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1207: The Case for Slow Reading by Erin Nudi with Cait Flanders on Slowing Down & Enjoyment

2019-04-01 | 🔗

Erin Nudi with Cait Flanders shares the case for slow reading.

Episode 1207: The Case for Slow Reading by Erin Nudi with Cait Flanders on Slowing Down & Enjoyment

Cait Flanders started Blonde on a Budget to document her debt repayment journey. After paying it off, she adopted a minimalist lifestyle, tossed 75% of her stuff, and is currently doing a two-year shopping ban. She shares stories and lessons learned every week.

The original post is located here: https://caitflanders.com/2017/10/25/slow-reading/

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it's a minimalist monday edition of optimal living daily episode twelve o seven the case for slow reading by air annuity with kate flanders dot com and i'm just a moloch happy monday happy first of april april fool's here and i dont have any pray for you i think i did one once on the show in a few years has been running i said i was gonna end the show but none of that today anyway walk about audible livy daily though l de podcast where i read to you from some of the best blows i can find in get permission from today's posed comes from cape flanders dot com but it's a guest article her sight aaron is a writer and editor in new york and aspiring novelist actually and before you to today's boast the average interest rate on credit card dead is over eighteen percent bp are have you looked at your interest rate lily refinance your high interest credit our bow does and save with a credit card consolidation loan from lights frame
the same even more my listeners get an additional interest rate discount the only way to get this discount is to go to light stream dot com slash old elijah ie eight de as t r e m dot com slash oil de subject credit approval rate includes point five percent or pay disk out terms and conditions apply and offers are subject to change without notice visit light stream dot com slash old for more information for now get right to it and start optimizing your life the case for slow reading i knew kate flanders dar come when reading cates many thoughts on living slowly and mindfully it got me thinking about reading slowly and i've been taking more time to read through both books and articles without even realizing it and a lot of it is due to the arrival of my son effort discovered good reeds twenty eleven and found myself in heaven finally
a solid waited track all the books i've read organise them into debt categories and find in bookmark books i wanted to read and then i saw a good reads reading challenge you challenge yourself to read a certain number of books by the end of the year and it keeps track of your progress letting you know you behind or ahead of schedule in twenty six i more than was necessary to complete the challenge i was pregnant for most of the year and found myself can play books even more readily than usual i went through the entire harry potter series a number of members in countless other gems sometimes i read aloud to the baby sometimes kids books sometimes not brows always reading a finished the chemist while in early labour as soon as twenty seventeen head and the baby was born on january eighth i found my time for reading decreased but more importantly i began taking the time to really enjoy books when i did
slowing down for a long term books and audio books once the baby here if i had a moment to myself to read i wanted to savour it also found myself picking up what i like to call book in between books books like what to expect the first year by this author as what to expect when you expecting and healthy sleep habits happy child are not books that you devour as quickly as you can move on to the next book there not typically red covered a cover their intent did to follow the life of the child and he read along as the kid gets older he's others books turn to again and again to look things up or reread passage initial i was annoyed that i read a good portion of but not yet finished a couple of these book in between books browsing close them out yet on good reads but then i realized these books aren't items to be cross off a list the point isn't to read as fast as you can so you can put the book out of sight and out of mind to move on to the next read their meant to be relish
over time and frankly their intended to learn from to their nonfiction informative books that are too tell me about how to be a better mom i want to fly through them just to say i've read them similarly i've gotten into audio books in recent years and i found that sometimes i have to go back and live to a passage or chapter again to better understand what i am reading take me a while to get through these but that's ok i'm not going to turn the speed and listened to them as as i can so i can read more and more and more and more if i did that barely go to enjoy or even process the books so what would be the point really say i read the book at that juncture reading slower at work i'm a writer editor at a marketing company i got the job in early twenty sixteen
as i found out i was pregnant yes it was awkward timing for me at the beginning i try to pump out articles as quickly as i could i wanted to demonstrate that they can rely on me to get pieces done fast we know what happens if he rushed through an article you have more edit things get missed you forget to check the spelling of a name you miss permanently formation in a press release yourself is he getting the words down you forget who your demographic even is at some point my editor there's something to me along the lines of it's ok to slow down i take a little more time we'd rather get done correctly then quickly and again is one i was pregnant which for some reason can i go go go mode as far as reading and writing went so i started to make us of slow down one way or force myself this is when reading articles as research for a peace sometimes actually retie everything i'm reading as i'm reading it i just wish
reading an article or i could take the time to type it out said to carefully think out each word each sentence need paragraph this really helped me to better taken the information and not miss something him warned taking time to read with the kid ultimate sometimes i'm ready for him to go to bed oh i can get on with my evening i'm occasionally tempted to raise through good night good night construction site so you get him in his crib i can go and do yoga or watch my so barber our read my own book but i can't do that he deserves to take the time to enjoy books too before i had a kid when i was baby sitter you're watching other people's kids i would hate how we would have to pause several times when reading a book i'd say something like and then the bunny hopped across the lawn and the kid would interrupt me with bunny
while yesticle being his or her hands on the book i respond with yes bunny as i was saying i just wanted to read through the story but little kids don't read that way they need to stop and pointing this out and pull tabs on pop books with my kid he's not yet a year old so he's not quite talking other than data but for what i've read in what to expect the first year this time period you need to be the one to stop during the story you must be the one point out what's going on in the book before he can do this himself look at the little girl eating blueberries blueberries are yummy and sweet or that's a cow cows go move goodnight moon is particularly great for this as it has quite a few objects in the book that our excellent for examining mittens kittens a mouse a brush a ball kids need to read slower there must be interruptions discussions the pointing out of it
these things time to take a couple of moments to digest what were reading we can all probably benefit from taking a chapter out of thereby you just listen to the post titled the case for slowly by air annuity was kate flanders dot com awesome of my own but first thank you again to light stream when you have good credit you deserve great service and a low interest fixed rate loan from lights frame that's lending uncomplicated in get alone from five thousand to a hundred thousand dollars and there are no fees you get a rate as low as six point one four percent a pr with ato pay again fixed and will never go up refinance your high interest credit card balances and save the credit card consolidation loan from lights frame and want to see the more by listeners get an additional interest rate discount the only way to get this discount is to go to
light stream dot com slash old l i g h t s t r e m dot com slash oil d so due credit approval rate includes point five percent audibly discount terms and conditions apply and offers are subject to change without notice visit light stream dot com slash old for more information so i think this podcast optimal living it is a good example of our air was talking about you can binge listen and burn through hundreds of episodes i should think is great when people do that at the same time many of these could be heard again to really sink in and slowly but our regret your positively and for the day it really doesn't matter matter elisa my opinion listening at two times the speed is better than nothing at all but slowing down and taking time to digest all of this great stuff i think is worse it or at least worth try and what that i'll let you go hope your week is often
great star thank you for being here listening to me an for subscribing to the show i'll be back tomorrow reading to you where your optimal life away awaits
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