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1606: The Bag Lady by Chris Lovett of Minimalings on Minimalism & How To Re-examine Your Life

2020-05-04 | 🔗

Chris Lovett of Minimalings shares his thoughts on the bag lady.

Episode 1606: The Bag Lady by Chris Lovett of Minimalings on Minimalism & How To Re-examine Your Life

Chris Lovett is a minimalist, life coach, speaker and career mentor but it didn't used to be that way. Quite content drifting through life in the comfort zone, he was collecting stuff, not exactly the stuff he wanted to collect but stuff none the less. Chris had a whole bunch of aspirations but managed to build a prison around them with a stack of unconscious decisions made down the years. His collection included debt, too many clothes, negative self fulfilling prophecies, assumptions, comparisons, unused 'just in case' items and a fixed mindset that kept me at just the right level of safe. He lived month to month but he wasn't really living at all.

The original post is located here: https://www.minimalings.com/post/the-bag-lady

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real quick i recommend listening to the show on spotify we can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic plus he can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode premium users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on instagram so if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify app search for optimal living daily on spotify or browse podcast into your library tab also make sure to follow me so you never miss an episode optimal living daily it's a minimalist monday edition of optimal living daily episode sixteen o six the bag lady by chris love it of men lings dot com happy monday welcome back to optimal living gaily i'm just a molecule personal narrator reading to every single day of the year including holidays and we give this information sure from minimalist monday so let's get right to it as we optimize your life
the bag lady by chris love it of minimal things that come to in a few weeks since my last talk at the mindful living show in london my first time at this event i expected to meet positive people looking for ways to enhance their well being in a more intentional way and my was not disappointed arrived a little early so i could take the opportunity to attend other talks and explore the stalls providing advice remedies and mindful experiences every was there to help each other in some way and i could feel it a few minutes before my session i took the time to grab a drink and go over the amended content i put together for this specific show there would be less time for questions and audience participation so i had to pick only the most powerful slides and deliver quicker than i had done in the past my preference is always smaller crowds as people can connect better with the material
and more importantly me each other before i start i quickly scan the room to see how people settle in some take out no books mothers chat between themselves some say quietly looking at me in the screen patiently waiting for the show to begin is quick analysis of human behaviour and strangers together allow me to choose how to begin throw the session let people nodding along who are resonating with the message i look for smiles and wide eyed offerings like i am speaking to them directly the more outgoing and braver individuals are quick to share their own clutter examples and advice and the space provides them safety to do that what has happened now is the time comes to an end his people will come up to me off words and let me know their specific minimalism challenge or success i love the talks but this additional one or one time is like an encore ones
civic lady caught my eye in the crowd and she slowly made her way over to me as i was saying goodbye to someone else she took my hand and introduce yourself to me my friends call me the bag lady she probably announces she explained to me that people in her local community had given her that label due to always carrying multiple bags of stuff around with her something i noticed ass she made her way into the room and found her seat the bag lady is plain frame but comes across strong and confident her short hair cut indicates a sense of precision and authority i glanced quickly down at her side to count the three large bags to on her right shoulder and one on her left her default demeanor is to hold them tightly and close to her body like a safety blanket something of high value within a matter of minutes the bag lady has become a focus of people's interest we change pleasantries and although it is very much a conversation between two of us i am aware that my handful of people are starting to gather and listen
ten as she shares her backstory she ll lose too almost feeling the responsibility of living up to the new label that has been attached her focuses on me but we all here the justifications for carrying the contents around every day shuffling to work the shops mirror friends house for me to experience her discomfort she has me the bags i can feel the weight that is being carried around but our cockney blimey has i left them onto my shoulders for a brief moment before gratefully handing them back she explains at her back and shoulders are always hurting but it doesn't register that she has probably cause this pain herself cosmetics snacks bottles books magazines spare clothing and purses are just some of the items you retrieves and shows me the purses both slightly discoloured are bursting at the seams with receipts and heavy with coins
bottles of water or unfinished the bystanders shuffling closer on cautiously checking the weight of their own bags awaiting the outcome of this conversation expecting a magical piece of advice but none is required this highly intelligent lady just talk to me see her going on her own journey exploring she arrived into this situation to discover that there was more long term detriment that she has been blue into all along the stuff also around everyday forged a new identity that was created for her across her time walked around slower energy used up quicker and money cloakroom painkillers and sends to fill the bags and all these costs were invisible until today within the short window is an opportunity for her to reflect a moment in time to just stop and see where the dots start to connect is all long before she starts to question everything that masquerades as important
person a mindset shift from a mere thirty minutes ago i don't wanna be the ag lady anymore she whispered to me as we embrace before she walks away back down the hall with a smile on her face back strader chin higher as it should the hand of the next person warning to share a few obliged just turn my head see her one last time and catch a glimpse of her walking towards a nearby been she paused for a moment and then starts to empty some the bags contents are now empty bag its folded up and placed into another her bottles once half empty potentially i'll see him here you just one to the post titled the bag lady by christmas of minimal ing start come in spain ladys i'm sure you know that mother's day is not too far away her even searching high low for the perfect gift do you want something memorable with a personal touch the skylight frame is something i'll
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i d a t f r m e dot com slash daily intake chris again for such a great posed a love story like these especially if their true because their soup memorable next time you carrying a bag around whether that be a purse or back back or even luggage once were traveling again over things you better leave you'll think about this posed and reassess what's in your bag the thing is these bags are also metaphor we're not only carrying those things around physically but everything we all carry so many things all the time in our minds saying on the physical objects topic here car if you one obviously him all fit in your bag but that car needs maintenance or you're worried about scratching at and especially its a luxury car those are some extra items in your imaginary bag things we carry around but not all there are fears killed stress and other things have trouble letting go that pile into those bags and we carry these all the time sniping
a bag once in a while and see where we can lighten the load solely viewed i hope you're having a great day answer to your week now doctrine ro as usual where optimal life awaits
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