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1277: The 4 Reasons You're Holding Onto Possessions That Don't Matter by Katie Ping of More Of What Matters Blog

2019-06-10 | 🔗

Katie Ping of More Of What Matters Blog shares the 4 reasons you're holding onto possessions that don't matter.

Episode 1277: The 4 Reasons You're Holding Onto Possessions That Don't Matter by Katie Ping of More Of What Matters Blog

Katie Ping is a small-town writer, yogi, and mama who values simplicity. She spent decades of her life people-pleasing and drowning in guilt and shame over parts of her that she thought were unworthy. By her late-20s, she found herself passionless and riddled with anxiety - and she knew she needed a change. Instead of creating a multi-layered plan on how to attain more peace, she started small - with a walking meditation practice. Those 15 minutes of strolling in silence down a tree-lined residential street led her to where she is today - facing her fears of imperfection and doing it anyway.

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it's a minimalist monday edition of optimal living daily episode twelve seventy seven the for reason you're holding onto possessions that don't matter by katy paying more of what matters blog dot com and i'm just a moloch personal narrator and the guy reached you ever single day of the year from some of the best blogs in the world all for free and with permission from the authors and maybe to do this thanks sponsors like babel learning and other languages such a great skill you never know when or why use it and babbles lessons are designed to get you speaking time finally in your new language has been proven to be effective across multiple studies she's from fourteen different languages maybe try babble for free gotta babble dot com or download the app and try for free that's babble be a b b l darker or download the to try for free double speak a new language with confidence carouse get right to it as we optimize your life
before he's in your holding onto possessions that don't matter by katy paying of more what matters blogged i come minimalism isn't living within a sterile environment minimalism is in a closet with five shirts two pairs of genes and one pair of boots minimalism isn't only buying used but minimalism is a practice of i mean what you have discovering what has value and purpose and removing the things that don't minimalism is a mindset to keep you focused on your time and space and experiences that matter far more than any item ever could minimalism is a definition you give to it it relates to owning lass and living more dishonest means selling their homes and traveling the world and in our view and to others means donating the boxes even storing for years and reform from bringing and more things they don't have a function
in your daily life to me minimalism means cutting what is it necessary reducing the number of items i on this includes limiting purchases quality items that i genuinely need man thinking critically about whether something that is commonplace is actually something that i need or want and sometimes answer is yes but a lot of times it's no i decided we didn't need extravagant seized on declarations or several pairs of bedsheet step would usually sit on a shelf or not being used or a whole block of knives when two to three sizes will do earlier this year i died a car load like suv size of clothing that had saved for years the dress who are shorter than i would wear now but i had spent good money on them so i had trouble letting them go until i did i'm never thought of them again we become attached possessions for one or more reasons here if you re
since he might be met with resistance number one there still in good shape yes is in good condition but that doesn't mean you will use it especially if you haven't in over a year don't let the guilt of appeal just follow you around only contain pile on more guild as you neglect to use it you dont need to make space for it any more let it go number two you had such good memories associated with it i am devoid of sentimental feelings in fact i'm extremely sentimental who l save corsages from high school dances and movie ticket stubs from elementary school ps the movie dick about watergate was kind of ok but i dont need to be reminded by a twenty year old square of card stock save the important stuff if you want some of it put it a special box along with a few other treasured mementoes but you can't save them all right about them take a picture of them but ultimately
beside which ones whole value and like all the rest number three you or someone might need at some they chances are you won't then they want what is devalue place on it was a more valuable than your stress time and living space if it were to be ruined in a flood or disaster would you be distraught or you buy a new one there are treasures where's passing down or saving for future generation and there's the whole day don't make them like this nowadays argument but most things were saving for this reason are being saved out of the false security it brings you i'm not suggesting is cycle through things the sake of buying knew what i'm suggesting is that you make a decision on whether you actually ever need all of your favorite vhf tapes into the future i love split infinity an barbie work out but i can't they go time when these will be in my imaginary vizier number for having too who or multiple of an item means you always have a back up
plus wooden spoons somewhere different sizes in some had slots and others were square the top but overall just a lot of wooden spoons i struggled when airy suggested we had too many they ve been gifts or had been my too many they ve been give sir had been my grandma's i can get rid of any we never use twelve the one time but surely it might happen it and we now have a wooden spoon is still a lot but we do have one or and preparing nearly every meal and there are three these issues have a modern amount of like one or two more none we keep things because we think we know damn society tells us we need them or we feel such immense guild we better just keep forever to appease are guilty conscience though i can like of clothing and corn quote keepsakes heavy on the quotes here gadgets and twenty burgesses i draw the line at our it and on the block her forget that thing was a giving a memo mom knows it and will never let her forget it but
honestly her giving away will always be more memorable than ever keeping it to begin with and that's what matters more you just listen to the pope i told the four reasons you're holding onto possessions that don't matter by katy paying of me what matters blog dot com and thank you again to babble for their support you can learn spanish french swedish roy in german italian and more and using i believe can be speaking your new language within weeks babbles ten to fifteen minute lessons are super convenient available anytime anywhere on your desktop smartphone or tablet as an app or online and sing to cross devices you can always where he left off and battles lessons are crafted by language experts in voiced by native speakers helps to get ready for being out there in the real world they even have speech
ignition technologies are in perfect your pronunciation and accent it's really cool and you could try babble for free gotta babble dot com or della the up and try for free that's babble be a b b e eldar com or della the outer try for free double speak a new language with confidence leave therefore today hope you having a great start your week if you listening in real time and i'll be tomorrow reading to you where optimal life awaits
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