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1104: A Gentle Warrior's Guide to Navigating the New World by Courtney Carver of Be More With Less

2018-12-19 | 🔗

Courtney Carver of Be More With Less shares a gentle warrior's guide to navigating the new world.

Episode 1104: A Gentle Warrior's Guide to Navigating the New World by Courtney Carver of Be More With Less

Courtney Carver was stopped in her tracks with a scary MS diagnosis after decades of debt, discontent, and trying to do it all. She had to slow down, prioritize her health, and figure out what was really important in her life. She discovered what mattered most by getting rid of everything that didn’t matter at all. In the end it all came down to love and health. She went from a busy, overwhelmed advertising director to spending 2-3 hours every morning taking care of herself, loving her work, and being present and engaged with the people she loves. Her family changed, too. They moved from wanting bigger closets, nicer furniture, and more stuff to downsizing into a 750 sq. ft apartment with no storage. Courtney has written books, courses, and hundreds of articles to help you simplify your life and work so you can focus on what really matters.

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this is optimal living daily episode eleven o for a gentle war here's guide to navigating the new world by corny carver of me more or less start com man i'm just a moloch hobby wednesday say to you and welcome back or welcome for the first time for new here is where assembly red you every single day of the year including weakens and holidays i will be here on christmas and christmas eve and new here narrowing for you i don't take days off before we get to today's posed all business owners where a lot of hats and while some has our great others like the filing taxes running payroll hat are not so great ass where gusto comes in gaza makes payroll taxes and hr actually easy for small businesses gusto automatically pays and files your federal state and local taxes will you have to worry about it plus they make it easy to add on health benefits and even for a one case for your team oh and you can get direct isis certified each our experts to sound like a
pretty good way to kick off twenty nineteen for your business right but here's a deadlines for the new year creep up earlier than you think you're gonna want get started now don't wait like gusto make it you you're on you they ve been helping me as a bonus list we'll get three months free when they run their first payroll this as one of you can be how'd you gave up try a demo and see for yourself gusto dot com slash old does g u s here dot com slash oh well de finance their right to it as well after your life agenda warriors guide navigating the new world by corny carver of be more or less die come you may have noticed that things are changing in the world it feels fast and furious stressful and in many cases downright heart breaking his here we all are waking up making breakfast taking care of our kids going to work writing and reading blog posts
drinking coffee am living our lives something's feel the same but one look up or out and its clear that everything is changing when faced with something new sometimes scary and death different i tried approach it from the heart and lens of a gentle warrior were i was a line you chosen to walk in these trying times please join me in becoming a gentle warrior a gentle warriors guide to navigate in the new world number one i will take care of myself this comes first if i want to be a gentle warrior i have to be healthy tom and well rested it is more important than ever lost him if you're my emotions with sugary treats or com my nerves with a glass of wine or two or four instead i'll take care of myself and double down on healthy habits and prepare not for one battle but for the law journey b gentle warrior
if you ll run down or stresses sorry into effect you physically pull back and assess are you putting yourself first are you bill strength or avoiding pain was wanting do today to take better care of yourself you can only save the world if you save yourself first number two i will protect my mornings writing meditating and exercise come before the news facebook email or anything that made derail starting the day with love and intention it may be possible to completely check out but everything will be ok better even if i take it two hours in the morning the two now in tune in be a gentle warrior who your day if you are trust our mass by eight a m because of your politically charged facebook theodore because you ate your breakfast while watching the news ray claim your morning how eugene
to start your day will impact how you move through the rest of the day number three i will be kind i could stand up for what i believe and without being snarking on social media i can make a difference without engaging contentious conversations i will if an act in alignment with my values and my heart even when i strongly disagree with someone be a gentle warrior check yourself are your conversations and social shares inspiring action and thoughtful conversation or fear and hatred is somewhere in the middle can you screw towards being kind number four i will be brave i will stand up for people who cannot stand for themselves i will not tolerate humans not treating humans like humans i will support my friends were brave enough to speak up when i feel too they are to do it alone i'll ask for help be a gentle warrior what is bravery mean to you is there something you ve
to do or say but felt fearful about the response start with a small action like sending a thank you know to someone who was even up to do something you wanted to do like everything bravery can start small number five i will take action that matters instead of wallowing griping friends are or giving up i'll take action i'll donate money because i support you have my time and energy to have moved the needle and help lift up the most compelling voices be a gentle warrior action alleviates fear and worry ask her friend join you at a local meet up volunteer for a cause you believe and see what is when instead of getting lost in the o knows and what if you take action to support what matters to you number six i will keep listening i dont know it all more even most of it i won't take a stand for the sake of being right or controversial i'll keep listen
and stay open to new ideas i'll keep listening to my heart too the agenda warrior consider new information don't be afraid to change your mind when you do stand up ask yourself why is it because we believe in this or because you are not to listen to your heart number seven i would there are still laugh agenda one you're still needs to smile laugh and enjoy time with our friends and family the agenda warrior call for any makes laughed so hard you cry plan a date night with your love watch if we remove ie don't leave joy behind as he navigate the new world number eight i will keep things simple simplicity is transformed my health my home my life and my work things build up and get complex but i keep coming back to simplicity it means saying no cutting things out streamlining
i'm stepping back to really see what has to change be the gentle warrior keeping simple isn't always easy choice but practice anyway be strong for the things you can't control by simplifying the things you can number my were removed the drama things are magic enough without adding another layer of my own the sky is falling drama also to date on the headlines with the skim instead of the drama of the nightly news or tweets from the white house be gentle warrior pay attention to what's real in what's drama i know what you are thinking and feeling words on paper will help too now the drama going on inside of you a number ten i will go to the beach i live in tat are going to the beaches are really long drive but i've been happy there so many times that i can we close my eyes and feel the same between my toes cases mold in the air and here the crushing waves when things feel too tough to bear
go to the beach for a few minutes to rest and feel my heart he a gentle warrior take a time out and go to your happy place then come back the field and ready to start again join me become a gentle warrior i became agenda or your by identifying what mattered to me in doing what was necessary to protect it might attics our fears but also soft joy by adopting some of the guidelines you just heard or creature own take care of yourself because we need while navigating the new world we need to show up for each other he doesn't the post sidled a gentle warriors guide navigating the new world by corny carver of bee your last star come the beach is definitely not my happy place i dont like the sand between my those are the taste of salt in the air which is a bit of a coup
i'm considering i live in southern california but i do have happy places side of the beach it's all about finding your own place before we go don't forget gusto for modern easy payroll benefits and age are too small businesses across the country we want your business to be also by twenty nineteen you dont want await get in touch now and get three months free when you run your first payroll just gotta gusto dot com slash old as gee you as tee o dot com slash o hildy they'll do for today thank you for being here have a great rest of your day and i'll see you in the thursday show tomorrow where optimal life awaits
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