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1350: You Can Do More Good Than You Think by Benjamin Hardy on Kindness & Compassion for Others

2019-08-22 | 🔗

Benjamin Hardy shares why you can do more good than you think.   

Episode 1350: You Can Do More Good Than You Think by Benjamin Hardy on Kindness & Compassion for Others   

Benjamin Hardy has been the top writer on Medium.com since late 2015. He focuses on self-improvement, motivation, and entrepreneurship. His writing is fueled by his personal experiences, self-directed education, and formal education. His research focuses on the psychological differences of "wantrepreneurs" and actual entrepreneurs. He lives in Clemson, South Carolina with his wife and they are the foster parents of 3 children.   

The original post is located here: https://medium.com/@benjaminhardy/you-can-do-more-good-than-you-think-6b1cda5547f0    

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this is optimal living daily episode thirteen fifty he can do more good than you think benjamin hardy of benjamin hardy dot com and i'm just a moloch happy thursday to you looking optimal living daily or the old podcast the o elder podcast where i read to you from summit best blogs i can find and get permission from save my mom's but there's a happy birthday mom she listened to the show and i actually record in her house actually on fact i'm a very lucky son this episode body by palatine men's health called the pelt combine the best car machine on the planet and for good reason i've used it i'll be sharing them pictures or video soon online and in our newsletter its awesome it can fit in virtually any spain to the size of only four by two but packed with value one subscription guess you unlimited as for an entire family and actually may working out fun it's crazy otto now that after today's reedy impel tones offering limited time offer get a hundred hours off accessories when you purchased
the pelt on by and get a great cardio work gout at home go to one pellets honda com his promo code a well d to get started for now get right to it start optimizing your life you can do more good than you think benjamin hardy of benjamin hardy dot com while driving home from a friends house i almost hit a kid walking in the road a few seconds after passing him i felt in ass to turn around and offer him right when i went back pass him along the side of the room but i rolled down my window and asked if he needed anything he said no and kept walking is clear use messed up he was only wearing one shoe and stumbling more than walking his leg was badly cut up like he had gone through some deep shrubbery he barely communicate use our rural road was nothing for at least three miles he just kept
walking down the road as i returned round head by toward my house i couldn't shake it this kid can very likely get him a car and die tonight sought on common in college town i drove next to him and asked where you goin man clemson core campus he replied up in the car man let me get you home i said he hesitated then got in the car it took most fifteen minutes driving down rural roads at fifty ish miles per hour and with zero traffic to get a campus i found out he was a freshman he really wanted to play football team he did nobody wanted to do with his life do you get paid drive people around like this he asked me no isn't an everyday occurrence i don't go out of my way to do stuff like this but i saw you and in full good about and i replied i did servitude mission though so this isn't weird for me yeah this is actually the kind of stuff i want to do he said it's hard being a college i feel like i have to grow fast
to figure out who i want to be like now we shared a few more words i let him know that regardless of decisions he's made his future is as brightness he wants it to be he has the choice can turn things around we need to decide who he wants to be also told him that who is roused himself with his potentially them most important indicator of the future you will have and the person he would become only pulled up to his apartments he looked made directly in the eyes although he wasn't sober and likely will remember how i got home i could see something in his eyes this was an important moment something so small i didn't tell the story of praise i did was so small that eighteen year old kid is so important are probably never see him again but after i dropped him off i felt humbled and grateful for such an hour opportunity these small seemingly insignificant opportunities are everywhere around us most
the time were too busy going about our lives and noticed them what you caught up in our when agenda to realize the pain all around us be too busy listening to books about how to be successful and happy reading and study won't get you to stop and actually help someone to go out of your way and energetic yourself into someone else's life that is a choice he must make all the information can even blog then intuitive voice if you haven't learn to respond to it most people were rejected offer to help getting help requires on our ability men humility most people would others suffer then get help sometimes you'll need to be persistent and need to ask several times as i did tonight i'm not saying you need to always be available quite the contrary you absolutely needed focus in on your life and do well just don't be so big either you missed opportunities that are a crucial don't be so big that you don't hear your inner voice when it speaks to you never let her go to
accomplish become more important than a person to be loved you can do more good than you think the littlest things really do make the biggest deference very few people get deep and caring thoughtful affirmation when i was nineteen years old my life was a wreck by had made lots of mistakes i didn't have much confidence in myself a friend i spent just a few minutes telling me he knew i'd been through a lot in my life he told me he was proud of me and i was making some great progress he was completely sincere they were just a few words but i couldn't contained the feeling or the tears is one of the most overwhelming experiences i've had so simple but so important that was the years ago may still impacts me to this day you dont have to be a grew to care about someone i have to do is truly care to listen and to love a few words of support and go and extremely long way please don't
those moments there are people all around you could use some loving care it doesn't take much you don't have to be eloquent more a genius you just have to care and have the courage to open mouth us into the post titled you can do more than you think benjamin hardy of benjamin hardy dot com and then you again to policy on i've used their bike its way different than anything of ever seen you take classes both live animal we recorded like in venice all around the world are actually really feels like your there and more keep you engaged live encouragement from top instructors makes me want to keep coming back was an training a variety of themes difficulty levels and training time experience something new every single time no commute no reservations his genius annex fit in pretty much any space is only four by two and size hell does offering a limb
did time offer you get a hundred dollars off accessories when you purchase de palatine bike and get a great car work out at home gotta one hello turned our com and he's promo code well d to get started go there and just take it the screen on their what you get it's awesome that's o n e p l o t o n dot com and code old valued at that hope you having a great day thank you for being here listening to me ever being a subscriber of the show i'll we back in friday show tomorrow reading do you see there where optimal life awaits
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