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1136: Metacognitive Exercises by Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle on Personal Development & Mindfulness

2019-01-20 | 🔗

Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle shares his thoughts metacognitive exercises.

Episode 1136: Metacognitive Exercises by Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle on Personal Development & Mindfulness

Colin Wright is a professional author and international speaker who co-founded a publishing company and travels full-time, moving to a new country every four months or so--that country determined by the votes of his readers! He also blogs. Colin's a minimalist in that he owns very few things and is careful in how he consumes. He tends to buy less, but invest in quality when he does, and trends toward the same in relationships, business endeavors, and just about everything else. He's left-handed, blue-eyed, scary good at Tetris, and can’t cook.

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to his january so now is the time to get started man to plan for the year don't wait i've been using it i for a year now am i keep using abuses may my life a lot easier like us get easier on you too as a bonus listener to get through months free when they run their first payroll does one how you can be glad you gave up a demo and see for yourself at gusto dot com slash old that's g u s tee o dot com slash oil d for now is get right to it as we optimize your life metal cognitive exercises by common right of exile lifestyle d come why did i just do that this is a question i try to ask myself regularly being conscious of the reasons behind our actions is something most of us are taught to make time for but i find it an it's the only way to ensure the way i live is aligned with one i believe with the type of person i want to be a simple enough
all of this type of exercises recognising when you behaving hypocritically do you complain to get angry when someone tail gaze you drives close behind you when you're on the road but do you in turn around do the same to others this is a scam oh and relatively team example of practical miss alignment scrubbing one motivation to the person in the car bind you assuming their a horrible person a bad driver a jerk who cares nothing about the safety of those around them but when you perform the same behavior you either currently gloss over your actions neglecting to notice what you're doing or you justify them that somehow normal you're a good driver with good reflexes so you can get away with it you're just being efficient you're not really that close to the car in front of you not compared to how close other people get all of us in some aspects of our lives do these kinds of cognitive gymnastics to justify our bad behaviors and in most cases were not doing maliciously weed
and you only do think were wonderful drivers so when we tailgate it's ok while it's a bad idea for anyone else we might encounter that doesn't mean our thinking is clear in these cases though it just means that were good justification and warping the data to suit our actions in other words were really good at making it seem like the status quo ways heavily in our favour and that we all need to choose anything about ourselves while the world around us has a lot to work on medical ignition means thinking about thinking it means being aware of how we think and ideally using that awareness to adjust our thinking and our behaviors overtime our brains are consistently tree us into mentally adjusting circumstances to favour our behaviors whether those behaviors our positive or negative if you from an unbiased outside perspective if we can make
cells more aware of this trickery more of the time will be capable of fooling ourselves less frequently now it's unlikely will ever catch ourselves in every single instance of self deception we asian this all day every day more or less so there's a great deal to work through but it is possible to be nice and act upon the low hanging fruit in some of the most jarring miss align behaviors with time and effort one example of low hanging fruit in this space might be asking yourself why you prepare your lunch the way you do why do you eat lunch at that time each day why do you eat what you eat whitey prepare it in that way why do you eat it where you eat it when and where did this particular i begin and are the variables that led to his creation still relevant for your priorities and circumstances today
is there a minor just then you can make to this habit to shake things up to possibly lead to better outcomes what outcomes are you hoping to achieve in the way you eat lunch one of the aspects of your life influenced his particular habit and how might those variables change if you were optimizing you're alive or how about this one where my stressed about right now why am i stressed about it is that stress rational or irrational in other words is something i should legitimately be worried about or my worrying purposely is this i can do immediately to address distress her as is something for which there is no and to be done but perhaps to forgive myself to forgive someone else how much i changed my thinking so that i avoid this kind of stress in the future another good exercise and this is one i find myself engaging in a lot asking yourself if what you are doing is for you or for some one else is his habit this routine something that
truly benefit me or is it something i imagined benefit someone or something else if the latter who and how and why is it possible that your wires are crossed and you imagine this behaviour is beneficial to some one else but is actually not is it possible you perception of the matter is based on old or bad data is it possible that asking might lead to a change in habits in routines are you giving too much of yourself harming yourself even so that someone else can gain a tiny bit in the trade off is that a worthwhile exchange her away to rebalance things so that you and whoever is on the other end of chief better outcomes is that person or those people on the other side still worth your sacrifice are you perhaps telling yourself that this be there is for some one else when in reality is something you do for you his out ok something i want to change one valuable medico native exercise is checking in when you
varying something that pulls you from psychological homeostasis something that unbalanced as you or makes you feel high or low sad or happy awkward or confident what was it about their specific interaction that made you feel that way have similar circumstances resulted in similar feelings previously is this on the eu change of fear our tendency you can address as your sense of self in updated to include this bit of data is something as already part of yourself perception but would you like to remove perhaps by cautiously addressing it and working through the rationality of it is our action you can take in the future to reduce this negative feelings are experiencing or if it's a positive feeling their way to have that experience more frequently for me this last exercise has been most valuable when i found myself unconsciously cutting someone down and small ways or being critical for reason
thou wert immediately evident and afterwards when i realize which has happened i stepped back take stock and try to figure out why i said that why i did that what the purpose was there was in fact a purpose and often are realised it self consciousness that makes me lash out and try to pull some one else doubt this realization give me something to watch for next time something to improve upon to ensure i feel better about how i live my life answer that i or dinging anyone else's happiness along the way these aren't easy routines to perform and there is almost always in my experience at least an immediate punished the gut you read that you didn't catch a negative behaviour sooner but the psychic weight as lifted as well noticing these intellectual blind spots tends to be worth that quick fading sense of self judgment all of these exercise are valuable unto themselves as they help us better know ourselves and as a consequence better chart out our mental cartographer but better still
is acting upon what you learn ever so slowly but surely now junior practical self the inner self you make manifesto your actions towards something that looks or like the most ideal version of you which thankfully as something you'll be increasingly capable of defining you just listen to the post titled matter cognitive exercises by car right of exile lifestyle darkness other than one guy you thinking like you did for me and don't forget gusto offers modern easy payroll benefits and each are too small businesses across the country you dont want to wait now is the time to get started get in touch now get three months free when you run your first payroll just go to gusto dot com slash old that's g who s tee o dot com slash o hildy but i'll do for today thank you for here have a great rest of your day and i'll see you tomorrow where your optimal life awaits
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