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1594: Strive For Progress And Not Perfection by James Altucher on How To Be More Resilient & Face Obstacles

2020-04-22 | 🔗

James Altucher shares his thoughts on striving for progress and not perfection.

Episode 1594: Strive For Progress And Not Perfection by James Altucher on How To Be More Resilient & Face Obstacles

James Altucher is an American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and podcaster. He has founded or cofounded more than 20 companies and says he failed at 17 of them. He has published 11 books, and is a regular contributor to The Financial Times, TechCrunch, and The Huffington Post. USA Today named his book Choose Yourself one of the 12 Best Business Books of All Time.

The original post is located here: https://jamesaltucher.com/blog/progress-not-perfection/

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This is optimal, living daily episode, fifteen. Ninety four strive for progress and not perfection, by James Altitude of James Altitude Outcome and I'm just a minute your personal narrator reading blogs. You mostly sometimes books anything I think I hope you live your life in a more meaningful way before we get to it's me. A business owners where a lot of hats and while some other great others like the falling taxes, running Piero hat and not so great ass were gusto, comes in gusto, makes payroll taxes in managing and team actually easy for small businesses gusto automatically pays and files your fair, RO state and local taxes. So you have to worry about it, but they make. Easy on health benefits and even for one case for your team, owning it directly, access to certified each our experts to something pretty. The way to run your business right, get started: Oh, don't wait like gusto make it easier on you. They have for me as a bonus, listen
to get three months free when they run their first payroll. This is one had you can be glad you gave up, try, Eminency, for yourself at gusto dot com, slash old, does G as Tito dot com, slash unwieldy, Frank Gehry to it as we optimize your life. Strive for progress and not perfection by James. The tour of James Altitude. I come out, through my career right at the beginning, eighteen. Ninety two HBO offered me a job I wish I had taken it. They wanted to work on this new field. Virtual reality. Whenever responded to them, I felt inadequate. How come They want a job in the real world until I felt people would like me, it's a little self esteem,
I thought the only way people were like me at a job like age. Be, oh, was. If I had published monopoly, so my wrote and wrote and wrote. I wrote a novel called the book of Orpheus corny cliche title written by twenty four year old is a foreigner page, novel the person. I wanted to be in my wildest dreams instead of a novel about the real me, then, after forty plus Directions of light novel, which took over a year to write, I wrote another novel. The title the book of David I know, is about the biblical David, but from a very alternative point of view, forty plus rejections. I wrote another before the vote in the novelist the romance novelist and their lovers apply the movie the cook, the thief, the wife and her lover. Forty plus rejections wrote forty to fifty short stories. Thousands of rejections erode Novell us. I read that
the books and then criticisms of those books, because I wanted to get better also afraid to show the real world empty handed. Nobody would like me, nobody would think my with special. I had such a low self esteem and my value that if people didn't think I was special people secretly whispering to each other, who is he him? He wrote a novel that they would. He me more worse, not pay attention to me. Women would spit I everyone would laugh at my ideas. Finally, and to ninety four. As of right of two things, my friends were starting make more money than me. A sin now wanted break up with my girlfriend at the time, a so bad, a difficult conversations set aside. The only way out of the relationship was moved to New York City, so I took the job in Egypt Oh, you know, out of thousands and thousands of pages, I never published a single one. It wasn't easy It will remind them about me, but I did. It is hard to get a job and nineteen eighty four.
But a few months later I was in New York City. For my first day, I was in a suit settling down. My cubicle met the HBO building for the first three months I screwed up so bad at a semi to remedial computer clauses, even though in majored in computer science and went to grad school for computer size, I was the worst employee are sure. They're gonna fire me every day that job was the best decision. My ever made the Wright Brothers RAM. Bicycle shop, people love to write; bicycles! U S. Government will spending two million dollars to get a plane in the air, the Wright Brothers, from their tiny by sharper racy against the well, the? U S, government to fly. Who would fly? First? The? U S, government was convinced that a plane as the fly straight or would crash no turbulence, zero imperfections. Nelson, would fail The Wright Brothers thought this. Also until one day they looked at a little kid learning to write a bike p jumped on the bike and took off he wobbled for a few seconds,
every tourney wobbled again, but soon he was often gone. He was writing a bike. He wobbled, they made a plain that wobbled the plane flew they made history, they beat other government thou spending, millions they did it by focusing on progress rather than perfection. I have a lot of imperfections. Sometimes I'm lazy. Sometimes I procrastinate sometimes I'm afraid to confront people so my disappear on them. I try to be a good friend and parents, but its are. I try to be a good partner, but I've been securities doubts. I try to have good ideas, but as a common effort to keep my idea muscle exercised, I wobble. Then. On occasion I fly at HBO my stopped writing. I start focusing all my efforts on this brand new thing: the world. The wide web W W W. I made imperfect
websites, ugly, slow, barely work, but nobody else was making websites that ideas about design. But I wasn't a designer: our programmes were sloppy, but they got the job done I built website after website and soon had other companies asking for my help: American Express time, Warner, etc. I started business my built it up. I left HBO as a horrible sailed person, not bad at following up of bad a customer service. I knew nothing about business, but very few people knew how to make websites, then even ugly, imperfect websites I'll make it. So Klein's kept asking for more. I sold the business. I started another one bit failed a shortage of another one. It failed
I started another one. It failed us a long time ago. Sometimes I gave up my head kids to raise a really messed up a lot of things, but I wanted to survive to get better. I know goals just survive just get better. I wobbled but I flew, if had only stuck with my goals. I never have started with my life, always go for progress, practice, persistence, pain and then find the pleasures of life be willing two wobble you just listen to the post. Titled strive for progress, not perfection by James Altitude of James Altitude. I come and oh forget, gusto offers modern, easy payroll benefits to small businesses across the country get in touch now and get three months free when you run your first payroll, just gotta, gusto dot com, slash old does Gee you,
asked he owed our com, slash oil in only two. Therefore, today, thank you for being here. A great rest of your day and I'll see you tomorrow. We're optimal life, awaits
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