engage to re technology reviews i trust them i find their views to be full relevant detail they helped me understand new technology far better than facebook friends who was an opinion but doesn't understand why they like or dislike the technology and number three spot check information you find fact check dot org and snobs dot com are two websites build specifically
for this you just listen to the both title finding quality information in a sea of rubbish by michael melt big modern dementia done that the great post i'm always try bring me the best articles on personal development and minimalism that fit these criteria so that you don't have to constantly ask yourself these questions while listening ugly enjoy the authors i bring to you and your always welcome to suggest some to me at old podcast our com and don't forget gusto offers model ez payroll benefits and hr to small businesses across the country and if you want your business to be all set up by two thousand and nineteen you don't want to wait get in touch now and get three months free when you run your first payroll gotta gusto dot com slash old that's gusto dot com such oil de without before today nearly eleven hundred episodes have a great day and i'll see you
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