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1647: The New Currency by Andrew James of Establishing The Self on The Importance of Time Over Money

2020-06-14 | 🔗

Andrew James of Establishing The Self shares his thoughts on the new currency.

Episode 1647: The New Currency by Andrew James of Establishing The Self on The Importance of Time Over Money

Establishing the Self is a frequently updated collection of philosophically themed short essays aimed at interpreting the Human Condition as well as encouraging self-improvement, self-betterment, and self-preservation.

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to listen to a bunch of topics being area for you and get right to it as we optimize your life the new currency by andrew aims of establishing the self doubt come the new creative renaissance has begun and birth from it a new generation of the digital age an era where seemingly anything is possible a plethora of individuals from various walk life are joining a new movement one that special this is in the breeding and nurturing of human vision a movement that propagate this a reimbursement betterment of the self the members of this is the logical cold perhaps the only called worth joining have biologically hacked their lifestyle else optimally utilizing and profiting off of what has come to be known as the new currency now a richer than ever man's can join them an integral part of modern
how do you spell nationality is a dependence on a populist workforce a large group of worker bees to keep the hive running and the honey flowing according to a quick google search over seventy percent of the earth's population spend their weekdays trading their labor for goods services or something monetary compensation myself included five billion people on this planet spin roughly now in thousand hours or little over ten years working as cogs in an insatiable machine without being said i'm not aiming to demean or be little anyone working in traditional ninety five on begin to you or new york national labour conditions all worked so long is it not profoundly immoral or wicked ms admirable in some form or fashion however i am against work that is categorically a waste of time emotionally damaging and spiritually as to answer the human spirit detrimental consider this if we allocate one sick
of our lifetime service should we release attempt to pursue a job profession or career that provides fulfilment or at the very least partaken something that we can tolerate that is not competitively inimical unfortunately the predominance of human kind have chosen to do the opposite too frequently our time what little we have of it is willing a bartered for something that actively destroys our well being when someone receive payment for their profession services regardless of the amount where they actually being paid for more often than not the individual in question is being compensated for the services and skills they provide to a consumer over allotted amount of time moreover if we continue that train of thought it seems that in you all can only become skilled through practice and the contribution of their time simply reiterated it seems that we spend our time honing very
his skills so that we may spend a majority of our lifetime willingly sacrificing our time the two things we do not want to do seems a bit ridiculous now additionally the only present an unobserved powers that be the various corporate and political administrations of the world leading to believe that money and our cultures ever consuming less for it is essential for our survival yet the truth proves to be much more disheartened the currency of the new world is time and we are sacrificing it for money money can be learned back we can always make more money time however is in sensible how we manage our time is of the utmost importance yet we seem to think otherwise the cold of the new currency have chosen to ostracize these traditional ideas of yesteryear these new wave thinkers every claim their time and invested their wealth in the stock market of tomorrow subsidizing in bed the conglomerates of gratification passion
in growth making money they're making time time for things that satisfy their souls palette the cold of the new currency are in time for money and experiences cultivator ensuring their lives in a meaningful way on bothered by societal expectations they are able to find fulfilment from within from without where there was one sacrifice now resize and equitable exchange are harmonious balance of professional fulfilment and personal exploration although you local cafes burrito only makes thirty thousand dollars a year she willingly trays refer the hours a week in exchange for a socially enjoyable man nonphysical demanding job consequentially she is granted three labour free days a week where she is able to pursue our passions maximizing her happiness and limited supply of time more lifetime conversely pond the life of our high level executive making six figures evidently a slave
it was organization despite his upper class lifestyle he sacrifices sixty five plus hours a week to his corporate captors in exchange for a social status entitlements and lack of film it obviously both of these examples are extreme uses of cliches there is no denying that yet i personally interactive with individuals who perfectly type cast both stereotypes tapping said i have also encountered the visuals who fled to scrap the world travelling c o who created on schedule contrasted with the misery the bartender who work sixty plus hours a week the important differing factor is allegation of time and resources on an individual's behalf is that cushy office job really the best use of your time or the content me lack of laboriousness and one hundred thousand dollars a year truly keeping you loyal why is it that we are so quick to sacrifice our time in exchange for money even if it equates misery in essence the cold of the new currency
understands that moderation and balance are key constituents when considering how to spend your time they know that way the time is substantially worse than wasting money let me be clear i am not suggesting that you quit however we have the means to do so highly recommended understand that money can help you'll our desires and passions however as crazy as it may sound there is a way to be fulfilled by your profession have the time to pursue the things you want to pursue whether it be travel arts etc the most common argument that those presented to counter this mindset is the following living this life is not practical more realistic my responses why not how exactly is it in practice or impossible because when you observe it logically it has to be possible millions of people across the both are doing it on it only basis with a bit of hard work and personal adjustment you can have the best of both worlds
fortunately it seems that many individuals would rather sacrificed their life resource in exchange for money out of fear when you dismissed lifestyle such as the one i am proposing due to fear or a lack of drive you ve already lost when i reckon ending is that you join the cold of the new currency allowing yourself to be inducted into a community of risk takers and life levers building the maximizes your happiness allowing you to take vantage of your money he and your time overcome fear of the unknown and take back the resources that are rightfully yours if she's your time for work they can actually tolerate or ideally enjoy albania life of dissatisfaction and learn to us to a new life is the loss of monetary income tree there perceived loss of income time and allow yourself to pursue what is truly important when moulding your new life investing yourself and watch out wealth in the new currency grows you only
of one shore life you do not have the time to be doing things you do not want to do beautiful but suppose title the new currency by andrew jane of establishing the self dark on a real quick thanks to anchor for hosting the spot cast anchor is the easiest way to make upon cast they'll distribute your pod cast for you so it can be heard everywhere spotify apple podcast google podcast and many more you can easily make money from your bike ass to with no minimum listener ship anger gives you everything you need in one place for free which it can use right from your phone or computer creation tools lighter recording eddie you're podcast so it sounds great
download the anchor app or go to anchor fm to get started taking andrew this one reminded me of the listener email i narrated for you a week ago exactly we could go actually in episode one thousand six hundred and forty about the woman who left her job started volunteering and then found what he's passionate about that and is on her way to making a clear out of it too is a powerful story and this argo felt like it alone it pretty well see my own check that out too if you have an already especially if you like the premise of this episode again our was from i believe sunday episode one thousand six hundred and forty and that should do it for today have a great day happy sunday if you're listening real time and i'll see you tomorrow where optimal life
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