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1603: How to Be the Light in Dark Times & Why Being Stuck in the Middle is a Good Thing by Randi Kay of NaturallyRandiKay

2020-05-01 | 🔗

2 short posts from Randi Kay of Naturally Randi Kay on how to be the light in dark times and why being stuck in the middle is a good thing.

Episode 1603: How to Be the Light in Dark Times & Why Being Stuck in the Middle is a Good Thing by Randi Kay of NaturallyRandiKay

Randi Kay is on a mission to shift the health culture by educating and empowering you to make every area of life a healing opportunity.

She would like to offer you knowledge and tangible tools to use to make self care a way of life. To make it a ritual and a practice as common as brushing your teeth.

Self care isn't some fluffy spa treatment or some idea that stays in the land of hopes and dreams. It's real and available to you right now. And she's here to give you some guidance, support, and a place to start.

The original posts are located here: http://www.naturallyrandikay.com/blog/bethelight & http://www.naturallyrandikay.com/blog/stuckinthemiddle

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real quick i recommend listening to the show on spotify we can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic plus he can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode premium users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on instagram so if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify app search for optimal living daily on spotify or browse podcast into your library tab also make sure to follow me so you never miss an episode optimal living daily this is optimal living daily episode one thousand six hundred and three how to be the light in dark times and why being stuck in the middle is a good thing whilst i ran decay of naturally randy k dakar hello old friend i'm u narrator just a moloch reading you blogs every single day of the year to help you live a more meaningful life there are no areas on this shows us not really a typical podcast just me narrating some
raising blogs and sometimes books today's two articles are from above and new author to the show i'll tell you more about randy right after the reading so for now let's get right to it as we optimize your life how to be the light and dark times by decay of naturally randy k dot com media is always flooded with not so great things but the past few weeks have been particularly heartbreaking sees it he caught up in everyone's opinions and reporters overdrawn appetising everything but what does that really do how does that help anything really what if instead of perpetuating the drama we offered something else something that might seem completely unrelated but could actually offer a remedy and that remedy is simpler than you think be the light as my dear friend aldus dumbledore said quote happiness can be found
the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light end quote and during tat time we have a choice to either keep feeling around in the dark or turn on the light the somersault as is happening on tuesday which means is the long its day of the year delay will traction bring light to the darkest hours of the night what a wonderful time to counter some of that recurrences with a bit of light so how to do this where to begin the specific manifestations of it really does depend on the situation reading the rule knowing the audience so to speak but here are a few things to consider no matter the situation ask what is he did say you are at a funeral of a loved one a family members i d manage their children as well as keeping food on the table he has his hands full you on the other hand have a moment no fun game to keep kids busy so he offered a watch them for a bit worried take over the task he was trying to
countless looking around and observing what is needed be it another helping hand a simple hug or inappropriate joe to lay the mood might be just what the doctor ordered these humble tat can bring some much needed light to any situation you social media wisely over the eu there's have stayed away from talking about the issues on social media is that it care or have things to say but social media is not the place really make a difference and he's not my experience more often than not it perpetuates the drama and flattered depresses everyone is like feeding your brain com the negativity it's good to stay in the no not shield ourselves from what is going on but most of what i see more people's responses certainly do not bring light i would suggest to you
social media and other newsfeeds to a minimum and if you do post something be very thoughtful and intentional about it ask will this bring light or add to the drama and if it as such roma ask yourself if you really want to be a part of that he'll hear own darkness i would argue that the dark we see in the world is reflection of our inner darkness anger her violins dominance in judgment others are ways people are trying to deal with those emotions within themselves part of my mission with self care is a chip away at healing those inner wounds when we healers elves we he'll our relationship with the rest of the world we give where we are at all argue that if you are the one that tends to perpetuate the drama when you work on that inner darkness the desire for trauma will diminish the negatives that you hold and are even drawn to will transform
you'll even be more enlightened on how to spread the light those that need it the most he'll yourself and the rest of the world will follow this i truly believe i will end with another lovely quote and i hope you take the simplicity to heart the word needs more light our lives he'd be lighter with things with expectations consider that respond to the world around you and act accordingly quote travel light live light spread the light be the light yogi budget now i'd rather post for you in just a sector first eating chocolate or any chocolate flavoured desserts his seriously my favorite part of the day but i've never really thought having at first thing in the morning thanks to a bliss
now enjoy eating chocolate gill free with my breakfast oats cookout bless is appears cow on the planet with a blend of power pact ancient super foods like turmeric emptied the oil cocoanut himalayan see salt cinnamon and black pepper kick out bliss made it so easy to boost my energy ever disinformation i sprinkle at all over my oatmeal and enjoy with peanut butter to and because god bless doesn't contain dairy it is paleo kido vague in vegetarian and gloom friendly nothing feels better than enjoying rich creamy chocolate that is also graver your alf try yourself kick out bliss offering up to forty six percent off plus a free trick froth her when you use code oil d at earth echo foods dot com slash after me dash living dash daily the actual memory it i have that linked in this episode description why being stuck in the middle east is a good thing i ran decay of naturally ran decayed outcome
happy may day my dears may day is a celebration of spring glorious but often awkward season of expressed my accolades of the season in a previous poe is another spring observation for you and theme for this week's newsletter embraced in between times some of you can be a little knowing the romance of hibernation has dwindled our bodies and souls are in desperate need you have sunshine and we just want someone to be here already thus landings pain to be this autumn of transition but dear reader we need the spring we need this pause this twilight season of transition because this is when the growth happens this is why we are given a chance to work through the unknown to set the stage for what's to come in my yoga classes i always take time to pause and between postures it is also too
paint want a cruz on through to the next thing but it's in the pause that middle realm where you get to reset and be fully present for what comes next transitions are tough though and it can seem like that hardest time in your life but i've been through many a tough transition in my short life and looking back those times have been some the sweetest times why because the in between times or like a blank canvas you have so much behind you to learn from and so much ahead of you to create those hard and confusing there's also this excitement in adventure to it and are you veda the most sacred times consider to be right before dawn that still beautiful moment right before the sun rises to begin a new day it's in the actual twilight they get to set the tone for what's the cup in commerce with my friends and clients seems out a lot of us are in this writing the in between train now in one way or another if this is he
i ask you how can you use this time for good what foundation would you like to set for the next season to come will you wanna take with and what do you want to leave behind how much more you grow and improve right now to toilet hit the ground running when this phase is passed the answers i come to mind make you excited and gives them new purpose to an otherwise frustrating time i shall leave you with a quote by barodia angelus quote the moment in between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place and quote so dance it up you just listen to the post titled how to be the light and dark times and why being stuck in the middle he's a good they both by and decay of naturally randy k dot com they get randy are newest author to join our ever growing list her sight is all about taking good care bringing self care herself
love into every area of life she's been in the wellness industry for over a decade so come by her sight naturally randy k dot com for a lot more thus our andy i and k a why of the article on her sight linked in this episode description in your pod cast player and old party test our come italy with their have a great day happy friday and a great start your monthly village in real time and i'll see you tomorrow where optimal life awaits
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