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1535: 5 Habits I'm Glad I Stuck With by Josie Michelle Davis on How To Wake Up Early & Build Healthy Momentum

2020-02-23 | 🔗

Josie Michelle Davis shares 5 habits that she's glad she stuck with.

Episode 1535: 5 Habits I'm Glad I Stuck With by Josie Michelle Davis on How To Wake Up Early & Build Healthy Momentum

Josie Michelle Davis is a full time stylist, a writer, and a lover of rescue mutts. She's a bit of a jack-of-all-trades and she spent years blogging DIYs and outfits. These days she's more focused on helping others learn how to change their mindset to achieve big goals.

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is your life five habits. I'm glad I stuck with by Josie Michelle, events of Josie Michel Davis, Darksome, I'm all about them habits seriously. Building peace of habits into my life has been the ultimate game changer for me, when I look back on who used to be struggling to get anything done even with ten times more free hours. In the day than I have now, I feel a little bad for that girl she's doing her best. She just and figure out how to polity other days started. Late focus was impossible. Energy was nonexistent committee. Must of the building pause of habits as totally flipped. All of that Don't get me wrong. Most of these were incredibly hard to get past the stage of my brain screaming. I don't want to do this. The struggle was right oh, but it sure it was worth it five. A m wake up Ok, ok! I I'm already about to lose you here, but hang on four minute. Sometimes
desperation breeds good things. Last year I transition back to a ninety five after working freelance for a year, I heading back to a full time, gig with a nice long commute- and I know it Didn'T- want to revert to how had been in the past, letting work and driving be my entire life. I knew I wanted to keep my night set aside to spend with my husband, so was just now. Lot of options to fit in time. For myself and my own goals, I went from waking up it. in eight nine, a m every day to waking up at five a m and am honestly so glad I did it you're not a morning person and are already tired, waking up earlier, you might think. Why would you wake up earlier also, did I banal. those words and am not even mad about it. I shall just finished reading the miracle morning I found myself really relating to a lot of his sentiments about early wake up, calls and making the most of that time and highly recommended fear, thinking, becoming an early rise or two pause. Then you don't have to. Me ramble on about it daily exercise
you knew as coming making exercise a daily habit was incredibly hard, but the most important habit of So far, getting my blood flowing in focusing on movement every day has really helped me fight depression gain more energy and build confidence cells My dedicated me time and I've come to really appreciate having that proud along, mostly since I've already done that before but serious I know that you may think you aren't a workout person that you hate gems in that you'd rather do anything. Besides exercise, but I promise that it is worth those first few painful months to make it a habit. m work out. This essential the baby of the last you habits, but if you like it, his own little section, because I used a truly deeply and profoundly hate working out in the mornings. I it at all costs my poor husband, who had to listen to me complain about it daily for at least two months before I finally learn to love it. I was an increase.
we slow runner in the morning and I felt like every move- was agony, but what I want after my ninety five, I knew now Ruggles weren't, something I could keep up consistently. So I did it even though Why absolutely hated it, and then I kept doing it then I knows I fell better throughout the day and loving checks such a bathing off my to do list before I even got to work Working on the morning also has a major benefit of being hard to back out of, if you wait until they, the days easy to talk yourself out of it or find a million excuses. As soon as I wake up, I thought My Jim clothes and am basically out the door, so it's a lot harder talk myself out of it, since my brow, is even on yet, if you a pm exercise or in trying to switch to em. My biggest piece of advice is to be kind to yourself here. Times may be slower. We're just give yourself a big Gold star in a pat on the back, forgetting it done audio books something completely different. I spend two plus out
in the car every week day and usually a good chunk even on the weekends, so have all this car time. That for years, are really didn't know what to do with Russia. Realism podcast a lot. I always struggle with getting into audio books, I really struggle with funny narrators could stand to listen to four six plus hours. I wrote them off as not for But then one day I got really bored and decided. I needed to use all this car time, smarter honestly, this one has been difficult at times, I'm still really piggy about Narrators justice turned off a book two minutes in because the narrator and generally like to stick to non nonfiction. Since I'm driving and don't wanna get too caught up in a fiction world, I'm crazy. I know also like to try and keep costs down. So I tried to find as many through the Libby Library up, but that often mean having to wait for holes. I tried to spend just five minutes, going through available audio books from the library and placing holds on anything that looks good so that I constantly have new hold coming in after finishing other books, the best part using library is, I don't feel guilty,
dont like a narrator undecided, skip the book altogether. The reason I'm so glad I've made listening to audio books. A habit is loveless into so many life changing books in the last year that I know it: I have gone through it. If I had to try to find time during the rest of my life utilizing, there driving time has been one of the best things I've done for myself. Recently writing routines scribble in my journal every night was started as an. Gosh assignment easily became a habit I loved, and that help me a lot already get paranoid that someone was Rima journals I stopped altogether ever since then. The struggle to get myself to write about myself, a nice no book in it for two days and then never touch it again. Even my blog out, avoid writing more than a paragraph two, mostly just about style and other easy things. The beginning of this year, I put my foot. a new writing with something I always loved. I needed to get back to you, so I made a goal of writing every day, even if it was just charting some thoughts. my phones, no pat up
Not only have I really enjoyed sharing my writing on the blog now also gone back to dealings only as part of my morning, routine getting my brain moving and having a space truly some. The trap. Thoughts has really help me. Let go of things the little easier overall. I think building positive self growth, I into your daily life is something we should all strive for: a really struggle with all of these things, better them one at a time. In one day, at a time, and was I got through that painful adjustment period? I find myself wondering how, in the heck, made it this far life without them. You just listen to the poor fellow I've habits, I'm glad I stuck with by Josie El Davis of Julie, Michel Davis, dot com, a real, quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast anger is the easiest way to make a pie. Cast they'll distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere spot
by Apple Podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your progress to with no minimum listener ship aggregates you everything you need in one place for free, which you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools, light record and edit your podcast, so it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started and they get a Josie. This is a very different strategy them. What cow Newport talked about yesterday, right, he fought out, said: don't set a goal to write every day, but this is working for Josie
with exercise for her or waking up at five, a m m. The great example of how different things work for different people- maybe she has missed a day, but it doesn't stop her from coming right back on a continuing. We all have different personalities and trying something is always better than doing nothing. So if you do try a daily habits like what shows he does, if it doesn't work, maybe listen to yesterday's episode and try cows approach us with his pockets is all about hearing different perspectives, so they can choose what works best for you. I'll do for today have a great day great weekend. If you listening real time and I'll see you tomorrow, tomorrow, we optimal life awaits
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