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1607: Savor It. Or Don't. by Kate Galliett of The Unbreakable Body on Slowing Down & Enjoying Moments in Life

2020-05-05 | 🔗

Kate Galliett of The Unbreakable Body shares her thoughts on slowing down.

Episode 1607: Savor It. Or Don't. by Kate Galliett of The Unbreakable Body on Slowing Down & Enjoying Moments in Life

Kate Galliett has been a coach of movement and strength for 16 years. She is an expert at helping others unlock their True Nature and tap into their full potential through movement, fitness, body re-patterning, and mindset. She began as a trainer in a local gym during her college years and has had a wide array of experiences in the fitness, coaching, and entrepreneurship realms.

The original post is located here: https://theunbreakablebody.com/2014/11/19/savor-it-or-dont/

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real quick i recommend listening to the show on spotify we can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic plus he can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode premium users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on instagram so if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify app search for optimal living daily on spotify or browse podcast into your library tab also make sure to follow me so you never miss an episode of optimal living daily this is optimal living daily episodes sixteen o seven savour it or don't buy k galliot the unbreakable body dot com and i'm just a moloch your personal narrator reading to you every day including holidays think about a mile or be having a great one answered am featuring more rare author for this show kate usually writes about fitness so my brother
oftener it's her on optimal health daily this one seems to be a better fit here on oh l d so that less get right to it as we optimize your life favorite or don't like eagerly of the unbreakable body dotcom quote ediths slowly the only get your first been yea once the lead character in the movie a chef said to his son as he drove into a plate of vineyards while walking along the street of new orleans that line hit me in the face power i'm not even sure what happened for the next few minutes of the movie as that line tumbled over and over again in my head my mind exploring it evaluating it examining and from every angle a scene things from a whole new vantage point first experiences you get a lot of first experiences in life for you only get all of them once do not all majestic in fact mode are in your day to day life if you notice that the first
when out on a walk you notice the trees of change for the season the first time a real meaningful conversation with a new friend who is becoming a best friend the verses meditate don't quit after four minutes and then some armor together the first time you stand in front of the mountain range you dreamed of forever the first time we realize you're turning your dreams into reality the first time fall in real love with a person with yourself with life those moments life is not life without them your day to day existence and then you have first experiences as alan watts puts it when discussing polarity quote they are different but inseparable sides of the same coin there's a pulse
interval in any vibration end quote furs experiences are as much the moments themselves as they are the times in between each moment same as a wave is as much the crest as it is the trough we notice first experiences happening are you saving them i've been known to rush into things i chewed dark chalk instead of waiting for the flavor knows to expand and more pheasant melted on my tongue i go full tilt into moments that during my first cup of coffee the other day and already picturing a second cup nothing gravely bad came of those moments the rushing in worked the chocolate tasted of chocolate there was always a second cup of coffee so why change we are ever evolving creatures i you are a ring before about how finding on your daily life a responsibility bestowed on all humans by the way is sometimes the easy as expanding your field of view ah might have
and sitting just left of where you were looking and until you expand your field of vision you're gonna key missing it these can be good and yet that's not a shackled needs to keep you from exploring further we realize it nothing just after the left of your field of view and you know that exploring it will be good for your growth even if don't hang onto it as a key part of your operating system for life is worth expanding your view and exploring further the value of rushing right in the rush right en route works but its by design a one thing to rush in means to operate off in early impulse rushing in by very nature means that you take that first signal that this is good and you die right on the hunch that what follows will also be as good thing if that beneath the boy was eating the first bite i'm sure was a fluffy powder sugary warm signal to his brain that this is good and natural he doesn t get more as quickly as possible bits understandable our brain says my
that is good give me more do it quickly there's a time and place for doing just that sometimes just rush right in do it do it other times when you want to explore the edges of your field of vision on what your understanding of fur experience is slowly role a bit and check into the moment instead of checking through the value of savory you cannot stop time the time this first experience is happening in its already moving past you you have no hope of slowing it down unless you actively engage in sea during what is happening in this first experience to save her a moment a meal a book my person is to be intensely aware of your presence with that person thing food or place favour is to acknowledge the girl you are in the process of achieving this you are in the process of seeing the feeling are in the process of feeling it's u mew seeing this doing this feeling this being this
you're being the memory in your mind or on your instagram you'll talk for years to come the taste the efforts the views of this first experience we catalogue the feelings the depth the richness of this first experience as well if you savor it not only are you far more likely to create a textual memory you are capable of outside yourself for just a moment creating space to in this yourself self witnessing the moment some eyes open gay ever on the watch first experiences are headed your way you have to choose of operation to respond to them as they arrive you don't always have to rush you don't always have to savour each first experience is a one time deal enjoy every one of them as richly as possible you just listen to the post favour it or don't the kgb of the unbreakable body dot com how's your home wifi struggling to keep up can hand
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if it is per se but i have definitely been savouring new experiences visiting museums reading books from authors that i had never heard of eating at new restaurant are trying you cuisines and more and more we take time to taken all of it really does make for a better memory still see some of the images in my head and almost taste the new flavors so try so down today and seeing things from a beginners mind you will regret it because you do afford they hope you having a great day i'll be back tomorrow as usual where optimal life awaits
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