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1578: Trophies, Medals & Minimalism by Chris Lovett of Minimalings on How Do I Declutter Sentimental Items

2020-04-06 | 🔗

Chris Lovett of Minimalings shares his thoughts on trophies, medals & minimalism.

Episode 1578: Trophies, Medals & Minimalism by Chris Lovett of Minimalings on How Do I Declutter Sentimental Items

Chris Lovett is a minimalist, life coach, speaker and career mentor but it didn't used to be that way. Quite content drifting through life in the comfort zone, he was collecting stuff, not exactly the stuff he wanted to collect but stuff none the less. Chris had a whole bunch of aspirations but managed to build a prison around them with a stack of unconscious decisions made down the years. His collection included debt, too many clothes, negative self fulfilling prophecies, assumptions, comparisons, unused 'just in case' items and a fixed mindset that kept me at just the right level of safe. He lived month to month but he wasn't really living at all.

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Real quick. I recommend listening to the show on Spotify, we can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account. Spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic, plus he can follow your favorite podcast, so you never miss an episode premium. Users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on Instagram. So if you haven't done so already be sure to download the Spotify app search for optimal living daily on Spotify or browse podcast into your library, Tab also make sure to follow me. So you never miss an episode of optimal living daily. It's a minimalist Monday edition of optimal living daily episode, fifteen. Seventy eight trophies metals minimalism by Chris loved of minimal lings dot com and I'm just a moloch- does Depot Jasper ACT as a personal narrator for you for free, usually from blogs, but sometimes from books, but in either case, always with permission from
the authors everyday, including weekends and holidays, eighty percent or nice and short selling get right to it as we optimize your life trophies metals man minimalism by Chris Love, it of minimal. In Stockholm, Muslim seems to be a daily conversation. Now, the more people I engage with the more they want, Tell me about their own declaring habits, successes and failures as great a hero. Others tackle certain elements of their access, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the experiences they have gone through. Wanting that keeps coming up relates to achievements at the moment. That tends to be a sticking point. people. They are all up for a clearing certain aspects of their environments, but then, when it comes to stuff that sparks a good memory that took some sort of physical or mental effort, that's the point declaring our environment goes from enlightening to a little uncomfortable
for some having a picture taken with all their personal achievements before letting them go. Is the answer for others? It's not that easy matter wonder The conversation with someone recently and it made me think about the challenges we have set ourselves and rewards for overcoming them. What do we do with those physical rewards, as we progress through life? The conversation started around metals running metals in particular, but then it got me thinking about my own football awards and trophies the consistent factor between both of our situations was that, on the whole, The metals in the trophies were nowhere to be seen. Ironic during our chat. He advised that he was due to have a clear out of the garage witches. Were the metals had lived over the past few years, so what does that mean? Does that mean we forget about them, Does that mean that they don't actually mean anything anymore? If we're not, displaying them. Are we not proud of our achievements? Are they a glimpse into a past? We struggle to let go of my loads of football trophies when I was young,
growing up winning this and then, and I used to have them on display when us play is also, precision started. I had friends around his confidence boost their need cleaning regularly and took up loads of Rome plus they were all such an awkward shape. Weirdly crafted man and a king action, some as an arms bigger than heads footballs. will the size and cheap mental plays with my name drilled onto a marble days, just to clarify my was ok a football, and there were some players of the year trophies, but the majority were well done for taking part in team winner trophies, not Much the individual accomplishments? As I got older, the joy of playing in the social aspect became more important to me, so the trophies just phase out of my life, Sure there are still Rama parents how somewhere, but they're not something particularly interested in keeping hold of four years ago. I completed in a mud race with my friends. I did this purely for the social aspect.
the end. It was nice to finish. It then have that as an experience, not one for getting dirty There was a little out of my comfort zone, so I was pleased that took part. I got a medal for that too. Sturdy metal plates said annoyingly clang together every time has moved are there was an achievement for me. It's not something I intended on keeping. I forgot more value from the t, shirts that I was given at the finish line a well fitted gray number. That was a go to piece. because I only had one metal. In recent years I spoke to some friend. To add more individual sporting achievements and was interested in their take on what they did with the metals and why some had them in boxes. Somehow them on display one had thrown some out and kept others in a drawer that anyone display or made for display were the proudest achievements, the favourite of a batch or a top ten of the accumulated award. So to speak, the display and multi purpose aesthetics, motivation, inspiration and pride
Everything that meant something significant was in sight as a regular reminder of personal goals, personal Bess, first marathons, longest distances, etc. Everything came back to does the thing add value to your life. These did a huge personal, challenge that took considerable time and effort to overcome their the keepers. But what about the rest? What about the ones or in the boxes in the garage or the loft they may have been overshadowed by the top an or time may have just moved our interests and passions on the reluctance to then categorize them as clutter is understandable. I worked hard for these is unacceptable. Challenge. However, the memories of those achievements are in us not in the physical things, but some mused, the physical things, to spark the memories wherever you have achieved over the years. Keeping the physical trophies is my personal choice. Some may no longer hold the same, meaning they did before you may find them
years later and reconnect with that challenge and go again either way it with minimalism. There are always choices and you get to make the right. What do you need? The room does reconnecting with a trophy. The reshaping living space evella gotta check back aim of my friend, who was due to a clear out of the garage entreat you know what he did with the metals turns out. Then he made a decision to throw them out. He admitted it is hard to do so, but in his words, felt good own if he took a picture of them before Getting read you just listen to the poles titled trot these metals and minimalism by Chris Love, it of minimal, lings, dot com enough a fan of my show, you know how often self care is brought up its huge personally by do a busy joy, stay active. I asked for Jim Equipment for my birthday, really that's all I wanted and that's why I'm so excited
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even though I am not very attached to my trophy collection. Not all most of my from the age of seventeen eighteen ranging from baseball, the soccer music, academics, even boy and those cortical achievements were pretty small for the most part. my favorite of those are probably be the music ones, because those weren't participation, trophies like a sports ones were was never great at sports. So for me those don't feel like a cheap, mint trophies anyway, it is still have them, maybe not for myself, but because could be disappointing to others. If I were to get rid of them, I'm not sure something to think about. I'm curious but you ve done with yours. If you have them or had them, because, let me know by getting touch at old podcast outcome, but that's enough for today have a the rest of your day, a great start, your weak and I'll see you tomorrow, we're optimal life, awaits
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