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1622: Which Oxygen Mask Will You Choose? by Adi Redzic on How To Fulfill Your Potential & Motivation for A Better Life

2020-05-20 | 🔗

Adi Redzic asks which oxygen mask will you choose.

Episode 1622: Which Oxygen Mask Will You Choose? by Adi Redzic on How To Fulfill Your Potential & Motivation for A Better Life

Adi Redzic is an award-winning life, business, and leadership coach, entrepreneur, author of two books, and motivational speaker. From a war-torn childhood to meetings at The White House, Adi has proven the possibility of change and growth.

The original post is located here: https://www.adiredzic.com/journal/2019/1/18/which-oxygen-mask-will-you-choose

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real quick i recommend listening to the show on spotify we can listen to all of your favorite artists and podcast in one place for free without a premium account spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic plus he can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode premium users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on instagram so if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify app search for optimal living daily on spotify or browse podcast in the your library tab also make sure to follow me so you never miss an episode optimal living daily this is optimal living daily episodes sixteen twenty two which oxygen mask will you choose by but read sake of adi rhetoric dot com and i'm just a moloch happy middle the weak wednesday they welcome back optimal living daily or the o elder podcast where i read to you from some of the best blood i can find and get permission from mostly coming personal development and minimalism on this show we cover a bunch of other topics
in the aftermath living daily podcast network which includes shows that we subscribe to those of you like this one just search for optimal living daily to find them but for now let's get right to it and start optimizing your life which oxygen mask will you choose howdy rhetoric of adi red sick dotcom last time i wrote about death doing so brought another question to mind why is it that even though we know were all dying and our awareness of mortality can in fact inspire courage many still only seek safety we are even willing to and often do settle for less lesson life only to be safe not argue about physical safety here the big chunk of our allies following all kinds of rules fearing punishment experiencing guild because we do not live up to expectations of others and chasing all
the things that are really life giving at a deeper level yet we still do it because we ve been taught to seek emotional safety going out on a limb means we might get hurt so somehow we'd rather staked work food than grower proverbial wings and fly and yet we all talk a big game about being brave daring in overcoming obstacles as i'm a conversation with a friend the other night who is sharing all kinds of plans for the future i asked him what are you afraid of he deflected my question was more both sorry more carefully crafted if deeply disorganize narrative that fixes say view of the world but robs him from living up to its potential asked him if he knew about cognitive dissonance you did then something cleared he realized tat he had spent years years following narratives tat gave him just enough to feel satisfied but not enough to thrive what did he do what happened
he entered the dream like state of delusion inexperience most of us live in where we cannot let go of our past narrative think tomorrow will somehow be different yet we are scared to take chances and instead stick to the very safe very comfortable even worse we convince ourselves like my friend it that what we are doing his arbalist no new ideas are pursued things we truly love are shuffled our inner desire restored away and stifled ma am life not lift we exist but listing missing the same ass living discover station may me sad because i realise just how many of us ill to live out our true bliss more than seventy five people are america it really is unfortunate and so i have a quick exercise for you some of you have read my first book it may be familiar with the oxygen mask metaphor you're on the flight you must first give yourself oxygen i e take care of yourself before you can help us
one is that same metaphor in a different way imagine you had to make a choice between two oxygen masks which one would you choose number one oxygen mask little drop right in front of you and will drift oxygen in giving you just enough to survive giving you what you need to fully wholly fill your lungs your laws will not expand and unnatural angel but me you will live this mask will last a length of your flight although other forcing circumstances might cut your flight short or number two an oxygen master will fill your lungs completely so much even experienced a high and have enough to give to others but this mass comes with a catch is not right in front of you you have to get up leave this give your seats and potentially your companions on the flight unless they wanna come with and marched down i'll probably experiencing some turbulence running at all kinds of people and possibly getting their drinks but
on you and maybe even getting hit here in there this is in a safe choice exactly but it will fill your lungs to the proverbial brim which when will you choose a little bit of oxygen is a little bit of happy in fact has just enough to have an illusion of happy to run around pretending to be happy while wondering consciously or unconsciously what could be or could have been as most people do but are you really happy is too high a price to pay non commotion non confrontation the false sense of stability is how fear winds over courage mediocrity overgrazing in the latter example your hard fought oxygen mask one blast will be more oxygen and more life than the drip one will for the whole lifetime but this one comes with a risk of hurt discomfort abandonment and only of course there is also an entire new world to gain ultimately is
the quality of happiness about the quality of our lives is our desire for safety keeping a stuck are we holding ourselves a lower standards just to stay put what for whenever we take a little bit always feel lacking in warning more to sustain us but if we take it all and we know we got it all were forever we reached our full potential we are living are bliss how do you know which maskew are currently pursuing pit she's my answer will reveal itself if it doesn't scare you miss the first one in life in those defining moment we have choices to make its when we use our full potential in any situation that true authentic fulfilment comes in don't die with your potential to be better to grow to take chances and make changes don't die without being emptied of all stability big love you just listen to the postal which
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but he literati dot com slash old for twenty five percent off your first to orders does their best offer available anywhere to get it you have to go to live roddy dot com slash oil d for twenty five percent off your first to orders it they get adi a great thought besides for all of us during this time or during any time really something to address frequently if you can which is why podcast exists in this form if you like we need it daily reminder to think about these things hearing from authors of differing perspectives on topics that because question what we're doing that person developments all about at least for me why you're here too i guess i'm preaching to the choir solely at that hope we keep going well as well as a candour these crazy times you for being here listening to me ever subscribing to the show is the only way been able continue doing this is by you subscribing tying friends about it coming back to listen so thank you it means a lot
every day to our reading to you where optimal life awaits
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