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1589: How to Keep Going by Greg Audino on Resiliency & How To Build More Resilience In Your Life

2020-04-17 | 🔗

Greg Audino shares his thoughts on how to keep going.

Episode 1589: How to Keep Going by Greg Audino on Resiliency & How To Build More Resilience In Your Life

Greg Audino is both a certified life coach and an actor. He combines his passions to create short and digestible videos which shine new light on the turbulent areas of life that many of us already have our minds made up about. Constantly seeking to share new insight, Audino uses humor and a variety of PG-13 examples to offer a refreshing and more relatable approach to self-development. TV fanatics can find him with principle roles on shows like Westworld, Now Apocalypse, NCIS:LA, and Jane the Virgin to name a few. Greg's videos, as well as information about becoming a life coaching client of his, can be found at gregaudino.com.

The original post is located here: https://medium.com/invisible-illness/how-to-keep-going-6486b979d68d

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Greg. Adina of Gregg ADI, no doubt come. What is it a separate? Those who keep going from those who doubt in times of hardship? How is it that some people find them motivation to continue on while others fall by the wayside and start on a new path. A common hardship that many people face is a lack of motivation is easy to wish for a rush of motivation to just wash for us and breathe new life into us, but there are just a couple of problems with that: it takes a lot for us pull ourselves up by our bootstraps in keep going a lot more than these self help idiots who just yelled don't quit at us. Allow credit for while hard work is something that people very much pride themselves on, especially in modern day. America does is more product of nurture than nature by nature. Our brains are additional, seek out challenging ways of doing things. There are conditions door energy and seek out the easiest way of doing things as possible. Finding them
aviation to get through challenging times requires a little extra, but what is that extra? While less line things up and talk about my very favourite subject for a second, the puppies? How is it that? It will to train puppies, who barely have any means of understanding us to perform certain tasks with as much decision as another human would. There are two elements: reward and repetition if you reward a or many animal for that matter for performing any given task, they'll be more likely to repeat it because they assume she it with a reward. The more times repeated, with the reward, the more simple the task becomes for the puppy eventually becoming. Like second nature. The good news is that we have an awful lot in common with those cute little, and one thing is that we speak. General lie on as universal language of reward and repetition, every single we do is done because we believe that its in our best interest, all things considered, there's nothing. We
don't do because we believe it will bring us some form of happiness wherever it may stem from for us to do Anything at all is necessary for us to believe any reward. On the other side, the moral given or reminded of this reward, the more likely we are to repeat behaviour. Conversely, the more the expected reward is not given to us the harder it is to have faith in its around of all the less likely it will be to maintain the behaviour does the point at which many people who have lost their motivation find themselves. They ve lost an inspiration to keep on trucking because to reward they once believed in seems to be going further out of sight. The big question then how to combat this well, a lot of reward we seek is something that comes from the outside is important. Remember, even when outer rewards, are a virtual lock. We all have so much control over the side. Note its also borne remember that over time our desired rewards may change
For example, it may become a plastic surgeon because it pays well and allowed people time more money, more happiness, you'll enjoy work and go to work Dutifully as long as we're getting your expected paycheck, but if the time comes when you're happy is requires more than money requires free time. You're working all hours of the day, you'll be less. motivated by your job, because this now interfering with your happiness so happens in the event that we are not receiving the outer rewards we seek, but we still believe in them enough to want to keep going. What do we do When we see the light at the end of the tunnel, but a skinny hard to keep climbing towards it, make no mistake. This idea as a political and a myriad of ways extends far beyond just jobs which seems like it might be easier to associated with the key is to tune into other benefits, a lot of which may be
intangible? It can be difficult for many of us to believe in or even be cognizant of intangible rewards, but is essential in maintaining good habits that haven't yet paid off in the ways you envision than paying off. What does it look This is an example of someone who's running for political office, which all tread carefully with considering I'm pretty uses when it comes to politics. Running for office is a huge task it's a humongous amount of commitment and the end goal to be elected is pretty clear. Certainly at points the requires soccer I stand a chance of winning down other candidate, making it difficult for them to keep pushing and ask them. cells of its really all worth it? At this point, the candidate has option of redefining their definition of cornick. What winning unity dont when the election is it not a wind to have engaged more with the community? Is it not a went to have gain the trust of some potential voters? Is it not a went to pay more attention to and do more for, those who are struggling
did not away to have gained more knowledge about. Politics is not away, we have gained more understanding as to the stress those currently in office are under. The list goes on and reef Amy ones, mind to see winning from wider lands in this way is very much a difference maker when it comes to retaining motivation and don't think for a second that this minds It isn't valuable after the election if they ve lost or for you, if, whatever you once set out to accomplish, doesn't come to fruition in the way you thought it would in this way we see redefining a win by seeking out smaller, more unique, wins is also a means of both avoiding regret in gaining gratitude. So, if you're struggling to keep Goin or your, floating on that which didn't go as planned. Take this time, ask yourself what the rewards are that exist beyond that one party ghoul envisioned. You just listen to the post titled how to keep going by graveyard.
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