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1642: 8 Signs You're A Perfectionist by Mia of She Dreams All Day on Finding Your Own Path to Personal Growth

2020-06-09 | 🔗

Mia of She Dreams All Day shares 8 signs you're a perfectionist.

Episode 1642: 8 Signs You're A Perfectionist by Mia of She Dreams All Day on Finding Your Own Path to Personal Growth

She Dreams All Day is a personal development and productivity blog designed to help you achieve your biggest goals and your wildest dreams. Created by Mia, a constant creative dreamer, now out to help other dreamers.

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eight signs here perfectionist by mia have she dreams all data come being protectionist is a true struggle because truth be told there is no such thing as perfect still so many we'll have an ongoing daily battle with wanting to be and feel perfect if you built your life for wanting to be perfect he waiting indefinitely protectionism is the devil the mean best friend of productivity and waste some time so how do you know if you're a protectionist while if you they would any of these signs it might mean that you have been bitten by the perfectionism bug what is perfectionism the google divines a perfection is as follows refusal to accept any standard short of perfection
i do find a protectionist as being someone who is constantly under his or her own control and struggling with having a fixed mindset protectionism is a mindset a mindset that is in no way serving you or your dreams when you showing signs of perfectionists you have super high ideals for yourself and feel as you'll never meet them perfectionism is when you avoid the feeling of shame in failure number one you have the all or nothing mindset the all or nothing or fixed mindset is irregular with perfection ass the basically means having opposite thought patterns and those with a growth mindset affixed mindset keeps he's stuck in the same ass he only act on things that are familiar from your past in situations that feel safe to your brain there is no forward motion a lot of perfection seem to think that since there are so in a personal development they have a growth mindset but
is always the case wanting to grow and develop as a person is not the same as taking action this by feeling putting yourself out their degree oh and getting results from it that is what girls is geller nothing mindset speaks to the either or scenario the outcome as to either be perfect or they'll be no outcome at all your either a success or failure this mindset the enormous pressure on you and it's definitely not serving you dreamer never to you fear failure fearing failure is an undoubted trend for perfection ass if you're in sort of negative emotion really shame self doubt failure is secure any or all of these you have a fear of putting yourself are there in going out of your comfort zone because you want to avoid the emotion that will cause for you putting yourself out their means you'll be exposed naked and vulnerable perfection is try to escape any signs of failure or situations that might put them in
suitable situation where they will be able to be seen as perfect number three you might have trust issues trust other people even the people you love might be an issue for you if your perfectionist less to do with the fear of letting go of control once things are out of your hands and put into someone else's you no longer have control of the perfect result you the idea that if something needs to be done perfectly you have to do it yourself what are you of this need for control and learn to trust other people is crucial for overcoming perfectionism is one of these signs here perfectionist number for you should all over yourself she has spent a lot of their time in sugar would i could land you say something about things you should do verses actually taking massive action the policies being perfect
this is that you know what's good for you and move the needle when it comes to your dreams and goals be dont execute on it because you fear an imperfect outcome therefore you stay perfectly put in should a land the key word being perfect number five you procrastinate perfectionism is just another for a procrastination their twins and they go hand in hand yes they also where are the same matching office if you find yourself procrastinating over things are you know a move you forward with your dreams he might have an hour or two perfectionism in you especially if the result is uncertain you procrastinate without end to find the right time to work on your goals the secret is out of the bag there will never be a right time to work on your goals procrastinating his miss congeniality of perfectionism number six he rather give up then not do something perfectly
we have all or nothing mindset had on you would rather give something up than not do it perfectly this way of living kills dreams only to kill your dreams but it also ways so much time you spent hours and hours trying to perfect something that cannot be perfected because again perfection isn't real saying putting decent out there is a mass to drive you all the way to your dream destination there will of course bumps in the road and detours have pop up but you have to start somewhere and he got to keep going no one starts out being perfect not even beyonce just be willing to fail for yourself on the spot and pushed past giving up on your dreams just because things ain't perfect at first number seven you spa stakes everywhere if you are perfectionists you are also a true genius of spotting mistakes when it comes to yourself and other people perfectionists are so detail oriented that you see mistakes were other people
and you make your mission in life to uncover them in all situations you smell flaws from miles away does it have we not doing you any good dreamer moment he's presumable mistakes are just imaginary to the perfection ass i enumerate you fear judgment a perfectionist he say did you like you have a fear of judgment from other people now are you in your head a lot but you also spend a lot of time thinking about other people and their thoughts and feelings about you the truth is that people don't they think about you as much as you think they do they have their own lives to live and problems to deal with you being perfect essentially the last thing on their minds you dont need other people's approval to live your life you just need your own yeah listen to the post titled eight signs euro perfectionist by mere how's she doing
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with a sentence or section of audio that super rare when they're probably profession has two but the vast majority of people like ninety nine point nine percent neither don't notice or don't mind enough to send me an email and realise that sometimes there might be a tiny issue and everything's going to be ok as the final editor of all of our show before they go live i struggle with this because i want to give you the best possible audio experience i can but it's also not sustainable because it's a ton of editing i've done over five thousand episodes crossover shows if you can believe it and if i want to keep going i'll need help and i'll require some slack from me and less of a perfectionist mindset and more of a growth mindset maybe that applies to you too but i should do it for today hope you're having a great day and start to your week and we back tomorrow or your optimal life awaits
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