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1532: If You Don't Like Your Life, You Can Change It by Jenn Granneman of Introvert Dear on How To Take Control of Life

2020-02-20 | 🔗

Jenn Granneman of Introvert Dear on if you don't like your life, you can change it.

Episode 1532: If You Don't Like Your Life, You Can Change It by Jenn Granneman of Introvert Dear on How To Take Control of Life

Jenn Granneman is the founder of Introvert, Dear and author of The Secret Lives of Introverts. She started Introvert, Dear in 2013 as her personal blog. She was living with an extroverted roommate, dating an extroverted guy, and working an extroverted job (teaching 4th grade). Jenn wanted to write about what it was like being an introvert living in an extrovert’s world. In true introvert form, she wrote her blog anonymously for almost two years. Jenn had no desire to be in the spotlight. And she had no idea her little blog would become this! Now, with the help of “quiet ones” around the world, she is on a mission: to let introverts everywhere know it’s okay to be who they are.

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author for this show Jen of introvert, dear dot com I'll. Tell you more about her after the reading, so Fernandez get right to our very first, both from her and so on. as in your life If you dont, like your life, you can change by Jan grandmother of introvert, dear dot, com. Not so long ago life with something that happened to me. I did it almost anyone who took an interest in me, regardless of my interest in them. I took almost job offered to me, because who was I to dream of something better? I let friends choose regardless of whether they were toxic and draining. As result. I spent many years an unhappy marriage, doing work that exhausted me and living in a city that depressed me. I was overweight, stressed out and taking many asian for both depression and insomnia subconsciously. I told myself that the problem was me. There was nothing I could do about my life. I was the one who had to adapt
anytime. I wasn't adapting saw it as a sign of weakness. If argues, work out everything internally, I would be fine, never cross. mind. If I could change the things in my life. Tat made me unhappy. I remember the first time simple revelation dawned on me, but it was some time in my mid twenties when I got divorced, moved and left a fanatical near COLT like church does left me with few friends the pastors told my former friends. I can talk to me anymore I lived in my parents basement fighting loneliness and despair. Today, this diverse life is very different. I'm living in a city. I like in a relationship with a partner I truly enjoy in doing worth us, both energizing in Seoul satisfying. My life is imperfect and I still have room to grow but it's so much better along the way. I learned a truth that will transform your life. If you let it if you dont, like your life, you can change it. Introvert are wired to reflect. Not do
by definition. Introvert are inward personalities are deeply brains are wired to slow down, reflect deeply and turn inward. Often Sika, learn and understand, rather than dive in Chatan. Do I like extroverts? His first instinct is to look outward when they have a problem to other people or two actions that can take. We tend to pause, reflect and puzzle things out in our private in her world and we're natural observers. We're likely the one standing on the edges of the group quietly listening or change right, chasing popularity and status like an extrovert put too much attention on us and we may get over stimulated often is easier for us to stay quiet than speak up after all, Polly been told our whole lives at our needs, as introvert aren't valid. The sheer active speaking up takes energy, especially when you have to verbal spar, with wages are strong, will personality, so we see
or pain. Along with our stress and unhappiness, we turn to what we think we can control, which is our inner world, but then overtime, life becomes movie. It becomes a story beyond our control, that's happening to us, but that other people make our decisions. We don't see ourselves as actors who shape the scenes, passive means. We never end up with the life we want. Whatever your facing, you can control it in some way. maybe you're not the position of needing to completely overhaul your life, maybe or simply tired, for not having a home. That makes you feel good feel lonely and need a new friend. Maybe you wish you hadn't, time to write whatever it is. You don't. About your life, you can take steps to change it. Of course, there are some things you cannot control. We can control your spouse, passing away, you can control getting cancer. I can stop my former passage from telling my friends not to talk to me being key problems from devouring you from the inside out. Whatever your facing, you can control some aspects of it. You can't change what is it
happened, but you can change what you do from here. Moving on from something is a form of change is not admitting to feed to decide that you're going to look for fulfilment elsewhere I'm home from a job, exhausted and unhappy every day, no matter how much a long time you scheduled on the weekends, it's time to look for something else, you spent with a certain person repeatedly leaves you drain and frustrated. It's ok to back away from him or her. We back away from the things that don't make us happy. We create space for the things that do how to change your life you life for change overnight and may take years and years ago, where you want to be the bigger the change. The bigger the time commemorate often were afraid to change, because we worry Lower changing too, will be worse than what we currently have. If we quit our jobs and become self employed, what if we can't pay rent? If we leave her relationship, will we ever find someone The reality is, there's no way to predict the future. Research shows that human,
beings in general are bad and knowing what will make them happy is called effective forecasting and we suck at it. But if we do make a change in the circumstances and worse, we can make a change again We can keep making changes until we get to where we want to be if you're still alive. You still have options. When you change your life, there will be haters I know, because there were people who try to stop me back into life. I once lived some of them, don't hang out with me anymore, I suspect is because my life is for the better in many ways, while they are in nearly the same place, they were a decade ago. Leaders may now say it all, but you'll know from the way they look at you talk, to you and react to you as an inch of her image be hyper aware of people's subtle reactions and unspoken thoughts? The haters likely trying to hold you back because they never got what they wanted in life. They thought it can be done and it hurts to be proven wrong You don't have to change everything all at once. Take baby steps to get their say.
Go to that person at work who looks interesting or spend thirty minutes time before you go to bed, being a scene for your novel to start somewhere anywhere. As your baby steps add up. a wave of emotional energy will push forward. Life doesn't have to be something that happens to you, intervene everything you need to live a better life is already within you you don't
to the post titled. If you dont, like your life, you can change it by Jan Grant, a man of introvert dear dot com, a real, quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast anger is the easiest way to make a pie. Cast they'll distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere: Spotify, Apple, podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your podcast too, with no minimum listener ship aggregates you everything you need in one place for free, which you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools like record and edit your podcast. So it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started. They get again for her permission, she's the founder of introvert dear, and the author of the secret lives of insurers decides massive loss of great contents of definite check it out again as introvert dear dot com, and it goes without saying that this also applies to extroverts. Even if you are a severe extrovert should use words of you, the sounds bad, but,
green extrovert, a lot of stuff. She talks about make sense for everybody, plus most of us fall in the middle somewhere between introversion extraversion, and we go in between those, so just something to keep in mind, but I'll do it for today hope you're having a great morning afternoon or evening, whenever you listening to this and I'll, see you tomorrow or your optimal life at weights,
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