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1651: I Am Awake by Dr. Elana Miller of Zen Psychiatry on Weathering the Storm & Appreciation in Troubling Times

2020-06-18 | 🔗

Elana Miller of Zen Psychiatry shares her thoughts on difficult times.

Episode 1651: I Am Awake by Dr. Elana Miller of Zen Psychiatry on Weathering the Storm & Appreciation in Troubling Times

Elana Miller is a psychiatrist based out of Los Angeles, California. She loves to write, read, and make music. Elana received her B.A. in psychology at Harvard University before studying at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California, where she was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. I completed my psychiatry residency training at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she was nominated as a UCLA Exceptional Physician.

The original post is located here: https://zenpsychiatry.com/i-am-awake/

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productivity motivation inspiration minimalism and allow more analyse get to today's post as we optimize your life i am away by doktor yolanda miller of zen psychiatry darksome quote it is said that soon after his enlightenment the buddha asked the man on the road who was struck by the extraordinary radiance in peacefulness of his presence the man stopped and ask my friend what are you are you a celestial being or a god now so the buddha while then maria some sort of magician nor wizard again the buddha answered now are your man no my friend what are you then i am awake joseph gold sane and jack cornfield from seeking the heart of wisdom about a
here before i got lymphoma strange dream in his dream i became sick the terminal illness and had only a short period of time before i was going to die incidentally i wrote about this experience only a few months before us diagnosed as he and approached i went from feeling incredulous too terrified do inconsolable sad much of my life in these last few years has been like this dream on december seventeen twenty thirteen i felt we been one worlds when i walked into the yard you see allay and where i left off hours later with the diagnosis of cancer right open my eyes in an entirely different one since then i have done the best i could to adjust to my new reality sunday morning as fully than others but has always been a part of me that didn't believe it was real a part of me that at any moment i might wake up from the nightmare sundays out press my eyes club
those as tight as i could get my hands on my chest and i would whisper go away tumor you are not wanted here i said quietly but with such force conviction i'd be confused when i open my eyes and it was still there there were whence i want to be better so badly a surprise i can i hear my cancer with the sheer force of my will those utter humbling to want something like that with every fibre of my being and not be able to have it whenever didn't hear me i started to bargain i promised myself that if it ended i'll never make another mistake or never again be unkind are never again fail to appreciate the simple pleasures i so arrogantly took for granted before when that didn't work and i became desperate enough i started under whom i would give my burden to if it were possible for someone else to carry it a stranger a friend my own family
to point the answer was anyone i would have given my illness to anyone if it would given me even one moment of relief and when those fancies past i settle into a routine of learned hopelessness and despair there is nothing left to believe but the problem was me because how can the universe gives such suffering to a person with no remedy or escape almost she caused it on the she deserved it the problem these last few months has not been the depth of the pain but rather is persistence when you feel so bad for so long you start to wonder if you ever felt differently my past life felt like such a distant memory i started to doubt i'd ever fell well i worried about holding onto a fantasy all i could remember was a dream but then miracle miracles for no over reason i can understand last week i woke up and for the first time in months fell the relatively normal human being the dense fog
my brain had lifted the fatigue and pain in my body had almost disappear my eyes sharpened into focus i had woken up a share this with you partially for selfish region i'll be on main is chemotherapy for the rest of this year and i suspect will soon start feeling sick again and once more forget as possible to feel as good as i do now and when that happens i hope you remind me i also tell the story to reassure you that no bad thing last forever many days of wanting to hurl myself off the nearest building rather than live one more day feeling so utterly trapped but truthfully while i the worst is over i would do it again if i can know with certainty there was a light at the end of the tunnel as bright as the one i see now it is a contrast between these never inevitable highs and lows that makes life so trusting anyway when i had done
miles dying i will never forget how i felt when i reached the end suddenly i no longer felt sad or scared i was curious is about to come out of the tunnel and see the light in that last moment my lie down and felt the energy train out of my body i signed out my last breath mise fluttered closed i felt a sense of total peace there is no reason left to be afraid then suddenly my i snapped opened a blade too few times confused i gripped the sheets and sucked in a breath of air moment i was not sure where i was or what had happened then the room sharpened into focus i had woken up right now i feel like i did when i emerged from the dream the feeling will probably be brief any day i may slip into the dream again but at this moment i'll tell you i am here and i'm alive i am awake and it feels really
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practice in west allay using both traditional medicinal and holistic non medicinal approaches to health professionals overcome anxiety depression and stress to live happier and more fulfilling lives combine zen psychiatry dot com to show her support which resolve always appreciated by her i'll leave it there for today have a great day mindful and meaningful one and i'll see you tomorrow for your optimal life awaits
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