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1630: 7 Strategies for Effective Daily Habits by Anthony Ongaro of Break The Twitch on Habit Stacking & Personal Growth

2020-05-28 | 🔗

Anthony Ongaro of Break the Twitch shares 7 strategies for effective daily habits.

Episode 1630: 7 Strategies for Effective Daily Habits by Anthony Ongaro of Break The Twitch on Habit Stacking & Personal Growth

After years of impulse spending on Amazon and elsewhere, Anthony Ongaro realized that his one-click purchase habits were more of a physical Twitch than an intentional action. It turned out, this Twitch wasn’t just limited to online spending. It applied to social media, impulsive smartphone usage, and more. Break the Twitch is all about minimizing distractions and doing more of what matters. Check out Anthony's new book, Break the Twitch: http://breakthetwitch.com/book

The original post is located here: https://www.breakthetwitch.com/effective-daily-habits/

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real quick i recommend listening to the show on spotify we can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic plus he can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode premium users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on instagram so if you haven't done already be sure to download these spotify app search for optimal living daily on spotify or browse podcast into your library tab also make sure to follow me measly enormous an episode of optimal live daily this is optimal living daily episodes sixteen thirty seven strategies for effective daily habits by anthony and guerrero of break the twitched outcome and i'm just a moloch does the password act as a personal narrator for you for free usually from blog sometimes from books in either it's always with permission from the others and we have five shows where we do this
search for optimal living daily to check out the other topics we cover but for now you're right to it optimize your life seven strategies were effective daily habits but anthea guerrero of break the twitched outcome is safe to say that all have habits we'd like to change in at least one area of our lives with each day that passes it become more of an uphill battle and is not entirely our fault entrepreneurs and apt start ups are chasing did hey days by attempting to reduce the effort required for us to do just about everything weathers calling a cab with lift or getting i can just delivered from amazon most things take nearly less effort than they used to be up technology is making us lazier that race to the bottom of required effort in the tech industry can be completely destructive to start and sustain a new habit that requires increased motivation comparatively takes more effort than ever
it doesn't make it any better that we're starting to get used to instant gratification from our efforts as well i found that one of the most effective ways to make any substantial change is to start by employers small easy to tackle actions and in building from there pick something you want to work on an amber get down to one of the smallest possible denominations i certainly not perfect there are some straight geez i have held me continue on with my daily habits journey once more action everyday mason insignificant it is during nature of the strategy to actually makes it substantially better without him your seven strategies to build effective daily habits that you can start right now strategies for effective daily habits star smaller
the best way to establish a habit is beginning with something that you can one hundred percent absolutely do every single day might feel pointless when you're doing five pushups per day but your ability to knock it out every day is what matters it takes about sixty days for a habit to become part of your brains expected routine the small and the beginning is more important do the action than to have action be effective during that time don't miss two days we are mishaps or days when things simply don't happen in fact sought the first mess that matters is the second one wants you drop a habit is actually harder to restart it then it is to start out in the first place if you miss day knock it out and get back on don't let two days pass without continuing your abbot no thyself your brains gordon how to trick you may try to tell you it's okay to skip a day and that you don't need your daily habit you're going to be too tired
or simply not want to spend a tiny amount of time required to achieve it know that this will come and know that you will conquer it and you will succeed don't talk about it told you partner your friends or even from media that you're going to do something and then don't stop talking about it i'm guilty of this month of saying and doing are worlds apart and talking about your goals can discredit them the energy that goes into talking about where you're going to do and apply to doing something towards it take action be living proof of what possible stack existing habit was something that you do every single day of lee brushing your teeth or something else of our nature utilise this established habit to use the next action you want to build so you execute them sequentially in the book power of habit charles
big writes about how having a habit trigger that already occurs in your day can significantly increase the stickeen us of your new habit stack with an established routine and you increase your odds of success start with one when you starting out making lifestyle changes don't try to change everything at once in the fall our body tim ferris insists that his readers don't start an exercise routine until you ve been working on diet for almost two months irritably i'll go to many balls one will fall and cause a chain reaction stick to one or two focus areas and knocked him out of the park until they become routine forget the goal this a tricky one but work on establishing a system instead of focusing on a particular goal if we can establish system that is likely to net the result you want i'll help you swing through the punch you mean by that is if you die to lose and eventually had a goal wade people often let go of the system they could
in order to get their discusses old habits to return and the way to come back don't aim for a particular ghoul aim for the daily actions that will get you there and beyond europe listen to the post titled seven strategies for effective dealey habit by anthony and gara of break the twitch stockholm a real quick thanks to anchor for hosting this pod cast anchor is the easiest way to make upon cast they'll distribute your pod cast for you so it can be heard everywhere spot
buy apple podcast google podcast and many more you can easily make money from your podcast to with no minimum listenership anger gives you everything you need in one place for free would you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools allow you to record and edit your podcast so it sounds great download the anchor app or go to anchor fm to get started and take it anthony great tips and check out his newsletter at break the twitch dot com for more inspiration and lately he's been taking on coding in python as a hobby trees using these tactics himself to build it into a daily habit wishing him best of luck there but i'll leave it there for today have a great rest of your day and i'll see you tomorrow with a post from calling right where optimal life
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